17 May, 2022


Consistency Without Ethnic Bias In Prosecuting War Time Cases 

Public protests have been continuing in the North against a decision by the Attorney General’s department to transfer three Prevention of Terrorism (PTA) cases from Vavuniya High Court to Anuradhapura. Students at the University of Jaffna have launched a university-wide boycott of classes until further notice as student leaders are scheduled to discuss future course of protest action. Earlier in the month protests in Jaffna led to the closure of commercial establishments and schools in Jaffna and transport services came to a halt.

The three prisoners in the Anuradhapura prison are reported to have gone on hunger strike and been admitted to the Anuradhapura hospital due to deterioration in their health condition. Among the main demands is that the government should take back the cases to Vavuniya and also take steps to release over a hundred other LTTE suspects being detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) on the grounds that they are political prisoners. In the aftermath of the JVP insurrection in which large numbers of Sinhalese militants were imprisoned, the government took steps to pardon and release them.

The transfer of the cases involving LTTE suspects is that the Sinhalese witnesses feel unsafe in the Vavuniya. However, the transfer from a court in a Tamil majority area to another court in a Sinhalese majority area has implications of ethnic bias. As justice needs to be done, as well as seen to be done, it is important that the governmental authorities should be more sensitive to the ethnic perceptions of justice and be consistent in their practices.

The National Peace Council notes that there needs to be consistency in policy on the transfer of cases and the protection of witnesses. There have been instances when cases against Sri Lankan military personnel have been transferred from Tamil majority areas to Sinhalese majority areas despite possible security risks imposed on the Tamil civilian witnesses. We call on the government to provide security to the witnesses of the three cases so that it can continue to be heard at the Vavuniya High Court.

The National Peace Council also believes that the larger and complex issue of pardon and release of those held for crimes committed for political reasons could be brought within the framework of the UN Human Rights Council resolution on accountability which the government has promised to implement and ensure there is no ethnic bias. Past practices such as the pardoning and release of those involved in the intense violence of the past JVP insurrections needs to be also considered. (By Governing Council – The National Peace Council)

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    Firstly I hAve to strongly object to this body usurping the word “National” to its self appointed cabal of people who DO NOT represent the nation. It is. Foreign funded NGO which do not reflect the views of the people. It only represents the views of its foreign paymasters who may have ulterior motives in SRI Lanka. So do not get fooled by the term National Peace Council. It represents nobody but themselves, paid political hirelings.
    Has this group of people ever considered prosecuting those who supplied arms and a,mmunitions to the Tamil Tigers for their regular carnage in the South killing thousands of people who were non combatant civilians getting about their measly existence in fear of those cowardly attAcks. Yes those attacks were funded by the diaspora those Tamils who are guilty of war crimes. They also include the likes of Adele Balasingham. Will this bogus Council pursue this? I fear not for reasons that are all too obvious.

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    When legislators act as judges, that is HR violation and not politics.

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    I urge the uni students to continue your studies and leave it to the politicians to do the politics.

    By boycotting your studies It’s not going to help.anyone ,when the bloody war was going on how many of us miss the opportunity,

    Don’t go on the same circle closing schools shops etc it may be on head line .you all are the future generations
    We don’t wants to end up like Somalia.

    How hard you all achieved to get there there are lot of desperate students love to take place if you all don’t wants it.

    Best remedy is to pay for their own uni studies for whole sri Lanka regardless.

    They don’t realise how fortunate to have free education,do they contribute even after studies they migrate to serve Sudas proudly,then die hard Sinhalese bull shit

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    Who ever in the national peace council says, that mass slautering cases off army and police personnel by Tamil suicide bombers and black tigers should be heard in front of Tamil Judages and Tamil lawyes. then they can get the benefit of Tamil language fluencey and trnalation draw backs of the rules and win the cases for them. The demand to release lefft over when 12,000 have been released is too much to ask. the same people ask Get foreign judges to hear the court cases for military personnel accused for war crimes to hear infront of english speaking lawyers in order to get the benefit of the language in order ro jail those people. Probably judges will be paid in advancced by the NGOs to decide the cses for their benefit Who are this national peace society and from whom they get finances ?

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      Cases of mass slaughter of Tamils in batches, too, should be heard.


    • 1

      Idiot Jimbo Shitty, what the heck are you talking about? You can’t even write English coherently, learn the language before writing rubbish you SOB of a moron. The buggers who murdered 600 surrendered policemen were UPFA Government ministers. Goat Parayapaksa, MR and Basil went to bed with these pariahs from the LTTE. So bastard go and charge them first before you talk nonsense here.

  • 8

    a failed state without democracy and rule of law. A retarded army fellow says at Viyathmaga that if anyone supports the constitution they should be shot. Another lemon puff punnakku eating fellow sakkili karuppan thummulle wimale says that he will bomb the parliament.

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    Rear Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe has been appointed as the new Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy with effect from tomorrow (26), President’s Media Division said.

    The term of office of Navy Commander Vice Admiral Travis Sinniah, who turned 55 on September 26, had only been extended by one month by President Maithripala Sirisena and to be ended today.

    Whats the reason for not extending his service!!!!!!

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      Pure and simple corruption, the same reason for which Arjuna Mahendran, a Tamil, is being staunchly defended by Hon. P.M. and most of other UNP cabal. Do not bring an ethnic bias to it.

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      MODA THENGAL SIRINIVASEN: IF you thibk becuse of his Tamil name, you are big loser. HE had been a very officer and he had proved it.

    • 4

      Srimevan is a Tamil name with the Sinhala twist.
      These are the Kallathonis mixed with Coolies of the Portugese and Dutch.
      The whole lot are a Mixed Bunch.
      Now Batting for Apeh Anduwe.
      All these name changers!!
      There’s no pure Sinhala Race, all mixed up with South Indians, Malays, Portugese Dutch ect, ect, ect.
      There never a Sinhala Race in the whole wide world.
      Concocted Bedtime Stories by the men in Robes ! There we go believing in bed time stories of Miracles.
      Vijaya was a homeless orphan chased away by his father.
      He and his Merry men when they landed in Jaffna , there were no women to Copulate.
      So they brought the Coolies from S India / including Kerala to marry them.
      They were the original KALLATHONIES.
      THEN came the Don Portugese Pereras , Fernanthos and others , they picked the Nona Hamies and Donna Hamies to cook and copulate.
      Then came the Van Den Dutch. They too copulated with the Vijaya women and produced
      The Burgher community.
      We have come a long way with A TWISTED RELIGION , TWISTED RACE AND TWISTED MINDS.
      Concocted versions of Names to suit the time of the DAY.
      CHICKEH!! Disgusting Race of MIXTURE LIKE COWDUNG!! Or CESS PITT???
      Yes Truth hurts for people like KAS , and others. By the way where’s the senile HDLM with white hair in Australia??
      Is he still with us or No More???
      Just Picking the PICKLED BRAINS FOLKS!!!

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    Kanagaratnam Jeevaratnam, one of the political prisoners, has been found not guilty and released today by Colombo High Court.

    He was kept in the prison for the last 18 years. Who is going to compensate him for his loss and suffering? Who is going to answer to the prolonged sufferings of his family members? Will the armed forces and AG’s Dept take responsibility for bringing charges that cannot be proved in Courts against him? What sort of lawyers are employed in AG’s Dept? Why it took 18 years to come to a decision?

    Anyone got an answer?

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      “He was kept in prison for the last 18 years.”
      It was all done in the name of the law; by invoking obnoxious laws enacted by the parliament.
      The so-called “legal luminaries” should also be blamed for this miscarriage of justice.
      Idi Amin was notorious for making laws like that but our legislators have outdone him.
      Sri Lankan law really sucks, I must say!

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    The barrage of foul-mouths against NPC only show their intellectual bankruptcy.
    The commenters must address the messages

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