24 May, 2022


Controversial Article Published On MoD Website On Jayalalithaa And Modi – A Reflection Of The Regime’s Irresponsibility – UNP

The diplomatic row caused by the defamatory article published on Defence Ministry website referring to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a reflection of the devil may care attitude of the Rajapaksa regime concerning the affairs of the state, the UNP says expressing their deep concern over the incident.

Gota - Secretary MoD

Gota – Secretary MoD

In a statement issued by the UNP yesterday, it has been pointed out the incident is reflective of the level of irresponsibility ruling the country’s Defence establishment.

The UNP has stated that despite the damage control measures taken following heavy objections that arose from India over the article by removing the content and publishing an ‘Unqualified Apology’, this is not the first instance where this website has attacked diplomats or foreign governments.

“The Defense Ministry is bending over backwards to express its regret and apologize yet its website has long since become a haven of content of the most racist and partisan type often implicating without proof or substantiation, attacks on diplomats and foreign governments,” the statement notes.

Furthermore, the UNP has pointed out that despite the humiliating apology made on the Defence Ministry website over the article, the widespread media-blackout of the controversy is a reflection of the culture of fear inspired by the Defence Ministry that is the center of all power in the incumbent regime.

Furthermore the statement has expressed concern over the recent killing of an individual who gave evidence in the case against Ananda Sarath Kumara – a former UPFA provincial councilor who forced a female teacher to kneel before him.

“Circumstances remain obscure,” the statement notes referring to the incident adding it is ‘too coincidental to be a coincidence’.

It has gone on to state that it too will be swept under the carpet of ‘mysterious deaths’, which they have described as a trademark of law enforcement in Sri Lanka since the election of the Rajapaksa regime.

While remarking there is no separation between the Government and the Police Department presently as it functions as a mere appendage of the ruling coalition, the statement further asserts the terror and impunity are what the Rajapaksa-regime thrives on because no one is served better than the regime itself by the breakdown of the justice system in this country.

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  • 4

    UNP should know that our Government has 2 kids of opinion.

    1. Official Government opinion.
    2. personal Opinion.

    In MOD unqualified Apology Gota clearly mentioned that “the article which had been published without appropriate authorization not reflecting any official position of the Government of Sri Lanka or Ministry of Defence and Urban Development has since been removed”

    Which means “Dakkoth Buwa Nodakkoth Ebuwa”

    • 7

      I like the ‘nodakkoth ebuwa’ phrase.
      Do you think Waduge woman would mind?

      Gota Buwa is his own enemy. Lets be patient for a little while.

      He is a ‘Monkey with a Gun’.

      • 1

        Wicks your language needs to be refined . Why are you calling an independent free lance journalists in a derogatory manner ? This is clearly the freedom to express what you want in a democratic society . This is in keeping with all international laws pertaining to freedom of expression . What she has said does not have a single derogatory comment . Unfortunately SL who cannot grasp certain words in the English language dictionary has rushed to use this term” Derogatory ” ad hoc to give it an aura of mischief . Bet you have not even seen the article you are ref to ! Reminds me of the saying “What you say is what you are”

    • 3

      Repercussions are already happening…A Sri Lankan cricket team kicked out of India.

      More to come?

    • 5

      Usually MOD won’t give a hoot about the opinion of Tamil Nadu or Jayalalitha.
      The fact MOD rendered an open apology means that Modi had twisted MaRas arm so hard.

      Modi is not soft centered like Manmohan.
      So coming colors no good.
      MaRa is going to get screwed by Modi big time.
      you just wait !

    • 0


      Liars. Who Taught them to lie? Not Buddha? Then who?
      Para-Monk Mahanama.

      So the so-called Sinhala “Buddhists” lie.

      “We will certainly summon the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and convey this to him,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said.

      Time to take Sinali SHILL Waduge’s knickers and panties down.


      Will summon Sri Lankan High Commissioner: Sushma Swaraj
      Godrej Summit Gurgaon – 2

      External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday said the government will summon the Sri Lankan High Commissioner over a derogatory article mentioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa.

      “The government has strongly condemned the development,” Sushma Swaraj said in the Rajya Sabha.

      “We will certainly summon the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and convey this to him,” the minister said.

      This came after the upper house saw disruptions over the issue, losing its Question Hour.

      The upper house saw two adjournments during the Question Hour as AIADMK members trooped near the Chairman’s podium raising the issue.

      An objectionable article about Jayalalithaa and Modi was published on the Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry website last week, and was taken down in a hurry.

      Sri Lanka also offered an “unqualified apology” for the article.

      Keywords: Sushma Swaraj, Sri Lanka, Jayalalithaa, Narendra Modi

    • 0

      Pictures ans cartoons


      Tiger KinG ‏@Arasan0001 Aug 1
      Racists #Sinhalese Defense site Mocks Chief Minister #Jayalalithaa With Derogatory Remarks of Her Letters to #Modi pic.twitter.com/tUXIcAkWTv


  • 8

    I was watching Indian news last night.
    Indian politicians from all parties condemning this Mongal Shenali-Gota ‘s unwanted garbage news. They called it outrageous and irresponsible, questioning how come SL defense ministry allowed publishing a controversial news article in their website. India says although an apology has been made a mere apology is not enough for a deliberate irresponsible act as such.

    This may very well lead to closure of the SL high commission in Chennai. That’s what I gathered from the reactions of the Indian side.

    Yet again, time after time SL proves that the diplomacy is ZERO in every ministry.

    No qualified professionals are there to decide or even to think twice before doing something. As a result of sheer arrogance and unlimited power, made the ruling duffers complete and total imbeciles. These nuts have no sense at all to realize what would be the outcome or what type of consequences would arise of such arrogant foolish display.
    Who is this piece of shit Waduge after all?

  • 6

    This was a major car crash waiting to happen. Gotabaya, unsurprisingly, gathered round him sycophantic birds of the same feather. As guardian of a Government website care should have been taken as to who is allowed to contribute. Waduge should NEVER have been allowed anywhere near this website. But alas, she probably passed muster to enter the hallowed circle of Gotabaya accolytes. We shall have a long time to repent this faux pas; and other notable Gotabaya diplomatic fuck-ups.

  • 4

    It is a democratically elected government and the president, not once but twice over: How can you point the finger at the popular government and its defense department?

    Do the vast majority of the people complain? If not, what is all this fuss about?

    Get on with the lives as peace is now restored, don’t bite the bloody hand that demolished terrorism!

  • 2

    UNP and the Sri Lankan populace,

    “The Defense Ministry is bending over backwards to express its regret and apologize yet its website has long since become a haven of content of the most racist and partisan type often implicating without proof or substantiation, attacks on diplomats and foreign governments,” the statement notes.”

    The Current Sri Lanka State follows Para-Sinhala “Buddhism”. It differs from Buddhism in Several areas.

    1. Lies and Imaginations of Sinhala “Buddhists:. But Buddhism says:

    The Fourth Buddhist Precept The Practice of Truthfulness http://buddhism.about.com/od/theprecepts/a/The-Fourth-Buddhist-Precept.htm

    We know Shills lie. But Lying is not Buddhism.

    2. Employment of Lying Shills like Shinali SHILL Waduge, by the lying SL state

    3. Expressing lies in Lankaweb. In fact this Offending piece was put up the Shill website Lankaweb, and after the Indian Uproar, was also taken down along with the Defense Web Site..

    So, Lanka web is Shill infested Website, like many others, will not allow for alternate opinions, and wants to spread lies and disinformation, trying to fool the Sri Lankan populace.

    The article that create uproar in TN is here, now removed by Shill Lankaweb.


    4. – Web Title : how meaningful are jayalalithas love letters to Marendra Modi, according to Ministry of defense, Sri Lanka by Sinali SHILL Waduge..



    5. Here is the Love Letter Picture- Jayalalitha dreaming about Modi according to Sinali SHILL Waduge..


  • 6

    Shenali is the voice of the Sinhala Buddhist Apartheid racism, chauvinism and hooliganism! Shenali’s journalism has been full of hate, anti-Tamil and Indian, attack on anything that is independent, diplomats, International community, leaders, human rights groups, dissidents, write all hate mongering and nothing towards reconciliation or harmony as probably this is what the Rajapakse regime has in their mindset. Shenali can’t go on like this for ever as one day someone is going to question and challenge the morality and ethics of her writing.

    UNP has failed in Sri Lanka as well and the UNP leaders were also responsible to the failure to bring the nation together as they failed to act in the best interest of the nation. Sri Lanka has become a fascist state under the current regime as former regimes failed to address the minorities demands.

    Now its time for the Muslims and the Sinhalese to understand the pain that the Tamils undergone as the regime and its forces are against innocent Muslims and the Sinhalese with full impunity.

    If the recent killing of an individual who gave evidence in the case against Ananda Sarath Kumara – a former UPFA provincial councilor who forced a female teacher to kneel before him is true, the collaborators to this regime have committed a grave inhuman act towards mankind.

    • 3

      Good luck with the Sinhalese understanding what the Tamils went through.

      Recently, in Canada, I met lot’s of Catholic Sinhalese who love Shenali and her writings.

      It is the passage of time and we march on.

    • 1

      @Wicks….nice comment.

      You know…these Rajapaksa mongrels are trying to play a control game with Modi.. Like how they played with evil Sonia who made Rajapakse to come to power by hook or crook. Sonia n Manmohan were politically raped by Rajapakse criminals to the point of saving war criminals in Geneva many times over.

      So, if Modi is reacted softly on this issue, Mahinda & his piggy army of UPFA govt., would take it as a gesture of weakness and it will boost their energy to make Modi an impotent kind of stupid Hindutva buffalo.

      Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhists have a habit of insulting those whom they feel inferior other like the minorities and other religionists.

      Already Modi has shown his weakness in believing Rajapakse craps on Jihadists in Sri Lanka.

      I mean, don’t the mighty Indian intelligence know that its crap story of Mahinda to trap Foolish Modi to their agenda.

      Modi can’t do anything against Mahinda due to his tactical weaknesses. Mahinda will somehow get caught one day very soon to an explosive situation that will steal his power and life n limbs.

  • 4

    The Defence Secretary has embarrassed himself and most importantly Sri Lanka by using their mouthpiece who pretends to be a journalist, to cast humiliation and doubt on the Indian officials.

    It has backfired beautifully on them. They look like village gossips spreading malicious rumours.

    No professionalism, no decency from either.

  • 3

    Looks like Jayalalitha has some henchos in SL too.

  • 2

    How many in the country are aware Tamilnadu and India insisted on the words “Unqualified apology” to remind the unsophisticated and ill-educated Rajapakses, who know very little of the refined culture of diplomacy, that they cannot even fool their own country. The best the regime can do is to threaten the local media not to offer publicity to the issue – and that has been done. But the Hindu and Indian English and local dailies have given front-page prominence to the apology – reproducing the Defence Ministry website.

    Once more the name of the truant Rajapakses is dragged in the mire.


  • 5

    Shenali Waduge’s essays are factual and accurate. I challenge anyone to disprove this.

    This essay has no facts controversial. It was apparently the cartoon somebody added to it that made Jayalalitha upset. Jayalalitha 68 yrs old knows what is love and sex when she was young making films with Sivaji Ganeshan.

    • 5

      C. Wijeyawickrema

      “Jayalalitha 68 yrs old knows what is love and sex when she was young making films with Sivaji Ganeshan.”

      She was born on 24 February 1948, now 66 years old.

      She acted 28 films with MGR

      Jayalalitha acted 17 films opposite Sivaji Ganeshan.

      Debut in Tamil was in 1965, hero Srikanth

      Second Tamil film was opposite MGR in 1965

      The first film she acted opposite Sivaji was not until 1967.

      She spent most of her life serving MGR and not Sivaji Ganeshan.

      Get your facts right before you start typing.

      So much for factual reporting.

      • 0

        Yes, I made a mistake. It was MGR and not Sivaji Ganseshan. It was Jankai MGR’s wife who chased out Jayalalitha.

        • 1

          C. Wijeyawickrema

          Fine, thanks

    • 5

      “Shenali Waduge’s essays are factual and accurate. I challenge anyone to disprove this…” says Mr. C. Wijewickrema, who, if I recall correctly, has written many useful and well-researched articles from abroad (USA?) in the past few years in what is often called the National Question. I am afraid Waduge writes to excite the lower senses of the Sinhalese – and, often, her facts copied from other sources (Nalin de Silva et al) They are nothing but products of prejudice and majoritarianism. Despite the usual explanation based on a truth-deficit from Gothabaya’s Ministry of Defence, this Waduge’s irresponsible piece has been encouraged and approved by the Defence Secretary. It is unfortunate Sri Lanka was subject to this shame of a public apology by senior officials of little learning.


      • 1

        Shenali Waduge(SW) was never seen before 2009. Suddenly she appeared and start writing wrong facts collected from the MOD. I challenged her many times, and later stop bothering about her writing as I stop reading them.

        SW gets her information from MOD via Gotabaya. She has become the mouth piece of Gotabaya when ever he wanted to say something to bring the FOOLISH Sinhalese Buddhist ( I am also one) to hate Tamils by making them terrorist.

        Chan W support SW as he think she is a patriotic person, but her motto is to give publicity to Gota’s dirty work. Recently a web page carried her close contacts with Gota is one reason she gets all the facts about LTTE atrocities and other inside information for her articles. She some times write two articles a day with facts from MOD trying to show that it is her work. But anyone who is familiar with research knows how time consuming to collect facts and at the same time write articles to include them. But if the facts are readily available then any one can write not only two articles even five a day to satisfy and keep Gota’s name in circulation.

        At present Gota is a problem with India. After MODI came to power the Indian C BI(Criminal B of Investigation) requested Sri Lanka to allow them to question KP (Kumaran Pathmanathan) twice regarding the Rajiv Gandhi murder where KP played a very important part.As Gota took lot of LTTE funds and two Ships from KP he is responsible to keep KP safe and now trying to scuttle the discussions between the Indian authorities and the Sri Lankan authorities (at Presidential level) to stop India demanding KP to be handed over to India.

        It is high time for President Rajapaksa to remove Gotabaya Rajapaksa from the position of Defense Secretary and appoint a very capable civilian with good administrative knowledge to this position. I mention about this in one of my articles few years back when Gota was playing rough shod on normal civilians.

        The biggest problem is Gota is sick and unable to see straight.

  • 6

    Gota being made to eat Humble Pie by Jayalalitha. So much for his bravado! Illangkanawa.

  • 3

    Poor K A Sumanasekera (LEELA) is going to be upset as Ms Wadduge was [Edited out]

  • 5

    Sri Lanka under the Rajapakse government is in deep trouble .UN EMBARGOS ARE COMING AND FINALLY US BOMBS ARE COMING TO DO A FINAL CLEAN UP . It’s a matter of time . The Chinese too will be chased out of the Island and the Indian Ocean Relax And watch .

  • 2

    The RAJAPAKSE GOVT ; is in deep trouble . The UN EMBARGOS ARE COMING SOON TO CRIPLE THE ECONOMY AND THEN FOLLOWED BY US BOMBS TO TOPLE THE RAJAPAKSE GOVT , and chase out the Chinese from the Island and the Indian Ocean . Watch as events unfold .

    • 3

      Roger kumar

      You sound like Kali-stani.

      • 0

        A kallathoni from the East.

    • 0


      Are you day dreaming ?

    • 1

      Roger Kumar,

      You’re daydreaming unless you had some serious stuff?

      Anti regime people would love what you are saying. If there is embargo none of the Rajapaksa clan going to suffer but the general public. And mind that is no fun since many of us don’t know what is an embargo.

      A) America will never target its allies.
      To me Gota has been given some comfort zone.

      Its only USA & Israel can ignore any norms.

      B) Since Gota is a US citizen, since he is a friend of Israel
      he’s been authorized to drive off road as and when he pleases with some verbal warnings but no fine or penalty.

      Never Trust USA, UK, Russia, China, Australia, India, Pakistan, Canada & Singapore when its come to politics or Business. They are so good in playing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

      Let us eliminate this regime. Let us bring the perpetrators, criminals & the culprits to justice, within.

      FYI – The US intelligence even know what Rajapaksas having for breakfast.

  • 3

    The corpulent Jayalalithaa and her coprophagous hangers on had no other way to respond to the article than to bury it in drummed up controversy – since logic and facts deserted them long ago :D

  • 2

    Are there any UVA voters in Tamil Nadu?.

    Has the Christian Faction Leader Rainbow Ranil given up on UVA?.

    USD 300 Million super highway from Kaduwela to Battaramulla crisscrossing all the major hubs in the New Harbour city is the next Rajapaksa project to kick off in the third term..

    The whole highway will be on stilts so that the Colombo Elite or their potential Rainbow supporting proletariat poor cousins won’t be displace or relocated.

    Perhaps Rainbow Ranil is preserving every bit of energy for the main battle.

    Just imagine the commission cheques from 300 Mil USD alone.

    And the poor UNP financiers haven’t seen any for 20 odd years now.

    Even if Ranil makes it happen, splitting them among Six or Seven Rainbow partners will be no picnic in the park.

    • 2

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “USD 300 Million super highway from Kaduwela to Battaramulla crisscrossing all the major hubs in the New Harbour city is the next Rajapaksa project to kick off in the third term..”

      Its a good idea to build highways, thoroughfare, broadways, lanes, etc all over the island.

      Is MR planning to relocate the entire population to

      Middle East


      or outer space possibly Moon, Mars now Neptune?

      I suggest you advise Basil to build a highway to heaven from hell.

  • 2

    Yes, the regime miscalculated again. They thought Senali Waduge’s writing is another ‘sulu wada’. But the Indians did not think so. Gota and co had to back off embarrassingly.

    However making derogatory remarks against India has scored the requisite brownie points with the power base of the regime, the rural Sri Lankans. To the majority Sinhala villagers for who MaRa is still the God King, any hit on Jayalalitha and Tamil Nadu is akin to hitting the LTTE.

    Furthermore with China now well and truly entrenched in Sri Lanka, Gota is getting more and more adventurous with his barbs against India.

    Interesting times ahead.

  • 2

    This time it is not a dog but a trained bitch (from
    the pariah species) that has barked. Ask anyone in
    the Media Centre for National Security and they will
    tell you who Shenali D. Waduge (or Baduge) is. She has
    been well trained by a group led by military spokesman
    Ruwan Wanigasooria. All her articles are published in
    the MoD website and later circulated to a list of
    those in their e mail. Yesterday Sunday Times of Sri
    Lanka says she has blamed the MoD for the graphic. So
    that means Chief Minister Jeyalalitha is correct.It
    has been done by the MoD.

    Who are they trying to fool? They have their tail
    tucked behind their backs now.

  • 0

    The present Daily Mirror editor appears to look on Shenali as a great writer. A journalist like Lalith Allhakoon nurtured in the best traditions of journalism would not have touched Shenali’s writings with a barge pole!

  • 2

    Tamil Nadu is a basket case and quite deservedly needed to treated in such manner.

    Instead of backing down Sri Lanka should have stuck to its guns. Cameron’s behavior in SL suggested where the world is heading.

    Its the doctrine of ‘soft power projection’ and getting rid of old diplomatic niceties and replacing it forthrightness where needed.

    If a point need to be made it must be made. The Tamil Nadu has mismanaged their resources. Stealing fish is not the solution.

    • 1

      What to do Sri Lanka is born with the “begging bowl” Sri Lanka is not only poor in wealth, but also in justice, law and order, human values etc. This is the story from time immemorial. All this boasting about “2500 year old civilization” is all lies!!When you are a beggar, you have no choice!

    • 0

      With Guns?? Welcome you! Waiting for that moment!

  • 0

    What to write on comedians make comedy of other comedians; the kettle laughed at pot? What kind of morality UNP has to do this? Aren’t Shenali Waduge and bother Prince are two times better than Wigithamuni and JR on this particular matter? Okkame Comedythamai Machchan!

  • 2

    All the big talk about patriotism melted away like an
    ice palang for our national heroes – Mahinda Rajapaksa,
    Basil Rajapaksa and Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

    How was their rhetoric earlier – No Foreign Interference
    in Sri Lanka, I will sit in an electric chair than sell
    out soldiers, We are a sovereign nation and nobody need
    tell us, and more

    What has happened to all this. Now there is only unqualified
    apologies. War crimes are being probed. Apologies are being

    All this is in the Great Wonder of Asia. Sell any mother’s
    son as long as they can stay in power.

  • 0

    Senali Baduge is a lady Gnanasara bringing shame to the nation!

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