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CoPA Exposes Misappropriations In Vasu’s Ministry

A large number of misappropriations committed in the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration headed by Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara during the Rajapaksa regime, has been revealed by the Committee on Public Accounts (CoPA).


The Committee that was chaired by Dr. Sarath Amunugama has released its report few days ago,where irregularities that had been committed by Vasudeva’s Ministry including financial misappropriations by its officials, unsuccessful implementation of several projects and failure to utilize its funds accordingly and promptly have been listed as the main issues.

Following are the list of major issues that have been highlighted by CoPA ( during the period from 17 January 2012 to 25 October 2012) as those that needed the attention of the former Minister:

– Failure to prepare the Procurement Plan since 2005
– Despite a sum of Rs. 2,221,988 had been awarded by the UNDP to install multilingual sign boards in all government establishments in the Northern province, even as of December 20,2011 a sum of Rs. 170,360 had been retained in the General Deposit account without being utilized or being returned
– Six vehicles out of the 14 fleet had not even belonged to the Minister, that had resulted in heavy rent costs.
– Some 95 books valued at Rs. 27,792 had been misplaced and the Committee inquired as to why the circular of National Library and Documentary Services Board had not been implemented and a Committee had been appointed to investigate the matter
– Duties of the National Intergration Programme Unit functioning under the Ministry had not been stated in terms of section 75:1 and 75:2 of the government tender procedure guidelines. Although recruitment had been done by the recommendation of the Minister, they had been unable to follow the guidelines of the Public Finance Circular in that process

Meanwhile, a sum of Rs. 1,267,750 had been paid to the consultants who had not submitted any documentation including commence reports, progress reports, interim reports or performance reports.

An individual appointed as a Language Consultant had also been appointed as the Chairman of the Institute of National Languages Education ad Training, and he had drawn salaries and allowances applicable to both posts. This misconduct had been reported to the AG for legal action to be taken against the official responsible.

– On a request made by the Ministry, he had refunded only Rs. 58,000 from the salaries amounting to Rs. 208,000 drawn by him elated to the period of four months served in the capacity of the Chairman National Languages Education and Training – he had also used two motor vehicles which were not entitled to him and irregularly spent Rs. 93,333 on those vehicles the CoPA emphasized the need of taking stern action against the person in question and have rested a comprehensive report as to what action should be taken against him within a month

– A sum of Rs. 3,643,420 and Rs. 5,637,676 had been paid in 2006 and 2007 respectively as the allowances of Teacher instructors for teaching Tamil language in the privenas. Although this teaching programme had been continuing since 2001 there had been no syllabus to be followed throughout and therefore the programme had been instructed to be continued by the Ministry of Education

The coordination of the language programme and the popularisation of English language in multi-ethnic areas that were proposed for 2007, had not been implemented though a sum of Rs. 8,315,044 had been spent in 2007 as recurrent expenditure.

A sum of Rs. 77,417 and Rs. 57,013 had been paid in respect of food and accommodation respectively, in addition to the legitimate allowances payable for the officer relation to eight program despite the approval of the Director Establishments and the Committee has observed that the Ministry has misinterpreted the instruction of thh Director of Establishments.

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