22 May, 2024


Corrupt Bopage Launches Goebbels Style Operation To Stop Publicity For Pāda Yātrā

Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media Nimal Bopage has launched a Goebbels style operation to prevent the country’s media stations from giving publicity to the “Pada Yatra” protest march by the joint opposition.

Nimal Bopage

Nimal Bopage

In stark violation of the principles of good governance, the Ministry of Mass Media has formed an “unofficial task force” to prevent media institutions from disseminating information about the “Pada Yathra”, organised by the Joint Opposition.

The “unofficial” task force is headed by Media Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka. Deputy Media Minister Karunarathna Paranawithana, Media Ministry Secretary Nimal Bopage, Government Information Director General Ranga Kalansooriya and heads of the President’s Media Unit also serve as members of the group. Colombo Telegraph is now in a position to reveal that the Goebbels style “task force” has been initiated by Bopage.

Bopage, quite interestingly, is an official who faced multiple corruption and abuse of power allegations when he previous held administrative positions in state institutions. He came under criticism for misusing vehicles and other resources when he previously held senior administrative positions. When Piyasena Gamage last year assumed duties as the Minister of skills development and vocational training, he immediately removed Bopage from the position as the Chairman of Vocational Training Authority.

“Bopage’s group will monitor media reports about the Joint Opposition’s Pada Yathra on a daily basis and exert pressure on the heads of prominent media stations to refrain from giving publicity to the Pada Yathra,” an informed source told Colombo Telegraph.

“This is no different from what happened under the Rajapaksa administration. The Media Ministry was used for similar kinds of operations under the previous government and that clearly amounted to abuse of power and state resources,” the source also added.

He stressed that the Media Ministry’s move to use its resources for political activities should be investigated and action should be taken against everyone, including the Deputy Media Minister and the Government Information Director General who portray themselves to be champions of freedom of expression and the Right to Information. “For instance, using the Media Ministry’s resources for a political operation of this nature is illegal and it clearly amounts to abuse of power. If they actually believe in good governance, they cannot even use the ministry premises for meetings and discussions in this regard,” he further added.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation’s main news bulletin on Friday night strongly resembled the Rajapaksa administration which turned state media into a mere mouthpiece of political authorities. It gave a one-sided coverage of the Pada Yatra while twisting the story to suit the government’s propaganda on the matter.

Many good governance activists who watched Rupavahini news on Friday expressed disappointment and disgust over the government’s media practices.

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    [Edited out]. Those who bark for rent are like that. They are obsequious and sycophantic. That has always been the case in Sri Lanka and other backward thirdworld nations. Same in Zimbabwe. These officials live to cater to the masters. Look at top educated Lalith Weeratungam; what did he become? He became a vassal to MR. He made off like a bandit.

    Look at how no one asked the question how a Grama sevaka turned President had enough money to educated 2 of his children in Britain. Did they get academic scholarships? did they get some merit based scholarships? Servitude. Same whether you are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. Look at SLMC and the Hakeem Rauff types. Always in the government by jumping at the right time. Only man who made a miscalulation on that is Arumugam Thondaman son of Thondaman who represents the Dalits/under privileged/lower caste Estate Tamils this time. He was marooned but I am sure he will jump soon to the UNP led government too. They are all the same. Officials or opportunistic politicians.

  • 6

    Pada Yatra is the ultimate mode of communication between Dalits and their leaders.

    No need of any input from Gyan or Bopage or Kalansooriya’s to get the message across to the great majority of the inhabitant population that,

    Their Religion, their Jobs, their Standard of living , their access to Free Education, Free Hospital care and the Freedom of living in their 2500 year old Nation as one,are all under threat, by the Yahapalana Govt run by the UNP & SLFP Chandrika Faction.

    This great majority now realise the two main agendas of Batalanda Ranil and Bodhi Sira which were imposed by the Diaspora and the West are .

    * To hold War Crime trials to punish the Srilnakan Armed Forces.

    * And Change the Constitution to give Vellalas a separate Homeland with their own self rule in the North East,which is totally independent of the rest of the Land.

    In addition,Btalanada PM has his own agendas for the long term domination of the Mahavamsa Land by the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellas who don’t take residence in their Homeland.

    UNP Police is already in place. Armed Forces will soon be culled.

    Hindian Ambulances to ferry sick people with the dosh to Hindian Hospitals , operating under Hindian Quacks,

    Private Universities and Schooling under the American System, run by NGOS and Hindians. and second grade Western Universities.

    Cutting Farm subsidies to drive our Farmers out of Business, Remove duty to make Srilanka products more expensive so that the Hindians have free market access

    And Batalanada’s Creches for the Colombo Poodle Club members are all part and parcel of the UNP hidden agenda, which Batalanada is implementing with the help of new advisers like Mahendran, who set up a fantastic supply of Funds for Malik Samre to finance Btalanda’s unpublished agenda.

    Wonder whether Bopage is getting paid the same dosh as Batalanada’s new Adviser from Singapore?.

  • 2

    What a sweet win..

    Not only defeating the mighty Aussies But also exposing the greedy Ex Cricketers one of whom the Visitors called a Chucker.

    Fat boy Minister who thinks he is the Deity of Srilankan Cricket must be feeling shit..

    Wonder whether he is getting coached by Whisky Madam nowadays?.

    Poor Bopage can’t use this history making event to get browney points for Batalanada .because of this Pada Yatra assignment .

    What a shame.

    I am going to Vadiya tonight for a Sea Food feed, and celebrate with a bottle of Islay Single Malt..

    • 7

      /Not only defeating the mighty Aussies But also exposing the greedy Ex Cricketers one of whom the Visitors called a Chucker./

      Exposing? You are singling Murali our, Mr KASmalam? Because, he is a ‘Dalit Tamil’?

      Murali’s appointment as a consultant was not a secret. He was going to work with the Aussie team for 10 days. Murali worked with Aussies in the past when they were going to face Pakistan in UAE.

      Mahela did the same thing with the England team. Again, a very similar deal.

      Mahela was not called traitor. His patriotism was NOT questioned. But Murali’s?

      Murali could have ben hired by the Sri Lankan team if they wanted his service. Same goes to Mahela.

      Who the hell are YOU to stop him from doing what he is allowed to do as a professionals? Even if Aussies hire Chandika Hathurusinghe to coach the Australian team, he would have done so!

      Get a life!!!

      • 1

        Well said, Rohan.

        KA Poontxsekera has, as usual, given us his potty mouth take.

        Sri Lanka won sweetly, and deservedly. However, Murali, Mahela or any of our cricketers became free agents the moment their international careers with our national team end, and are free to sell their services to whoever they wish.

        Pea-brained ne’er-do-wells (like KAS) shoot off their sewer-mouths and think they could impress us with their boast about drinking whisky. What’s wrong with a tot of our Mendis Hitapang-Machang Special?

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    Can any one find out Ministry of Mass Media how many ministers & deputy ministers in the government, is the number still around 30 as promised? or have I missed zero at the end of 30.

  • 9

    Why give publicity for a Pada(Fart)Show. The state media is doing the correct thing and nobody dare not critisize the present media ministry.How publicity was given then for Shiranee B impeachment and Sarath F illegal detention by the Rajafucksa nedia

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    After the end of the Pada Yatra majority of the majority have to think hard whether the Pada Yatra was organised for selfish reasons or altruistic reasons.

    Is bringing back JO & MR family to power is the best option the country has ?

    From 2010 to 2015 did they govern democratically ?

    What are the probable scenarios for the country if the majority of the majority bring MR & Co. back to power ?

  • 2

    The spirit of freedom can never be crushed. depsite all the conspiracies against him, look at the beautiful dance of the handsome Namal Rajapaksa. https://youtu.be/H3QyWZUih94

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    What’s this nonsense about expecting Rupavahinin to give a ‘balanced’ version of events. They are the state mouthpiece, and they WILL give the government version. Like it or lump it. You want balance? Try reading/watching a wider range.

    Bopage is well known, and he will play devil or Godsend, depending on which side of the divide you are at any given moment. Expect himself to be himself, and call him what you dare.

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    Non Phd: You asked: “What are the probable scenarios for the country if the majority bring MR & Co back to power”. The answers are:
    (1) All the Investigations that are being conducted will be immediately STOPPED.
    (2) All the complains that are lying with the AG and the other Law Enforcement would be withdrawn.
    (3) All the cases that have been filed in courts against the previous regime members, their family members and goons would be withdrawn.
    (4) All those who are involved in such investigations would be “White Vaned” and the list of “Missing Persons” will also be destroyed.
    (5) They will fulfill that public statement of President Sirisena, viz. “I would have been lying eight feet underground, if MR won the Presidential election”
    (6) All the Civil Society Activists who contributed to binging down the MR regime would be given a “taste of the White Van ride”. GR will be the chief Organizer of that movement.
    (7) However Ranil W will be “Pardoned” and made once again to hold the prestigious post of the Leader of the Opposition (if there is one such)for his entire life time. He will be give extra perks and looked after well.

    The people will continue to live “HAPPILY ” thereafter.

  • 1

    NonPhd: I forgot some major changes that would be introduced by next MR Regime: (1) Mr. Wimal Weerawansa will be appointed as the Minister of Justice, Law & Order. He has proved his quality recently in “Challenging” the right to summon him by the Law Enforcement to record a statement. That judge who overruled him will be dismissed with retrospective effect losing his right to a pension. (2) Mr. Sajin Vas Gunawardane will be appointed as the Minister of Special Projects with a mandate to make all the deals in favor of MR & his Family. (3) Mr. Dinesh Gunawardane will be appointed as the Minister of Public Affairs to curb any uprisings with special financial provisions to issue “Muka Wadam” (Mouth Guards) to all the citizens and he will bring in legislation to make it mandatory to wear it excepting at the time of eating and drinking. Mr. Gommanpila will be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs with a mandate to trace that Australian man who brought in charges against him and put him in a Malaysian flight, so that that he cannot be traced as the flight will down in the Indian Ocean. By this time Mr Vasudeva Nananththara, sorry, Nanayakkkara will be overlooking all these changes from the next world he is to be borne. Many other readers will have so many other changes that would be brought in. Watch for such changes that would be highlighted in this CT columns. Cheers.

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    “This is no different from what happened under the Rajapaksa administration.”
    At least half the country expected this. Sorry less than half. Then again maybe nobody expected this.

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    I had a highest regards for Colombopage because i was under impression that they publish news with objective analysis. With this concocted news on Media ministry secretary, I strongly feel that my perception on Colombo page is wrong. I am personally aware that there is no such move on the part of Media ministry or the officials mentioned in that news.

    The socalled Champions of the free media are always calling for self regulation or the regulation imposed by the journalists themselves have so far proved they lack general or subject knowledge on any matter for them to arrive at policy decision.

    For example some media pundits started negotiation with Social Security Authority to launch a pension scheme previously. When journalists like Poddala jayantha et al got involved in this task I told them straight away that they(Journalists) were not fit for the job and they will never come out with an insurance policy scheme for the journalists unless SOme body who has background knowledge on subjects other than media got involved in it.

    Even now some media pundits have converged to prepare a draft on the setting up of Media Regulatory Commission. It will also end up in shamble if the media alone got involved in this task and at the end of the day there will not be any media commission.

    If the Govt is interested to bring in a Media Commission what it should do is to appoint some knowledgeable persons in the field of Law, sociology and politics but journalists

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