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Creativity Through The Language Of Music For Post-War Killinochchi Children

SJC87Initiative organised a Music Workshop in Sri Lanka’s northern war ravaged Killinochchi district in early January this year.The workshop was conducted on a purely voluntary basis by concert pianist, composer, linguist and musicologist Dr. Tanya Ekanayaka who is at present a part-time faculty member of Edinburgh University in Scotland. 168 students and music teachers from ten schools in the Killinochchi region ( namely, Urithirapuram Mv, Tharmapuram MV, Piramathanaru MV, Kn/ Centaral College, Kn/ Hindu College, Kn/ Fatima RCTMS, Konavil GTMS, Kn/St. Theresa College, Akarayan GTMS, Sivanaga GTMS) participated in the workshop.

“Dr. Ekanayaka’s music workshops are intended for students, musicians and others interested in discovering how to articulate their thoughts and experiences creatively through the language of music and how music can serve as a powerful resource for affecting empowerment and mutual healing. Part of the workshops also involve young musicians (instrumentalists and singers) performing works of their choice and obtaining constructive feedback that would help them improve their artistic skills” says SJC 87 Initiative‘s Nathan Sooriyakumar.

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