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Cut Out The Balderdash & Get On With An Election!

By R.A. Ratwatte


Watching the extended teledrama that is being played out in my home Country, there is nothing to do but cringe. Cringe in disgust and abject incredulity, that this type of nonsense is being tolerated!

I was delighted to see that the most venerable Mahanayake Thero of the Malwatte chapter had told Mr. Kiriella to get on with it and cut out the rubbish, or words to that effect. It is this type of no nonsense leadership and guidance that we must look to from our religious leaders. At least this particular Priest remembers what he was threatened with when he tried to organize a protest from the Sanga. How he was threatened with the removal of some temples from his overview and how his Karaka sabhawa panicked. Causing a rift in the Maha Sangha is, we are told one of the worst sins a person can do. Maybe it is time for the Rajapaksas’ to pay?

Rather sad to see yet another man from Ratnapura usurping the mantle of the only credible representative of the UNP from that region, by default. There are so many others, much more able but skulking in the background for reasons that only they understand.

In one sense the longer it takes to have the election, the longer this nonsense is exposed for what it is. The desperate bellowing from the Deep South is being shown up for what it is. An attempt to keep rogues and rascals out of jail. An attempt to cover up murders, robberies and utter injustice meted out to anyone who was seen as a threat to the Rajapaksa family and everyone who dared to stand in their way.

There are so many stories of Rugby players who dared to court someone desired by a prince, of people driving home from parties who didn’t give way to a prince returning from debauchery, who was mercilessly beaten and almost murdered. This same victim was “advised” by the police to keep quiet and was told he was lucky to be alive! Other victims have been sent abroad to diplomatic postings to keep them quiet.

Two of the most able people who have deigned to put in their time and sacrifice their future for the betterment of our mother land, Ranil Wickremesinghe and Arjuna Mahendran are having abuse and scorn heaped on them. So many others who tried to do a decent job of work, in many different fields from wild life conservation to economics have suffered this same fate in the past. It seems that when it is perceived that someone will succeed or do a good job he is destroyed. It looks like a collective decision is made by all those failed aspirants who have held on to their jobs by hook or by crook that , “this guy may succeed and surely we can’t allow that “ !

The tame press is unleashed. Totally untrue articles are published by so called “investigative journalists” whose investigations happen inside a bottle of arrack. Corrupt stinking scum who pass for members of parliament and who have the effrontery to make speeches in raw filth are allowed to do so. Many a good man has tried to make a difference and been consigned to the dustbins of Sri Lankan history.

It will not happen this time! I say have faith in the people of our Country. They know how to vote and they will show the recently gelded buffalo, the way to the door!

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