5 July, 2022


D.B.S. Jeyaraj And The Bogey Of The Reincarnation Of The Tiger

By Muttukrishna Sarvananthan

Dr. Muttukrishna Sarvananthan

Dr. Muttukrishna Sarvananthan

D.B.S.Jeyaraj and the bogey of the reincarnation of the Tiger: Battle of the Fourth Estate in Post Civil War Sri Lanka

The ethnic conflict and civil war in Sri Lanka have been fuelled by many actors from various ethnic communities from within the country as well as from abroad, especially since 1972. Three most critical groups of actors within the Tamil minority community who have fuelled this conflict are the entire armed Tamil militants, most Tamil democratic politicians, and few Tamil journalists.

The most notable of the latter are David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj (popularly known as David Jeyaraj or DBS in short) and the late Dharmaratnam Sivaram (whose nom de plume was Taraki). Both Jeyaraj and Sivaram have been oscillating as advocates of both the devils in Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict and civil war (the State and the Tigers) from time to time. During most part of his career as a journalist DBS has been concocting stories on behest of both the devils in Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict from over ten thousand kilometres away, while Sivaram has been residing in Sri Lanka throughout his life. The singular advantage these two Tamil journalists had vis-à-vis other (especially Tamil) journalists in Sri Lanka was their competency in all three languages; English, Sinhala, and Tamil. These two members of the fourth estate used and abused their comparative advantage for personal (material) gain and (immaterial) glory. Sivaram has been able to even dupe western academics such as Mark Whitaker who called him “…….a revolutionary Tamil journalist…..”. My criticism of these two journalists should not be misconstrued as condoning the killing of Sivaram in 2005 or severe physical attack on DBS in the streets of Scarborough (Toronto) sometime in the early 1990s.



It is in the light of the foregoing that this article is penned and the immediate cause is the article by DBS titled “A bigger plan by the LTTE nipped in the bud” published in the Daily Mirror (Sri Lankan daily newspaper) of 29 March 2014,  which raises more questions than it answers. The first time I suspected DBS’s credibility was when he wrote a detailed article in the same Daily Mirror immediately after the last Presidential Election about four years ago (in February 2010) about the rivalry between the former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka and the Rajapaksa brothers to share the spoils of the civil war. The second time I suspected DBS’s credibility and honesty was when he atrociously defended the blatant lies written by Niromi de Soyza in her purported memoir in a series of articles written during December 2011 and January 2012 in response to the criticisms of the memoir leveled by a number of people including this author. Now for the third time, in my memory, DBS has played the role of devil’s advocate in writing an article on the purported reincarnation of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Besides, even before the Government of Sri Lanka officially proscribed a number of pro-Tiger groups in the Diaspora in early April 2014, DBS has written about the impending proscription in his personal blog. The foregoing reveals that DBS writes from Canada on the basis of information second handedly fed to him by vested interests in Sri Lanka as well as the Diaspora.

David Jeyaraj, in contravention of ethics and principles of journalism, hides his lies by writing almost entirely in his personal blog www.dbsjeyaraj.com which he solely moderates and thereby prevents corrections, alternative viewpoints, and adverse comments on or criticism of his writings becoming public. The Daily Mirror also connives with DBS in hiding his untruths by not publishing critical comments about his articles by its readers including this author.

This author’s primary concern is NOT about the truths or untruths of DBS’s writings in general, and in the aforementioned articles in particular. My primary concern is how did DBS know such minute details of incidences and occurrences that had taken place or takes place more than ten thousand kilometres away from his abode in Toronto? By his own admission DBS has not visited Sri Lanka since he fled the country in the late 1980s until late 2013. In this circumstance, how did DBS investigate or collect information about members of the Sri Lanka Army who had supported their former Field Commander Sarath Fonseka and the Commander-in-Chief President Rajapaksa or the purported reincarnation of the LTTE in Tharmapuram (in the Kilinochchi district along the Paranthan-Puthukudiyirupu Road) in particular or in the Northern Province in general? Is it correct, in terms of professional ethics, to report on such sensitive matters from information obtained through vested interests? How does DBS verify the authenticity of such information from over ten thousand kilometres away?

His latest article on the purported reincarnation of the LTTE in Sri Lanka makes me seriously suspect that DBS’s recent visit to Sri Lanka after a lapse of almost twenty-five years was state-sponsored, state-orchestrated, and military-escorted. If not, how come he was taken by the Sri Lanka Navy to view the Ramar Palam (Ramar Bridge) at the Indo-Lanka maritime border in northwestern Sri Lanka off the Mannar Island? Is he such a VIP? Moreover, I seriously suspect that DBS’s visit to Sri Lanka and his spectacular revelation about the purported reincarnation of the LTTE (just two days after the UNHRC resolution was passed) was state—orchestrated to counter the resolution against the Sri Lankan State in the annual sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and reinvent the bogey of the Tigers.

Although I do not know any information about GOPI and his accomplices, I deeply suspect the claim made by DBS that they were plotting a high-profile assassination in Colombo or the suburbs “utilising the element of surprise”. Although I do not have any first-hand information as DBS claims to have, circumstantial evidence does not indicate any truth in such a spectacular claim. I know for sure that a small section of the Tamil Diaspora wants to take revenge on the Rajapaksas in particular and the Sri Lankan State in general for the defeat of the LTTE. However, their targeting of the Rajapaksas and the Sri Lankan State is through the United Nations in particular and the international community in general; in which they seem to have been successful after almost five years since the demise of the Tigers. Under this positive outcome, a fringe of the Tamil Diaspora would not indulge in or instigate violence in Sri Lanka and sully their “victory”.

The reinvention of the bogey of the Tigers in the name of Gopi and his accomplices (including Jeyakumari, et al) appears to be a counter offensive and part of a master plan by the Sri Lankan State against the UNHRC resolution passed on 27 March 2014. By reviving the fear psychosis among the northern population, the State is attempting to intimidate the potential eyewitnesses to the impending international inquiry into the violations of the international laws of armed conflict. For example, recently few hundreds of youths were asked to assemble in a playground in Vattukottai in the Jaffna peninsula for inquiry by the military. Few of them were taken away for further investigation, but local people insist that the few youths taken away for further investigation were not from their area. It appears that youths are taken from outside a cordoned-off area and then taken back from the same area to give an impression to local population that their cordon and search operation was successful in apprehending few suspects.

Pursuit of the politics of vengeance by both the Tamil Diaspora and the Sri Lankan State in the aftermath of the civil war has been one of the biggest impediments to reconciliation among different ethnic communities in Sri Lanka. Tragically the politics of vengeance advanced by both the protagonists of the civil war and its aftermath is pursued with the help of the fourth estate. While the Tamil Diaspora has deployed journalists, and reportedly funds a television channel in Tamilnadu State in India to advance its cause, the Sri Lankan State has deployed a Tamil journalist in India, David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj in Canada, inter alia, and reported to have purchased a Tamil Diaspora television channel Theepam TV based in London to do its bidding. Unfortunately it is the innocent Tamil civilians in eastern and northern Sri Lanka who are caught in between these two devils and likely to pay the ultimate price for the post-civil war politics of vengeance. Furthermore, mercenary journalists such as David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj are sullying the integrity of their profession, which is already under immense pressure by the Sri Lankan State.

*Muttukrishna Sarvananthan (Ph.D. Wales, M.Sc. Bristol, M.Sc. Salford, B.A. Hons. Delhi) is the Principal Researcher of the Point Pedro Institute of Development, Point Pedro, Northern Province, Sri Lanka, and the author of “In Pursuit of a Mythical State of Tamil Eelam……

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  • 6

    Looks like Muthukrishna is off the mark on his comments about DBS defending Niromi de Zoysa’s book. It is clear that Niromi was in the war front though there were many shortcomings in her book. I did write a piece critically assessing her book (a literary point of view) which was published in various sources. I have got email responses to this article from one of her ex class mates who vouched that she was in the war front. For obvious reasons the writer did not want to divulge Niromi’s real name.

    • 3

      Now showing at theaters and cinemas near you: “Gota VS. Gopi: FAKE ENCOUNTERS of a third kind!”

      The myths generated by Gota’s military intelligence, DEEP STATE propaganda machine are indeed spectacular!

    • 2

      Dear MJA
      The book Tamil Tigress is thoroughly exposed as a fake memoir. Her real Name is Subothini Mariatta Ananthrajah. All are exposed in the following facebook.

  • 9

    ohh the horror..rather than doing his tamil duty in writing about the Genocide(TM), this traitor DBS has the audacity to write about the national security threats ..how dare..no wonder the writer is pissed ..

    • 3

      National Security threats to GOSL and Sinhala nationalists is any entity or action that tries to undermine Sinhala supremacy and the ultimate goal of Sinhala hegemony over all aspects of life in SL.

      • 0

        tamil terrorism was not just a threat for sinhalese alone, it killed may muslims and even many tamils, thus any fool can understand the tamil separatism is threat to not only sinhala supremacists but to tamil nationalists or muslim fundamentalists and the vast majority of the general public as well…only a tamil terror puppet would not acknowledge that ..by the way a tamil exclusive ghetto is not a solution to a sinhala supremacy..

  • 6

    Who is this upstart Muthukrishnan to throw mud at the respected journalist DBS Jeyaraj?

    I have known Jeyaraj for many years now though I have not met him in person. He has impeccable credentials. No one can buy Jeyaraj. He is one of the couple of Tamil journalists who had the guts to criticize the murderous LTTE at the time they had the upper hand in Sri Lanka and abroad.

    Jeyaraj will never write anything until he is sure of the facts. He had never gone wrong. Even at times when he made slight mistakes he had made it a point to correct his mistakes.

    This fellow Muthukrishnan is yesterday’s podiyan. It is better that this guy concentrates on his area of expertise and refrain from throwing mud at a respectable journalist like Jeyaraj. Jeyraj is veteran journalist who is highly regarded and respected even by those in the western world who are knowledgable about Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Tamil areas.

    • 14

      Naga your DBSJ is another shill of MR just like KP and that Kamalesh Sharma in the CW. Truth hurts, is it?

    • 15

      When he allowed comments on his blog he changed my contents to fit his views, I knew from my own experience that he is farce.

    • 3

      Dear Naga,

      I have been following DBS’s work for a long time and I’ve known him to be meticulous in his reporting. I have to admit however that the timing (Geneva) and the paucity of evidence regarding this story (LTTE resurgence) makes it more than a little dodgy – notwithstanding that there is most likely a bunch of knuckle heads dreaming of such a resurgence facilitated by the GOSL’s intransigence.

      There are many aspects of the story that go unquestioned, such as the following (relating to the get away of Gopi after shooting a TID officer): “According to Police sources they had not anticipated armed resistance and hence did not have adequate firearms to counter it”. This is really stretching the credulity of the reader considering that the north is one of the most militarized parts of the country!

      LK.Defense says they’ve killed Gopi; the veracity of this story gets buried with him.

      In an email to DBS I stated the following: “I hope you are not going to be to the Rajapakse regime what Judith Miller was to the Bush regime.”

      I haven’t received a reply as yet.


    • 2

      Who is this upstart Muttukrishna, you ask.

      Who is this audacious Naga, we wonder. Who is the ‘respected’ journalist DBS Jeyaraj, you are speaking about, we also wonder.

      I have known Jeyaraj for many years, you say. He has impeccable credentials, you also say.

      Do you know what the true meaning of the word ‘known’, we wonder. Do you know what ‘credentials’ stand for, we wonder also.

      He is one of the couple of Tamil journalists who had the guts to criticize the murderous LTTE , you say.

      Who is the other of the ‘couple’ you are speaking about, we wonder. Where is DBS Jeyaraj’s criticism of the murderous Government, we wonder, as well.

      Jeyaraj will never write anything until he is sure of the facts, you say. He has made slight mistakes, you also say.

      How did he make those mistakes ‘when will never write anything until he is sure of the facts’, we wonder.

      It is better that this yesterday’s podiyan Muttukrishna concentrate on his area of expertise, you say.

      Wouldn’t it be better that you concentrate on your area of expertise, we wonder.

      Jeyraj is veteran journalist who is highly regarded and respected even by those in the western world who are knowledgeable about Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Tamil areas, you say.

      How is the western world who are knowledgeable about Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Tamil areas, pass a resolution at UNHCR against Sri Lanka, when their highly regarded and respected Jeyraj has nothing against Sri Lanka, we wonder.

      What a world of wonderment, we are in!

      • 1

        I wonder why you did not criticise the LTTE when it overstepped the legitimate scope of armed resistance and killed innocent civilians.

        I wonder why you did not write a single article to criticise the GOSL when it committed war crimes and killed thousands of innocent civilians.

        “ore kuttayil ooriya mattaikal” (“The same logs drenched in Cooum [stagnant and dirty stream]

      • 1

        All these negative comments and criticisms will not deter DBS from exercising his role as an investigative journalist on Sri Lankan Tamil affairs.

        He will continue to write on Sri Lankan Tamil affairs, in particular, on LTTE revival attempt engineered from abroad and on the danger posed by the LTTE elements among the Tamil Diaspora. He would not be distracted. And, neither Mahinda Rajapakse nor the LTTE Tamil Diaspora can buy him. He is a fearless independent journalist. As a Tamil and as a former journalist I am proud of him.

        The mud you people throw at him will not stick.

  • 5

    Dr. Saravananthan:

    From where you based I can understand the reason for the contents of your writing which is a fight for survival.
    On the one hand you are criticising DBS for what he has written which is a lot of Garbage but on the other hand you are doing exactly the same and let me take issue with the following and I totally disagree with you.

    1) Three most critical groups of actors within the Tamil minority community who have fuelled this conflict are the entire armed Tamil militants, most Tamil democratic politicians, and few Tamil journalists.

    *** From the above what you are alluding to is that the suffering of the Tamils for the last 64 years is the fault of the Tamils. You speak like someone who was born a few days ago.

    2) Pursuit of the politics of vengeance by both the Tamil Diaspora and the Sri Lankan State in the aftermath of the civil war has been one of the biggest impediments to reconciliation among different ethnic communities in Sri Lanka. Tragically the politics of vengeance advanced by both the protagonists of the civil war and its aftermath is pursued with the help of the fourth estate. While the Tamil Diaspora has deployed journalists, and reportedly funds a television channel in Tamilnadu State in India to advance its cause, the Sri Lankan State has deployed a Tamil journalist in India, David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj in Canada, inter alia, and reported to have purchased a Tamil Diaspora television channel Theepam TV based in London to do its bidding.

    *** It looks like you have lost your senses by suggesting the above. How can you say that the Diaspora are pursuing a politics of Vengeance and that leads me to suspect that you area also a paid Stooge of GOSL.

    Are you telling me that without any outside pressure you will bring about Justice for the long suffering Tamils from your Point Pedro habitat.
    Are you also telling me that MR is going to bring about reconciliation.
    If you subscribe to that view you are deluding yourself and you are no different from DBS and you are also paid to write what you have written which is Garbage.
    You make me angry.

  • 5

    I was more than a little surprised to see DBS apparently buy into the pre UNHCR LTTE resurgence which appears to have disappeared now that the resolution has passed by. But what with Danapala and all that I hope that DBS harvested a few million dollars at least to make his retirement comfortable. He deserves as much and I know that the LTTE did not leave much for him in its will. So I hope that the government paid him more than it ever pays this Sarvananthan chappie. If the government gave him a guided tour so much the better since he would have made friends with his guides and I know how DBS can string disinformation together to get at the underlying truth.

    DBS is an[Edited out]

  • 4

    Men like DBSJ and Taraki Jayaram are principled journalists true to the lofty ideals of their profession. What consumed them, unfortunately, is the unbearable Cost of Living in both countries that made them vulnerable to the machinations of the waiting arms of scheming politicians. It is the same reason that trapped such talented young journalists like Rajpal A and Malinda S – exposing them to a negative reputation. The “War” did not merely result in the defeat of the LTTE. It destroyed the very fabric of our once proud and sublime system of governance and civil society. What we see today are the results of a Failed Society. True – Taraki fell victim to the personal grudge of a killer-militant leader who did not hesitate to use every weapon in the State’s armour to satisfy his personal and sadistic prejudice. Backlash


  • 6

    A news website which is well know for its sources within the police force reported the following : “ccording to high rung army officer , the government proclaimed new LTTE leader was a youth helping in the cooking of food for some time at the Kilinochchi Kokavil camp, while the other two LTTE ers were assisting as laborers in the camp. By now it has come to light supported by evidence that the deaths of Gopi (the supposed new LTTE leader) , Theviyan , Appan and the army soldier Selvaraja Kamalaraja were cold blooded murders committed by the Rajapakse regime based on a conspiracy.”

    “A high ranking army officer of the Kilinochchi Kokavil camp told Lanka e news that the so called LTTE leaders Selvanaygam Kapeepan alias Gopi, Sunderalingam Kapeepan alias Theviyan , Navaratnam Navaneethan alias Appan and army intelligence division soldier S.K.Raja for a long time were in the Kilinochchi Kokavil camp.”

    Can DBS, pl. confirm whether this information is correct or not according to his sources in the defense establishment?

    • 4

      Are you asking DBSJ esconsed in democratic Canada where he enjoys benefits of a Welfare State and Rule of Law, to loose his ill-gotten income and commit suicide?

  • 8

    Yes this article/response is timely and long awaited. Every word of what is said is true and appropriate. Thanks to the writer. DBS is [Edited out] and writing his articles in such a cunning way to please the majority Sinhala readership so that they will be published in Sinhalese dominated media which will ensure sure [Edited out]. He has stooped to such low level. Being a migrant of green pasture in the west, how could he say that he was exiled. Self-exiled, he earned his wealth.

  • 4

    Dear Dr Muthu;
    I am Buddhist and a Sinhalese by cultural heritage,
    [as they claim Not a Sinhala Buddhist],
    and I do not have tail of Phd,Msc,BA from any prestigious universities of UK, USA,
    Or Not even been to a sri Lankan university, when there is a hail of rain.
    as an O/L educated layman buddhist, I follow enlighten one,lord Buddha’s teachings to a certain extent in good fath.
    I have read and reading many articles written or writing by Mr D B S jeyaraaj and Late Mr Dharmaratnam Sivaram Taraki.
    what I understand is “Ehei Passicko” of Lord Buddha’s teachings only.
    It is up to a any person to come inquire, investigate and understand.
    If it is the truth, Absorb to one’s knowledge.if it is not true just ignore it or otherwise leave it.
    for my little education, I think it is up to you to get that or refuse. and nobody asked to read or keep them in your brain chip.
    for your vast knowledge and education it may be like a seed of pepper.
    And I have Heard that there Something called Investigative Journalism in the Science of Journalism,
    Have you ever heard of Brit, J starkey, Charles Lewis, David Willman[an American Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist],
    By the way, Dear professore!,
    Have you been to North and east Sri Lanka, When the GOSL AND LTTE was fighting in last stage of war?.
    But Unfortunately I was there to witness the carnage done by Evils, and help some injured civilians,
    Cheated by the GOSL, LTTE AND So called Your Tamizar Diaspora.
    and have first hand knowledge of what was happening at that time.
    Any way, I will have look and read on Taylor And Francis online publication, yours ” In pursuit of a mythical state of Tamil Eelam: a rejoinder to Kristian Stokke.”
    wishing you to have a Life,
    And Blessing of Tripple Gem,
    JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA, IRC, welikada S L and Changi Singapore.

  • 7


    This was an article waiting to be written! and finally here it is!

    DBS was the main voice of the Tigers in Toronto with his hot hot newspaper in Tamil Senthamarai writing profusely about Tiger sucesses!

    He is now very much playing the other side for what its worth..

    More recently he is beginning to have delusions as a Tamil arts affectionado…. god knows what next?

    • 0

      More profitable to write for the other side. So many are doing this. Why not this fellow get a few quids

  • 6

    DBSJ is a contact writer. He writes what he is contracted for. Nobody take any notice of him nowadays. Sp why you bring the focus on him unnecessarily. begin to wonder this is a plan to revive him from oblivion

  • 5

    DBSJ is a story teller. He usually makes a mountain out of a molehill. He has his own prejudices. He will praise Anandasangaree who is noted for his political buffoonery sky high. On the other hand he will denounce Thiyagarajah Maheswaran as a business crook. He denigrates him by calling him “kerosene Maheswaran/Manennai Maheswaran). DBSJ tailors his writings to fit his paymasters. There was a time he was hobnobbing with the LTTE like a duck taking to water. He appeared and spoke at their meetings. He was one of the key speakers at the release of the book The Will To Freedom authored by Adele Balansingham. So his anti Tiger phobia is not genuine. He is do so for a living.

    • 4

      DBS is nothing more than a senior Reporter. The limitations in his prose makes him inappropriate for the position of Editor – even in a small country like Sri Lanka. True he does his work with some thoroughness. He is given far more credit than he deserves for his investigative journalism. He reported “the killing” and death of Prabakaran at least 3 times prior to 2009 – claiming his information is from “reliable sources within and outside the armed forces” His main claim is he was taken to the 4th floor and held for weeks until Gamini D and other Ministers intervened on his behalf. There were many other Tamil journalists who were thus taken in and released – including Tissanayagam.

      DBSJ is now a spent force and his effectiveness as a journalist is behind him. His double-acting days have come to an end.


  • 1

    Thanks Sarve.

  • 0

    @Luxman, we have sent you an email, please reply, then we can publish your comment – CT

  • 0

    Following are most notorious crimes DBSJ had committed as a Journalist.

    1. Fraudulently endorsed the fake memoirs Tamil Tigress as genuine.
    ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamil-Tigress-The-fake-memoirs/426676137369106)

    2. Fraudulently defended his friend Taraki Sivaram that Sivaram was exonerated of the twin Murders of PLOTE carders Ahilan And Selvam. See the UTHR(J) link which proves Sivaram was the murderer.

    3. As a Journalist Jeyaraj has been a dog in search of a master all his life. As a Journalist he had served many Politicians and LTTE figures and carried out their agendas. Sinhalese politicians, Col. Kittu, Anton Balasingam and KP (Kumaran Pathmanathan) are/ were few of his masters.
    Also see Meena Nallainathan the academic’s cutting edge critique of Jeyaraj

  • 1

    DBS is nothing but a pen for hire. He writes for his supper. He works for [Edited out]. [Edited out]. he is not a reporter, but a story teller planting stories for his masters.

  • 2

    Glossing through all the reader comments, one thing is
    quite clear. D.B.S. Jeyraj is no more the Man of the

    Those who know only know it very well. He is giving his
    money’s worth to those who are now employing him. He
    was on a visit to Sri Lanka some months ago. Who paid
    for his Business Class ticket? Whom did he meet and what
    instructions did he receive? All that is now becoming

    Congratulations to Mr Sarvananthan for unmasking this
    great pretender. He has sold his soul many times to many
    people. But now, I don’t think anyone else will take him
    if they know who new masters are.

    CSIS in Canada knows it only too well. Like a beggar, DBS
    has to be on the take now to keep his body, soul and his
    tottering image together. He is a good bilateral trader,
    picking up from one party and selling it to the other.
    If this is not treachery, what is it?

  • 0

    once gain well written article about DBS with a personal exception on Niromi since I believe that despite some embelishment Nirmoi;s book is true.

    Now who is going to take on Mr Sarva on his one man band of pointpedro.org , which he runs

    Sounds pretty dubious to me

  • 0

    who is going to write the article on the one man band – Mr Sarva hiding behind so called organisation which is essentially himself – the Point Pedro Institute of Development – http://www.pointpedro.org
    if you go to his website there is a long bio of the founder – Mr Sarva
    Thhen in the satff section – AMEERA AROOZ (Adjunct Research Associate)- An adjunct professor is some one who doesnt have have to be there

    there is no administrative staff or any body else
    there is no board.
    It is essentially Mr Sarva and his egotistical organisation. An organisation created for his ideas.

    Mr DBS and Mr Sarva are the same sorts

  • 2

    DBS stands for Don’t Be Sure. That is what Jeyaraj is
    It is known that he is now working for Sri Lanka
    Government doctoring and engineering all the propaganda
    against his own tribe. AS Lokuge says if this is not
    treachery, what is it?

  • 0

    paid by MI (Military Intelligence). If you
    want to know more, ask Col. Sally, the Director
    of Military Intelligence. More will follow.

  • 0

    D.B.S. Jeyaraj is a dog in search of a master all his life. In the early days of his journalistic career his masters were Sinhalese politicians. In the late eighties “Col” Kittu of the LTTE was his master. While he was giving the impression that he was a neutral journalist he was actually playing into the hands of Kittu. His reports during the IPKF days were very much favorable to the LTTE. As a result The Hindu (Chennai) sacked him. He often sought permission from Kittu before publishing some articles. One such articles is the profile he had penned on Rajiv Ghandi murder mastermind -one eyed Sivarasan( Frontline/ Lanka Guardian). Kittu approved it. After kittu’s death Jeyaraj’s fortunes were on the decline. The New international lord of the LTTE Lawrence Thilagar had his own protege -Journalist S. Sivanayagam. As a standard practice Thilagar wouldn’t accept Jeyaraj as the latter had served former’s rival Kittu. Jeyaraj wasn’t reading the situation well. He wasn’t following the line of Thilagar. ( Kittu was more skilfully diplomatic while turning LTTE critics into LTTE lobbyists whereas the junior Thilagar preferred strongman tactics.) After a few warning over the phone Thilagar unleashed his thugs on Jeyaraj. They assaulted Jeyaraj resulting in the break of his leg.

    Jeyaraj would still serve the LTTE simply because he is a dog in search of a master all his life. However he wanted a high profile master- someone like Anton Balasingham or the son god itself( Prabhakaran) He got that. Balasingham phoned and flattered him in 2000. Balasingham wanted Jeyaraj to be the high profile useful idiot of the LTTE. Jeyaraj enthusiastically started to serve. Following is an excerpt from Academic Meena Nallainathan article of Jeyaraj (How he was taken for a ride by Balasingham)

    “In 2000, he tells me, Anton Balasingham, right-hand man of Tiger leader Prabhakaran, called Jeyaraj from London. He told Jeyaraj that he had come to accept some of his criticisms. Now, said Balasingham, he wanted Jeyaraj’s help in steering the Tiger organization away from the hardliners. Jeyaraj agreed to assist, and began writing articles demanding the Sri Lankan government negotiate with the Tigers.

    “As a human being,” Jeyaraj explains as we sit at an isolated table in the food court, “I felt flattered that, after all these attacks on me, they were now coming to me for some kind of help.” Balasingham was convincing, he says, sympathetic to the recent deaths of Jeyaraj’s parents, but also emotionally manipulative. According to Jeyaraj, Balasingham said, “Our people need peace in a settlement. Help me to fight the demons within the movement, and I will slowly persuade Mr. Prabhakaran.” For the first time, the Tamil Guardian, a Tiger paper published in the U.K., reproduced Jeyaraj’s articles critical of the government. But by 2002 Balasingham no longer accepted phone calls from him and Jeyaraj finally realized he had been seduced and co-opted. “I’ve now lost all faith in the LTTE,” he tells me. “The brief period that I thought the LTTE was capable of transforming and coming into the peace process is gone. The justice of the Tamil cause is being diluted, undermined and distorted because of LTTE methods.”

    Our conversation over, we leave the mall together. I had no way of knowing it would be our last meeting. Since then he has been elusive, at first responding to my emails and calls, agreeing to interviews, then cancelling. Then nothing.”
    Source : http://rrj.ca/m4074/
    From : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamil-Tigress-The-fake-memoirs/426676137369106

  • 0

    This is nothing new to those who have been following these people closely from the beginning. At least now, the cats are out of the bags.Unfortunately, it took so long for Sarva to understand what is going on .But his article raises a fundamental issue about the honesty,intergrity and truthfulness of the reports(stories to be precise)these so called journalists,human rights champions ,civil society activists have been writing to serve their pay masters and mistresses.What about the AI,HRW etc.,etc who relied on these dubious people for their stories.Navi Pillai should revisit these reports to find the truth.

  • 0

    I said in my earlier comment that DBS Jeyaraj will continue to expose the attempts to revive the LTTE in Sri Lanka and the danger posed by the LTTE Tamil Diaspora elements.

    He has come out with another in-depth investigative piece on this failed LTTE revival (http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/29501#more-29501; http://www.dailymirror.lk/opinion/dbsjeyaraj-column/46029-an-abortive-attempt-to-revive-the-ltte.html)

    Jeyaraj encaptures in the following words what such an LTTE revival would have meant for the Tamils living in Sri Lanka:

    “The news (of killing of Theiveegan, Appan and Gobi) was perceived in a positive light because the dead trio -aided by tiger elements in the Diaspora-had been engaged in the task of reviving the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) within the borders of Sri Lanka. Given the prevailing politico-military situation in the country, an attempted LTTE resurgence was doomed to fail in the long run. Nevertheless any irresponsible, unrealistic bid to revive the LTTE would have definitely invited a harsh counter campaign from the Sri Lankan state to crush it. This would have brought much hardship to the people caught in the middle. The Tamil people of Sri Lanka who underwent terrible suffering during the long war are now enjoying a period of peace and progress since 2009. A potential LTTE revival would have seriously harmed the Tamil people and made their lives miserable.

    It is in this context that news of the LTTE revivalists being killed and the potential tiger renaissance being crushed was received positively by the Sri Lankan people in the Island and abroad. The Tamil people of the North who found normalcy disrupted for many weeks due to the intensive security efforts made to meet the fresh challenge were able to usher in the “Sithiraip Puthaandu” (April New Year)on a joyful note. Many Tamils in the north had cooperated with the armed forces in the campaign against an LTTE revival as the ordinary Tamil civilian knew the horrible consequences for the community had the LTTE emerged again in Sri Lanka.

    Despite tiger and pro-tiger elements abroad and their fellow travellers in Sri Lanka trying to convey an impression to the contrary, most right-thinking Tamils in Sri Lanka realise that a return of the LTTE means disaster and doom for the hapless community trying to resurrect itself from the pathetic plight in which it is now. This does not mean that all the people are happy with the Rajapksa regime or supportive of it. It only means that the people have learnt bitter lessons from the past and are averse to a LTTE renaissance in any form in Sri Lanka.

    The attempted revival of the LTTE in Sri Lanka is an issue to which this writer has devoted his columns in the recent past. It is an issue about which I feel strongly as the consequences of such LTTE resurgence would be catastrophic for the Country and its people notably the Tamils. It is indeed troubling to see the cunning efforts by vested interests to dismiss the affair as a “drama”. As I have stated before earlier in these columns, there are many who have not realised what may have happened if the attempt to revive the LTTE had succeeded in a big way.”

    Anyone who really cares for the wellbeing,safety and security of the Tamils of Sri Lanka will have to agree with these comments.

    One final word for Muthukrishna Sarvanandan:

    By trying to throw mud at a fearless and independent Tamil journalist you have disgraced yourself. I was amazed that a person with a doctorate from a western university will stoop to this level to question the integrity of a respected Tamil journalist. You are no different to that fellow Hoole who writes scornful articles in this column. I have no respect for him and I will have no respect for you either. Thanks and regards.

  • 0

    I do concur very much with the analysis; thoughts and sentiments of author MS, Gamini, not so Moda Putha and even Barney. I have had endless problems with DBS from his Tamil Week website days when he allowed comments expecting more roses than brick-bats by his own admissions when ceased and went in earnest to his website bearing his name where he will not have to cope with the pangs of his conscience like the rest of us that is as much determined by our genetics, mematics and epigenetics where the food availability and/or affordability that a grandmother had to cope with that affects the grand-child’s life etc.

    I found it difficult to cope with DBS’s partiality and censorship of my comments that on three different occasions I dumped all my available comments from the time I started archiving my comments to the Tamil week website. Noel Nadesan of so-called Uthayam fame too is a close friend of DBS and from what I gathered from him was that DBS depended solely on his partners income at one time as well as DBS never wanting to deal directly with me despite many personal emails to him and my own reasoning is that many of us as well as many an institution too start off with noble ideals and aims but in time we go through a 180 phase change losing sight of our original intentions and have only one aim to self perpetuate our own selves. This is where Leon Trotsky’s permanent revolution holds good in far more than the original sense in which LT used it even as much as the word Relativity that Albert Einstein used to encompass things far more than what they were originally intended to cover in many and varied fields.

    That is why I have been wary of institutions though of late I am founder member of the Palmer United Party and supported the Greens Party financially as they are relative new comers whose brooms will sweep somewhat better than the old brooms as the adage goes.

  • 0

    Naga (looks like someone is hiding behind your fangs)
    How comical can you become?

    Investigative journalism at best? My foot. A man
    living in Canada investigating the revival of the
    LTTE in Jaffna. Go tell that to your intelligence

    Anyway DBS is doing a good job for the money you
    are paying him. So use him as much as you can before
    he meets he second Waterloo at Scarborough.

  • 0

    It is downright racist garbage to suggest DBJ, as a Tamil journalist should not express his opinion or state facts if these are inimical to tamil diaspora interests.
    If a non tamil wrote in this fashion, would you have got worked up to the same extent?

  • 0

    Come, come Paul. You are trying to bring
    racism where no such thing exists. The
    discourse here is about D.B.S. Jeyaraj
    the journalist or the great Investigative
    Reporter. Whether he is Tamil or non Tamil
    is irrelevant. If he is lending himself to
    money and writes, that is what is at issue.
    So don’t beat about the bush Paul. Not even
    to pay Peter should you do that.

  • 0

    I wonder if Colombo Telegraph will publish these indecent comments of the Journalist was a non-Tamil.

  • 0

    Arun M –

    It is for the Colombo Telegraph to respond to you
    dumb and stupid quesstion – whether so called indecent
    comments will be published if the journalist is a
    non Tamil.

    What you say is nothing but absolute bullshit. Did not
    the Colombo Telegraph expose that pin adi king Rajpal
    Abeynaike. He is no Tamil. Did they not expose the whole
    lot of Sinhala journalists who received free laptops and
    car loans from the government.

    Arun M – only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
    Don’t make a dumb ass of yourself, whoever you are

    • 0

      So Colombo Telegrpah is putting up some sort of journalism in democratic sphere? Whats all these comments indecent mean. Why do I have to refer to something about Rajpal? Who cares?

      You seem to be using indecent comments too. Shows how you plan on restring democracy. At least the Tamil, souls were uprooted wholesale by villages by Sinhala regimes. Colombo Telegraph journos just pussyfooting and away from its families in the West, doing this indecent comments for what? Can this bring down Rahapajsa Regime. #LOL

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