24 June, 2024


Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market

In the backdrop of anti-Halal campaigns and protests in Sri Lanka, experts are saying Sri Lanka too can reap a significant economic benefit if it caters to the ever growing US$ 1.2 trillion global Halal market.Halal

At a forum organized by the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC) under the theme “Opportunities For Sri Lankan Exporters In The Global Halal Market” on July 28, it was highlighted that Sri Lanka is well poised to follow examples set by countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia South Korea and Singapore in reaping economic benefits by catering to the ever-growing US$ 1.2 Trillion global Halal conscious market.

CEO of the Halal Accreditation Council Ali Fatharally in his welcome address stressed on the fact that “the economic opportunities for Sri Lankan businesses are not just income and/or profits but also the ability to harness benefits, including much needed foreign exchange to the country; the ability to increase direct and indirect job opportunities, continuous improvement of quality in their establishment which meets international standards and being sensitive, respectful to an important segment of society.”

The statement comes in the backdrop of hardcore Buddhist groups such as the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) openly protesting against the Islamic Halal concept. The BBS which was very vociferous during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term carried out a series of anti-Halal protests in the country. In 2013, the BBS even went on to the extent of demanding that the Halal logo which appeared on certain food products be removed. The BBS was also behind the anti-Muslim riots in Aluthgama, Beruwela including Dharga Town where shops and houses belonging to Muslims were burned to the ground. The riots left many injured, displaced and killed three persons.

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    Halal is a huge fraud in Sri Lanka. Non-Muslims are being charged lot of extra money for the Halal goods, of witch the innocent non Muslim customers are unaware.

    When great BBS challenged the Muslim organization to produce the financial report, they were unable to do so. Where the Halal fraud money go is a mystery. Some say money is being used for funding Muslim extremist (terror) groups.

    Muslims stared communal violence in 1915, with the help of British rulers, by throwing stones at Perahara/Parade. Muslims stared the communal violence in 2014 by assaulting a monk.

    Before great BBS sorted out Aluthama area and made the area peaceful again, Wahabi and Salafi terror extremists ran amuck.

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      The International Halal Conference-2016 will be held in Croatia on 2nd to 4th November 2016. Croatia is not an Islamic country. There are thousands of halal food outlets in USA which is not an Islamic country. If you are not a racist, take a BBS group to the conference and learn about halal. Sri Lanka’s economy can benefit from halal market.

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      can you or the BBS cite just one one only example where the HALAL was forced on Sinhalese or they are exploited. Though this frogs in the well bark , the business community is aware that halal is a nich market. That is why another Theravada buddhist country Thailand has realized the benefit of Halal and want to make Thailand as Halal centre.

      Lord Buddha has never asked any one not to consume meat. What he preached on consuming meat is for Monks. That is why the sermon is mentioned in the Vinaya suttara. Vinaya suttara is exclusively for Monks only. Even in thatsuttara what Lord Buddha has preached is not to consume meat which is slaughtered for you.Other thing is he has asked Monks not to consume ten types of meat.

      What does it implies. If it is not killed for you you can consume. Other is, other than those ten items you can consumes other types of meat.

      The issue on slauhtering of cattle was orchestrated by Dharmapala going against Buddha’s sermons with the intention of appeasing lay buddhist in order to provocate them against Muslims

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    Lanka exports fish – there is nothing called halal-fishing.
    Meat export is miniscule so why bother?
    Halal killing is cruel. Progressive Muslims must accept that in a changing world this insistence on halal meat is irrational.

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    Most commentators against Halal are dumb as a Dodo. Before showing your lack of intelligence read what is Halal.

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      Reply jehan

      Are you saying that those who subscribe to halal concept are more intelligent?

      Try non-halal. You will grow into a genius!

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    The existence of a Halal Certification System is perceived as benefiting only the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka. This perception is further strengthened by the knowledge that the certifying Authority is a Muslim-owned Organization. The non-Muslim populace cannot really be blamed for developing such a perception. The blame must squarely fall on the shoulders of the Muslim Community, which made and continues to make futile efforts to justify the need for a Halal System.

    Let us be absolutely clear of one thing. The non-Muslim Community in Sri Lanka do not give two hoots as to what the Muslims choose to eat or drink. Therefore all such explanations would have fallen on deaf ears.

    Unless and until such time as the non-Muslims are convinced of the fact that they too will, at least collectively, benefit indirectly by the establishment of a Halal Authority, they will continue to be harshly critical of what they perceive to be a selfish and unreasonable demand of the Muslims.

    The only way forward is for the GOSL to take ownership of the Halal Certification System and incorporate it into it’s overall plan for the Promotion of Exports and for the Promotion of Muslim Tourism. It then achieves the status of becoming a National endeavor that will benefit all Sri Lankans not just the Muslims.

    Just think about it. With the Global Market for Halal Foods being valued at US $ 2 trillion and our earnings from foreign remittances being US$ 7 billion, if Sri Lanka makes a determined bid to capture just 0.35% of the Global Halal Market and succeeds, we can then bring all our men and especially women employed in the Middle East home.

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    Do these pseudo ultra Buddhists even know what renders any food “Halal” and enable us export to the Middle-east? A simple prayer. It does nothing else to the food. These idiots might find surprising that in the West, households of Christian and other faiths prefer to buy Halal poultry as it ensures it is fresh and bred for their meat and not years old frozen battery chickens. With beef, Halal ensures no discriminatory prices on the cut, be it sirloin, rump etc.

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      Madam your brain may be in your stomach, but how would you stomach if someone established an abottoir next to your home. That is what we are talking about, we do not want Sri lanka to be the abottoir of the South Asia supplying halal carcasses to the regions muslims. Let those muslim countries sort out their own food needs in their own country boundaries, and it should not be done in a country where the vast majority of people are averse to killing animals even for financial gain that you seem to love. There are more than enough butchering going on already in the country; it is time to reduce them and not as some smart asses in smart suits suggest to multiply the butchering in this country. It is not on; people will rise against this folly and instead of killing animals there could be ethnic wars on our streets. Remember the recent history in India, the use of pig’s fat in small ammunition and ensuing riots over something which appeared to be so innocuous to the authority, how many innocent people got killed as a result. Was n’t it a very sensitive issue to Muslims; similarly turning Sri Lanka into an factory for animal carcasses for the world will be a highly sensitive issue to the vast majority of the population. Money is not everything in life, learn to live with people and your neighbors, and not just peering into your own pocket. Sri Lankans are hot blooded unlike the cool Scandinavians. Give them something to fight over; they will.

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        Thrishu your brains maybe in a lower region than that of the madam.I am for the banning of animal slaughter but most important it should be implemented with a complete ban on all types of fishing and further even the dengue operation should come to a crying halt.Have you ever watched a fish taken out of its natural habitat, water, the struggle of the poor creature gasping for breath it is even more pathetic than what happens at the abbatoir.Even a mosquito is a life so we have no right to take the life of another living being whether its a bull or a mosquito, Going further we must stop using all forms of pesticide which we use to kill pests because by such action we are killing another life so that man can enjoy the vegetables and fruits in the plot.
        A final step if you put a drop of water under an electronic microscope you could see millions of living organisms so by we drinking the water we are killing those poor creatures so we must all stop drinking water.
        If we adopt these regulations we will stop ALL KILLING

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    Hala Is all about Making the Who;e world submitted to Saudi Arabia, Salafis, Sunnis

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    Halal is for Muslims,. We will only give business if its a Halal product,. economy is very important to grow and spread religion,. not scare to speak the mind.

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