30 March, 2020


Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market

In the backdrop of anti-Halal campaigns and protests in Sri Lanka, experts are saying Sri Lanka too can reap a significant economic benefit if it caters to the ever growing US$ 1.2 trillion global Halal market.Halal

At a forum organized by the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC) under the theme “Opportunities For Sri Lankan Exporters In The Global Halal Market” on July 28, it was highlighted that Sri Lanka is well poised to follow examples set by countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia South Korea and Singapore in reaping economic benefits by catering to the ever-growing US$ 1.2 Trillion global Halal conscious market.

CEO of the Halal Accreditation Council Ali Fatharally in his welcome address stressed on the fact that “the economic opportunities for Sri Lankan businesses are not just income and/or profits but also the ability to harness benefits, including much needed foreign exchange to the country; the ability to increase direct and indirect job opportunities, continuous improvement of quality in their establishment which meets international standards and being sensitive, respectful to an important segment of society.”

The statement comes in the backdrop of hardcore Buddhist groups such as the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) openly protesting against the Islamic Halal concept. The BBS which was very vociferous during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term carried out a series of anti-Halal protests in the country. In 2013, the BBS even went on to the extent of demanding that the Halal logo which appeared on certain food products be removed. The BBS was also behind the anti-Muslim riots in Aluthgama, Beruwela including Dharga Town where shops and houses belonging to Muslims were burned to the ground. The riots left many injured, displaced and killed three persons.

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    Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market

    Now will the SL Govt. let go this opportunity for the other Asian countries to reap or we too join to reap from this.


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      The EU once had a huge beef mountain generated by their rigid price control and questionable Agricultural Policies. However, one bright spark in Ireland decided to render their beef Halal and export to the Middle-east, and they not only eliminated the beef mountain but ensured that that stockpile never happened again. The BBS in Sri Lanka are certainly not economists nor are they safeguarding Buddhism with their hostility to the modifying of beef by relating an Islamic prayer over them. Such morons are only found in Sri Lanka.

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        Sylvia Haik

        “The BBS in Sri Lanka are certainly not economists nor are they safeguarding Buddhism with their hostility to the modifying of beef by relating an Islamic prayer over them. Such morons are only found in Sri Lanka.”

        Yes, you got it right.

        They are called Sinhala “Buddhists”, or rather Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” and locally called Modayas, Mootals and Fools. Their average IQ is 79.


        National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


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      From the Facebook site of Dilmah Tea.

      Someone asks:
      Is Dilmah “Halal” certified?

      The answer is:
      Yes, we are Halal certified.

      Thank you,

      The Dilmah Team.

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        Any businessman with common sense and some functioning brain left will certify Halal, as he can sell more, and expands his market.

        Only the stupid, idiots and modayas, like the Para-Sinhala Buddhists and Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks of Sri Lanka, do not see that. Why?

        Average IQ of 79?

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    If people don’t see the economic benefit of halal market, they are the losers. It is 1.5 biilion Muslim market. Who can ignore that?

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      Not on our backyard you idiot. If Muslims want halal, let the buggers kill the animals in their own countries. Majority of people in this country are Buddhists and this proposal is downright offensive. Bloody businessmen would even sell their wives and mothers if they could make a profit, and this proposal is in the same lines.

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        [Edited out]

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        Bo, don’t be a frog in the well.

        If we can eat fish, crabs, chicken, beef, etc. and still pretend we are a totally a vegetarian country, face the reality than spewing hateful rhetorics.

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        Ane thoge redda! The businessmen of this country are not going to sell their wives or children as you fucker did to MARA but it is you fucker who is selling both your asshole and dustbin-mouthed hole in your sordid attempt to ignite racial flames in the country to keep the bloody MARA fucker in power. If pigs are in demand in Thambi countries you pigs are the first in line to be sized and packed in parcels to be exported to Arab.

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        Bo how much will your wife fetch?

      • 6

        bo, —

        You should be reading the news item just above this. If you have missed it here is the link


        As for me, the world today, is at a very perilous situation because of religions.

        2500 + years of Buddhism, 2000 + years of Christianity, 1400 + years of Islam and many more years of Hinduism has not brought our resplendent Earth the desired results.

        Humans still kill fellow humans for frivolous reasons, and above all in the name of the religion they believe in.

        It is time that we started thinking pragmatically and brought in secular practices and moved on with love and compassion within us, for which we DON’T need religions, which are all outdated in today’s context.

        Abiding by the law of the land you live in, is more than enough and STOP believing in, an afterlife, Hell & Heaven would make one’s life that much more uncomplicated.

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          “As for me, the world today, is at a very perilous situation because of religions.

          2500 + years of Buddhism, 2000 + years of Christianity, 1400 + years of Islam and many more years of Hinduism has not brought our resplendent Earth the desired results.

          Humans still kill fellow humans for frivolous reasons, and above all in the name of the religion they believe in. It is time that we started thinking pragmatically and brought in secular practices and moved on with love and compassion within us, for which we DON’T need religions, which are all outdated in today’s context.

          Abiding by the law of the land you live in, is more than enough and STOP believing in, an afterlife, Hell & Heaven would make one’s life that much more uncomplicated.”

          Golden words to be translated into all the languages in the world and disseminated into every nook and corner of the world, especially Sri Lanka where two-legged buffalos have taken up every important positions information dissemination, policy formation and national soul making. Sri Lanka must strive towards a secular constitution and make religion a personal thing for the aspirants, seekers and the serious only. Today every thief and every butcher impersonate as the most spiritual entity on earth thus destroying the meaning of religious pursuit. Region is not the buildings and images of worship, the ruins, the rituals, the versus, the chanting, the monks and priests etc. and therefore these sacrilegious things must be distanced farther away from actual life. The law of the land is enough to discipline laymen and maintain order and peace in on the land and among the society. If one wants to pursue religion then it must be done in a manner not interfering with the law of the land and peaceful existence of the others. You can’t do animal sacrifice, do noise and air pollution, engage in animal cruelty etc. in the name of religion.

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            Thank You.

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        The halal certification body in Sri Lanka does NOT certify any (Cattle) abattoirs. The money can be made is by selling the biscuits and chocolates that our anyway sold in our country to be exported to predominantly high spending muslim markets globally.

        This has nothing to do with Slaughtering..

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        USA, Canada, Britain, NEw Zealand, australia those countries do this supplying meat to the world. they send it to Saudi arabia, Japan, and many other countries.

        they are ever ready to diversify their market.

        they have refrigerated ships and every thing in place.

        Why should Sri lanka get into that business.

        Because, meat market is the biggest.

        In Sri lanka, killing animals should be banned.

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        My Dear Brother bo

        No one like s to sell their wife or Mother

        Just think , Will you engage in this type of business

        This is a proposal where the country would benefit from massive foreign exchange earnings, in addition to creation of additional employment.

        Use your brain in a rational way

        Best Regards

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        /Not on our backyard you idiot. If Muslims want halal, let the buggers kill the animals in their own countries. Majority of people in this country are Buddhists and this proposal is downright offensive. Bloody businessmen would even sell their wives and mothers if they could make a profit, and this proposal is in the same lines. /

        oh oh oh… wait right there.

        What is offensive for Buddhists? (a) Killing animals, (b) selling rotten meat or (c) selling only meat from animals that were killed alive (!)?

        As an enlightened born again budhist do you eat meat? Do you support / accept the killing of animals for meat?

        As a buddhist, don’t you have to stop all killing?

        When meat production (breeding and killing animals) is acceotable, why can’t we have a strong market?

        /Bloody businessmen would even sell their wives and mothers if they could make a profit, /

        Ha! Who ‘sells their mothers, sisters and daughters’ for a riyal, dirham and dinar? The same ‘women’ are sent to the same middle east. They are not only ‘taken’ and owned by the rich Arabs, but also are tortured and ill-treated. But, the majority Buddhist are happy to send them there.

        /Not on our backyard you idiot./

        Yeah, what is happening on YOUR backyard, idiot? Young girls are not safe. After being raped by some thugs, a 12 year a girl went to seek protection from aa bhikku, who raped her. After being raped by some thugs, another 12 year old girl went to police. A police woman beat her with a cane and threaten her not to give the details to the medical officers.

        These graceful things are fine to take place in YOUR backyard, the sensitive Buddhist friend?????

        • 0

          ‘As a buddhist, don’t you have to stop all killing?’

          No. You are an ignorant fool and I am tired of explaining the same damn thing again and again. So for the last time – everybody kills, brushing our teeth we kill, consuming medicine we kill. That is part of being born as a human being on this planet. It is part of the package. There is nobody who does not kill.

          However, we can limit our killing as much as possible. Also, we can make sure that we have no INTENTION to kill when we kill by accident. It is intention that generates kamma, not the act of killing itself. Plenty more to explain in more detail but it would be a waste of time.

    • 17

      Saudi Arabia ¬House maid sex slave¬ market US $ 1 billion.(niche in the market)

      send all the sinhala buddhist women to halal niche market ??

      sharks and sex slaves in an enclave using an emotion called faith.

      when the indian buffaloes stray into bangladesh the animals are slaughtered for hide and meat halal. – the trillion business.

      islamic bedouin butchers. and the buddhist abattoirs.

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    please do not spread false rumors.BBS has nothing to do with Aluthgama riots. it was generated by Muslims youth attacking monk of nearby temple on poson poyaday. as government failed to take legal actions fearing political disadvantage. BBS held protest rally to remind government and law enforcement authority on necessity of legal actions against that incident. when participant retreating Muslims youth gathered in nearby mosque at the request of immams or ulamas attacked treating sinhalese crowds who were going back home and nearby sinhalese village too were attacked.that was how rioting started.

    on the halal business why are you focusing on Buddhist country. why not Malaysia or Indonesia or Bangladesh. that may ignite another tension between Buddhists and Muslims. may be like Myanmar situation here.business at any cost is not solution to economic crisis.It should be addressed keeping cultural values of the nation in mind.do not offer ladders to monkeys already started jumping.in our treasure of truth it says all fear beating,all fear death,all love living as such oneself put in other’s and do not beat or harm or kill anybody but it does not say if one set of people who do not follow that discipline what shall others do. it leaves that to law of the country saying every body should adhere to rules of the land. nobody above the law. people are the law makers.if it leave to politicians Muslims were favoured for political gain and country will become slaughtering chamber.as such we have to look for any other ways for over coming economics crisis. halal business may not be a solution for us.it may be a big trouble maker.peace and harmony is the key to development of any country.

    • 23

      Apparently you havent seen the YouTube video of that lunatic monk screaming racism and filth provoking the sinhalese mobs to attack the people in Aluthgama. Get out of the hole you are in ranjith, theres a world outside the well you live in.

    • 8


      For your information and Edification on Sinhala “Buddhism” and Buddhism.

      Did the Monks make your hole large enough to accommodate Ganasara?

      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


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      Sri Lanka does not Halal certify any (Cattle) Abattoirs.

      Almost all of Sri Lanka’s top export products leave the Country Halal Certified (including approx top 20 tea exporters, virgin coconut oil, spices, confectionaries)

      The entire gulf countries requires halal certification at the point of entry (customs) even for water.

      Thailand is the 5th largest halal products exporter to the world.

      Korea has a separate halal tourism division.

      Japan is trying to make all the food served at the Olympics Halal certified.


      • 1

        As I read, there are much thumps down than thumps up. God!

    • 8


      You need to understand their strategy.

      they never talk about what they do or did.

      Instead always bash buddhists.

      • 2

        jim softy

        “they never talk about what they do or did.”

        Read between the lines. They enlarged the hole of the little girl.

        It used to be Sunday night Sils and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday and Saturday night kills.

        Now it is Sunday night Sils and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday and Saturday night rapes of girls, boys and women.

        Welcome to the 2,500 year-old Para-Civilization in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

  • 18

    Sri Lanka is the only country which listens to a lunetic monk
    Out of the asylum when it comes to the well being of the country.
    Gnanasara the one who got Hallal logo banned in the country,
    What gobs are the other sane people to listen to a uneducated no level fool.

  • 12

    What are they going sell Beef, Goat and chicken ?

    there are established markets for those in western oountries those countries would supply halal or kosher products.

    Why Sri lanka ?

    • 6

      Sri Lanka does not export beef or chicken.

      it is the Tea, spices, Coconut oil, confectionaries… Halal does not mean killing, it means permissibility.

      • 1

        Jim is confusing Halal with dhal

  • 7

    Don’t start this topic again. RW you will be on the path to self destruction. Typical political idiot, money in the eyeball and no bloody political sense! People will flock to MARA. You have not delivered any of those things that you promised that people expected from YP government.

  • 10

    It would do the Government of Sri Lanka good to to either ignore these idiots pretending to be doing Lord Buddha’s work, and do what financially benefits this nation, and continue what we have been already doing, or throw them in jail for being disruptive and inciting other rabble rousers. EDUCATE the rest of the Sri Lankan people who have been brainwashed with propaganda, and keep telling them that there are benefits to the country, to supply Halal products to the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. Other nations have (as usual) used their common sense and are already in the game. The BBS has caused too much trouble for the country, and now that the Rajapaksas are not around to protect and support them, treat them like pariahs, and let the nation know that they are not true Buddhists. Why is the new regime tolerating these scumbags just like the previous regime? Afraid?

  • 9

    An uncivilized unnecessary horror for animals and anyone who has seen this barbarity.

    • 11

      This is Sri Lanka, where it is ok kill people in a barbaric way in the war, but feel sorry for the
      slaughter of animals. All in the name of Lord Budha.

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    Halal Accreditation Council (HAC)

    RE:Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market

    “In the backdrop of anti-Halal campaigns and protests in Sri Lanka, experts are saying Sri Lanka too can reap a significant economic benefit if it caters to the ever growing US$ 1.2 trillion global Halal market.”

    The problem you have in Sri Lanka is that the Average IQ of Sri Lanka is 79, and Sinhala “Buddhists”, a deviant form Buddhism, comprise 70% of the Population. While the other 30% are not Sinhala-“Buddhists”, they are equally stupid in their own ways, just like the Wahhabi-Salafis who follow the Iblis, Satan, Devil.

    Having pointed that above facts, yes facts, based on supporting data, Amarasiri is in agreement with Halal Accreditation Council (HAC) that Sri Lanka should make use of this opportunity to export and earn foreign exchange, instead of sending maids to the Middle East as “Salves”.

    This is where the Sheer Stupidity of the Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” comes in. Whey are they called Modayas, Fools or Mootals? This is not the only area they have shown their stupidity.

    The Organic food craze is about putting artificial ingredients into food. There is a growing market. Halal foods is another growing market, and it is sheer stupidity for Sri Lanka not to exploit this market, and keep the maids home.

    Does the Para-BBS, and Para-Sinhala Ravya and the other Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” have any brains left to think?

  • 15

    Yes, Sri Lanka should utilize the Halal Market. It is high time that Sri Lanka sheds away parochial thinking and utilize the opportunities for economic growth and development with a view to assist the poor and the needy. It doesn’t harm anyone except the parochial thinking. Catering to Halal Market doesn’t mean approval of Islam or any fundamentalism, but their religious requirements should be respected. It is very much similar to producing ‘Santa Claus’ or ‘Christmas toys’ during Christmas for the Christians, or producing ‘Wesak cards’ and ‘Wesmuhunu’ (masks) during Wesak for the Buddhists.

    • 4

      Like Chinese remote village (communist) low tech skilled people making cheap plastic Wesak Kudus for Buddhists in SL. SBs buy those for Rs/200 ~250.. I saw them in last May and I couldn’t believe my eyes..

    • 0

      If it is valuable foreign exchange, that Mr Fernado is interested in, I propose the following for his consideration.
      1) Oppose Ranil’srequision for import of 152 luxury vehicles for 93 ministers, costing 11.2 billion rupees.
      2)sell off the two especially geared vehicles due to arrive for Ranil’s use to Mugabe or Pres Sissi, pres Zuma the three reigning autocrats in Africa.
      3)Confiscate the illegally acquired wealth of Mangala Munasighe, Champika Ranawaka, Rev Sobitha, NGOS of sri lanka stashed away in secret accountsin Panama and others.
      4) File action to recover the bonanza reaped by blatant corrupt deal in importing coal since march 2015.
      Force the president to confiscate assets of Mr Aloysius and his uncle for siphoning illgetten wealth from the three bond scams.
      5) Offer guaranteed prices for tea, rubber and other crops to boost exports.
      It isludicrous for the learned doctor to compare Halal meat to Xmas cards.
      Slaughter of animals for consumption or export is repugnant to Buddhists and Hindus which form 85% population of Sri Lanka.
      This country is not as depraved as the doctor assumes.

  • 4

    Halal Accreditation Council (HAC)

    RE: Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market

    Do the Sri Lanjan, comprising the Paras, domonated by Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” and other Paras think that stupidity is a virtue NOT to go after a a $1.2 Trillion market opportunity, based on their beliefs.

    If the Muslims believe that they need to eat only Halal Foods, just sell it to them. One always need a market to sell products and services.

    The Hindu Indians believe that the Cow is sacred, and will not eat beef.

    So the Indians slaughter the cows and export as the meat lean beef. Do they call it Halal lea beef?

    Anyway, what do the Top 10 Philosophers think?


    Published on May 21, 2014
    What does it all mean? These guys had an idea.

  • 3

    Halal Accreditation Council (HAC)

    “The statement comes in the backdrop of hardcore Buddhist groups such as the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) openly protesting against the Islamic Halal concept. The BBS which was very vociferous during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term carried out a series of anti-Halal protests in the country. In 2013, the BBS even went on to the extent of demanding that the Halal logo which appeared on certain food products be removed.”

    This is sheet Stupidity of the Sinhala “Buddhists”.

    However, Sinhala “Buddhists” are not alone.

    Listen to what the Muslim Terrorists are doing. The Are Wahhabis, Salafis , ISIS and their clones such as Boko Haram.

    Islam is not Religion Of Peace —by Taslima Nasrin part 1

    A different perspective. However, thee is controversy in this Idea.

    Actually a better explanation, is to say that Wahhabis, Salafis, ISIS and Boko Haram are followers and agents of the Devil, Iblis, Satan, based on the long Islamic History.

    Are the “Islamic” Terror groups, actually Satanic, Iblisic Terror groups?


    Published on Jul 10, 2016
    Taslima Nasrin is a Bangladeshi author and former physician who has lived in exile since 1994.

  • 4

    I hope Sri Lanka never makes money on this. If however, there was a humane way of draining them, whilst they felt no pain (with e.g. CO2), then it can be tolerated a bit, but not as a business venture.

    • 5

      This is American experimentation. I am sure you will agree with that because you think Anerica is also doing an experiment with gay rights in Sri Lanka. But you still have not told the readers , who are in experimental group and who are in control group.

      • 0

        This is a way to stop pain in animals. Either this, or stun guns. Imagine halal killing on a commercial basis?! It should be tolerated with strict modern rules in place, and only because it is of a niche part of Islamic faith that insists on it (one that can be done away with modern contrivance). No control or experimental groups- this is life of animal that ought to have dignity…..once they are shot in the head, there is no pain.

  • 8

    When the Halal Issue reached it’s peak during 2012 -2013, the ACJU attempted to defend it’s Halal Certification System at every forum to counter each criticism to the best of it’s ability. Unfortunately, what this Organization apparently failed to realize or may not have wished to acknowledge is the fact that it was not the Halal System per se, but the perceived belief that the food consumption habits of over 90% of the population was being determined by the religious leaders of a minority community, that generated such intense concern in the minds of non-Muslims in Sri Lanka ?

    Distilling through the many articles and virulent posts that appeared on various web-sites and blogs at that time, it can be seen that the major concerns about the Halal Certification System were as follows :

     Results in price increases – which non-Muslim consumers are compelled to bear.
     Generates huge profits used for propagation of Islam & support of extremist groups
     Promotes the ‘Islamization’ of Sri Lanka
     Compels non-Muslim Enterprises & Shop Owners to obtain Halal Certificates
     The consumption patterns of other Communities are decided by a Muslim Religious Body
     The basic rights of other Communities are being violated by a Muslim Religious Body

    The responsibility of issuing Halal Certificates was subsequently transferred to HAC (Sri Lanka), a private, not-for-profit Organization, owned by a group of Muslims. This change did not in any way address the major grievances about the Halal System effectively. It was only tantamount to ‘changing deck chairs on the Titanic’.

    With the International Market for Halal Foods estimated at US$ 2 trillion per annum and the spending by Muslim tourists growing faster than the global rate and forecasted to reach $192 billion a year by 2020, the SL Muslim Community should have ensured that the Halal Certification System was institutionalized by the GOSL as a vital component of it’s future plans for the economic development of our Country rather than leaving the responsibility to a privately-owned Organization.

    As any marketing expert would have recommended, all that was required was to re-position the Halal Certification System from being perceived primarily as a service for SL Muslims with secondary benefits to the country’s economy to being perceived primarily an economic instrument for the country’s development (exports and tourism) with secondary benefits for SL Muslims. This is precisely the approach adopted by Thailand (Buddhists – 95%, Muslims – 5%) which has positioned itself as the ‘Halal Kitchen of the World’.

    Unfortunately, by attempting to promote the use of Halal certificates to exporters at this point in time, HAC (Sri Lanka) runs the risk of being accused of using the halal system to enhance it’s ‘not-for-profit’ profits.

    • 0

      The Laughing Lebbe,

      [Edited out]

  • 2

    We have SLS, why should we have another?

  • 11

    So these experts think that Sri Lanka should be the world abbotoir for halal butchery of animals. Such a load of greedy Wan*ers. Then lets have these experts in the front of the queue of animals for getting halaled; I am sure someone in the Middle East would cherish their meat too!

  • 8

    Don’t know about Halal market, Yahapalanaya is full on catering to the Hindian market.

    If you don’t believe it, just ask Keselwatta Kid.

    The KID reckons, even our Dalits whom he purports to represent, will be rich when his current boss but former enemy, Batalanda Ranil finishes his Yahapalanaya.

    ETCA hasn’t kicked in yet,but Kerala Herb is selling even in St Bascilica College Ragama.

    The sales have flourished so much, that our Catholic Cardinal in Colombo is organising his own Pada Yatra from St Bascillica to Chamapakaya’s Megapolis.

    The Hon Cardinal says big ass Politicians who are very powerful, are Directors of this Kerala Herb Corporation.

    Rev Cardinal is not a Rajapakasa supporter .. Right.

    Neither Rajapakasa Politicians are big ass any more, let alone powerful ones for that matter.

    Even without directorships of such business enterprises , they are being picked up and put behind bars like pick pockets by the UNP Police..

    Will the new IGP ask the Ragama Magistrate to ban Cardinal’s Pada Yatra too?….

  • 7

    The only way something good can happen is to bring in extremely strict laws.

    1) make sure the slaughter has is extremely clean ,hygiene no 01.

    2) make sure only all international standards of humane slaughter is exercised and supervised by CCTV .

    and all meat are properly certified by HONEST Veterinary experts .
    3) Ban slaughtering of milking Cows and pregnant COWS AND GOATS .

    4) Make sure the the Butcher outlets are super clean with best of Hygiene.


    I would honestly propose the government to encourage to import fresh halah beef , and stop slaughter of Cows completely as it is a sensitive issue among Hindus and Buddhists , But it should not effect the poor butcher and be profited only by super markets .

    best is to give them a concession to keep the price at current rate . and this way people can decide what they want to eat, especially Muslim tourists .

    If The bigots screaming here anti Halal and do not want it even of the sake of Muslim Tourists , let them stop using Halal petrol first and then next let them bring back all the workers from Halal countries .

    What these ignorant bigots do not realise is ,that the entire Anti halal issue was a big fraud,

    The Beef price went by almost 100 % , stolen cattles, Goats ,Poultry and sick dead cattle and poultry are being sold as Halal , they are minting money .

    If you want to promote that go ahead.,

  • 1

    Reading all the comments the overwhelming majority have mistaken halal for :slaughtering of animals” It’s a pity that some have forced themselves to be blind-folded.

    Maliban, Munchee, Nestle, Unilevers, Anchor, MAS condiments, and almost 4000 popular brands in Sri Lanka have NOTHING to do with meat.

    Again talking of Buddhist values how would a true Buddhist drive solace at the growth of “WINE SHOPS” “horse racing-betting” Casinos joints etc at every nook and corner? See the pathetic state of Ayurveda in SL. Promoting tourism to earn money thru Ayurveda SPA prostitution.

    My dear friends the list goes on. Let us shed narrow mindedness, self-righteous proclamations, and have an open mind so that all in SL live in peace and look for a prosperous country.

    Please think.

  • 0

    Can someone explain to me what Halal means? Is it like Kosher for Jewish people in the sense slaughter of animals is done in a religious ritual? What I learned about Jewish people is that they do not eat dairy products together with meats. So you can have a non-meat deli or restaurant separately from dairy. Dairy is supposed to be stored separately from meats etc. I also know both faiths do not eat Pork and it is considered dirty. But I must say I am clueless about the rituals of Halal.(Of course I am sure I can google it).

    In Judaism there is a prohibition against cooking a mixture of milk and meat; a prohibition against eating a cooked mixture of milk and meat and also a
    prohibition against deriving any benefit from a cooked mixture of milk and meat.

    he Torah commands us: “Do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk” (Exodus 23:6). The Torah forbids eating meat and milk in combination, and even forbids the act of cooking them together (as well as deriving benefit from such a mixture). As a safeguard, the Sages disallow the eating of meat and dairy products at the same meal, or preparing them with the same utensils. Therefore, a kosher kitchen must have two separate sets of pots, pans, plates and silverware – one for meat/poultry and the other for dairy foods.

    Even more, one must wait up to six hours after eating meat products before eating dairy products. However, meat may be eaten following dairy products (with the exception of hard cheese, which also requires a six-hour interval). Prior to eating meat after dairy, one must eat a solid food and the mouth must be rinsed.

    One possible explanation for this separation is that meat represents the finite, physical body, which ultimately ends up in death. Milk, on the other hand, is the quintessential life-giving force, the substance through which a mother can sustain her infant. Milk, therefore, can be compared to spirituality, which sustains our connection with the ultimate, eternal life.

    Judaism wants us to be aware on every level of the difference between that which leads to life and that which leads to death. Even though we must nourish our physical bodies – indeed, God allows us to eat meat alone in order that our bodies be healthy – we must not mix in milk. We must never make our physical bodies the goal of living. We must never blur the difference between the physical, mortal world, and the world which is our ultimate goal, the world of spirituality, of eternal life. That is why meat and milk must remain separate.

    But how come dry rations, vegetables etc can be labeled as Halal? They are not from animals?

    In Dubai where I now live at large Grocery stores there is a separate section for foreigners where you can still buy pork products. That is cool.

    Why are people fighting over eating beef, or chicken or fish? Let people eat whatever they want; Buddha spoke of moderation only no?

    Why shout so much over something? No one should impose their standards on another group no? Let people eat Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish or whatever of their own free will please. If there is a market to make money for Sri Lanka with the export of Halal products what is wrong with that? No one should impose Halal standards or Sharia on others. No one should tell other not to eat beef. Of course why would anyone eat beef in Sri Lanka when the quality is so poor because there are no beef cattle populations to speak of?

    Look at Nepal; it is a predominantly Hindu nation but they have a gory festival called Ghadimai festival.

    India exports a lot of leather and is ranked #2 or #3 in leather exports and production.

    I get frightened when secular nations are threatened by religiosity. Can we all live and let live? I can eat beef if i wanted to and I most certainly eat pork and bacon. Kalu pork curry using kalu pol and spice mix from Kollus spices will make a great Sunday lunch.

  • 5

    More butchers on this page than men with balls to fight for animal rights and humanity. Greedy pigs, hope they will have a painful death themselves. I would rather be poor than living rich with blood money; take away your blood money and stuff it up your backsides that they are good for. These are the same kind that have made Sri Lanka a sex haven full of white skinned prostitutes and a paradise for paedophiles, all for making a quick buck. Arise BBS and Mervyn, you will have your work cutout. Gamaraalage, time to show that you cared for animals and clean up our land from greedy businessmen and green colored political opportunists.

  • 2

    Within the Muslim community, halal is used to describe what is permissible both in food and in life, including our thoughts, intentions and actions. Typically, we associate halal with permissible food for consumption, as do so many of our non-Muslim friends. It is easier to accept this concept when it is related to health-conscious eating habits, rather than slaughter methods adopted in accordance with the Islamic teachings. It is obvious that the both go hand in hand and are inter-connected. It is clear that there are more and more instances in which food is contaminated and people sickened from preventable issues related to food safety and sanitation in both the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

    It is always best for everyone to know the source of their food. People need to know what the animals are eating and how they are living, the kind of air they breathe and what, if anything is being injected into their bodies. Visits to farms, insisting on organic products, or at least those that are all natural and not sprayed or injected with harmful pesticides, toxins or artificial growth hormones, etc.

    So how does halal food fit into this parameter?

    Halal encompasses more than just meat, or even the type of meat eaten, although it is the most discussed type of product consumed.

    For an animal to go from farm to table as halal food, it must have lived a pure life from the very beginning, finishing a cycle of life that is permissible in accordance with Islamic standards. It must have eaten well, been treated well, and healthy at time of sacrifice. It may sound good in theory, but what does this all mean?

    In the Life of the animal, the kind of treatment and feed an animal receives during its life is important. It should be not be abused, mistreated or caused any pain. It should not be confined to an area where it cannot move or walk normally or get fresh air. It should be fed clean water and food that is appropriate and absolutely never fed another animal or products that contain the by-products of other animals.

    As an animal should be treated well during its life, it should also be treated well at the time it is sacrificed for us as food. The slaughter should never be done in the presence of other animals and the animal should be made comfortable as it is positioned for the sacrifice. The act of the sacrifice should be done with a sharp object, so as to accelerate the process by swift motion to reduce pain suffered by the animal to a minimum, as much as possible.

    Afterwards, the blood should be allowed to completely drain out from the animal. It is the blood that carries toxins, germs and bacteria and when left inside the body of the animal, could potentially make people sick. At the very least, it could make the cooked meat quite tough. An amazing result of cooking and consuming halal meat is a healthy meat in which the resulting texture is tender and the meat delicious. Some people say they can actually “taste the difference”.

    On the flip side of halal is the haram (impermissible). The most commonly known
    haram consumables are blood, alcohol and pork (and their by-products), all of which are the cause of numerous health issues. (This is backed by scientific evidence). Although these two products themselves could constitute their own essay, for purposes of brevity they are only fleetingly mentioned here.

    Instead of seeing the impermissible as a closed door on food choices, one can embrace an entire world of exciting, delicious and healthy variety of foods. Islam enjoins us to treat our bodies well as it has a right over us and will testify against us on the Day of Judgment for any injustices we may have caused it during our lifetime.

    Treating our bodies with wholesome foods free of harmful ingredients — pesticides, toxins, pollutants, filth, etc. — is not just a value desired by Muslims, it’s desired by all of humanity. It’s a common need, a common desire and a common right, and that means everyone can benefit from consuming halal foods and avoiding what is not.

    • 5

      Jews eat only Kosher foods. Muslims eat only halal foods.

      but, I have met Sri lankan muslims who ate pork sausages, muslims who drink.

      I heard in the middle east tourists hotels ahve special beverage bars for muslims.

      Here the halal, muslims cloths, muslim banking system all are there to islamize the world.

      • 3

        There may be a small minority of so-called Muslims in the world today, who are Muslim only by name, but don’t possess an inkling of knowledge of true Islamic values and its teachings, let alone being practicing being Muslims. They are isolated individuals and do not represent the majority of practicing Muslims living around the world.

        What you ‘heard’ about beverage bars only for Muslims in Mid Eastern countries is untrue and based on rumor to discredit Muslims and Islam. There may be licenced restaurants which serve liquor in some Muslim countries, simply to cater to non-Muslim expatriates. These locations may be frequented by locals, who might just as well be Arab Christians or even any other type of non-Muslim. But as a rule, no Muslim will ever visit a bar if he is a true Muslim. Instead, if he so desires, is free to satisfy his own thirst, but at the peril of willing disobedience to Allah’s commands. However, in all such instances, he will disguise himself to hide his true identity as a Muslim, and only Allah can change his heart and mind to abstain from what He has prohibited.

        There is no absolutely no intention of anyone to ‘Islamize’ (a new world order) to capture the world. But rather, if anyone is a Muslim, he or she must strive to live in accordance with the established rules. The truth is, eventually as more and more people revert to Islam and chose it as their way of life, (with no compulsion to convert), then the space and opportunity must be afforded to them to live as equal citizens with freedom to practice their religion. It will be at which stage Islamic dress code will attract attention, increased interest in Sharia compliant banking (no pun intended), increased demand for Halal food, demand for more Masjids or else people will be forced to pray on the streets, etc., all such issues will arise and need to be solved. What is going to happen is only a prophecy that is going to pass.

        Even with all the negative fallout brought about by ISIS, the number of converts to Islam around the world is snow balling. (Although ISIS is a political struggle and does not represent the beautiful teachings of Islam). So, if you cannot beat it, then it is best to join it. Don’t be left out. Repeat after me. ‘There is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammed (May peace and blessings be upon him) is HIS last and Final Messenger’. Study the religion of Islam. Start now, before it is too late and you regret it! Anyone can die anytime and if you die Muslim, believing there is only One God – Allah you’ve succeed and won, or else you are at HIS mercy.

      • 1

        I met Budhist who eat meat and drink booze on a Poya day. Do you see the flaw in your logic? I guess you won’t

  • 3

    Halal products are not only welcomed by Muslim consumers but by non-Muslim consumers as well as Halal certificate represents high level of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, nutrition and is produced stringently under the requirements of the Islamic Dietary Law. So Today, Halal trademark is an important marketing tool in the international arena particularly if the product is aimed at penetrating Muslim countries.

    All frozen meat products & offals are compulsorily examined by the competent officially designated agency which issues international Sanitary/Health Certificate confirming suitability of product for human consumption. These certificates issued after microbiological analysis also confirm the aspect of the meat being derived from healthy, disease free livestock subjected to Ante & Post Morten examinations.

    Massive cattle ranches have been established in the world today. Mostly in the developed countries. All of which cater to the Halal market both in their own countries and servicing the export sector, contributing to their country’s coffers. There are more than 52 pure Islamic countries in the world today, the latest being Gambia, the newest Islamic Republic in Africa after Mauritania. All these Muslim countries need to satisfy their own Halal food market. They all have a growing Muslim population, presently standing at more than a billion people. Why should we shut out our own country Sri Lanka from taking a share of this pie, and in return we could stop our women from going over to work in the Middle East as housemaids. There will always be a steady supply of cattle to meet the demands of the meat industry, as this is Allah’s gift to mankind. There is already a massive demand for Halal products in the world today, and many non-Muslim countries have latched on to this lucrative market already. With a man like stupid and ignorant Gnanasara standing in the way, it looks like this chance will too will become another missed opportunity. Even India holds a major share of the Middle East market for boneless Halal meat, although there are restrictions on cow slaughter and distribution within its own country.

    • 1

      So Halal certification is the only certification for food hyegien.

      Other foods are processed in dirty environments ?

  • 11

    One should understand that halal is extremely brutal to animals. Normally, an animal, such as a cow, is stunned, before the throat is cut. In the case of halal, stunning is forbidden. So, the animal is fully conscious as it is executed. Essentially, the animal is left to bleed to death in a prolonged fashion, simply to emulate a religious custom (manner of execution) from several hundred years ago, and so that the animal is facing a certain direction while it is being executed. In this day and age where euthanasia (or its equivalent) is cheap and plentiful, one should question the logic of allowing animals to undergo needless and prolonged suffering.

  • 2

    Gnanasara the no level who initiated and got the no halal logo on local market products should pay for the loss to businesses, as more imported products are being bought by the local muslims with halal label.
    also blame should go to the former defence secretary corrupt gota for his protection of gnansa the monk.

  • 5

    Halal is something new in Sri lanka. what happened to muslims before this halal coming ? did they startve to death becuse it was against Isalm ?

    Muslims are islamizing the world, So, All thsese islamic things. Even the banking system is islamic.

  • 5

    Saudi Arabia is a desert. In Islam Desert – living people had very strict rules how to kill an animal as they didnot have other foods.

    Sri lanka has other foods and therefore, Sri lankan Muslims do not need to eat meat or beef.

    Halal is simply bringing Saudi arabian – desert rules to Sri lanka.

    Even the cloths muslims women covering are suitable only to Saudi arabian deserts and are not suitable for the rest of the world except Sahara desert.

  • 7

    “”Despite Growing Anti-Halal Sentiments, Experts Say Sri Lanka Can Benefit From $ 1.2 Trillion Halal Market””

    Cows Belch and Fart.!
    LIAR, LIAR! there are no US $ trillions but $ 100 Billion.
    all from china downward are lagging. Engineering materials are taking over leather and Co2 imprints.-
    12 Executive summary
    Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world. The leather and leather products industry plays a prominent role in the world’s economy, with an estimated global trade value of approximately US$100 billion per year.

    Future Trends in the World Leather and Leather Products Industry and Trade.Executive summary-UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION

    Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals. Most of the leather in the U.S. and Europe comes from India, China, and other countries that either have no animal welfare laws or have laws that go largely or completely unenforced.

    The leather market in the world is dying. Worlds biggest China has lost its orders to USA, Pakistan and India to EU.
    The west is still the biggest market for garments and leather.- wear and throw. and no halal please because its barbaric.

    Such taboos increase the demand for religiously neutral leathers such as ostrich and deer.

    All these Arab talk of rich is gibberish- in hot climates they don’t wear expensive leather but loves other peoples women for sex.

    Arabs rich? sure, with western technology and they pay stupid for technology not your women or leather.

    he carbon footprint of cattle rearing.
    One estimate of the carbon footprint of leather goods is 0.51 kg of CO2 equivalent per £1 of output at 2010 retail prices, or 0.71 kg CO2eq per £1 of output at 2010 industry prices.

    Some vegetarians, vegans and animal rights activists and groups such as PETA, boycott and promote the boycotting of all leather products, arguing that the use of leather is unjustifiable. They encourage the use of alternative materials such as synthetic leathers.

    Many pseudo-leather materials have been developed. Some published claims assert that certain versions of artificial leather are stronger than real leather when manufactured with strength in mind. Ranges of synthetic polymeric materials provide features rivalling or exceeding those of various types of leather in particular applications; they include vegan microfiber, pleather and Naugahyde.

    When the government enforces a charity tax on natural leather from cows the market will soon die like the plastic shopping bag.

    With so many stylish synthetics now available, there is no excuse for supporting animal abuse. The best thing that you can do to help animals killed for their skin is to boycott all leather products and urge everyone you know to do so as well.

  • 2

    They have missed some thing here. The latest figure of the world Hala market is US 2.3 trillions. For the normal forks to understan it, it’s a huge figure USD 2500 million. Sensible people wouldn’t miss out on this great opportunity.

    All are getting into this band wagon. Japan is promoting this in a big way to attract more and more Muslims tourists and businessmen to visit that country. Head of the Hala division of one of Japanese companies which imports Halal products is a Sri Lankan. One of the leading Halal food restaurants in Tokyo is owned by a sinhala Sri Lankan businessman. In Australia in all leading cities they conduct regularly Halal exhibitions. Brazil is the biggest Hala chicken supplier followed by France to the Middle Eastern countries, amounting to billions of dollars.

    Thailand has identified and vigorously promoting ten economic sectors for growth and prosperity of the people. One of them is Halal products, it wants to be the Kitchen of the world. One could see it’s promotional ads in the trains and buses of the mass transits systems of the big cities in Asia.

    Our country and people could get immense benefits, if we could tap this market.

    • 7

      Keep the halal ban on or fall prey to wahhabism.

      Muslims at Lanka have taken pseudo ownership of arabic nation while there are expats unlike the servant class they send. ME is bound to change in attitudes but lanka muslims are feeding the sex slaves and the meat and may be kuddu too.You can’t fool all the people all the time- but the desperate maids.
      You are no intelligent exporter but selling body.

      Halal the uncivilized slaughter in the 21st century and sharia law bigots.
      After Badurdeen hijacked the english medium the muslims have overdone Shakespeare. Why have you not stolen the one legged kandyan dance.

      Muslims Camels have not heard of `American Cowboys` that their religion has stolen the worlds biggest white mans western cow meat market (arabic Halal) for Gass Gembos of Lanka. The emotion overriding 6 billion peoples of the world. Too many skirts like Merkel and Burkas and Sex slaves.??
      Arab did not know the meaning of Zero to understand the millions billions trillions.- Conmen who buy and sell.

      All processing, curing, hygiene,smoking,packing are a western catholic/christian invention from the days of wine making. The westerner did not need the spice to make Jammon from wild boar- it’s a traditional art that is aweing the chinese.

      What we in the west eat and waste does not pass the sword of bigot muslim halal. There are still over 80% whites in the west and a few mafia art down south might allow but the EU will clamp down on that too very soon- animal rights. Most last wills of persons in the west are not for humans or muslims but animals alive.

  • 0

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    Oct 5, 2013 – President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s reply to Al Jazeera-interviewer’s … Child rape is rampant in Sri Lanka, but there has been no incident of a …

    Rape victims struggle to find justice in Myanmar | Myanmar Now
    Feb 17, 2016 – Most of the women rape victims Myanmar Now approached refused … “We found a shocking number of child rape cases… last year,” she said.

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