5 March, 2024


Despite What We Say, We Are All Like Crabs In A Boiling Pot Of Water: President

“Despite what we say or do, at the end of the day we are all like crabs dancing in a boiling pot of water,” said President Maithripala Sirisena as he added that it is his experiences during the past two months as the President that made him understand the true nature of politics.

Maithripala 2015 March“I have had the opportunity to meet the Indian Prime Minister, the British PM and the Queen of England. Those meetings made me realize that there are a lot of challenges that Sri Lanka has to face and we cannot do it alone,” he said addressing a meeting organized for the SLFP electoral organizers earlier this week (17.03.2015) in Colombo.

The President, in a very strong and emotional speech criticized certain aggressive and racist statements made by some SLFP MPs in public rallies and to the media as he described them as ‘primitive statements’ and warned them to prevent Sri Lanka from being pushed into another war.

“It was PM Bandaranaike that showed us that it’s impossible to establish a government only through Sinhala Buddhist votes. In this country, the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities all have to come together – without such unity this country cannot be taken forward, there will be no future for this country, please understand that,” he said.

The President addressed certain factions of the SLFP who have started openly challenging and criticizing him and said, “You all have made various statements about me but none commended the deferral of the OISL report which was achieved following my election. I can say for sure the deferral of the report was granted due to my election as the President. If that report had been tabled in March, it is the very people you campaign for and hold in high regard that would fall into trouble…”

President Sirisena went on to state that since it was upon the invitation of the former SLFP Chairman and the party members that he assumed duties as the SLFP chairman, he should be allowed to fulfill his duties.

“This is not a position that one can come into by force or coercion. During the past two months I have brought about democracy into the party and because of that, many are freely making statements and for the first time, has started challenging the Chairman of the party. While I observe the freedom of speech as a positive development I also urge you all to allow me to continue my work,” he said.

Meanwhile, speaking of the upcoming elections, the President said the SLFP should cast aside primitive slogans that stir racial hatred and sideline certain communities and adopt a slogan that fits the party and ensures the well being of the country and its people.

Watch the full speech;

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    If Mahinda Rajapaksa staged a come back the war crime charges would be renewed and accelerated. If he is out of power it is possible for the president to keep it at bay, keeping on postponed. The digging of graves won’t bring reconciliation.

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    Absolutely brilliant speech. No other political leader, certainly not MR, would have been able to reach out in this way and speak the unpalatable truth so candidly. There will be no nation to talk of, if there is no racial and religious harmony, that being the major underlying theme.

    These are not fashionable words and the pin drop silence in the audience can even suggest some may not agree, for they have survived & prospered all this long through causing and promoting racial and religious tensions. This is why this President comes across as not just a nation’s leader but a true Statesman.

    I don’t think since independence, we have seen such a leader as this.

    Bravo Mr President!

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      I agree with justice and fairplay’s comments regarding President recent
      speech . Even the annual state of the Union address by the US,President
      did not come closer to this speech where both speeches were all about bridging the gap between the rich and the poor or between terror and peace or peace among communities and religions and our President excelled in his presentation. No one knew that he had hidden talents.He
      spoke very patiently about how and why people of various communities with different religious, language and cultural beliefs should learn to respect each other, live together and move forward. By analysing his speech, one could come to believe that he is a firm believer that one should be allowed to practice his language, religion and culture and move freely without fear. These are hall marks of his great speech.

      I hope he will be allowed to practice his beliefs.

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    It is a speech directed to address the urgent needs of the country and the nation. He mentions the names of two of those “Nugegoda Promoters” who had face to face discussions with as the Chairman of the UPFA. What have the got to tell country now. We want to hear from them. Let that be made known to us, never mind, even in Ratnapura. They can refer to the statement made by the President, and tell the truth to the people. What do you say to us?

    I said this to our ex President who is roaming around the country with these “Nugegoda Comrades” to take time to “Quieten Your Mind” and the “Answers” will come automatically. He is still “manipulated” by that disturbed “Mind” and act in a very dubious and an irresponsible manner, without allowing any space for his HEART to give him guidance. He has failed still to get out of his “EGO CENTRIC” personality and that weakness is presently made use of by these “Nugegoda Jokers”. Mr. MR please do a retreat and think differently and join to strengthen the hands of the “NEW BREED” in politics. We need this country to belong to everyone who live here and usher in that belonging as Sri Lankans. You still has that capability; but out of the clutches of those “Vultures”. Mind you, they will USE YOU AND ABUSE YOU. That is their Game Plan.

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    And not straight even on the ground Mr President!

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    I think in a country like Sri Lanka you cannot have fixed alliance to any particular party or person or group of persons – I as person supported Rajapaksas just because they stopped the war and developed the dilapidated infrastructure of the country – as I cannot stay long period in the country due to my employment – whenever I landed here I felt proud of my land nice looking capital city – walk ways – nice shops – but after few days of driving on city roads – I felt sick of the indiscipline on roads – I thought I living among animals – I had to visit few Gov. offices on a land matter – bloody hell – inefficiency – total lack of responsibility towards their paid duties – then I had to visit Customs and Harbour on some official matters – disaster – day light bribe taking / huge amount of paper filling and writing letters asking that approval and this approval – hell – things that takes few minutes in other countries takes days here and opens up avenues for corruption – After one or two weeks in my soil I thought I must not allow my children to live in this hell hole

    So this is the nature of true Sri Lanka – Gov. in power may be green or blue – this is the true nature of our motherland – corruption / thuggery / inefficiency are the norm of the day –

    I think Rajapaksas had allowed this trend to grow into the body of SL – like a cancer – and many who could afford fled this country in disgust and only scum of the society became the rulers of this country

    When I heard the speeches of MS at early stages of his campaign – I really thought he is not leadership material and with guys of known bad reputation as his partners will be a disaster for the country –

    But I think MS is slow but steady guy and knows where to go and what is needed for this country — If at least if he manage to implement 19th amendment without cutting his own hands – that itself would be sufficient – befor we develop this country we must establish rule of law in this land and must get rid of dishonesty and corruption at any cost – Rajapaksas had their rule and that is now history – they missed the golden opportunity they had to bring this country into prominence as a country of decent people not as a country full of lawless vulgar bastards

    The idiots who are still trying to bring back Rajapaksas into power must clearly understands decent people in this country want to see decency in the society – they must stop rousing the emotions of a rural emotional voter base in favour of the MR but let MS to Govern.

    MS also should act bit faster and ruin his opponents before they do the same for him – bit of indecency to eradicate much higher indecency is alright

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      “”I think in a country like Sri Lanka you cannot have fixed alliance”

      You plantation workers just made that possibility a near about Zero . There are no Hero’s when it comes to war- Bush Jr learnt it the hard way and he is sulking unable to go to the Alps for his annual skiing vacation & his brother is planning to clear that for him. lets see that when 2016 arrives..

      “bit of indecency to eradicate much higher indecency is alright “

      Un-fortunately Shiva never forgets but to be forgiven you need to come clean to the one who owns the land- he is seated on gupta chandragupta 11 Iron Pillar

      (there are no Huns about because Putin has tackled that with $1 trillion barter trade- UK France, Italy, germany have all decided to in vest in the China development Bank than World Bank run by USA)

    • 0

      “things that takes few minutes in other countries”

      Nava Colaba malasanya,

      They say love is blind east or west & both are the same same.

      We have reputed courier and clearing agents east or west and real eastate agents too.- its their profession don’t interfere.

      Your employment/work in the western society has not taught anything as far as systems are involved but made you GREEDY.

      Its when non professionals interfere in anothers profession via the gun that things are seen as if bannanas grow on cocnut trees.

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    Perhaps, you Hon.President, may feel the heat of your seat like a dying crab in a pot of hot water.By saying so you admit that You are incapable of being the head of the country, though there are no favorable persons whom I can spot as a suitable man for the job. You are surrounded by hoodlums and they are grouped up to make a mockery of you and turn Yahapalanaya into a Vihilupalanaya. 19the amendment will be the guillotine of the Presidency and his powers. With executive powers of the presidency there is a great deal you can do correct the wrongs that is happening in the country but your hands are tied by the puppeteers like in a puppet show and you are a weak person to break this bondage

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    only the meanest person in the world would fall into a hyena trap like yours.

    before you croak again try to give it a better try elsewhere .

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