10 August, 2022


Divergent Trends In New-Populism

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Modi surges, Trump purges, Durante splurges and Europe diverges: Divergent trends in New-Populism

It took time and dogged persistence to internationalise the neologism New-Populism (NP); it was a harder sell than the Single Issue Common Candidate slogan because the latter was local argot. NP is now accepted after Durante-Brexit-Trump, Geert Wilders’ defeat in Holland, and not quite Modi. Sadly, the hoi polloi has little grasp of the nuances underlying the term. Yes, “far-right” has been in vogue in Europe for over a decade to denote a trend in France (National Front, NFF), Britain (Independence Party, UKIP), Denmark (Party for Freedom, PvV), Austria (Freedom Party of Austria FPO) and others. But it is simplistic and needs to be deepened.

It is theoretically erroneous to call them fascist or semi-fascist; they are not. European fascism ravaged the Continent in the particular circumstances of the inter-war years; neither social, nor economic, nor political, nor cultural conditions now exist for its recurrence. Sometimes NP seems to sail close to a fascist wind, Rodrigo Durante for example; sometimes it has a more looney than Mussolini ring as with Donald Trump. I have emphasised the difference between NP and fascism for long, but only now has the penny dropped as empirical evidence and divergences between NPs becomes evident even to the politically near sighted.

We need to define what we mean when we say right-wing; is Modi more right-wing than his Congress predecessor? All NPs manifest a pro-capitalist economic orientation; they possess certain social and nationalist features; anti-immigration national conservatism, anti-liberalism, anti-globalism, Euroscepticism in Europe, cultural revanchism (in Austria and Germany) and in the case of Trump but not France’s Marine Le Pen, an economic plan to cut social welfare and medical coverage for the poor and ladle out tax breaks to the well to do to pay for it. Crucially, they all ride a wave of frustration with government, revulsion of politicians, rebuff of ruling elites, rejection of the prevailing economic order and repugnance of the ethnic “other” be it colour, faith or language. These features give them commonality as an early Twenty-first Century singularity.

But this is not fascism. What marks off fascism from all other state forms is that it pulverises every other institution. Parties, trade unions, citizen’s organisations, learned societies and churches are crushed. Where they are allowed to exist as shell entities they are a mere extension of the Fuhrer, Il Duce, Gestapo or the Italian corporate state. The characteristic, the defining feature of inter-war fascism is that it pulverised every organisation that was independent of the fascist state. This is far different from Tsarist autocracy, pre-capitalist absolutist monarchies, Marcos, the one-party state in China, and the worst that MRGota would have been had the former been re-elected. (MR is Lanka’s version of New-Populism). Others that bear characteristics similar to fascism are Stalinism, Sadam Hussein, North Korea, and Gorilla military regimes that littered Latin America in the days when Pax Americana reigned supreme.   

The spectrum of New-Populism (NP)

It is an oversimplification to rank NP movements on a linear scale from more centrist to more far-right, but crude measures are starting points. I suggest that Modi is centrist and mass-populist and Trump a fake populist much further to the right. Durante and Le Penn (if she is elected) inhabit the centre ground. Modi has no choice but to be homo economicus (economic man); history will judge him, and his legacy will depend, on how well he delivers to ‘the common man’ on the economic front. His policy thrust is ameliorating poverty, improving mass standards of living and making India modern and moderately prosperous. His survival depends on authentic populism in the proper sense of the term. It is his anti-Muslim communal depravity that pushes him, morally, into the genre of ugly populism. His choice of Yogi Adityanath as UP Chief Minister confirms this.

Modi has the psychological challenge of economic success in China hanging over him. China pulled 300 million people out of poverty in 30+ years and maintained double-digit growth rates for two decades. This is impossible for Modi to match, though he is likely to win a second term, but he must achieve a goodly fraction of this to consolidate his legacy. This priority and pledge, allow Modi to bend to the pressure of Indian big capital only within limits. These reasons make Modi a centrist sensitive to mass pressure. Demonetisation though a gamble was a political victory in the eyes of the masses; the moneyed and propertied classes abhorred it. My Indian and some of my Lankan friends misread these events because the demonetisation-populism nexus was too complex for them to grasp.

Trump is different. I don’t mean his idiosyncrasies, his psychological instability, his lies and the possibility that he may be impeached before the end of his term. En passant I need to mention that friends have cautioned that Trump still has a firm grip on the extremist, fed-up-with-the-establishment base, that propelled him to power and I have been warned that it is too early to write off a second term for Trump. Yes, but this does not alter the fact that he is a fake opportunist-populist and his scuttled healthcare bill and recently unveiled budget will hit the poor and throw money into the arms of the rich. His fictitious populism is a cloak for a capital friendly strategy; his is a different category of populism from Modi’s.

The font of Durante’s popularity is his killing machine. Surprisingly nearly all working class Philippinos have no qualms about eliminating 7000 drug pushers and users by vigilante squads egged on by the state. Durante has promised to go after corruption next. The drug culture in the Philippines is as deep as in Mexico and corruption is nearly as widespread as in Sri Lanka. (Big time crooks in Lanka need to thank the gods that Srisena and Ranil are so sloppy). Preoccupied with his adventures, Durante has no economic programme other than some infrastructure spending and tax cuts for the top end. The constitution entitles him to only one six-year term so he will depart leaving the economic landscape much as he found it. He is a Robbin Hood populist.

Le Penn is unlikely to win the presidency but some hypothetical remarks are in order. The mass base of NP movements in Europe lie in the traditional working class, marginalised by advancing technology, globalisation and the moral bankruptcy of capitalism which has thrown it on the garbage dump. The same is true in the US states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. But a Le Penn presidency will not turn in favour of capital or against masses welfare benefits as sharply as Trump has done. Why? The Republicans, big capital and a diehard rural lump does not influence the National Front in the way that backward America constitutes Trump’s base. Actually the French NF is an urban party with little rural support. The point is that Le Penn is neither as far right nor as looney as Trump. She will however match him and Modi in hatred of Muslims.

These four sketches are signposts as befits a short essay. Readers can reflect, elaborate and build a fuller picture.

Disappearing Left-Right confrontation

The rise of New-Populism has hollowed out the traditional left-right divide at home and abroad. Observe that JO+MR versus UNP+Liberals has replaced both the labour versus capital and the JVP+Left versus bourgeoisie storyline. Instead of left-right and socialism-capitalism skirmishes the next five years will see a shift of the principal debate to the following dialectics.

  • Balancing culture, ethnicity and race against openness, pluralism and cultural globalism
  • Balancing identity concerns and dread of immigrants with an internationalist mindset
  • Defining the role of the state in the economy while ensuring innovation and investment
  • Managing capitalist wealth creation to inhibit gross inequality of wealth and income
  • Rationalising nationalist anxieties so as to benefit from globalisation and technology
  • Devolving administrative power while retaining efficacy and effectiveness
  • Comprehending that modern social and class dynamics are encapsulated in these issues

New-Populism has thrown a challenge to established ways of thinking. Though crass, ugly and repugnant it may be in its Trump avatar, NP is a reflection of crisis in the real world. But NP is only the messenger of a deeper sickness; that is the (capitalist) world order itself. I put the C word in brackets to appease my liberal readers since the sentence can stand without it. My Marxist friends will say, approvingly or otherwise, that my bullet points are old wine in new bottles. Exactly! Only new bottles can capture the style of the times. The left finds it awkward to talk about the first two points; but it’s time to set aside embarrassment and take them on, head first. Alas the left in Lanka, JVP included, is lost; it is too mule headed to appreciate that unifying into a single party is the only way it can climb out of the pit of irrelevance it has sunk into.

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  • 3

    As usual with Prof. Kumar David, an analysis so brilliant that comment seems to be superfluous.

    However, some of us must give him the feedback necesaary for him to know that what he has written has been read and appreciated.

  • 3

    “The rise of New-Populism has hollowed out the traditional left-right divide at home and abroad. Observe that JO+MR versus UNP+Liberals has replaced both the labour versus capital and the JVP+Left versus bourgeoisie storyline.”

    What does Prof AKD want us to make of this?
    If ‘JO+MR versus UNP+Liberals’ has replaced class and ideology (??) based political divide, where does a Marxist stand?
    In this political Theatre of the Absurd, there is little to choose between the amorphous rival factions. If one goes deeper into it, one could fairly safely conclude that Vasu, VBK, the warring factions of the LSSP, the CP and (if JVP is ‘left’ then by induction) the family successors to the Father of Sri Lankan Trotskyism are all happily on the same side.

    There are, however, a few Trotskyite groups and Marxist-Leninists that will not join the Club, about whom Prof AKD will as always be dismissive.

    • 2


      “where does a Marxist stand?”

      Here the Marxists stand on their head and sit on their brain.

      Could you define a Marxist.

  • 1

    KD – Good effort to define a worrying trend of NP.

    Politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel – Samuel Johnson.

    The common factor of NP seems to be arouse the masses on nationalistic, racist, religous, class lines by uttering falsehoods, demonizing the other, playing the patriotic card etc. In these challenging times it is easy to play the blame game without having a clue as to how to solve the problems themselves. Common values of Unity, Peace, Coexistance, Justice, Freedom are thrown to the winds to gain the popular vote.

    The alternate capitalist system too has its problems but may be less toxic than NP.

  • 1

    President Rodrigo Duterte

    Another Rodrigo (my boss Mr. Edwin Rodrigo) is correcting my bad English and writing this letter for me. I am Silvestra, Mr. Edwin’s Filippina housekeeper.

    Please Professor David, the correct name is Rodrigo Duterte not Durante. I am only an uneducated housekeeper and perhaps you may get offended when I point out this mistake. It is only the name I want corrected.

    Mr. Rodrigo is my hero and that is why I am doing this. (I hope there is no confusion here. When I say “Mr. Rodrigo is my hero” I mean Rodrigo Duterte, not Edwin Rodrigo. Mr. Edwin is just my boss and that is it). Many in Philippines like President Duarte because he is honest, straight forward and does what he says. We hope he will clean up our country by eliminating all criminals connected with the drug trade.

    Mr. Edwin told me, he hopes that there will be a Duterte in Sri Lanka too, instead of the boneless chicken they have now.

    • 4

      Silvestra, so you love a honest murder as a leader of a country!?

      Funny how people see these honest criminals as strong leaders around the world these days!?

      It shows that the global human civilization has been infected by this irrational and unhealthy logic that seems to be popular these days!!

      Think the world is ready for another Hitler!?

      It is really interesting to know how people like you are attracted to these fascists, murders and criminals over well educated intelligent leader who have the ability to take the word in a direction of tolerance and an advanced human civilization that is inclusive instead of the hate fueling fascism that these authoritarian leaders like Rodrigo Duterte, Kim Jong Un, Robert Mugabe and our own Mahinda Rajapaksa subscribe to…

      We can see where this culture of protecting criminals is coming from and how people romanticize and fantasies of being a criminal leader themselves living vicariously through the kind of horrible leader I mentioned above.

      How did this culture of people being attracted to such dark and cruel personalities emerge in Sri Lanka and other parts of the modern world!?

      The lesser evolved mind is easy prey to these manipulative sinister leaders and buy into their fake propaganda and are blind to the damage they do to their countries by plundering the nation while keeping the voters hypnotized and distracted from their true sinister intentions..

      you are such a big fan of Rodrigo Duterte. Did you bother to ask the question why he is not using his navy to block drugs from entering his country in the first place instead of murdering small time dealers and pretending to eliminate the drug trade!?

      How many big time drug lords has he busted!?

      Looks like he is trying to take over his countries drug trade rather than eliminate it!!

      People are so gullible these days, and these fascists and criminals are taking them for a ride hahaha..

    • 1

      Yes we need a Duarte in Sri Lanka.I don’t mind taking that place. I will make the country secular, get rid of the Poya day, national dress will be trousers and sarees or the accepted modern dress. I will not allow foreign organizations to lend money on absurd ventures to stop people taking commissions. I will get private sector CEO types with honest track records to advise the cabinet.Severly punish all the past robbers. I will not allow any religious or separatist ethnic enclaves, any where in the island. I will force people not to live beyond their means.I will get the absurd judiciary to finish a court case within 2 or 3 appearance just like in UK.
      Get overseas organizations and people educate people to drive just like in UK with consideration to other road users. I am a practising Buddhists and I will cut the nonsense and exploitation of that great teaching by getting the British people come here and inculcate those values that they themselves practising without calling themselves Buddhists.
      I may do my best to covince the people to do away with worshiping idols and statues and give the relics a proper rest, that is now being cruelly exploited.
      Muslim people will have to come to the modern age and there will be severe restrictions on their recently acquired restricted inclusive culture. I will explain the reason for the above steps to the people and educate them not be stupid but smart. I will live by example.

      • 0

        Nimal, do you enjoy killing people like Rodrigo Duterte!?

        Lots of wannabe Hitlers around the world these days…

  • 0

    The writer who start telling that with “Stalinism is similar to Fascism” how is the Trotskyist of that right-wing writer misinterpreted the history of Soviet Union of USSR and World was one of few country suffer and lost millions of life and properties during War against Fascism in during second world war, it was Soviet Union and CPSU?

    Who led Soviet Union during Second World War against Germany and Italian and Japanese Fascism, it was by J V Stalin .

    That is beyond doubt of that no any leader only Comrade Stalin was General Sectary of CPSU at that time leader of Soviet Union.

    How can that Stalinism come similar to Fascism ?

    Fine logic of History !!! ,it an opposed writing reality of history by fact seek the truth of Marxist approach of history.

    The Trotskyism is theory of right-wing politics of Capitalism?

  • 0

    The Left and Reactive Power

    Dear Professor David, You are a part of the failed Left. All this talk about a New Populism (NP) is just a way of hiding the naked truth. The Left, Right and Center, all failed to meet the reasonable expectations of the people. By calling the people’s reaction to this grand failure, NP, you guys are just trying to make being popular,, a dirty thing.

    Earlier I remember you blaming it on Capitalism, the far right, racism and communalism and that kind of thing. The people were called reactionaries. Just like REACTIVE POWER, the devil of the Electrical Engineer, that you fail to understand even now, you know nothing abourt the Reactive Power of the People. REACTIVE POWER is just a formula for you. VI sin (Phi). Perhaps, it is a way of democratizing things in Electrical theory.

    When you say VI Cos (phi) is Active Power, which even a Baas Unnahe knows about, what are you going to do about VI sin (Phi))? All of the electrical acadamics think that is all you have to know abour Reactive Power – A mathematical trick to keep trig function sine from protesting against descrimination.

    The Root Cause of the Political Upheavels in Europe

    Unlike Reactive Power, which is just a ‘figment of imagination’ in the minds of academics, people’s reactions are very real. All these are due to the short sighted policies as well as the greed of the Western politicians. They admitted droves of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in to their countries. Tamils are master story tellers and they went to town with bogus and exaggerated horror stories in a highly organized manner. But the main reason why they were admitted was because of the graft paid to the Western politicians. Now these countries are paying for their follies. And they deserve all that and more. As the Sinhalese say, the best dances will come just before dusk. Let us wait and see.

    • 1

      In a recent thread Edwin talked about something called kinetic energy and potential energy. Here he talks reactive power. He talks sine function. We are impressed alright.

      Edwin also claimed that he will convert AK D to Buddhism in spite of AK D being of Tamil origin. By the way Edwin says he has three enemies – Tamils, Tamils, Tamils in that order.

      Evidently Buddha told Edwin to protect the Dhamma but not necessarily practice it.

      Edwin says that the western politicians accepted bribes and allowed Tamils in. Can he establish this? It has been established that the 1958, 1977, 1983 pogroms inflicted by the Edwin ilk created the exodus – his house keeper silvestra knows this.

      • 1

        Dont take them serious, I really dont think Edwin really meant when he named tamils as his enemies.
        He is a person who does not know what he has been talking about.
        Else, I dont think anyone of us would want to hate tamils if we are sane.
        Why should any srilanken hate other ethnic groups, if they know that we are all srilankens ? May be the middle east isolated life has turned him to be a sick person. Please wait what he would respond to this.. then we can see etiology of his illness.

        • 0

          Tamils – Enemies of Tamils

          How many times do I have to repeat this? I am not anyone’s enemy. But Tamils are enemies of the Sinhalese and Muslims. In fact one of the Varsity songs back in the 60’s has an ending line like this: “Sinhalayage Parama Hathura …..a certain {Hair Vehicle}. And it originated in the Colombo Science Faculty – the seat of science learning and hence reason.

          N.B.: I don’t want to name names but the {Hair Vehicle} is not nonsense. At the same time I do not want to say things against a Guru of mine – a very good one indeed. But even the good ones have their flaws.

          Coming back to my main topic, Tamils are, most of all, enemies of Tamils themselves. Therein lies the root cause of the problem.

          Unfortunately, they have this unhealthy trait of following whoever their leader happens to be, without asking any questions and jumping off a cliff to their deaths, Lemming like. Finally, to cure them we had to use Army Private Nimal Maharage to take their leader out, which he did in style, shooting the S…B like a Suidae in Nanthikadal. No pain. Those squeals were due to fear not pain. And little blood. In fact, so little of the red stuff that you may even call it a bloodless kill.

          It was a kill carried out without any malice and full of Metta. Nimal was a good Buddhist like me. We are sloshing with Metta (Milk of human kindness) and do not hate even our enemies. I am sure Nimal would have chanted ‘May all beings be content and well’ before pulling the trigger. And as he wished, even the Tamils are ‘content and well’ (mostly in Western countries) after their God was taken out. And Pvt Nimal and me want to keep things that way.

          You also say. “May be the Middle East isolated life has turned him to be a sick person”. Amusing, Burampi, very amusing. How little you know about the Middle East! Ehi Passiko, (එව බලව, Come and See). We promise not to shoot you like a Suidae.

          • 3

            You cant be a product of an Univeristy. Definitely not, or your long stay in an open prison which is in SAUDI or where you are – may have twisted your brain cells. In an era we make every efforts people to forget the hatreds between any folks, but you guys cook them even more up why ? What advantages you get if you would stay talking about the depths of hatreds of some extremists sinhalayas against their own minotarian folks?
            Even if you yourself have uttered to have eaten local foods on and on, you seem to have learnt nothing towards reconcilition.
            May be I know very little about ME coutries, but I do know how undemocratic they would be, if you would even pay a glance at their women, surely, you would have to leave the country without your genitals.

            Besides, I dont think the information I have got about those uneducated BUT OIL heads from ME are much less, since I spend at least few hours each times flying via Dubai, Dohar or the like airports. To be honest, I get hurt easily the way they treat foreigners. Dohar is no better to our pettah mannig market culture.

            Edwin, god s sake please control your mouthpiece, instead, you please try to pass the view nicely so that future generation would not rotten with any kind of dislikes against fellow minority folks. See you as a lanken employee working for ME country, you belong to the minority and then what kind of feeling you would have, if they would treat you as miniority.. taking away your rights ?
            We have a problem in the country Mr, our and their extremists worsen the situation.
            They even abuse buddhist clergy to be in good books, but what filths prove how really they are genuine with thier kind of politics. Dont let idiots a chance Edwin..

            I may come and say hello to you in SAE or where you are caged there. So that I can finally get to know who this marvellous man from Mathugama – promotes old mantra against tamils.

          • 2

            If your irresponsible mouth piece looses the control, as many times as you can. See, our extremists, sow their germs as no times before just aiming at their power greedy agendas. Why should you or me or any right thinkers, assuming you may be a sane person to fertilize them.
            BIA will be reopening tomorrow, but not a single sort of big talks we heard from the current men, about their boastings on this projects. It is believed over 15mio of passengers would be allowed/year once terminal 2 is done, sounds really appalusing.
            The current situation back in home country, Edwin, is far better than had been under one of the worst leaders- it was Meeharaka Rajaakshe. But current Duo are no busy with their achievements.
            In a 22-Mio of population, with every second would more into corruption and abuses, not knowing the least about what it means to be peaceful in all ways, which leader would be a fit ? Even if Monsanto the GMO experts would do th ejob, they will definitely fail in producing sl country specific leaders. Deviousness, jealousy, backstabbing, hatred are overflowing in the 40-member gang -selfproclaimed as JOINT OPPOTIION.

            Now with Thadjudeen case becoming the key factor Rajaakshe family to face the high crime charges not forgetting all the other crimes come next, they are in a trap today.
            But the very same man to repeat of toppling the govt, as if he was the best, is beyond all jokes Mr. I am a free man, but I too have my pains, when thinking about our motherland – whose existence is made to a threat by a bunch of thugs and so long there are free, nothing tangible can be changed in this country. Being unbiased why cant we share our thoughts and minds Mr, we can just focus only on, future peace than the hatreds we had one another in the past. Alone the story of burgher community and their move out of the country can be the example one, to show how racial our generations have been.. keeping that in mind, how can we say, tamils are against tamils…

            • 0


              Punchi Burampi, you say that, “You cant be a product of an Univeristy”. That is about the only thing that you got right in your 717 word post. I am not a product of any University. Actually, I was selected but I turned it down at the Viva saying, “I really cannot join a University which will stoop low enough to accept me as a student”.

              Word Limit

              Do you know why CT has limited the number of words in a post to 300? So that people would keep things brief. The main article has around 1500 words. Your two posts have a total of 717 words (i.e.) around 50% that of the main article. Looks like even CT has been generous to you by allowing 117 words more than the limit.

              And the rest of your post is disgusting verbal diarrhea. When you see loose stools you leave it alone and do not want to examine what that s..t is all that about.

              You want me to control my mouth. I think you are acting like a dog in the manger. CT has well qualified and unbiased staff to do that. so forget about that, OK?

              But what makes your post so unreadable is the horrible English (Is it English or Yiddish?). If that is the level of English you can manage, one would expect you to keep it brief and not show your ignorance like a huge sign board. Your name is Punchi Burampi but your ignorance is not ‘Punchi’. Change your name to Maha Burampi.

          • 0

            “It was a kill carried out without any malice and full of Metta. Nimal was a good Buddhist like me. We are sloshing with Metta (Milk of human kindness) and do not hate even our enemies. I am sure Nimal would have chanted ‘May all beings be content and well’ before pulling the trigger. And as he wished, even the Tamils are ‘content and well’ (mostly in Western countries) after their God was taken out. And Pvt Nimal and me want to keep things that way.”

            What do you think the manner our men, massacred just civil tamils in Pettah and other suburbs in 1983 -just no second to the style ruwandian Tutsi did it ?

            What do you think about JVPers that beheaded anyone stood against them in 89-insurgency, – my batchmates were among them,some of them were only sons to those parents… fate of the victimized families with their fathers turning to mad not being able to see what happened their own sons just started at Pera, Ruhuna, Colombo, Jayawardhanapura or any of other Unis ? all these tremoured lanke soil, even today, sure, we never knew was it state or JVPrs but there had been provable evidence, that Premadasa state mastered at least partly – to that time, Gotabaya, was in the army, and he had taken lead – was read in reports….. that was the reason the multi killing head to leave the country for USA. And spent 1.5 years as a normal refugee. He was reported to have nothing to eat, had worked as any odd jobber. How on earth, lanken media succeeded to name him as a the lanken moral for the future… this man Gotabaya had already forgotten almost every thing during 15 years of exile. But a country … with idiotic media men, and the power of brother made him eternal hero of the nation…. hegemonic tactics …

            Do you have any good explanations to clean them the perpetrators ?

            • 0

              Samuel Jayaweera, my foot! This is Maha Burampi again. Only Maha burampi can write in Yiddish like that. Get lost!

  • 0

    President Duaterte – Why he is My Hero

    Mr, Nimal, Sir, I am so happy that you commented on my comment. I thought no one would even read it. It is such an honour that a well educated gentleman like you reacted to my comment. Again I have to depend on Mr. Edwin to reply. The ideas are mine.

    Sir, I am 45 and I got married at the age of 18 and by the time I was 23 I had two children, a boy and girl. Then one day my husband did not turn up after work and later I found out that he had left me and was living with a very young and beautiful girl. He never came back, just to see the children even and I was left with two children and my parents to support.

    That is how I came here to the Middle East and started to work as a housekeeper for Mr. Edwin. Thanks to him and some other home owners I get a monthly steady income of about 500 dollars. I have a boy friend here who also helps me out and I live with him.

    Now my girl is in college and the boy has become a drug addict. He extorts a good part of the money that I remit and spends that on drugs.

    This is the story of many Filipinas who go abroad for employment. Husband leaves. No support for family. Mother goes abroad for work. Children turn drug addicts etc.

    That is why I am happy that President Duaterte is doing something about drugs. Sir, You ask me too many questions but I don’t know the answers. I am just a poor, uneducated Filipina. I am sorry Sir. The only thing I can tell you is that the body of the well known drug trafficker in our town was found floating in the river, shot and
    killed. My parents tell me that there is a lot less drug in our town now. I am happy that at least my girl will probably not be a victim of drugs.

    I wanted revenge and President Duaterte gave me that. Please forgive me for saying that, Sir.

    • 1

      silvestra: “……. I wanted revenge and President Duaterte gave me that.. “

      Tell Edwin that the President of Philippines is Rodrigo Duterte (not Duaterte) He is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Filipinos refer to their President as Pangulo or Presidente.

      • 0

        Thank you for your kindness Sir. Others like you try to help But Mr. Edwin NO. Not care. I found Mr. Edwin make mistake and I fight with him cry and again fight.

        Sir I work like slave to keep his Villa nice and tidy. But see what he done.

        Please read my post below. You will understand Sir.

  • 0

    NP, KE, PE & Trig Functions

    Pillai, “Edwin also claimed that he will convert AK D to Buddhism in spite of AK D being of Tamil origin”. I thought he was good raw material, because his ancestors probably did not swim across the Palk Strait. But this talk about NP is disgusting, to say the least. With that he has lowered himself to the level of those who throw technical terms such as kinetic energy, potential energy, reactive power and trig functions, just for effect, without understanding what in hell they are.

    The good Doctor has become like those Medical Doctors who assign high sounding Latin/English names for well known simple diseases so that they may mesmerize the poor patients with bullshit and rob some money fro him. A good example is “Scrotal Eczema”, which simply means the scratching feeling you get in your teticles. The colloquial Sinhala term is even worse. “Scrotal Eczema” and its respectable Sinhala equivalent (Vrushana Kosha Keseema) makes it so respectable that you may say it (but not do it) in any audience.

    “By the way Edwin says he has three enemies – Tamils, Tamils, Tamils in that order” . A small correction. Edwin has 3 enemies: (1) Tamils who have swum across the Palk Strait, (2) Tamils who have come across as invaders (3) Tamils who have run away as refugees.

    “Evidently Buddha told Edwin to protect the Dhamma but not necessarily practice it” . Don’t be silly Buddha is in Nirvana, while I am here still swimming across the ocean of Samsara. And being a good swimmer, you know how difficult it is to swim such long distances. “Protect the Dhamma”, that is what is written in Mahavamsa, and the good book does not lie.

    “Edwin says that the Western politicians accepted bribes and allowed Tamils in. Can he establish this”? Yes I can. But it is classified. I don’t want to become a Julian Lassange and be bumped off by the Western leaders and the Tamil International Something (or the Other).

    “It has been established that the 1958, 1977, 1983 pogroms inflicted by the Edwin ilk created the exodus” Established by who? The Tamil the Tamil International Something (or the Other)? Ha! Ha! Give us statistics, how many killed, how many injured, how many saved by the Sinhalese, who were the culprits. Oh, yeah by the way, Sinhalese and Tamil numbers separately, OK?

    “His house keeper Silvestra knows this”. There you got me. She knows too much about me.

    • 0

      Now only It is becoming more clear as to why this very special creature Edwin Rodrigo behaves as if the good sexagenarian is refreshing his lost teenage. – he is suffering from “Scrotal Eczema”, which simply means the scratching feeling you get in your teticles. The colloquial Sinhala term is even worse. “Scrotal Eczema” and its respectable Sinhala equivalent (Vrushana Kosha Keseema)

      This kind of texts being repeated by the man calling them as ” being written using Queen’s language”.

  • 0

    Sorry to disturb Sir, this Silvestra again. Me upset and not know what to do. You remember I write because mistake in name of our Prseidante Rodrigo Duterte. Professor call him Durante. Me not complain about that sir. It simple mistake. Me not mind.

    Now Mr. Edwin not write name correct in my second comment. He write Duaterte. Where you got extra a? I ask him. He got angry and say Duaterte Duterte who cares? I said. I care. That why I ask your help to write. And you make very big mistake. I told I feel like fool. Everyone laughing. Him say you are a fool anyway. I start crying. I said. may be I fool. That why I work for you.

    I told him how you feel if I tell your President name Narisise? Or that handsome man Naril? Mr. Edwin he start laughing! I not can understand. Him get angry and then laugh when I want him more angry? He said. go ahead. You call them Narisise and Naril. Better names. Mr. Edwin always impolite and no respect like that.

    My boy friend a great fan of our President. All Philippinos here same same. He gave me these about our President. Presidente say:

    1- For the record, I believe in God, but I do not believe in religion, period.

    2- I will retire with the reputation of Idi Amin.

    3- I will flight for the people until my last breath.

    May be Mr. edwin fire me when he see this. Not matter. This not first time. Only I can work with him. He will take me back. no option.

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    The great majority of the inhabitant population are poor rural Sinhala Buddhist and Catholics.

    They wouldn’t have a clue about these isms which these Professors are bandying.

    The only know that they are totally rooted after Dr Batalanda Ranil and Bodhipala took charge.

    Interest rates are up, Rice is gone up.Inflation is up, No FDI.No Volks Wagons,No Pirelli.

    But they know Aloysious bought Mendis Special courtesy of their working mums , dads, sons and daughters EPF.

    Plus Uncle Mahendran and the family assets have grown by several Billion in Yahapaana LKR.

    To top it all the government land is being distributed freely to not only ex Tiger supporters but also to Batalanda’s mates to build bogus factories in Horana and Kurunegala or is it Kegalle.

    And the two most important Ports have been handed over to China and India.

    And Dr Batalanda Ranil is desperate to bring the jobless Indians to replace our Dalits who are lucky to have a job.

    Whether Marie Le Pen takes the Frog eaters out to join the Pommies is no concern to them.

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    Post cold war period analysed by number of thinkers. Francis Fukuyama was of the view that after the collapse of socialism liberal democratic system triumphed. To him end of history had arrived in the form of triumphant liberal democracy. He was careful to note that the victory of liberalism has occurred primarily in the realm of ideas or consciousness and is as yet incomplete in the real or material world.Globalization replaced the cold war.Now two main countries in western world are fighting against globalization in the form of Trump victory and Brexit. Globalization according to Thomus Friedman is integration of capital,technology and information across national borders.He expected a powerful backlash against globalization from those who were brutalized by it. ..
    but for our amazement the backlash came from USA and UK ?

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