18 May, 2024


Does One Violate Buddha’s Teaching By Worshiping Objects?

By Kapila Abhayawansa

Prof Kapila Abhayawansa

Prof Kapila Abhayawansa

I have read the article entitled “The President’s Faux Pas” written by Sharmini Serasinghe in Colombo Telegraph dated 27th January. Referring to President’s homage to Bo tree, she observes: “, it is with deep despair, that I as a Buddhist noted, you President Maitripala Sirisena paying homage to a Bo tree, even though it is venerated by a majority of the Buddhist populace of this country. Furthermore, by paying homage to a Bo tree, you Mr. President are also openly violating the teachings of the Buddha, who denounced the worship of objects!”.

In my opinion, the President is not the one who violated the teachings of the Buddha by paying homage to Bo tree but Sharmini Serasinghe by saying that the Buddha denounced the worship of objects.

As the above mentioned statement of Sharmini leads to misinterpretation of the teachings of the Buddha I would like to make the following remarks:

In fact, the Buddha never denounced the worship of sacred objects as a mark of respect. What the Buddha denounced was the homage of object as a path to liberation. It is explicitly pointed out by the Buddha in the verses 188 to 192 of the Dhammapada.

Maithri Sri Maha bodhi 1I think that Sarmini is well aware of the fact that the Buddha had taught seven factors of progress (satta-aparihāniyadhamma) to the Vajjin kings and the later followed them for sake of the progress of their country. And the Buddha informed Ven Ananda that as long as Vajjins follow those seven factors there would not be downfall except progress in their country. Among the seven factors one was that they (Vajjin) honoured esteemed, revered, and supported the Vajjin shrines whether in town or country, and did not allow them to fall into disuse. It is worthwhile to mention here that those teachings were directed by the Buddha to be followed by the rulers of countries. The term ‘shrines’ (cetiyāni) mentioned there means nothing other than what are the objects for veneration.

In the Pattakamma-sutta preached to Anātha-pindika, the Buddha had advocated that a noble disciple makes the fivefold offering with wealth gotten by work and zeal, gathered by the strength of arm, earned by the sweat of the brow, justly obtained in a lawful way. Amongst fivefold offering, two are enumerated as offering to the departed (pubba-peta bali) and offering to devas (devatā bali). Both those departed ones and Devās are also come under the category of objects for veneration. It should be emphasized here that those offerings are made by the noble disciples (ariya-sāvaka), according to the Buddha.

We have to accept that the Buddha did not want to oppose the ritualistic aspect of the secular life of people so far as it does not violate the spiritual aspect. The Buddha was well aware that the lay people cannot fully engage in spiritual path as they have their own household activities pertaining to personal and social wellbeing. Once, the Buddha has nicely delineated the difference between the lay Buddhist and the monastic member comparing their speed in the path of purification to that of a peacock and a swan in their flying in the sky.

Another accusation raised by Sharmini against the president is that the president publicly paid homage to Bo tree. According to her, public religious performance by a leader of a multi religious nation is a rubbing salt into raw wounds of the minorities. I don’t find any reason there for anyone to get hurt, if it is done in a simple way without destroying public funds, and also with the intention of exalting one’s own religion. This type of activities cannot be interpreted as disrespect to religions of others. I don’t think that any Buddhist felt the slightest hurt when the President publicly welcomed and respected the Pope on his arrival to Sri Lanka. In this respect what is not to be done is exalting one’s own religion while disparaging others’ religions. Honestly displaying one’s own religious activities is never meant for contempt of others’ religion. On the other hand, one who does not respect one’s own religion does not respect others’ religion too.

In this respect, it is better to remember that the Emperor Asoka who taught to his subjects to practice respect to all others’ religions, immensely supported Buddhism by way of helping to conduct a Buddhist council, building Buddhist monasteries and even dispatching Buddhist missionaries in order to propagate Buddhism in other countries. But, no one accuse him of religious favoritism.

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    The Buddha appears never to have permitted his body to be divided into many pieces after death, yet this was done, and these pieces called “relics” were distributed far and wide and became objects of veneration.


    Those who venerated the ‘relics’ also began presumably, to venerate objects associated with him when he was alive.
    This may have been the cause of the practice of veneration of the Bodhi Tree.

  • 7

    I wish that we venerate not only Bo trees but all trees. Trees are an essential and life giving part of the environment that convert CO2 produced by animals back to Oxygen. If everyone, starting with children venerate trees then the massive destruction in the Amazon would not happen and on a smaller scale there wold be no illicit tree felling in Sri Lanka.

    One may ask, how are we then going to have furniture etc. A recent BBC program dealt with how low quality wood and discarded wood such as the timber used in shuttering can be reused by an advanced form of 3D printing. Wood consists of mainly cellulose and research is being carried out how such waste wood can be used to produce high quality wood using the 3D printing technique and they have shown very promising results.

    Perhaps our ancestors who worshiped the trees were not as stupid as we thought.

    • 10

      Your ancestors and even present day city sliks all take shade when it rains under a tree when the shower hits hard, the birds sing and flowers bloom but you need to have a big heart to join that club.
      There is no Jammon Jammon because you got learn how to preserve that too as it carries price which is mouth watering.Steama rooms and clean place not for baldies we spray them with vinigar so the maggots stay away till ancient times.

      i have not seen the bbc but use timer metals etc.
      its known as engineering timber. the chinese sell it for a song because they have been landscaping for at least 1/2 centenary- chinese themselves say cheap things no good.
      The swedes make the best for the european market and fins too.- 5 times the price like a volvo all sealed and withstands the temps, water etc.

  • 4

    I read the article with great regret how a person is being misled, Muslims do not worship any object, however some Muslim politicians to gain political mileage, upon President Maithripala’s win they took him to the Dewatagaha Mosque in Colombo 7 and made him worship a shrine. This is totally un-Islamic, when it is prohibited in Islam even to worship the Prophet, these Muslim politicians use these shirines to mislead non-Muslims as a form of blessings for their success, Mr. President these shrines and objects cannot harm you or do good to you, as long as your intentions are clear that’s all that matters.

  • 5

    There appears to be some people who does not know Buddhism, and what Supreme Buddha said.

    So they make statements at different times to show their voice, (according to what Supreme Buddha said they are attempting to show their importance, their voice with egotism which Supreme Buddha declared as a form of greed.)
    The three basic unwholesome roots are greed ill will and delusion.

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    Worshiping objects as god is one thing using gods as object is another.
    Smiling Buddha face is most commonly used as an object. I was in Venice and visited the lace island Burano, to my surprise I found a Buddha Bar there, drinks and food served under the watchful eye of the large peaceful smiling face of

    After Buddha I would say dancing shiva , statue of Natarajan, is commonly used as object of good luck and then Lord Ganesha.

    In the Islam religion Allah is worshiped as a physical object, inside the Mosques aid in malty space. Allah is not used as physical object.

    Taking the Christian religion I don’t think the statue of Jesus Christ or the cross is used as an object in restaurants or work place etc. for some reason or other. May be because Jesus was crucified and associated with
    death and blood?

  • 9

    In the Islam religion Allah is ..not..worshiped as a physical object…

  • 13

    Yes, Mr.Kapila Abe, have you overlooked the widely prayed-upon tricalcium-silicate edifices you gave been praying for the last 2 millennia.

  • 10

    Dear Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa,
    I think you have not read some of the sermons of the Buddha. Please read Gautama Buddha’s following sermons and then attempt to counter Ms Sharmini Serasinghe: SAMANNAPHALA SUTRA; BRAHMAJALA SUTRA; TEVIJJA SUTRA AND KALAMA SUTRA ADMIRED BY THE CEYLON RATIONALISTS’ ASSN FROM THE INCEPTION AND MILLIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD. You will be surprised that most of her ideas came from that literature, which is not known TO or which is ignored by Buddhist priests and lay persons like you who profess Sri Lankan ,Sinhala Buddhism.WHAT YOU SAY IS NOT WHAT THE BUDDHA PREACHED. In Rev. Walpola Rahula’s monumental work WHAT THE BUDDHA TAUGHT look whether there is a single reference to so called ABHIDHAMMA. Buddhist priests bring Abhidhamma, puts its mystical/vedic/Hindu concepts and try to be great preachers.

  • 2

    Dear Prof.Abhayawansa,

    “This is the thin end of the wedge, this is indeed the start of a very very slippery slop of culture, nation, religion bashing” The Ashta Loka Dharma rolls on. For the Sinhala Buddhists, split up in so many ways, this is the beginning of the end for them. The dark forces of Rome, Chennai, Toronto and Washington reign supreme. They are using the paws of cats like Maithreepala Sirisena to fry kos ata. They have invested heavily in the toppling of the previous regime. YES it was corrupt, but was never going to let the masses down. I think we as a country DESERVE what we are going to get.

    Never mind Sarmini Serasingham, just wait till that champion Sinhala Buddhist basher Tisaranee Gunasekaram starts. This is only a foretaste of things to come. I am afraid that we have just lost the gurantee of peace that we have had after defeating the terrorists. The devil Kali Amma has now awakened. There are very very dark dangerous thunderclouds over the resplendent land, the Lanka Dveepa.

    • 17

      Sura Indra,

      for bigots like you, there always will be “…. very very dark dangerous thunderclouds over the resplendent land…”

      • 2

        Man…(or possibly woman) do you even know the meaning of the word BIGOT. Take a dictionary and read. assuming that you are literate !

        • 14

          Sure Sura Indra, it describes people like you :-)

          • 1

            So I was absolutely right !
            You do not even seem to know the meaning of the word DICK-TIONARY.
            Perhaps you are shy ! because this word describes YOU?

            Never mind CONFUSED, however much we criticise each other we still have to share this one world !

            God Bless !

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          Sura Indra ,

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          Tainted Spot?? Not so, Boston Bigot!

          B.I.G.O.T.- Buffalo Inbreads Gun Obviously Tattooed.

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          Goo`ta Percy Passa familial TTOAST – Take Them Out and Shoot Them.

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          SHUT UP AND “DIE”!

    • 11

      “”Never mind Sarmini Serasingham, just wait till that champion Sinhala Buddhist basher Tisaranee Gunasekaram starts.””The devil Kali Amma has now awakened. There are very very dark dangerous thunderclouds over the resplendent land, the Lanka Dveepa.””  

      There is no God/Dog, Devil in this universe. ~゜・_・゜~ ~゜・_・゜~ 
      Vasskavi, Rats live on no evil star.(@_@)

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      A wishing Star ….stars in the sky if they echo….

      Your father Hinduism and you like the Hun Chinese `Weretiger`,
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      Cold Blooded Skin Head-
      Aryan Skin Peeling…..Chokeyd the f*ing priest is guilty with Basil.
      Hindia gracefully changed the law –
      –Dharma (Sanskrit:: धर्म dharma,”way of righteousness.”)

      Lord Krishna will Vanquish Kaliya and let the children play beneath the bamboo trees and beside the lake the flowers grow Anthurium its our song!!!

      Skin head freak of civilisation celibacy, pedophile,robber,…….
      ….hit man, rob the knob, atta pirikanna- puta madre cabeza.

      Fall leaves after leaves fall….ಠ_ಠ.| ಠ_ಠ.

      • 0

        Hi Javi,


        Just look at the illegible rubbish you have written !
        Please keep on taking the medicine to keep you sane.

        god bless you !
        Om Shanthi Om !!

        • 1

          [Edited out]

        • 5

          Stinker you enjoying your cocaine coated tablet from your duminds

  • 11

    Dear Prof.Kapila Abhayawansa,
    As a person who was born in S.L. I always felt disappointed that majority of individuals like you champion the popular Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhism without knowing what the Gautama Buddha taught. As a student of Buddhism I want to give you food for thought and ask you to kindly tell the public with equal publicity whether you agree more with Sharmini Serasinghe after reading what I say and what criticism you would level at my suggestions below: 1. Why does not the late Ven. Rahula have even the word Abhidhamma (Mystical Buddhism) in his monumental work, What the Buddha Taught (Budun vadala Dharmaya)?

  • 10

    This is a continuation please.
    ii. Do you know that true disciples of Gautama are and were Rationalists? Please read the whole of Kalama Sutra with its 10 points ( not the sermons of Sri Lankan Buddhist priests who preach only a part of that Sutra) which gives you freedom to think. Do not let your cultural forces frighten you. Use only your 5 senses and the 6th in Buddhism i.e.your MIND when making decisions. Be agnostic like the Buddha and accept only the things that makes reason the ultimate authority in the decision. Why did the Rationalists’ Assn of Ceylon always have the advice to Kalama Sutra printed in the journal, sometimes with a photo of the Buddha? There were born Christians, Muslims and Hindus as members of the Assn.

  • 10

    iii. Continued Please:
    I have studied Karma ,re-birth, Jataka Stories and statue /object worship. Some of these I discussed with Ven. Walpola Rahula, Ven.Kotagama Vachissara,Dr Adikaram , writer Lanerolle who owned a book-shop in Bambalapitiya and many others as a student of Ananda College and also with many members of the Ceylon Rationalists’ Association.
    * Some of my conclusions: Jataka Stories never existed during Buddha’s time – some of which were Indian Folk tales- were introduced to Buddhist Literature about 6 to 700 years after Parinirvana.e.g. Mahaushadha Jatakaya…like learned King Solomons’ story re Harlot and the mother and the child in the old Testament.Read research of British and Indian Anthropologists. The purpose was to “PROVE RE-BIRTH.”

  • 9

    iv. Continued Please:
    Buddhists, originally, never worshiped objects. The Buddha statue was introduced by the Greeks of Gandhara after Alexander’s invasion in or about 100B.C. or 100 A.D. may be during Iranian Buddhist King Kanishka. Before that there is archaeological evidence to show that they venerated symbolically, an empty chair, a lotus flower, siripathula, foot-prints or the image of a Ficus Religiosa- a Bo-tree. Later Buddhists became big time idol worshippers that the Arabic word “butparast” became a synonym to the doers. v. Honestly examine Vedic/Hindu influence on Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy and see what remains when those are eliminated. vi. Request any Buddhist Priest to recite a single contemporary sermon ever recorded or extant where HE has preached on Karma and Re-Birth. IF BUDDHA EVER PREACHED ON RE_BIRTH ,IT HAS TO BE RE-BIRTH OF TANHA AND NOT RE-INCARNATION.

    • 5

      Your study is very Genghis Khan Turk concept of what buddhism should be.
      Before Alexander the Great came there were greek chieftans in east punjab.

      Why do you fear Chandra Gupta Mauyra the great like the pedophile naked fakir??

      Alexander the Great came via Khyber Pass Hindu Kush 326 BCE. and when he saw the army of the Great One he left a FART bigger than Bonapart- go read but you wont because… who is Gautama who created mother etc crops in …. 500 years later first books arrive why so when he was warrior class (Gautama Buddha was born into a kshatriya family.)
      I put it to you it was a rag doll to keep the other caste occupied because hinduism and sanskrit were never taught outside the caste. The ruling class language was Rajas lost for ever.
      The Chinese came into Gautam because Dao was same time and today the CPC is promoting Tao/Doe detailing in most of its doings-

      PhD Pakistan healing dance.
      BA bulls arse.
      MA more arse.
      Dont fear your shadow just go to india china and talk to the nationalist weho have their say than sudhu pukka alone.

  • 10

    Contd. iv Please:

    Compare the Vedic/Hindu concepts of Nirvana, Samsara, Karma & Re-Birth with those of Buddhism. The Pancha Sila of Indonesia are not the same as Panchaseela of Buddhism. For his period Buddha was a rational reactionary as the contents of the above Sutras show us.e.g. HE rejected all forms of Superstitions, Bodhi Puja( Samannaphala S.), Astrology and even the existence of Mahabrahma “GOD ALMIGHTY( Tevijja S.)” How can there be 33 Kotis of small Gods , 4 Deities “guarding Sri Lanka”, Gods Kataragama etc then?These show how a rational mind could work. Who can prove or disprove any of those like Re- incarnation and existence of God/Gods? All these are things that must go to “WE DON’T KNOW” category.That is why Buddha advised Manankuputta not to worry about from where we came and where we go after death -“META PHYSICAL ASPECTS”- and using the ex of the arrow he explained that there is “DUKKHA” in this world and to work towards eradicating that.

  • 10

    Dear Professor ,
    Please let us have a reply with equal publicity and is there room for you to agree with at least some of the major ideas of Ms Serasinghe.
    What do you think about my food for thought please?

    We must agree that people must have the freedom of worship. Certain rituals keep us together. Every Society has rituals. When I studied Anthropology and the concept of Mana,I realized that carrying a MACE like a totem as a sign of authority appears to be a very primitive thing, but appears to be secular…reminds me of the time the cave dwellers may have carried clubs as weapons.But when certain rituals are performed they must be done as private deeds…not to be photographed for publicity.In a country which has S.L. Sinhala Buddhism others cannot help it. On lookers will obviously think that we are animistic primitive people where the Presidents worship trees and they with their Secretaries look at their watches for Astrologically auspicious times to sign Election Promulgations and then lose the elections. That is why the Sinhalese say “Wawulage Magulata gihama, udabali athata ellila inda avashyaya ( When one attends the bat’s wedding one has to hang and wait upside down.)Thanks.

    • 1

      Dear Mr. Amarekone Mudiyanse

      I would suggest that you re read what Ms. Sharmini had written.

      “No leader of a multi religious society, can afford the luxury of being seen practicing his religion, in the full glare of the public!

      The President of this country is a representative of all its people; Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Therefore, such a President cannot be seen favoring one faith, even though it is his own. If he must, then he ought to pay equal obeisance to other religions as well. After all, he is the leader of all of us, not just the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.”

      That is just the first two paragraphs that she wrote before launching on a tirade ostensibly in an attempt to make better Buddhists out of Buddhists.

      Now lets look at it critically.

      Have you seen the President elect of the USA taking Oaths before he assumes office as the President? I have seen it and so have millions of others all over the world as it is done in full view of the World.

      He raises his right hand and with his left hand touching the Bible he recites the Oath.

      Now in order to satisfy Sharmini’s Edict the US President should follow this up by repeatedly taking the Oath touching the Koran and representative religious symbols of all the other faiths that the US people believe in. Not forgetting to give pride of place to the Religions of the Original Americans, Bole-Maru Religion, Dream Dance, Drum Religion, Earth Lodge Religion, Feather Religion, host Dances, Indian Shaker Religion, Longhouse Religion, Mexicayotl, Peyote Religion, Waashat Religion etc and that list does not even scratch the surface of the Religions of the USA.

      Note As part of the US government’s suppression of traditional Indigenous religions, most ceremonial ways were banned for over 80 years by a series of US Federal laws that banned traditional sweat lodge and sun dance ceremonies, among others. This government persecution and prosecution continued until 1978 with the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA) wiki.

      In order not to give preference to any religion, the first religion he takes oaths in should be decided by a Raffle that will determine the order as well.

      In the UK where the Queen is the Head of State and the Head of the Church we will see the queen making a laughing stock of herself trying to meet the Criteria laid down by the Charming but Foolish Sharmini.

      If (he) she must, then (he) she ought to pay equal obeisance to other religions as well. After all, (he) she is the leader of all of us, not just the Christians (Buddhists) of (Sri Lanka) UK.

      the words within parenthesis are those that Sharmini used. I have replaced them with words appropriate for use used in a UK context.

      With all due respect to you Mr Amarekone Mudiyanse, Sharmini writes to the Gallery. It is something no intelligent person can defend as the Logic is akin to a Python trying to swallow its own tail.

      What she has written is neither intellectual nor adequately researched. It’s a piece of trash by a self opinionated woman who believes that her world view of Buddhism is the Right view.

      Kind Regards,

    • 11

      Amarekone Mudiyans

      “That is why the Sinhalese say “Wawulage Magulata gihama, udabali athata ellila inda avashyaya ( When one attends the bat’s wedding one has to hang and wait upside down.)Thanks.”

      Yes, the politicians attend a lot of bat weddings, and the bats have the vote.
      Mahinda Rajapaksa was hanging off branches, attending Sinhala Buddhist Bat Weddings.

      Mr. Mairipala Sirisena should have the freedom to attend the Sinhala Buddhist Bat weddings and hang upside as well.

      After all, that is the Sinhala Buddhist Bat Custom and Tradition, and paying homage to the tress they hang on to is the custom. After all, almost all the Sinhala Buddhist Bats do that.

  • 2

    Dear OTC off the CUFFS,

    Thanks for your attempt to criticize my attempt to deviate an ordinary Sri Lankan, Sinhala , Buddhist discussion to a historical fact based discussion. The shallow discussion by a reputed Professor in the person of Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa surprised me and that is why I responded.

    You ,the learned gentleman, nor the lady- Ms S.Serasinghe referred to anything Scholarly based on Archaeological research or a subject such as TEXTUAL HISTORICAL ANALYSIS. I was not defending her , but expected the learned Prof. to express a new view after reading the Sermons of the Buddha that I referred to which I knew she would have known via her esteemes teacher Rev. Piyadassi of Vajiraramaya..

    • 10

      ” Scholarly based on Archaeological research or a subject such as TEXTUAL HISTORICAL ANALYSIS “
      Without even touching on your text a prerequisite please.

      He was born of woman not on nectar and honey, the crow does the poop,
      the buggers eye the place and lo behold I lost my hard earned land isn’t it??

      Tell me archaeologically, where his `Mum Devi temple` ???(it’s not at Lumbini) is not the tree worshipers,
      my grandpas present to me as kid made of hibiscus & copper Gautama Abhaya Mudra both hands, the energy of No Fear- calm after a storm.
      Is it at Taxila??
      Are you aware of Archaeology and conquest of the Deccan plateau from Bihar Ranchi, Andhra, Maharashtra (the Deccan Plateau Amarawathi) Tri Murthi- Ajanta Ellora, Karatanaka, Tamil Nadu upto Pallava Mandapa period please???
      Lets find the biological mum- once you get to know the dynasties you know what is blood, what is bold and more importantly, what is this Sanskrit and Pali doing here. ITS ALL IN THE MUD. why don’t you get muddy after a swim;)

  • 2

    Dear OTC off the CUFFS,

    Thanks for your attempt to criticize my attempt to deviate an ordinary Sri Lankan, Sinhala , Buddhist discussion to a historical fact based discussion. The shallow discussion by a reputed Professor in the person of Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa surprised me and that is why I responded.

    You ,the learned gentleman, nor the lady- Ms S.Serasinghe referred to anything Scholarly based on Archaeological research or a subject such as TEXTUAL HISTORICAL ANALYSIS. I was not defending her , but expected the learned Prof. to express a new view after reading the Sermons of the Buddha that I referred to which I knew she would have known via her esteemes teacher Rev. Piyadassi of Vajiraramaya.

    • 6

      Percy Brown the archaeological, artifacts, detailed it better than 7 lamps of alladin bannister but there comes Any and we change our perspective how i see it.

      Have you moved with the ruling warrior dynasty of Bhosele to get a view from the knats and knots that radiate from vidharbra throughout that buddhist spectrum.
      Remember there are many with presidents awards for english literature there who know it dam better that any limey at sight 50% touch 75%. Brown in his own style calls the place hell on earth – 45-50 centigrade where the easy piecey peeling Sweet Oranges Satsumas like the orange turbans walk alone with knowledge and wisdom- had to detest sarcastically during the British Raj. Thats where you put your money on a winter session in progress but nice cool and cheerful 14 centi a warm feeling for discourse like the 9 Chinese men of Yore.
      These blokes don’t have any international papers but friendly officers who push the brink of VOC documentation to a hardly 10% like the dagger that vanished. Cochin did the same because of islamic mercenaries that prowled loose. Fortunately the presidency at Chennai has over 90% secure.As much as Thailand was never conquered by any foreign nation Japan pilfered her During WW2 and shot at Burma (there you go like hitlers Greece looking for Aryan broomsticks to fly might fly. Passa women let out to amsterdam tried to change the course of history like Valli over there but she go chained stayss dumb at 2500 donkeys years and got stitched to Singer Sewing Machine where she got nowhere in the little dutch islands of nutmeg in the western offshore banks. Reason being machine invented at England not much of a french romance like the English butlers hoover the vacuum cleaner (nice piece of briefcase but modified to bag-less Dyson). They skin heads have done much forgery on rocks but they missed the bus up north and not suprisingly the Greek Odessy and script of the real father of both the hindus and buddhist and jain alike Chandra Gupta Mayura english politics bought in Asoka of unknown mum pussy galore for another day- nothing comes free you see. Passa is same sam,e his DNA would say its muslim mercenarie like dr mathir. Lets shave him for 1 piece of hair and there you have his DNA
      Q.E.D. (@|@)

  • 3

    Part ii. of Amarekone Mudiyanse:

    Your reply to me Sir, had no depth, in relation to my discussion above. Therefore, I avoid going into that cheap talk. Just because Obama, Queen or our Hon President did something I am not going to defend or criticize those actions.

    My BAT example was totally misunderstood by you.What I wanted the reader to know was that when people like you, the learned professor and some politicians do certain things disregarding some stands taken by Lord Buddha, we who liked to follow HIM silently had to just watch and wait in the BAT WEDDING OF SRI LANKAN SINHALA BUDDHISTS, HELPLESSLY, AS THE SO CALLED THE BATS THINK THAT THEY ARE THE TRUE BUDDHISTS PREACHING TRUE SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA’S BUDDHISM.

  • 2

    Amarakone M. Part iii.

    I can say at once that you Sir is no Academician. Prof. Abhayawansa is an Academician with a good reputation…of course in the midst of credulous devotees who say SAADU… SAADU and SAADU after sermons. I expected him to reply me. May be you started the discussion to defend him. Sir he has to stand on his own. Reciting Pali or Sanskrit Gathas to score a point will not help in real learned world.

    If the concept of re-birth comes for discussion and like Rev. Piyadassi,learned Ms S.S. tries to prove re-birth , she will be in trouble; Rev Piyadassi created the “Bulb And the Current” theory for that. 700years after Buddha’s death B’st priests were compelled to write fables and parables of Jataka Potha to prove Re-Birth. Prof Ian Stevenson who came to S.L. collaborated with Rev. Piyadassi to find examples to prove re-birth but failed. I had discussions on this wit Rev Piyadassi and Prof I.S. on that. Re-birth comes under PARAPSYCHOLOGY.In 1977 or so there were many Parapsychology Depts in Universities in America. Unfortunately, recruitments were an utter failure, and today there are no PARAPSYCHOLOGY branches in US schools.

  • 1

    Lord Buddha denounced worship of objects is a very important statement to differentiate the true Buddhism from the Buddhism what we practice in this country right now. Buddha’s advice in this regard is clearly mentioned in Dhammapadaya- Buddha wagge, verses 188-192.
    Worship of objects has been there in practice in all cultures since beginning of human civilisation. It is very important to look at why people worship objects or god. It may be a ritual or habit which has been in practice for long time in particular religion or cult, the person belongs since birth. Usually people follow this customs blindly without logical thinking or as a faith or mark of respect to their religion. However religious interpretation of worship of any kind of object or god is almost same, as it is to get rid of suffering in life (at least temporally) and to pray for healthy &wealthy life (For Buddhists, pray for Nibbhana at the end of healthy wealthy lives in samsara).
    Lord Buddha has totally denounced worshiping as it never help people to get rid any kind of suffering and also recognised as a useless exercise and waste of time which lead to the prolongation of samsara circle.
    Lord Buddha, with his supreme insight realised the main cause for suffering is the craving (Tanha) that people cultivate during life. If someone who wants to end suffering needs to get rid craving gradually and not by worshiping or praying. On the other hand worshipping may build up delusion ( Avijja) & Tanha (expecting wealthy lives) on individuals.
    The only path of ending suffering is the practical method of Noble eight fold path which Buddha has pronounced in his first Dhamma sermon (Dhammachakka sutra) and there is no place for worshiping in this path.
    Furthermore Buddha has stated suffering, cause of suffering (craving), cessation of suffering and path of cessation of suffering are all with in the fathom of human body and ability of controlling them with in ourselves. Then why people go behind external forces & objects for seeking refuge? This is purely because of ignorance, lack of right vision and mythological concepts.
    Although Worshiping trees, rocks, forests and mythical gods have been persisting since before Buddha’s era, they were suppressed to some extent during Buddha’s period with the clear explanation of his noble Dhamma.
    However, after SamBuddha Parinirwanaya concept of worship flourished again with a new appearance. They completely changed the objects of worship and also slightly changed the concept of worship. Buddha’s remains (bones & teeth particles), Bo-tree, statues were introduced as sacred objects for worship instead of old objects and also bring the concept that worshipping these sacred objects will help people to seek refuge from problems and also help to reach Nirvana.
    As a result of this, practical aspect of Buddha’s teaching has been undermined by more popular and simpler methods of worship in current Buddhism.
    Though Lord Buddha has visited three times to this country, Buddhism failed to establish until it was introduced by Mihidu thero under the guidance of Emperor Asoka.
    Why Buddhism was not established earlier and why it does later on? The simple explanation is that people were not intelligent enough to grasp the in depth truth of Buddha’s teaching but later on they accepted the more simpler current Buddhism with ‘worshiping sacred objects’.

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