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‘Dominatory Politics’ Vs. ‘The Politics Of Compassion’: Deliberations On 21st Century Politics 

By Dayan Jayatilleka 

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The book is titled ‘On Public Imagination’ and subtitled ‘A Political and Ethical Imperative’. It is edited by Victor Faessel, Richard Falk and Michael Curtin. It is a Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group publication out of New York and London. The introductory thematic essay is by Richard Falk and Victor Faessel and its title lets us straight into the problem that is sought to be tackled. “Public Imagination: The Challenge of 21st Century Populist and Authoritarian Politics”. 

The date of publication of the slim volume is 2020. It is classified as Politics/Current Affairs, while in the descriptive text on the back cover the publishers place it more specifically in the category ‘Political Thought’. In the sphere of Politics/Political Thought, it deals with the most important theme or problem of the current period in world history. 

I was lucky to get the volume in the mail in Moscow and have it collected from Customs the day before I left. I read it all the way through on the flight back to Colombo. It is co-edited by the man I most respect intellectually and am proud to call a friend, who was also the primary author of the volume’s Introduction, namely Prof Richard Falk.

Richard Falk is Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University. Victor Faessel is managing editor of The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies as well as the four-volume Encyclopedia of Global Studies. Michael Curtin is Distinguished Professor of Film and media studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

On the flyleaf the publishers had identified the book’s emphasis as dealing with problems of public imagination “in an era paradoxically marked by intensifying globalization and resurgent nationalism”. 

Typical of Falk, whose ethics and lucidity are welded together and wielded like a light-saber, the introductory essay gets right to the point. It hopes to “heighten sensitivity to the wider political and historical context of our time”, at “this critical juncture in human history”. Falk and Faessel sound the alarm that “this regressive trend visible throughout the world signals what may be an epoch-defining abandonment of post 1945 commitment to democratic forms of governance and advocacy of human rights.” 

Falk and Faessel pull no punches while describing the tectonic shift: “…the election of autocratic and demagogic leaders adhering to ultranationalist agendas…the rising populist backlash against globalization in many societies has been marked by resurgent right-wing nationalism and in many cases, authoritarianism…Rightwing populism and nativism warn us that more primitive, chauvinist forms of collective political imagination are asserting themselves over what now appears to be a vanishing veneer of tolerance and political civility…and [have] engendered toxic forms of polarization…” 

Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology at Drew Theological College recapitulates the main point of the Introduction in its identification of the problem: “…what Richard Falk and Victor Faessel call in the introduction to this anthology, the ‘regressive politics’ of rightwing populism and nativism, ‘intensified by disinformation, fake news and corporatized media’ ”.

This is by no means a purely Western progressive humanist or left-liberal perspective. Professor Emerita of Political Science at Delhi University, Neera Chandhoke opens her essay on ‘The making of an Indian Public Space’ endorsing and extending the diagnosis: “The important introductory chapter by Richard Falk and Victor Faessel in this volume lays out clearly and cogently the dangers that stalk our world today: rabid intolerance, fear of the stranger, and the closing down of minds. Across the world people seem to inhabit frighteningly blinkered worlds…Since the end of the twentieth century religious identities have made more strident demands and engaged in state-breaking and state-making endeavors.”

This is echoed by Luis Cabrera, Associate Professor at the School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University, who writes of “this era of populism and nativism, when battles for some of the most basic principles of rights and equality must seemingly be re-fought daily…” 

The main thesis of the volume is that neoliberalism, liberal democracy and the left lost– actually forfeited– their appeal to the public imagination, because of the failure, falsity or obsolescence of their “stories”, their narratives, their myths and legends, while the authoritarian rightwing nationalists succeeded in appealing to the public imagination. The challenge for progressives is to come up with the elements of a viable alternative appeal to the public imagination which can rival and displace the hold of authoritarian rightwing nationalism and nativism.  

The intellectual goal the editors set themselves is indeed ambitious. To rectify the present lack of “any sense of a feasible alternative that extends the social democratic ethos…into the future” and “…above all to liberate public imagination from largely nationalist frames of reference that have fueled the surge of ultranationalist populisms…” 

Does the volume work and how does it work? In the editorial reviews, Craig Calhoun, former Director of the LSE and currently Professor of Sociology at Arizona State University writes that “without imagination our public debates are inanimate and our politics mere power struggles. This book brings 30 exciting perspectives on how to renew public imagination”. Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology at Columbia and visiting Prof at the LSE says “this is a much-needed angle into the larger debate about the decay of liberal democracy”. Manfred Steger, Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawaii opines that “our 21st century world is in desperate need of collective action based on a pluralistic public imagination. This highly readable anthology presents the concise and innovative views of dozens of influential intellectuals on the critical role of an ethical imagination…” 

The volume is divided into five parts, covering ‘Imagination: Theory and Engagement’, ‘Imagining Communities and Rights’, ‘Ecological Imaginations’, ‘Rupture and Revolution’, and ‘Across the Border’. The contributors include two respected former Foreign Ministers, Celso Amorim (Brazil) Ahmet Davutoglu (Turkey), iconic futurist thinker Johan Galtung, top journalists and writer Victoria Brittain, famous civil society figure Chandra Muzaffer, and respected senior academics Fred Dallmayr, Stephen Gill, Marjorie Cohn, Mary Kaldor and Neera Chandhoke.   

The contributors as listed in alphabetical order in the volume are: Celso Amorim, Akeel Bilgrami, David Bollier, Chiara Bottici, Victoria Brittain, Luis Cabrera, Julie A. Carlson, Neera Chandhoke, Allen Chun, Kevin P. Clements, Marjorie Cohn, Drucilla Cornell, Michael Curtin, Fred Dallmayr, Ahmet Davutoglu, Victor Faessel, Richard Falk, Tom Farer, Johan Galtung, Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi, Stephen Gill, Anna Grear, Penny Green, Abdellah Hammoudi, Dayan Jayatilleka, Paul W. Khan, Mary Kaldor, Catherine Keller, Sara Lafia, Chandra Muzaffar, Stephen D Seely, Vandana Shiva, Kamal Sinclair and Elizabeth West. I was privileged to be invited to contribute.    

Mary Kaldor, the renowned writer and scholar of global militarization, identifies with enormous lucidity in her chapter, the responsibility of the left for the catastrophe that has befallen humanity with the triumph of the nationalist right. Her analysis is true of all countries, except, I would argue, for those such as Argentina and Mexico in which the left adopted a Left Populist strategy and program. “It was a failure of the left—the belief by representatives of the left that they needed to compromise with market fundamentalism in order to capture power—that created a gaping hole in the creative imagination. So it was that the new, claiming to be old, scions of the right were able to manipulate nostalgia for a time when our institutions seemed to work and to attribute blame for the breakdown of our institutions on the so-called newcomer, ‘the other’ who spoiled our golden past. In the 1930s, this kind of thinking led to the rise of fascism and culminated in a war…Currently the dominant narratives are polarized between a rightwing nationalist populism and global neoliberalism. The left is divided between the old nationalist left and those, like Clinton and Blair, who compromised with neoliberalism. What we need is a new global emancipatory narrative that is global, green, socially just, and realistic, another way of seeing the world…”    

Fred Dallmayr, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Notre Dame recalls at the conclusion of his contribution ‘Public Space: thinking at the Edge of the Cave’, that the antidote to the ultranationalist public imagination of our time has been Richard Falk’s long standing (2002) advocacy of the archetype and mentality of the “citizen pilgrim”. For his part, Celso Amorim, Brazil’s former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister under President Lula, counterposes the conceptual-cum-value cluster of “national sovereignty”, “human rights”, “democratic governance” and above all “solidarity”, against the “conservative nationalist ideologies of the kind represented by Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen.” 

Kevin Clements, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, NZ, argues for a ‘Politics of Compassion in an age of ruthless power’, pointing to the familiar reality of “a deliberate cultivation of existential fear and anxiety by opportunistic leaders and their media allies. This has been used to justify the expansion of dominatory and authoritarian politics.” The new category he mints— ‘dominatory politics—may be profitably deployed to understand the unilateral redesign of the politico-Constitutional and social (ethnic, religious, linguistic and gender) relations that is being attempted by right-wing nationalist authoritarianism the world over. In his definition “dominatory politics/processes refer to all those exchanges that result in the intentional or unintentional subordination of others and the development of persistent hierarchies based on age, race, gender or class.” 

Clements posits instead a Politics of Compassion comprising “genuine paradigm shift…from ‘power over’ others to ‘power with’ others…The politics of compassion, therefore, is the opposite of dominatory, fear driven, xenophobic politics based on a monopoly of force and coercion…more attention should be directed to enhancing the power of unifiers in communities and diminishing the power of dividers. The challenge however, is understanding and combatting all the dynamics which threaten to undermine these values—possessive individualism, neoliberalism and elite-driven politics… For a new, socially driven imaginary to succeed it must first, however, analyze and negate politics and practices of domination everywhere.” 

My only point of disagreement is with the bottom line of the impassioned essay by Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi, Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton in his contribution to Part IV, the section on ‘Revolution and Rupture’, in which Stephen Gill, Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University, and I have had our contributions housed by the Editors. Ghamari-Tabrizi draws a distinction in his essay on ‘Revolutionary politics and Public Imagination’ between “possible realities” and “real possibilities”, and counterposes them, arguing for fidelity to the former and lamenting the latter. Prof Gill and I, writing totally independently of one another, have both leaned heavily on Antonio Gramsci. It is from a neo-Gramscian perspective that I demur from that contradistinction and would argue instead that the “late-modern Prince” or “post-modern Prince/Princess” (this latter is Stephen Gill’s coinage) must be capable of mediating and managing adroitly the dialectic of “real possibilities” in the short term and “possible realities” in the longer—thus able to think of a “feasible utopia” (Gill), “a new realistic utopia” (Kaldor).    

In the concluding ‘Coda’ written with lyricism and passion, primary co-editor Victor Faessel urges that “…In an age of authoritarian and populist politics, of recrudescent nativism, racism, and revanchism and of ecological calamity’s arrival…The social facts of justice, equality, tolerance, freedom –to the extent that they actually exist where one happens to live—are only ‘facts’ in this sense that they have been and continue to be fought for by coalitions of conscience and commitment…medleys of cooperative ethical passion become concrete acts toward a future…”

I prefer to read Victor Faessel’s ‘Coda’ together with the concluding passage of the contribution to the volume by Drucilla Cornell, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Women’s and Gender Studies and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, who deploys the luminous term ‘political spirituality’ and reminds us of the stakes and risks, and the appropriate attitude with which to view them. “…For us the challenge of political spirituality is to dare to risk the kind of ‘danger’—and it was Foucault who said that everything is dangerous, but this means we always have something to do—that our imagination of a more just world can only be opened in and through actual struggles that expand our material possibilities”. 

Or if you prefer, the last word or words are the first words, right in front, on the cover of the volume. It features a photograph of the London Extinction Rebellion mural at Marble Arch, widely thought to be by Banksy. It is a wall, with a sketch of a little girl holding a small placard with the extinction symbol, while the writing in chalk on the wall reads: “FROM THIS MOMENT DESPAIR ENDS AND TACTICS BEGIN”.   

*Dayan Jayatilleka is author of “The Great Gramsci: Imagining an Alt-Left Project”, in Part IV ‘Rupture and Revolution’, “On Public Imagination: A Political and Ethical Imperative eds. Victor Faessel, Richard Falk and Michael Curtin, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, New York and London, 2020, Ch 23, pp 92-95.

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  • 11

    KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

    This war crime denier types
    “It is co-edited by the man I most respect intellectually and am proud to call a friend, who was also the primary author of the volume’s Introduction, namely Prof Richard Falk.”

    Can I also drop some names, regard them as my friends and being proud about it?

    For example I have heard of Professors Gananath Obeyesekere, H L SEneviratne,
    R A L H Gunawardana, Amartya Sen, Abhijit Banerjee, Paul Krugman, Paul Kennedy,
    S Pathmanathan, Y Subbarayalu, Noboru Karashima, G. H. Hardy, …………………………. another ….. Channa Jayasumana, Nalin de Silva, Mervyn Silva PhD, …………… George L Hard, ….

    Now that Gota the national hangman has already confirmed the death of 20,000 what is Dayan’s position that there was zero casualty at the tail end of war?

    Aren’t you going to enlighten the public racist with “Public Imagination” and “intellectual heterodoxy” of the established and standardised racist/fascist doctrine of Sinhala/Buddhism?

    • 4

      “Gota the national hangman”

      He should hang you from your balls in Galle Face greens.

      • 5

        Eagle Brain Dead Blind Eye

        “He should hang you from your balls in Galle Face greens.”

        In fact isn’t it what the lonely Field marshal wanted to do to Mahinda and Gota had he won the elections? Luckily Fonseka lost it.

        When did you change your career from b***s carrier to hangman (by the b***s)?

        • 1

          Dear Native,

          For once you got it right.. But the location is wrong.

          What Ponseka said this time, while standing next to the spanking new Leader of the rejuvenated UNP , the dear sonna of Mr Premadasa from Keselwatta was that Ponseka is going to hang all Rajapaksas from the Windows of the Carlton House.

          I don’t think that is going to happen for the next ten years.
          And I am sure your Yahapalana mates will be disappointed.
          Prez Nandasena’s Right Hand Lawyer friend Ali Sabry is fully confident that it will be the case.

          Now to a more interesting development about that 20 thou innocent missing Tamils you are harping about. and the alleged War Crimes committed on Mr Pirahaparan and his LTTE..

          There will be a formal charge against Mr Pirahaparn , Mr Pottu Amman and one Mr Swarnam for killing unarmed 600 Srilankan Police men, whom Dr Rani ordered to surrender to the LTTE under his UNP CFA with the LTTE. .

          Apparently those 600 Policemen were marched into a Mass Grave , Shot in the Back and Burned all together in one hit by the above mentioned LTTE hierarchy

          The location of the Mass Grave has now been uncovered,
          And guess what . our friend the rehabilitated LTTE bro Karuna Amman is going to be the Chief Witness in Geneva .
          How Cool is that , Native ?..

          • 1

            KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

            “There will be a formal charge against Mr Pirahaparn , Mr Pottu Amman and one Mr Swarnam for killing unarmed 600 Srilankan Police men, whom Dr Rani ordered to surrender to the LTTE under his UNP CFA with the LTTE. “

            Don’t be silly, albeit it is within your birthright to be silly, stupid,……
            The Massacre took place on 11 June 1990 when Premadasa was taking this island to a commanding height while the ultra racist Dingiri Banda Wijetunga was nominated being the prime minister.

            The state and political crooked who commanded the state had had nearly 20 years to catch the perpetrators and charge them with mass killing. Instead war criminals and their clan bribed Prabaharan, Pottu Amman, ….. to rig the elections in 2005.

            “Apparently those 600 Policemen were marched into a Mass Grave , Shot in the Back and Burned all together in one hit by the above mentioned LTTE hierarchy”

            Why haven’t you demanded Karuna, Pillyan, …. be charged for the crime, according to sources close to them they are allegedly responsible for the massacre? Ask Gota to issue a forged passport to Karuna and send him to another country, perhaps preferably Hindia if he doesn’t want to charge him.

            Are you suffering from Vertigo?
            Don’t dos
            do not bend over to pick things up
            do not stretch your neck

            However you can still carry b***s.

    • 0

      Dear Native,

      I wasn’t even going to read Dr Dayan until I saw your comment.

      Why was he on the Plane back to Colombo, Native?.
      Has he got an Extension for another 5 years of Wine and Fine Dinning courtesy of us the Yahapalana Tax Payers?.

      Dr Dayan seems to have good contacts in high places . Hasn’t He?
      So it is worth us paying his Wages I guess, instead of sending some Nincompoops ..

      BTW . I have no clue about any of those PhDs that you have mentioned except Dr Mervyn Silva the PhD .

      Wonder where he is now a days, after all those threats to Rajapakasas and Nandasena in particular.
      Dr Mervy is lucky Prez Nandasena is a decent bloke, unlike the Leaders we had in the past specially the most recent ones.

      Got carried away a bit , Mate.

      Now those 20 thou deaths in Nanthikadal you are harping about.
      Were they all innocent Tamil people who were living there with Mr Pirahaparan?.

      Because even as recent as last week your Ex Vellala CM bragged that Mr Pirahaparan was and is the only Real Thamilian Leader they ever had in Lankawe.

      That is a big call , mate.specially with Mr Wiggs fielding his own TEAM at the next Election.

      Is This Populism and Authoritarianism Book about Mr Trump?
      Or is it about your mate, Modes in Hndustan who banned Muslims getting Citizenship?.

      Wonder whether Keselwatta Kid Camp will buy a few Copies for their Intelligentsia lead by Ajith Perera . Harin Fernando, Dr Harsha, Field Marshal Ponseka ?.

      Is that UNP Professor Anu Marasinghe in KK Faction ? Or is he on the Fence?.

      • 3

        KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

        “Why was he on the Plane back to Colombo, Native?.”

        Did you want him to be sent to Gulag, Prison Camps in Siberia, …..afterall he used to be your mate, mango friend, …..?

        “Dr Dayan seems to have good contacts in high places . Hasn’t He?”

        Do you think so?
        Any good imposters could drop names.
        There are a few.

        “Dr Mervy is lucky Prez Nandasena is a decent bloke, unlike the Leaders we had in the past specially the most recent ones.”.

        Did you know Dr Mervyn is supposed to be Mahinda’s step brother, and very close to Mahinda than any other members of the clan. He never liked Gota, especially after Gota got Malaka hammered by his military intelligence goons at a disco joint. I was told Dr Mervyn’s mother used to feed both of them seated side by side hence Mahinda has been close Dr Mervyn and has lots of affection for his mother.

        “Now those 20 thou deaths in Nanthikadal you are harping about.
        Were they all innocent Tamil people who were living there with Mr Pirahaparan?”

        This is not just the Nanthikadal, it is about those thousands of people who surrendered to the Army at the tail end of the war. I have met some of the relatives of the disappeared who were with the victims when they surrendered. So please stop being smartass patriots at least for once.

      • 0

        Is that UNP Professor Anu Marasinghe in KK Faction ? Or is he on the Fence?.

        I heard, Ashu Marasinghe likes to work for the Nandasena govt. There may be more to this. Anyway, he is not the only one.

    • 0

      Native Vedda,
      No; none of the above. Dayan is advertising already dead “hybrid politics” of 1956 which was later christened by Brs B as the “middle Path” to include allegiance to Soviet Union. It is the same version Viyath Maga now uses to wrap their ultra extreme “neo-liberal” economic plan in order to disguise it as a nationalist/patriotic movement!

  • 0

    By an essay writer has to know that may change certain persons not to teach any different doctrine nor to occupy themselves with MYTH and endless genealogies.
    In between which that line of promote speculation some thing like that huge Stock Market in Market Economy on Globally by USA ; rather than the divine training is in FAITH .
    Those an ideas have been used to produce a system of beliefs that UNP politically justifies that system of that Neo-Liberalism and anarchism, of several mode extremism of terrorism…..base on Racism and religion Fanaticism.
    By while presenting an apocalyptic vision of presents and near future. …locally and globally.
    What I have say for the time is coming 21st century when people will not endure sound teaching ,but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves.

    The so-called teachers to suit their own interest and linking ,and will turn away from listening to the TRUTH and wander into MYTH!

  • 5

    I did not read this article from beginning to end. I just had a cursory look. My time is too valuable to fritter away on stuff like this.

    • 0

      You could refrain from reading and also refrain from crowing about it. That way you could a little bit more of your valuable time.


      • 1


        “That way you could a little bit more of your valuable time.”

        Good idea.
        Do you follow your own advice, you sanctimonious humbug?

        Gota seems to be in trouble.
        He is running here and there like a headless chicken.
        Why don’t you help him?
        It appears there is no solution to accumulated problems of this island.

        Find some arms and ammunitions, every nook and corner of the island.
        The Single handed General Kamal should arrest some youth, …..
        Support Channa Jayasumana in his quest for finding Islamic terror gadget inside Sinhala/Buddhist women’s womb.

        Why don’t you start a riot.
        Divert the attention of people.

  • 6

    ‘Yahapaluwa Politics’ Vs. ‘The Politics Of Compassion’

    Just for for moment imagine if Yahapalanya incompetent nincompoops and crooks had been in power during Corona virus outbreak. Below nightmare would have unfolded without any doubt:
    1. Sirisena shopping in Singapore
    2. Ranil on tour in Norway visiting Norwegian hospitals
    3. SL students stuck forever in Wahun starving with nobody giving a damn about them
    4. Rajitha finding a way to rob and make money from the medicines and face masks
    5. Sajith in a deep coma going around opening useless model villages and houses
    6. Ranjan and Hirunika having their own private party
    7. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith on TV trying to calm the panic gripping the nation

    Aren’t we bloody lucky to have escaped that fate?

    • 4

      Maybe, but you don’t have issue with the types that have replaced them?!

      There isn’t much reason to be hopeful as far as I see..the culture is corrupt, one or two determined individuals alone can’t change it, unless they have a couple of decades to mould a different culture..

      • 1

        What issues? Competent health ministry led by a technocracy being right on the ball with daily press conferences detailing all the necessary steps taken at airports/sea ports to Hospitals across the country? Our people for the first time in their lifetime feeling that their government’s got their back even when they are anywhere in the world? A super competence shown in being the 4th country in the world to have negotiated with the Chinese government to evacuate their nationals from the sealed city of Wahun? Why do you think people are again proudly putting up the national flags in their homes for the 4th? May be because this independence day feels special, finally freeing the country from Yahapalanaya lot and their foreign puppet masters?

        • 2

          I was referring to the allegedly corrupt, murderous Rajapakse clan…

          • 2

            People have no patience with alleged accusations, conspiracies or fantasies. We learned a painful lesson that incompetent governments
            can literally get you and your loved ones blown to smithereens or killed by some horrible disease. What sane person would put the lives
            of loved ones in the hands of incompetent bumbling idiots who are unable to even elect a party leader, brawling like a troop of macaque monkeys?

    • 3

      Yahapalana Strategy in a Nutshell, in a National Emergency . What a beauty.
      Thanks Lak de Silva.

      Dr Rajitha must be salivating thinking of the commissions he could have collected from those Corona Masks.
      And the commissions his Muslim Drug Importer mate could have brought in from the soon to be released Corona Vaccines..

      I thought the fresh faced UNP new leader for the Election the ,old Keselwatta Kid would have announced his Plan to combat the Corona Emergency through his Shadow Health Ministry , although Dr Rajitha is on Bail for telling fibs about Crocs eating White Van Victims.

      And try to launch a new wave like ” Vote for the UNP/JVP/TNA/SLMC/ KK Faction to Save the Children from Corono Virus and President Nandasena .

      Instead the UNP Supremo Dr Rani says Thuggery can never dislodge him his Supremo Post.
      And Dr Rani vows to be there till 2023.
      I thought the next Election is in 2025….

      Wonder who the Thugs Dr Rani is referring to?…
      It can’t be the Boys from Pohottuwa ,, Or are they?..

  • 0

    It is no point of writing Yahapalana politics. If we can not understand, it is our inability.
    Ranil., a Leader with over 40 years of experience in every aspect of governing said, IF FACE MASKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE OR VERY EXPENSIVE, IMPORT IT FROM INDIA”. SEE WHAT A VISIONARY LEADER RANIL IS.. If a rural villager was asked told the same thing, he would why we can not stitch some face masks or get a tailor to do it for us.

    • 1

      Are you serious? Your Einstein’s advice is to import face masks from India, when WHO guidance on use of masks in the context of the novel coronavirus outbreak
      says ‘a medical mask is not required, as no evidence is available on its usefulness to protect non-sick persons’. Even in America, CDC is ‘not recommending’ Americans use face masks to prevent coronavirus. Our rural villagers have more common sense than your Ranil Einstein.!

      • 3

        Guys , you ought to go easy on Dr Rani..
        In fact I felt sorry for the bloke, after seeing that Photo of him shaking hands with our new Emperor Maharaj in a Blue National dress and the Karukkan Sataya at the farewell to the Hindian Ambassador ..

        Dr Rani was also in a blue shirt with the sleeves folded.

        But he is not even a shadow of what I have seen in Parliament, cracking smart ass jokes which I never found funny to have a giggle.

        Poor Soul , even the arms look withered. And looked really old bending like an 85 year old holding Maharajas hand.

        Wonder whether it is Diabetes . Yhapalana Politics or Keselwatta Kids Shenanigans to chase him out of Srikotha.
        What ever it is, It does not look good.

        No wonder they say Politics is a Bitch..
        Poor Rani . I didn’t know he was in Politics for only 40 years . I thought it was more like 60 out of which he was the Leader of the Opposition for 30.

        Anyway I hope Prez Nandasena will give him at least two Security Guards instead of the 200 including STF which Dr Rani demanded. .

        But not that Armour Plated Limousine which he brought down as his first priority as the Yahapalana PM , when the LTTE was dead and gone.
        Dr Rani was running around without Armour Plates for nearly 30 years w hen Mr Pirahaparan was around..

        I know Preme Jr hails from a tough area. But there wouldn’t be any AK 47s there after our Nande became the President.

        BTW I hope Dr Rani didn’t take a House in Cinnamon Gardens as well. like his other Yahapalana buddies , Prez Sira and his Opposition Leader Samba did ..

        Because It is us the PAYE suckers, who have to pick the Tab until they go to heaven.

  • 0

    You could refrain from reading and also refrain from crowing about it. That way you could a little bit more of your valuable time.


    • 2


      “You could refrain from reading and also refrain from crowing about it. That way you could a little bit more of your valuable time.”

      In other words you want stanley and others to praise, gloat, admire, worship, adore, glorify, exalt, venerate, laud, …………. Gota and his clan 24/7/52 basis however others could not do it as they have to go out and earn a living to look after their family unlike you and your fellow b***s carriers.

  • 3

    Whoa! for most of the time I thought I was in the midst of a booksellers pitch. Dropping names left, right and centre – well, mostly left!

    Most of the stuff was behind the curve. Meanwhile, my contacts in the UK are still trying to workout the demise of that nice but dim Mr Corbyn. Any word on that fleeting phenomenon? Corbyn’s fleeting moment in the limelight was like a dose of salts. Give the British voter credit, they wisely chose the lesser of two evils.

    Here in the land of eternal sun, we await the paradox of our new great white hope. It might not be a walk in the park, but at least the park will have been swept clean by those nice soldiers now happy wielding brooms and not guns.

  • 1

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    For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 5

    • Dominatory Politics’ Vs. ‘The Politics Of Compassion’: Deliberations On 21st Century Politics
    *** Dominary Politics under Gotha has flourished in Sri Lanka especially in the North from where have received shocking news of one family who has been harassed by the Army and the man who was a former LTTer was living on a Kidney Dialysis.
    The story is as follows.
    One evening the army arrived in this time not in white vans but in Motorcycles. and told him that he was wanted for questioning and needed to be taken in. But he and his wife begged the Army not to arrest him as he had hospital appointment the following morning . But he was dumped at the back of the Motorbike and his. appointment went ” Kaput” and no one knows what happened to him. His wife was visited by Douglas Devananthas men who are control of the army and asked for money and they have now fled and gone into hiding but for how long . This is the RECONCILATION and ACCOUNTABILITY.. Missing ones are dead and the Rehabilitated are banished in the middle of the Night.
    Dyan Compassion what Compassion. If you have any Humanity left in you can you ask if Gotha directly ordered this family to be banished as I will be providing the UN with details of name and Location to take up his fate
    Further to add to the terror I am told that girls are ferried in the Morning to slave in the army camp for nothing and returned in the evening and god knows whether or not they are racially abused.
    I ask WIGGY , SAMPANTHAN, SUMANTHIRAN and all the other Prominent Tamil Politicians to take up the story of this individual and that of the Girls with GOSL and also report the matter to the UN.
    Dyan do you understand the meaning of Compassion. SHOCKING.

  • 2

    Wonder where DJ was hiding this long. Maybe under Sirisena’s sarong.

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