2 July, 2022


“Don’t Extend Arjuna Mahendran’s Term” – DEW Tells Sirisena

Former Chairman of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) and Communist Party (CP) Leader DEW Gunasekera has requested President Maithripala Sirisena to not extend the term of controversial Governor of Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran.



Citing reasons for this request, Gunasekera pointed out the back to back alleged bond scams as one reason for this.

He also urged Sirisena to carry out a full scale investigation to inquire into the bond scams carried out during Mahendran’s tenure as Governor.

He also recalled the Central Bank’s failure to furnish with the required information to former Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Chairman Chandra Jayaratne’s request who sought details about the bond issuance by the Central Bank.

“Confidentiality of the bond issuance should only be maintained until they are issued, but not after it has being issued,” Gunasekera noted.

In April, Gunasekera charged that even though the Central Bank had initially announced that it was going to issue treasury bonds to the tune of Rs. 40 billion in March 2016, the bank had instead issued bonds to the tune of Rs. 80 billion. “This is the second biggest financial scam within a year,” he said.

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  • 1

    Will Batalanada Ranil cut a deal with Dalits’ King, Rajapakasa?.

    It will be be a watershed in SL politics, If Batta does it.

    UNP has 100 odd MPs , Rajapaksa has over 50. That is a clear 2/3 Majority.

    Vellala Samanbadan needs it more than anyone else, if he wants to get at least half Eelaam before he karcks it.

    Plus Batalanda Ranil has a better than even money chance to fulfil his life long dream to become the President of Srilanka and perhaps even the first Executive PM in Federal Srrilanka,

    This is the only chance or opportunity he has and he will never get another, before he goes to meet and greet St Peters.

    Sira is devalued currency now, besides the poor lankan Rupee.

    Ask the Whisky Madam and and she will tell you.

    On the other hand, Batalanada can go down in history as the only UNP statesman who brought the Dalits and the Elites together for the good of the Nation, and make it a prosperous and level playing field for all her Inhabitants.

    If he is smart enough Batalanada may even get even a 90 % majority in Parliament, because the 40 odd hang ons who are with Bodhi Sira will jump to Rajapaksa camp in a flash.

    And it will give the Batalanada a chance not only to sack Mahendran, but also a golden opportunity to banish the Political undesirables as ( scum bags ) like Chamapakaya, Rajitha, & Son,Ramanayaka , Fat Boy, SB, Field Rat, Dr Mervyn , Thevere, Muththettuwa and a whole host of others.

  • 5

    A very sensible recommendation by DEW. Bensen

    • 1

      One good thing with Arjun is that he is not interfering with the banking system.

      He has not appointed any of his cronies to the bank boards unlike some ministers.

      Well done Arjun.

  • 13

    Dear DEW: Very commendable expression and thank you. But let me ask you a question. Where were you when the former CB Governor, Mr. Cabral was playing his game of truants with public money, such as investments in real estates in Brazil and hiring those public relations agents in US, issue of Bonds etc? As the then COPE Chairman, did you tell the then President to inquire into some of the very visible malpractices of the then Governor of CB? This is just to remind you of your neglect of duties to the people while you were also with the then administration. Anyway, happy to note your change of mind on the present situation.

    • 4


      Please be kind to him.

      At his age, he may not be able to remember what had been happening in the previous years.

      Nudge him gently.

      You might find Drew had gone on a gap year, every year since 2005.

  • 8

    Way to go DEW. Go get them!

    Yes, the Central Bank was a paragon of virtue until this rascal Mahendran walked in and initiated all the corruption.

    If there was any corruption in the CB, the big kahuna of COPE mighty crime-fighter DEW would have cleaned it all up!

    One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Decisions! decisions!

    Never a dull moment in the sunny isles.

  • 8

    Mr. Arjun Mahendran is a qualified banker and held responsible positions in Singapore and Middle east banks, worth Multi billion
    dollars and in recognition of his services to banking Industry he
    was made a citizen of Singapore of all countries, where crooks and
    incompetent people are not tolerated.
    He has been accused by the Jnt.opposition and racists in the country
    of engaging in fraudulent activities without proof and he nor the PM cleared his name and exonerated him of all vague accusations so that the media and COPE/DEW closed this subject for ever, but he continued to work under pressure and bad name for his family friend PM Ranil, not realising that he has brought in insult to the proud Tamil community, he belongs to by he being called a ‘Hora Demala’ in every newspaper.I am from the old school and this is the 1st time I have read criticisms against a CB Governor or a CJ in the media as in the olden days, these people were kept at high esteem and respected. Tamils
    headed, in the past, Govt. depts. as permanent secretaries, Armed forces, banks and comm. establishments with dignity and Food comm. Alvapillai, BOC Loganathan, Ken Balendra are few of many examples, who worked hard for the country with sincerity, putting long hours of work.

    All what he has to do, is to throw the CB keys at the PM’s office and get to the middle east or Singapore and get a lucrative job, worth ten times the salary he gets now, rather than facing constant bickering from the Jt.Op and mushroom media without being protected by the Govt.
    He should realise that the community comes first and then the friend-
    ship. Its not right by the PM to get the work done by Arjun and not
    protecting him against wrong accusations.

  • 9


    First look at the mirror.

    Do you see a hypocrite?

    You were with the robber baron MR and his forty odd thieves. Now suddenly you are Mr Clean or just playing for the foolish voters of Sri Lanka, which by the way are most.


    • 2

      These are the dried pumpin that sharpened the man of the match during the last few years. MR lost his control – not knowing who he is even today.

      The rope offered to strangulate him was – his recent trip to Ugannada- ONE another birds of a feather – but the bait and switch was far from understanding to him.

      Now it is time BIASED Rajapake proxy Journos to reveal what he brought him from the UNGANDA trip, USA obama or the western leaders never respected.

      Journos would stay mum as has been sofar – not being neutral – that is the nature of average Jounros in the country DONT do the job well.

      Even Ravaya big man stay mum as if he is fed with worst kind of clay – kirmati gilapu kimbula wage.

  • 2

    he cant go back to Singapore if he has stolen sri Lankan bond money /interest , Singapore will not tolerate thieves

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