21 May, 2024


“Don’t Sidetrack Us To Please The Army” Wiggie Tells Jaffna GA

In a hard hitting letter addressed to the Jaffna Government Agent, Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran has accused the government officer of sidetracking the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) in an effort to please the army over the relocation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

C.V. Wigneswaran - Northern Chief

C.V. Wigneswaran – Northern Chief

The letter addressed to N.Vethanayakan under the heading ‘Lucrative Compensation for Lands to be acquired by Army’ Wigneswaran said “I saw a letter addressed by you to an IDP. In fact Major General Mahesh Senanayake made a passing reference to three categories of such IDPs possessing lands – one owning lands entitled to go back immediately, another with lands who will have to wait for some time to go back and the third category being those whose lands are to be taken over by the Military and handsome compensation to be paid. I believe you are giving effect to what he said by these letters.”

Wigneswaran admonished the GA saying, “Your writing letters to the IDPs without consulting us amounts to sidetracking us to please the Army.”

In the letter, the Chief Minister also noted that several areas need to be taken into consideration over the matter, including consultation with the NPC with regard to concurrent subjects of land, rehabilitation and resettlement. “The decision to hand back or withhold lands and houses cannot be a top to bottom unilateral exercise. The NPC as representing the People must have the right to examine and consider the need and necessity for such an exercise and the feasibility of what is being suggested. We are no more in War Times,” Wigneswaran said.

“The civil administration has taken over and it is the civil administration and the People themselves who decide what is best for the People. There cannot be any unilateral decisions by the Defence Ministry without consulting the NPC. After all we are discussing security, right to return, right to development and livelihoods (within the existing internationally accepted human rights principles and values) of our People,” he said.

He also demanded to know as to why the military needed to retain such large acreages of land in the aftermath of the war balancing state security and human security. “We could suggest alternative sites to station the Army Camps. While deciding their situation we can bring in expert evidence to prove the choice of the Military is not based on proper Military considerations but extraneous reasons. Besides, these issues have been raised with United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) during his recent visit in relation to September 2015 UN Geneva Resolutions including Security Sector Reforms which relates to downsizing of military to aid war to peace transition,” the letter said.

Wigneswaran also asked for reason as to why certain lands are to be returned only at the end of 2017.

“Major General Mahesh told me they need about 1000 acres maximum to situate their Camp. If so 3500 acres can be immediately returned. The reasons for not returning has not been given. I do not in any event accept 1000 acres are needed for a peacetime Army to occupy. However, it should be borne in mind that even to decide to retain 100 acres considering issues raised under points 1 and 2 above requires consultations and study and evaluation,” he said.

Wigneswaran said that the Army cannot decide that they are going to occupy our areas for ever and ever. “We have been asking for the withdrawal of the Military in toto and replacement by adequate Police Forces. Without consideration of all these matters simply confusing our People with such letters and dangling lucrative compensation does not seem proper and guided by good governance and humanitarian considerations,” he said.

He also requested the Jaffna GA to schedule an emergency meeting of Defence Ministry officials, the NPC and the AG’s Department without delay to discuss the issue.

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    To all forum participants,
    Are you happy pouring out your hatred towards a distinguished retired judge for volunteering to take up a new job. Please show some respect and write critical of what he is doing or not doing. Please don’t bring down your Country any more doing the same down turn again and again. Even if you are well educated you lose your personality writing and showing the world you are racist and hateful. Most of the majority community showed all heroism against Tamils with violence while they were helpless and chased them from all parts of Sri Lanka to North and East. Now all are watching the worst thing being done by the majority Sinhalese taking over poor peoples properties and happily building Buddhist temples all over North and East, depriving the livelihood of those living in their homes for generations. What is the difference in your culture of impunity. It was the same culture of impunity that changed your Country’s history from the best in Asia to the worst today. Now again the history you will be making your future generation to face depends on what you do now. Not what you say and write. If you love your children, get the well known criminals roaming the world and enjoying life because they only killed the minority to where criminals belong. You will do a good turn to make the future of your children happy.

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      Are you happy pouring out your hatred towards a distinguished retired judge for volunteering to take up a new job. Please show some respect and write critical of what he is doing or not doing. Please don’t bring down your Country any more doing the same down turn again and again

      He may be distinguisghed when he was a judge.

      Now he is just a Tamil tribalist and a dishonest, old Tamil Raicst. He is a shame even for the Salary he is getting from the govt. Money is not all cmoning from the North.

      You look like another dishonest NGO.

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      “Are you happy pouring out your hatred towards a distinguished retired judge for volunteering to take up a new job.”

      if he can’t do the job properly he should not have taken it up in the first place.He is way out of his depth in politics and his only achievement so far is creating tension between sinhalese and tamils again.This is a time for healing wounds not reopening them.Can you list his achievements specific to his job as the CM for us please before asking us not to criticise him.All of us in this forum criticise maithri and ranil too when they deserve it,not because we want them to go,but because we want them to do a better job.Wiggie is the only CM in the world who gave back the government his allocation of money because it was unutilised by him by the end of the budget year.Spare a thought for the poor folk for whom he undertook to do a job and think how that money could have made a small difference at least in their grim lives.

      in royal we had a motto disce aut discede(learn or depart)after entering the workforce we had a motto,perform or depart.so we worked tirelessly for results.no point in a lot of hot air.results and nothing but results we need.

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    The matter here is sidelineing a elected Provincial government.Any development or other issues must be in consultation with the duly elected Provincial goverments .It may be in any province.Hence The Central government is only flexing it’s mussle to dictate terms.If it’s to be, let there be no Provincial administrations, and let’s see if the other Provinces will accept such a rule.

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    [Edited out] Wigneshwaran himself got sidelined because of his actions and attitude. he has to adjust to the situation work in cooperation with the government if he really wants to see economic developments of Tamil masses and I am sure he does not want because he wants to maintain his caste dominance.

    Besides, he is displaying qualities that majortiy feel has the hall marks of not thinking as a Sri Lankan and not living as a Sri Lankan.

    Because of all these, majority will look at him as a person wants separate state and follows the LTTE policies.

    In the circumstances, I am sure he will be side track by Tamil massesvery soon as well.

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