13 June, 2024


Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka Unravels Geneva

Speaking to YATV from France, Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka shares his views –
On –
* How he thinks the Government should respond to the UNHRC resolution
* The implementation of the LLRC’s recommendations
* How the Government should go about investigating alleged war crimes
* Why Sri Lanka won at Geneva in 2009 and lost in 2012
* Lessons Sri Lanka can learn from the Myanmar experience


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    Doctor I have great respect for you. Thank you for enlightning interview. But I am sad to say that your days are numbered as an Ambassador. I wish you well. In time to come we may see you as haed of UN. Who knows? Wish youn all the best.

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    Dayan should have brought these issues to the attention of the president instead of to jokers appearing in blogs.

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    WHEN there is trial for war crimes, it will not be enough to round up Rajapakse. His associates will also have to pay a price. Those who defend war crimes in high places will come to eat their words!

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    I concur with the three responses above. I hope Dr. Dayan will stop serving the moronic regime and work for an organization where saner counsel prevails!

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    Dr DJ brought examples of countries where accountability was undertaken after many many years. This is not clearly true as South Africans set up the Reconciliation soon after apartheid was dismantled.

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    Our honorary “Dr’s” – Dr.Idi Mahin, Dr.Mervyn Silva, Dr. Goata Rajapaksha and a host of others are NO MATCH for our qualified Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka!!

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    Again his arguments are based on which tactics we should use to get rid of international pressure.

    I´m very disaapointed to read the comments

    Why Sri Lanka won at Geneva in 2009 and lost in 2012

    Almost everyone thinks in SL its is because of DJ´s marvellous knowledge and tactics.

    In 2009 it was easier to convince the majority of Human Rights Council because:

    1. There were no evidences of war crimes
    2. The number of civilian casualities were not published
    3. There were no proper information about attacks on No Fire Zones
    by SLA after giving the geo coordinates to GoSL
    4. IC and plenty of Human Rights Organisations were aware of LTTE´s
    human rights violations
    5. All the Tamil diaspora were influenzed by unprofessional former LTTE

    Today the situation is different

    I ask you?

    We all ( non chauvenistic sri lankans ) believed after defeating LTTE a solution for ethnic conflict will be implemented, right?
    What is happened?

    All the political abductions will be stopped, right?
    Today By Colombo Telegraph- kumara-Gunaratnam JVP dissident group leader Premakumar Gunaratnam alias Kumar Mahaththaya and another leader Dimithu Atigala were abducted – This is the 31st abduction of this month, April 2012

    Friends, What do you want?
    Wait until something happen to your brother or sister ( remember Bertold Brechts version ) or you and there will be noone to protest or to ask if you disappear,

    Believe, everything will be translated today. Transparency is everywhere. Telling something to Krishna in press conference, something else in sinhala press- you see the effect- India´s position in Geneva

    Dayan is not your hero. He plays victim today. He refers to Goebbels, Hitler etc.,

    Who is the perpertrator? Hitler or Goebbels? I believe both, one had the idea and the other convinced the majority.

    Fame and glory as a ambassador like DJ, not as a minster like Vasu. We fight for humanity

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    We beg you to stop these abductions, then you are one of the representatives of the Govt, like Rajiva, Tamara, Vasu etc.,


    Show these two are still alive


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