17 June, 2024


Duminda Gets The Last Laugh?

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Duminda Silva, MP (UPFA) is something else.  First he was accused of murdering ex-UPFA MP Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.  He was supposed to have sustained severe gunshot injuries and was said to have been fighting for his life while the funeral rites were being administered on Premachandra. Then he was whisked out of the country, purportedly for treatment.  Then he returned – straight to hospital.  Stories were circulated to the effect that he was recovering – slowly.  Doctors and lawyers stood for him, trotting out reasons that warranted continued hospitalization. Then he was granted bail.  Was this for lack of evidence to warrant continued ‘incarceration’ (note quotation marks)? Did the AG’s Department solicit further information from the Police? We don’t know. He walks out of hospital, in the best of health. He brags about returning to politics and claims he is fullyy recovered.  There are no scars to be seen. A miracle in plastic surgery, perhaps?  He is laughing and that is no crime.  If he is innocent, then he could laugh even louder.  But if there is something called circumstantial evidence, then either the circumstances or the evidence appear to be fishy (putting it mildly here) with respect to health and healing.  If justice should be done AND seem to be done, then much is being revealed.  Duminda Silva seems to be having the last laugh (for now) but will he laugh the longest and the loudest? But time is long and so too the arm of the law.

R. Duminda Silva’s underworld connections by Bharatha Lakshman

Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3

Part – 4

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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    My wish is any forces to help toppling the most brutal regime OF MR bunch leaving it on to a fair minded, genuine, uncorrupted hand. They have to work with IC to bring sustainable peace to the country.

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    I knew this was a fake from the beginning, from so many little little things you can see this. For example….

    do they do such complex head/neuro surrgeries at Sri Jayewardenapura hospital. NO. only colombo general hospiral has that facility.

    Why they never took duminda to colombo general hospital where they have best fcilities in the country to treat head injuries, but kept him a 100% sealed off place.

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    The ‘long arm of the law’ in SL will never be long enough to catch this fellow.

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      It is all because the top leader ship is far more criminal that Duminda himself is.

      The leader of a country is clean or have vision to see any dangers on his folks, he should react with wisdom. MR´s recent decisions or not even trying to see things wholeheartedly proves his true nature.

      Duminda Silva is key problem to lanken drug trafficking problems within the country.This should be closely studied by CID and any people loving senior politicians – it is just simple to check the health history of Duminda de Silva by contacting the particular hospital in S pore. Free journalists should have guts to do so. Medical doctors, if they have made false statements and then their false statments without authentications have further being used by LAWYERS to abuse the nation telling all lies to the nation should be investigated again.

      If the weeds would not be uprooted, you would never be able to find solutions to lanken crimes.

      May all high law professionals be gotten all powers to react fearlessly and fially find the solutions against all these.

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