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Duminda Silva’s Rs. 17 million fraud crashes – Dumnida threatened Insurance boss

By Colombo Telegraph

The Police hasn’t taken any action against Duminda Silva’s Rs 17 million insurance fraud and the threat he made to the insurance company the Colombo Telegraph learnt. The police think there is sufficient evidence to act against MP Duminda Silva but they cannot go further due to extreme political pressure. “We would have been in deep trouble if we raised any issue then,” said one of them familiar with the case.

Duminda with former IGP

Duminda Silva MP, submitted the fake claim for Rs 17 million to Janashakithi Insurance. Janashakthi Insurance were told in August 2011 that his four-wheel drive vehicle had met with a horrible accident. It had hit even telephone posts before coming to a halt and was beyond repair.

As reported the story unfolds as follows; The vehicle had been towed to the Talanagamaa police station even before an insurance appraiser arrived. He had later staked his claim for Rs 17 million to buy another brand new vehicle.

While the insurance company was processing his claim, it also got in touch with its lawyer. He in turn sought the help of a private investigation agency to check on the claims made by the Duminda Silva. It came to light that the vehicle had been insured only two days before the accident. Thereafter, they continued the probe into other aspects. It was to reveal more startling facts — the accident had taken place six days before the vehicle was insured. That meant there was no insurance cover at the time of the accident. That is not all. Some of the photographs submitted after the assessor was allegedly threatened showed another wrecked luxury vehicle that was beyond identification. It came to light that the engine and chassis number of the vehicle that lay at the police station, configured in such a way that the worst accident would not obliterate the markings, was intact and not damaged. Nor was the front area of the vehicle except for sections.
There were mounting threats on the insurance company executives to make payment. At first it came from a relative of Duminda Silva. The threats were directed at the insurance company branch in the suburbs. Later, Duminda Silva raised issue with those at the branch office and at their headquarters in Colombo.

They were on the verge of approving payment when another eminent counsel with strong political connections was consulted. He was annoyed at the way threats had been brought on the insurance executives on a fraudulent claim and promised to pursue the matter. He said he would even raise it at the highest levels.

One day, the insurance top boss received a call from Duminda Silva. He identified himself and poured out a verbal barrage in choice obscenity. He asked, “what happened to my claim?” The boss replied that the matter was now in the hands of the influential senior counsel and mentioned his name. “I don’t care,” he thundered. He went into a rage and warned that if the Rs. 17 million was not paid pronto, the consequences would be disastrous. The boss said he detested the tone in which Duminda was intimidating him. “You wait and see. My tone would be worse when something happens to you,” and banged the telephone. What Duminda least realised was that the boss’ lawyer was also present when the call was made. The speaker phone was switched on. They took note of the entire conversation.
Immediately thereafter, they went to the Police Station and lodged an entry giving the fuller details. The lawyer, who also made a statement, said he was witness to the episode.

The OIC Talangama is unavailable for comment. The Police Officer who answered to Colombo Telegraph call told he is unaware of the case.

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