21 May, 2022


End Of The Road For Yoshitha Rajapaksa?

Things are appearing more bleaker for Yoshitha Rajapaksa, who also runs the risk of being court martialled for acting in contravention to the military law, by holding office as Chairman of the privately owned Carlton Sports Network (CSN), which is an offence to his current military standing as a Navy Lieutenant.

Yoshitha RAccording to Police Media Spokesperson, ASP Ruwan Gunasekara after scrutinizing the email communications between Yoshitha Rajapaksa and others, it was apparent that Yoshitha was both the chairman as well as the decision maker of CSN.

Meanwhile in a detailed statement, ASP Gunasekara said that several charges were made against Yoshitha, Rohan Weliwita, Nishantha Ranatunga and several others, who are in remand prison at the moment. Among the charges are; misappropriation of funds, misuse of state resources.

According to the statement, ASP Gunasekara said that while the channel had an initial capital of Rs. 7 million, there were questions as to how the management of the company found a total Rs. 234 million as an investment for the channel, which appeared to have come from overseas without following proper procedures, and with the management not able to provide the source of the funding, investigators came to the conclusion that they were involved in money laundering.

ASP Gunasekara also said that during the questioning, it did not appear that the suspects were innocent, based on their responses, hence they were arrested and then produced before the Kaduwela Magistrate.

Further investigations are ongoing to ascertain whether the management of CSN has committed other crimes, in relation to documentation, violating customs ordinance, the company’s act, among many others.

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    The broad sheets are just pussyfooting with this major crime of the century. They stick their microphones on the face of this scoundrel’s father or his siblings Asked simple questions to satisfy and please the Racists elements and the powerful EX DICTATORS. Trying to put the blame as though it was all the wrong doings of the Yahapalanaya.

    Are these main line medias trying to whitewash and walking in their drunken stupor.
    Come on News media you should be able sell the papers well if you put all the gory details of this Ex Regimes plundering ways.
    Him and his cronies are finished may be their thugs are out and about , are the Journalists STILL RUNNING SCARED OF THIS END OF THE ROAD FAMILY??
    When you open the main line news papers so so boring nobody wants to buy and read. Such cowards of the Journalists unable to publish the truth of these matters . They were able to fabricate and published lies in the past now are they holding the CANDLES FOR THESE THIEVES.

    • 41


      You are absolutely right when you said “They stick their microphones on the face of this scoundrel’s father or his siblings Asked simple questions to satisfy and please the Racists elements and the powerful EX DICTATORS.”

      When Mahinda or Gotbaya say things like ‘taking revenge’ and ‘witch hunting’, why can’t the reporters ask back whether they too did the same with Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake?

      “How these cases of Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake are not part of any vengeance and witch hunting and different to Mahindaa Rajapakse’s son Yoshitha?”.

      “Is money laundering charge far less serious than a forgotten frozen bank account of the former Chief Justice?”

      The reporters should ask these probing questions. We should have balanced reporting. If possible get Sarath Fonseka & Shirani Bandaranayake on the air to counter Rajapakse accusing the Government of taking revenge. Such facilities are now available and let Rajapakse reply them directly and let us all watch. This is what the media should be not to take statements through the microphone. Mahinda or Gotbaya should not be allowed to tell whatever they want, he has to face counter questions.

      • 29

        I would have thought Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake were the lesser of the Rajapakse atrocities. There have been abductions, disappearances, murders, imprisonments, coercions and assaults. The Maithri/Ranil regime are no doubt honest and well-intentioned but appear guarded against the residue powers of the Rajapakses still around as displayed by the brainwashed sycophants in the villages.

        • 22

          Sylvia Haik

          “There have been abductions, disappearances, murders, imprisonments, coercions and assaults.”

          Don’t forget war crimes and crime against humanity too.

        • 3

          Sylvia Haik

          “Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake “

          You absolutely correct but they two are the well-known personalities.

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      Today, these offsprings would raise the question, if father warned them accordingly nothing would have ended up in this way …

      Today, these offpsrings would raise the question, if mother warned them adequately, that the law and order of the state should work for them as well…. nothing would have gone this way:::

      At the time, Premadasa ran amok to late 80ties, I left the country escaping my life as then Unigrad. There, he abused the nation and country as nobody could agreee – Rajapakshes efforts are even worst. I think these the kind of leaders – have no respect for prevailing law and order issues.

      If he repeats that he is the leader who eleminated terror in the country, he should have all areas equally right… but I think looking at all the allegations hearing today – these men had nothing but their pretence.

      CBK was attacked by MR as no other leader would do. RW was attacked by his media as no other leader did. From dawn to dusk state television senders worked as it is the case in Zimbabwe. One eyed giant such a Hudson had vocabullary only consisted of filthy- not second to those of low class front man Mervin. All in all, social deterioration was contrast hour to hour. Today, they have to pay the price for all the misdeeds.

      Ditta dammaneeya karma has been working on them the family:

    • 9

      Now Maharaja has been making every effort to grab the attention, telling the very same guillible masses the story other way around: namely – “I myself the leader who eleminated terror is being attacked today ” – What the dimwit thought at the time, SF was sent to jail for 3 years. Entire Rjapakshe men were enjoying and partying while all was set against former Army commander for no reasons mostly.
      If Milllitary laws should be the case him to be convicted and to have faced jail sessions, why not Rajapkshes going through the same law provisions.

      • 3

        All these are becoming evident that MR had been intoxicated by power not being able to read and undestand the lawful paragraphs in the constitution. How come this to have happened with his over 45 years politicial exp in lanken politics ?

        Each time, listening to him, I myself felt the man had no whatsoever knowledge though majority pooor people were tamed by their political media units.

        In srilnaka or 3 rd world candiates can easiyl be elected if they can twist the mind sets of the poor.

        Poverty in srilanka is over 60% of population.

        Most earn not even 5 dollars a day.

        Those who live near to urban cities (Colombo and Kandy) may want to call them as a mid income earning country, .. also including Sirisasender, but the truth is … predominant poor people than few that can afford the life.

    • 3

      No doubt this young chap will have to face the ONE WAY PUNISHMENT.

      At least few years in Jail can help him bringing to sense.

      Father will also have to stay in jail if billions that are alleged ot have been saved in Dubai or other banks be investigated.

      Now things move… tangible manner.. at least ot this date. jayawewa

    • 2

      Jaywewa – JVP men of the day convince the nation as to why Yoshita Rajapakshe is arrested.
      Former President should listen to them.

  • 32

    Money laundering is a serious crime, and more so if it involves even 1US$. Let the newly independent judiciary in Sri Lanka handle this for the moment. In any case, if the US 2.3 million was an irregular transaction, the US itself will issue an arrest warrant for all these people, as the US did to all the big shot FIFA people, where even the Swiss Government caved in, along with their vaunted banking secrecy, and arrested the FIFA people on Swiss soil. All US Dollars are fundamentally US Property and a transaction of even 1US$ has to occur through New York. The moment that illegal dollar passes through New York, the sender and recipient have committed a crime against the US, and the US will get you even if it takes a couple of years. That’s how they got the FIFA people and that’s how they will get anyone, whether they be -ex-Presidents or their offspring. Boycotting state functions or having a hoo haa at Galle Face Green won’t turn the tide now that the US bloodhounds are on the track: All their investigators came to Sri Lanka to collect evidence. The FBI Director James Comey explained (the FIFA ‘right to arrest’ thus) , “If you touch our shores with your corrupt enterprise, whether that’s through meetings or USING OUR WORLD-CLASS FINANCIAL SYSTEM, you will be held accountable.”

  • 30

    Hand over this crook and murderer to Thajudeen s family to give him sharia style punishment…

    Hand over the rest of the family to the people of Nandikadal they know what to do with these butchers …

    Murdepakse in tears ????? Ha Ha Ha..

    When the 300,000 Tamils of Mulliaitivu were in tears..walking over the dead bodies of their kith and kin you all Murdepakse butchers celebrated with whisky glass at hand..and dance

    There is a Tamil proverb…

    ……tears are sharper than sword..

    the Murderpskase family will suffer for generations …will pay for their sin….love to see their suffering..


    • 1

      Tamil proverb may be correct the tears of the innocents massacred by the LTTE must be very sharp for the ‘victims’ of Nanthikadal

  • 14

    Frame charges against all the Directors of CSN if they have flouted Company Laws in the country. Some directors who are very loyal to Rajapakse family were used as fronts to money laundering. Investigate the assets of all the Directors of CSN fully.

  • 2

    And……nothing will happen……

  • 13

    The “Joint Opposition” spokesman, Mr. Dinesh Gunawardane says this arrest of Mr. Yoshitha is a “Political Arrest”. Then the ex President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, the father of Mr. Yoshitha says: “Arrest me instead of my son”.

    The charges to be framed against Mr. Yoshitha and the rest taken to custody are on “Money Laundering” i.e unable to explain how a large sum of money came into the accounts of CSN. If at questioning by the FCID, they were able to provide the way this money came into the accounts and that explanation did not violate any financial regulations of the country, nothing would have happened. Why can’t Mr. Dinesh Gunawardane, the spokesman of the “Joint Opposition” understand that and paint it as a “Political Arrest”? Then a person being the ex President wants him to be arrested in place of his son? Why he cannot understand that Mr. Yoshitha and the rest in custody were the people who ran the administration of CSN and only they are the people who must answer the questions arising out of its financial matters.

    I cannot understand why these two experienced politicians of the country are holding views as expressed in public. Apart from that the most upsetting factor is: Why the people of this country cannot understand the whole issue centered around this arrest and allow the normal course of Law to prevail. I blame the Authorities too, because they too have not given wide publicity to the “hard facts” relating to the case, so that the people would be better informed and educated. That is how these cunning politicians take the advantage of giving a wrong picture to the public.

  • 6

    Speaking without bias, I have every reason to believe a key member of defense establishment conducing a major commercial enterprise while in office would be guilty of a major misdemeanor. Yet as an observer I would say charge of money laundering would be harder to prove in an independent court. The amount in question could be an outright gift say from a fugitive billionaire as another key member in the present government was in the habit of receiving, or from successful businessmen as the previous opposition used to receive in hundreds of millions if we are to believe another cabinet minister. Those who saw the semi documentary film ‘Farenheit 451’ would agree that cultivating future political leaders like the son of a President with lavish gifts providing venture capital is considered sound global business strategy and the M-E enterprises had been doing that even in the US for decades. Today in UK a past PM is amassing vast wealth by advising M-E investors to make strategic decisions.
    A similar case in Malaysia collapsed very recently when the defense proved the amount in question was a gift from a Saudi client. I have no doubt similar things are happening today and it is out of order if FCID is confined to chasing misdeeds of a certain time period, while ignoring even greater misdeeds happening today.

  • 12

    Why don’t the State just put the Rajapakse family on a stage and people like S. Fonseka, S. Bandaranayake and members of killed journalist and then have a open round, and this should be aired on live TV.
    Lets see what the Rajapakses have to say then.
    The media in SL is hugely biased and are paid for by the old and new govt to scribble what is to be read. The Media for that matter all around the world controls the masses while lying.

    • 6

      Not only biased, but those journos have no brains. Even today, they work more to protect Rajapakshes for some untold reasons: When watching news today, we see proxy Rajapakshe are more even today, than Pres Sirisena.

      Why them to continue that way is the big question raised by RW lately. He clearly resounded – wedont want to see a media culture that is double standard by their nature, namely.. they report notign about about HOmagama but only go after Ambilipitya for the two different incidents that people are interested in these days.

      That was one of his great speeches. He has no fears whom to be pointed out and named were done. He also shared that we talka bout bringing a bill of transparecy
      So nobody would disgree that it is no wrong to have added the name of the men.
      Derana is the most disgusting media sender of the day.

  • 7

    This looks like another media show by the government. If anybody remembers, last April about 4 months before the parliamentary election when everybody started questioning about the corruption and arrests, Basil was arrested. He spent about a month in prison and was released on bail. What happened after that. More than 6 moths gone and nothing is heard about that case.

    Now of all the days, FCID decided to arrest Yoshitha on a Saturday under Money Laundering Act. We are going to have an election is four months or so and everybody is questioning government about corruption and arrests. Sounds familiar.

    Now to complicate matters, we have that Hirunika case where suspect of an abduction case was given bail in two hours.

    We’ll know soon whether this is a real case or another media show by the government.

  • 9

    “End of the road for Yoshita Rajapaksa”says the headline to this article on CT.Hopefully it would lead to an end of an era as well!!

    • 1

      Sajin:- it looks like Yoshitha is the Sacrificial Lamb of the Rajapakses who is being offered to the ‘Wolves’!

  • 4

    …another desperate distraction by the bankrupt ‘yahapalanaya’

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 5

    More interesting Cases of money Laundering are due – slowly grinding
    (No.11) as MR2 Politics demand. MR1 may be trapped in item No. 12 below?

    The FCID has done its best – Black-Coats can mint money now onwards:

    1. Case No. 474/2015 at Fort M.C. dealing with Hedging Fund and involving A.N.Cabraal, PB Jayasuendra, A de Mel, L.Karunaratne (Rs.200-700 Million ) 2. Case No. 24327/2015 at Chief M.C.(3) In the matter of Lanka Hospital shares and connected to G. Rajapakse, Roshini ,Cabraal, N.Godahewa, D.Jayaweera, M. Medihewa, W.Amunugamuwa, D.P.Y. Wijesinghe. (Rs. 600 million) 3. B26907/3/15 at Colombo M.C re Housing deals connected with W.Weerasena,B.K.J.K.Perera. 4. B/40/2015 at Kaduwella M.C. re Land purchases, involving Mrs. W.Weerasena, C.S.Ranasinhe. 5. B323/15 in Tangalle M.C. about Carlton Pre-school construction involving State Eng. Corporation Staff (Rs. 35 million) 6. 8674/15 in Pugoda M.C. re Development works, involving B.Rajapakse, N. Thirukumar 7. B22467/1/15 at Colombo Chief M.C. re Money Laundering by M. Aluthgamage (Rs. 3 – 27 million) 8. B22468/1/15 in Colombo Chief M.C. on Wealth acquired of Dr.P.B. Wickrema. 9. B25389/1/15 at Colombo C.M.Court re Money Laundering by G.Senarath. 10. B25166/3/15 at Colombo Ch M.C. Teleshan TV Network with A.Pilapita S.Wickremasinghe, and Sil Reddi with L.Weeratunga and Ven.V.Somananda Thero. 11. B9823/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re CSN Channel involving ITN Directorate & Staff. (5 Remanded in Jany.2016) 12. B35/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re ownership of Marriot Hotel in Dubai with N.Lokuwitharne and M.Rajapakse ( Rs. 48 to 190 million) 13. B27453/1/15 at Hultsdorf M.C. about Lanka Logistics Arms importing connected to G.Rajapakse, P.B.Jayasundera, Mohan Peiris, J.Wickremasinghe. 14. B/663/15 at Fort M.C. on Bank of Ceylon, Seychelles by M. Rajapakse & family 15. Greek Bonds purchase with names of Cabraal & Rajapakse in Petition Colombo M.C of 15.8.15 involving Rs. 1257 million 16. Sajin Vass Gunewardena in abuse of Public property, at Fort Magistrate Court, remanded since May, 2015. Also at Bribery Com. for questionable Assets. 17. Petition accepted in Supreme Court on 6.8.15 re Vehicle Permits abuse 18. Case No. 50/10 at High Courts, Kandy: Captain Wickremasinghe`s activity in Giritale Army Camp re Torture Chambers – under G. Rajapakse`s directions? 19. On Bail – Rohita Bogollagama 20. B/C Case – BC/2370/2011/B1 – 1 Billion heist: Pradeep Gunawardana (C`man State Trading Corporation) 21. B 586/15 in the Fort Magistrate’s Court on June 5, 2015 re Pushpa Rajapaksa Foundation & SMB payments. 22. Champika Karunaratne –Former Coordinating Secy.of MR remanded over Fraud (10 million) 23. M.C Nuwara Eliya Case of Prof. Dharmasiri in fraud of David Paynters Art work worth Rs.37 Million ? 24. etc etc

  • 7

    The Road NEVER started for this crook. He was simply hiding behind the cloak of his DICTATOR father.

    This fellow deserves to be put in rehabilitation and taught the facts of life. His rehab should include activities such as till the earth , plough the field, harvest the paddy etc.

    This boy should know the difficulty of earning a living. He is a fast-forward naval graduate with questionable academic credentials. So is his elder brother who likes to wear a black suit but can never argue a case in court.

    Oh and the Rocket Scientist!!! he seems to love dishing out ultimatums on Facebook these days.

    Rotten Siblings!!!!

  • 1

    law is applicable equally to all without discrimination , retrospectively – for past crimes ( say since FEB 4th 1948 If I may start Sri Lankas recorded history at this point) , current crimes and future crimes too. In the eyes of the law a case is closed until its opened again. in other words a previous acquittal is not necessarily a permanent acquittal. Prisons are very spacious and has room for everyone. So sit back , relax and enjoy the current happy moments under the sun – for who knows what tomorrow brings.

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