22 May, 2022


Enough Is Enough! Gnanasara Should Be Arrested!

By Harishchandra Lokumanna

Harishchandra Lokumanna

Harishchandra Lokumanna

Ven Galagoda Atte Gnanasara was a Post War creation who according to MR himself was a product of a Western conspiracy. This demagogue brought a new phase to militant Buddhism, which has been continuously sabotaging the concept of a united multi ethnic Sri Lanka since Independence. This person in robes made it ordinary to use awful un-Buddhist filthy and uncivilized language when making references to other religions specially Islam and Muslims. I am confident that any Buddhist parent will switch off the TV or the radio if his talk or interviews are shown/relayed in full. Many leading Sangharatne and Buddhist leaders have spoken against his rowdy thuggish hate speeches and behaviour unbecoming of a Buddhist monk. However, he has been still allowed to operate without fear or favour.

I wonder why this character needs more lessons from the Sinhala Buddhists in this country when he and his Cobra outfit BJP were well and truly wiped out from the election race in August 2015, even losing his deposit. His track records have been criminal. There was a charge of drunken driving against him initially as far as we know. Then many other charges followed when he began insulting Islam and Muslims in Sri Lanka as well as the Quran without adhering to the vinaya pitaka he is bound to follow, quoting a concept of Thaqiya which my inquiries reveal has no basis in Islam. In fact he was arrested for insulting the Court as well as insulting the Quran but later released on bail. Today, he has many companions to support him in his hate campaign like the Mahasonas and Sinhaley.

GnanasaraTrue, he had his patron saints during the MR regime. Gota as his demi-God allowed Gnanasara a free reign to whatever he wills and whatever the Devil whispers in his ears. However, it is not acceptable that this Yahapalana government which came to power to promote national reconciliation and to stop this hate campaign also allows him to continue without any barriers. Recent misplaced speech of Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe in the Parliament was Gnanasara’s desert and he relished it and spread it with much delight. Later he showed signs of toning down after his Sasanarakshaka Sabha met with Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and talked of sorting out these issues in a peaceful manner. However this was shortlived and now he has gone to full blast which shows he is a delusional character who should be given psychiatric treatment like that the other foul mouthed ‘Saviour of Buddhists’ Dan Prasad.

In his latest press interview, he has gone to the worst lowly levels of insulting the God of the Muslims in worse terms available for instance calling him an octopus. I am surprised and impressed how the Muslims are keeping their level headedness in the face of these insults to their religion which speaks of their maturity. Muslims know that this is not the view of the Sinhala Buddhist majority of this country who has been living in amity with the Muslims since the time of the Sinhala kings. However, there are limits to patient levels and the youth among the Muslims may be provoked to act in haste as well.

It is the duty of the Yahapalana Government to act without any delay or hesitation as further delays may aggravate the very sensitive situation which is prevailing in the country. There is a cyber war and cyber warriors who carry Sinhala Buddhist names and memes who are persistently posting hate speeches and demonising Islam and Muslims. These groups are going all over the country spreading hate and their next major hate rally will be in Batticoloa supporting another monk Sumanaratne Thero who has also been seen using utter filth against Police and government officers.

It is time that this demagogue hate monk Gnanasara Thero and his likes should be dealt with, arrested and punished for insulting a religion of more than a million citizens of this country (and of more than a quarter of the world’s population) and causing irreparable harm and bitterness among two major communities living in the South- Sinhalese and the Muslims. Any further delays in taking him to task will give wrong signals to his gang of rowdy pseudo warriors who have delusions in protecting Buddhism in this country in this shameful manner, but in fact they are actually destroying it in style. Sinhala Buddhist population too should speak out loud and clear that these Gnanasaras and Prasads are speaking NOT in their name and should lobby with the government to take effective against these so-called ‘demons in disguise calling themselves as ‘saviours’ of their dear religion of Buddhism.

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  • 29

    just Gnanasara?

    the MR clan supporting him should also be arrested.

    But Ranil/MY3 have no back bone

    • 16

      Why are the guardians of Buddhism turning a blind eye to hate? Is this a concerted effort to destroy an age old Philosophy?

      • 1

        The biggest Anti-Muslim Hate Campaign by the BBS and its clones is taking place in the Facebook. Calling people to gather at specific locations and so on are also taking place on Facebook. This may be one of the reasons that several countries have banned Facebook. It is high time that the SL government should ban the Facebook in Sri Lanka to avoid any such Hate Campaigns.

        It looks like the BBS is working on a conspiracy funded by someone to destabilize the country and sack the present government. It is believed that Gotabaya Rajapakshe is behind the BBS, it is not Budu Bala Sena but Gota Bala Sena. He and his creation (Ganasara) are doing all these to get rid of the present government before the term ends and make Gota the president.

        On the other hand, the Tamil Diaspora is also desperately looking for such situations (anti-minority Hate Campaigns) to expose the atrocities committed by the majority Sinhala-Buddhists to the Western world and the UN in order to strengthen their separatist campaign and call for a UN sponsored referendum. If there is an anti-minority riot in Sri Lanka, the biggest beneficiaries will be the Tamils. We have already seen how the Tamils benefited to the maximum from the 83’ riots and at the same time it converted Sri Lanka into a begging nation and a pariah state and our women were reduced to the state of slaves in the mid-East.

        • 0

          I think lanken intelligence is well alert putting the detectives every where that may be the reason Ghanasara not to come forward as had been the days of Meeharaka Rajaakshe.
          Today people are more alert to stand against not Ghansara but also Sumanarathana, since the current men are under the umbrella of GOOD GOVERNANCE, they have been unable to do the due the way that MR did them.
          Anyways, we will see, how Ghanasara will take those idiots .. and how far ? We the lay people but born buddhists want justice to be served leaving us all in peace.
          We have to stand against Ghansara and Sumanarathana -these two men have proved enough for what they have been capable – TO SPREAD HATREADS and live up their fetishisms.

        • 2

          Janaka Fernando

          “It looks like the BBS is working on a conspiracy funded by someone to destabilize the country and sack the present government. It is believed that Gotabaya Rajapakshe is behind the BBS, it is not Budu Bala Sena but Gota Bala Sena. He and his creation (Ganasara) are doing all these to get rid of the present government before the term ends and make Gota the president. “

          The data and smoke supports what you say.

          So, anybody who has a Facebook account must counter these shills and cronies of Goatabaya Rajapaksa, ans expose them.

          Why is the Govt not arresting Gotabaya for all these murders and crimes?

    • 14

      Reason as to why current duo have not done it yet is related to the place given to SANGAYA CONSTUME and the perception of the sinhala doimanted society. No matter even thugs, rapists, homosexuals, chain robbers, anti-women mandominat complex men, Rajaakshe supporters in disguished form, all high profile thugs abuse the SIVURA by today, there are no provisions in the prevailing law to protect thepeople from the danger being continued by them.

      1)This was the very same reason let that pissu ballah like – Monk of BATTICALO is even today free from police arrest. Not just once several dozens of times the man went amok
      Even visiting female police constable were like an angered snake would do. Nothing happened. We talk about the protection of basic human rights.

      2)Ghanasara is believed to be a body builder/physical fighter with higher aggressions- similar to those of Guantanmbe XYY prisoners. Those men not being able to control their testestesrone behave so uncontrollable to anyone. Police has no control over the man and his red constume wearing forces
      Sadly not much is improved even if the rule is changed from a Dictatorship to a democratic governance.
      I believe, majority of people are not yet grown to face full decmocratic governance
      They are familiar with former mechanims, which always had narrow agendas not thinking the future of the nation.
      For example, if anyone would protest against anything, they were to someextent pplease by fulfiling few demands in the same time, threatening them to the death. So nobody opened their heart out, let it go of… psychosis was grown – that is why the unexpected was occured in terms of driving away Rajaakshe dynasty from their tyrany.

    • 9

      More it is political opportunism. Be in power at any cost. Anyway thanks to the writer for the thought provoking views.

    • 5

      Assume a poisonous snake is believed to be in the town (in a devleoping country), but you cant find the creature easily not having devices as a developed country would be equipped with, then you make every effort to find the snake, but you cant get the creature. And danger of getting him is really high and so needed expertise from developed world. Here people are helpless – even politicians are also people. So people shold have to contnue their life with fears and all various anxities.

      Getting Rajaakshes being backed by abusive Sanga community is similar to the story of catching a poisonous creature not being damaged to its own people. And the prevailing laws are also not powerful enough to corner even high profile fraudsters in this country yet. In Singapore or Germany, things would have been totally different. They dont let people live with anxities, they have proper mechanisms to corner CRIMINALS within hours.

      On one hand the people are blind and support being given by them further is not decreased to the levels as expected. Stupidity of the average ( atleast 40%) dont make them easy to reach even realities about Rajapakshes. Many believe the other way around- about Rajapakshes, even if prima facie evidence is avaiable.

      On the other hand the place given to buddhist monk in the stupid society is very high. SIVRUA-SANGAYA CONSTUME has been the device being used by aggressive thugs, robbers, opportunists and high profile crime doers by today.
      More in the society believe, even if the man wrapped by Sivura/Sangaya uniform is abusive, we have to respect the constume- that is the buddhism they have been taught.
      Why cant the police do the job is related to the realities explained above.
      In UK, they the people want to go against Monrachy, But even over 50% of the popuplation in that country respect Royal family.

      Lanken situation in terms of Religion (Buddhism) is also even more powerful than the place given to Monarchy in UK. Other European folks cant even get the situation as to why they in UK intend to keep the monarchy that way.
      Likewise, lanken sitaution is no comphrehesible to outsiders Nor even for all walks of folks inthe country.

    • 15

      I hat off to Mr. Lokumanna for his fearless efforts, big mouth – so called self proclaimed nation s analyst woud not have risked his life bringing an arcle of this kind even if it is timeworthy.

      More of the writers kind should come forward to protest these rabid dogs hidden behind Sanga COSTUMEs making use of the respect given to them in the society.

      I think it is high time to go against all that stand agianst the laws equally.
      There no special place should be given to anyone- nor to SANGAYAS.

      We are born buddhists, but we must let abuse us this way.

    • 8

      Just because one cheevaradariyek, entire society is left to be with anxities why ?

      What is the role of law and order bodies of the country?

      What is the role of minister of justice ?

      What is the role of executive president ? Does he have no powers anymore ?

      What if these men in robes too would have been arrested by police as done to lay people ?

      Why so fear to face it ?

      What new IGP does though he promised to do lot more changes ?

      What does Prime Minister think how we come out of the pit fallen this deep ?

      Why MR et al is subjected to IMPUNITY ?

      Why yet no investigations are done interm s of the allegaitons levelled at the direct mediation of FORMER VVIP family in terms of Thadjudeen murder ?

      What do they say to nation in terms of Ekaniligodamissing after 2 years ?


    • 7

      Why media stay mum in terms of DIRECT MEDIATION OF Mahinda Rajapakshe in supporting BBS or other extremist elements of the country ?

      Not a single media man seems to have balls to do the job yet why ?

      • 0

        The Savior of us or Sinhalese Buddhists aka Dan Prasad has been released from the remand custody ;accordingly. he had issued a press release (video clip) cursing at all his extremist supporters , basically what he says is ” Seven thunders come upon on you opportunists ” . according to him all those ultra nationalists are opportunists and they try to make a quick buck out of his misery, well , we are glad that you have found the true colours of those extremist self-serving elements ;furthermore , your mentor blue brigade boss cum clown prince is busy with his silly tactics as to how to destabilise the country in way he could.

        PS: Dan Prasad get a life !

        • 0

          Yes, having realized, the boy sounds to be totally different today.
          How come him to be changed his mind that way ?
          Those stupid gulliable folks should finally should follow the boys new thoughts. We entire folks thought that the boy was the partner of that aggressive monk – Ghanasara just listening to the manner Ghansara spoke about his youth.
          Now the victimized boy to have added this way,prove all these men are brainwashed by BBS idiots for their survival.
          Rajaapkshes thieves are behind them. No doubt about that. We dont know rocket detectives to find it out. But media has been doing their coward work even today.
          Had we had brave media in this country, by now, We could all have corner all high criminals no exceptions to Rajapakshes.

    • 1

      I have no doubt, whoever whatever being preached, if Ghanasara would continue his way of spreading aggressions, definitely he will loose his life.
      His sodomite following his hard earned release from the remand day before yesterday added sensitive views about the efforts of few froged monks claimed to have exercised in terms of getting him free. The truth as he says is nobody except his own family made efforts to get him free.

      Now with things being added to air, stupid folks marching behind this Gorilla monk should stop continue their intoxications that way.
      All weakened people would go after them, but before long they too have to turn their mind sets realizing but truth.

    • 0

      Jayalalitha is dead! Good news for SL.

      • 0

        Seriously Fathima (aka Lorenzo) go sort out your issues at LW (laugable) before you put your 2 cents worth

      • 0

        [Edited out]

      • 0

        Are you a woman? I wonder whether you are human !!’ You say you are happy Jayalalita is dead.
        She was a film actress turned politician and ruled Tamilnadu as Chief Minister. She was loved by
        millions around the world and they are mourning her loss.
        You are Fathima Fukushima !!’ How come ??? You must be a product of the Fukushima nuclear disaster !’!

  • 23

    Really beats me why this ‘punk monk with a gun’ still walks the soil of Sri Lanka… Hello President Sirisena and PM Ranil, are you guys as blind as young Pujitha??? Are you guys deaf??? Do we need Politicians like them??? Do you need punk monks like them???

    DO SOMETHING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 7

      If that would have been easier, nothing should have been on their way to go and arrest him.

      This is why we believe Not the politicians govern this country but BUDDHISM and the place given to buddhism.

      Politicians are feared to handle it- since they dont want to see blood bath to be repeated again.

      Remember the day – Dayashan- one of the sodomites of Ghansara got caught, he threatened the rulers if SLTJ leader woud not have been arrested, few hundreds of buddhist youth would commit suicide.

      However, I now believe, POLICE could start it with Madakalapuwa Monk. He must have arrested the manner he behaved on the day- two weeks ago, after Mahinda Jarapakshe visited MOST notorious Mangalaramaya.

      Mahinda Rajaakshe is Mafia king where it is burning he pays a visit and try to take the side of the criminals irrespectivE the gravity of conflict.
      He does not want to solve the conflict but to abuse the situation.

  • 26

    Thank you!

    He is not a buddhist in my opinion – quite the opposite; he’s a demon in disguise.

    Politicians and ordinary citizens should have the back bone to cut off the loudspeaker given to this bigoted xenophobe. Do not give him media coverage.

  • 20

    Harishchandra Lokumanna

    RE: Enough Is Enough! Gnanasara Should Be Arrested!

    “Ven Galagoda Atte Gnanasara was a Post War creation who according to MR himself was a product of a Western conspiracy. This demagogue brought a new phase to militant Buddhism, which has been continuously sabotaging the concept of a united multi ethnic Sri Lanka since Independence. This person in robes made it ordinary to use awful un-Buddhist filthy and uncivilized language when making references to other religions specially Islam and Muslims.”

    Thanks for the write up.

    This is a Law and Order, and Constitutional right issue.

    The failure of the state and those who are given the task of upholding the law and order, and the judiciary, is a failure of the state, starting from the President downwards. Did the 62 lakhs of voters vote for this situation? No.

    “I wonder why this character needs more lessons from the Sinhala Buddhists in this country when he and his Cobra outfit BJP were well and truly wiped out from the election race in August 2015, even losing his deposit. “

    This shows that there is hope, because the masses know what Buddhism is, even though the politicians seem not to know.

    If Buddharakita and Somarama can be arrested, and Somaranama hanged, why not Ganasara?

    Because we have a “President” who is a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya, to those who were killed by the Rajapaksas, and who are roaming as Avatars and asking for justice.

    • 3

      Amarasiri, you say, “we have a “President” who is a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya”.

      In democracy, you get the government you deserve. If as you say, “we have a “President” who is a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya” it is because it is what you deserve as a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya.

      • 7

        I wonder why Amarasiri did not use the same terms at the time Mahinda Rajapakshe even mastered all high profile frauds on broad day light.
        I am too not HAPPY with the current govt. But I dont fall to the level to call Prez Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya.

        • 3

          Sam, I have advised him a number times about this, to no avail. His IQ allows him to rise up that much but no more.

          I too dislike MS and now Ranil too for not keeping their promises. But I don’t want to see him insulted like that.

          Amarasiri is a coward who hides behind the screen provided by CT.

          • 3

            It is just that Amarasiri is a JVPer.

            He feels that JVPrs are always right. For me, JVPrs have no vision. They just make their efforts to be in good books. Actually, had JVPrs supported the current regime, we would have achieved lot more.

            Besides, JVP will not be able to become the 3 rd party of the country. Most of them are like us, just criticising only:
            What have they done at the time, they were given chances to deliver ?

            Reason why them to be cornered from last two elections is, people exactly know JVPrs could go amok the way they did it in 89.
            I personally know how many of the victimized families suffer even today. Our batchas at Pera went missing for no reasons, just had been registered students only. One of my friends father became mad not being able to see what happened to his only son who was then a 3 rd medical student in Colombo Univeristy. All in all, that and this Wasantha Samarasinghe, the off eyed giants today make every effort to be goodies, but they too have a black history going back to late 80ties.

            I dont mind them the JVPrs being that radical in terms of going against corruption, but they have to feel it with the nation more closely than politicians. Most of all that man Weerawanse started his corrupted life from JVP and today turned out to be most disgusting politician of this country.

            • 2

              Comrades EDWIN RODRIGO and Sam Fernando

              //”Amarasiri, you say, “we have a “President” who is a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, and Mala-Perethaya”.”//

              //”I wonder why Amarasiri did not use the same terms at the time Mahinda Rajapakshe even mastered all high profile frauds on broad day light.”//

              Let Amarasiri clarify.

              Amarasiri formulates hypotheses based on available supporting data.

              1. Amarasiri was very critical of Mahinda Rajapaksa,and had several Kavi’s, songs, formulated to describe Mahinda Rakapaksa and cronies such as:

              MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa
              MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa
              MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa
              MaRa MaRa MiNi MaRu MaRa
              MaRa MaRa DhushaNa MaRa

              The 62 lakhs of voters who voted for Yahapalanaya, Good Governance, knew that and had common sense, and the candidate Maitripala Sirisena, was known as the Common Candidate or the Common Sense Candidate. They had a policy manifesto and got elected. Thre was a hney moon period of 3 months to a year or more, where the Yahapalanaya was given a grace period to straighten the mess created by MaRa.

              2. In the meantime, Sirisena acquired the title of Gamarala. Thre was a short period of independent commissions and the judiciary doing some good work to go after crooks and killers. however, all these turned out to be for show, and the MaRa crooks were released in flimsy grounds, and Sirisena even blasted the independent commission and judiciary.

              True, we would not have come this far with MaRa. However, it looks loke Sirisena has one foot on MaRa’s turf and spreading his political risks, ignoring the aspirations of the 62 lakhs who voted for him.

              The 62 leaks wanted Law and Order, and the crooks, criminals and killers brought before the law, have a fair trial and punish the guilty and acquit the innocent. Only one case seem to have been “resolved” that of the Premachandra killings by Duminda de Silva.

              However, the MaRa and cronies killer are still at large. Gota, who wanted Sarath Fonseka jailed along with MaRa, and hanged is still at large.

              Comrades EDWIN RODRIGO and Sam Fernando, given the above data, Amarasiri awarded the following titles* to President Sirisena.

              Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Perthaya Siriisena. Should Sirisena, abide by the Law of the Land, and proceed with the investigations of crooks and killers without interference, these Titles*, will be taken out.

              *Turncoat: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one.

              *Traitor: a person who betrays a friend, voter, country, principle, etc.

              * Gona: Sinhala , Colloquial, a whore, who performs for clients. Here we have Sirisena and the clients are MaRs, the crooks and cronies

              *Mala-Perethaya” Somebody who eats off the dead. MaRa, Gota and cronies, have killed a lot of innocents, such as Lasantha Wickramatunga, Ekltagoda, Thagudeen and scores of others, which Siisena is well aware of and trying ti protect.

              The Avtarrs of Lasantha Wickramatunga, Ekltagoda, Thagudeen and scores of others are repeatedly bothering Amarasiri for justice, as they are of pinion that Sirisena has been bought out with the stolen billions by MaRa, Gota and cronies.

              At a debate in Parliament today a Parliamentarian of Mahinda faction of the UPFA asked Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka about the murder of Mr. Lasantha Wickrematunga and Field Marshal Fonseka responded by saying “Lasantha was murdered by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.”
              Mr. Lasantha Wickrematunga was brutally murdered while he was driving to his office in January, 2009.

              Comrades EDWIN RODRIGO and Sam Fernando, at least it is only the JVP that is pointing out these abuses.

              “රනිල්-මෛත්‍රී දෙන්නම ඉන්න තැන අනුර කියපු කතාව.” Ranil and Maitri positions explained by Anura.


              • 0

                Kesara Sinha Rajapassa

                The following amendments are proposed by Edwin for consideration before we finalize things:

                Add “MaRa MaRa AmaRa MaRa “ after “MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa” in the stanza to fill up an important gap.

                Calling MS a Gamarala.is unfair. It is an insult to the Gamaralas who are ordinary, simple and honest villagers. Therefore, I request that the above be removed from the list of aliases.

                Gona may be confused with the 4-legged Gona, an animal that Tamils worship. Calling My3 a Gona may start another ethno/religious war giving a chance for people like Rajasingham Narendran to collect funds from our Tamil Gamaralas purportedly to fight for the Holy Gonas but actually to get a postal PhD for himself. This time we have a Gamarala and a Weda Beri Tarzan to lead us instead of a Kesara Sinha Rajapassa. Need I say anymore? Let us drop it.

                As a bonus you may keep Mala-Perthaya.

                • 2

                  EDWIN RODRIGO

                  //”Add “MaRa MaRa AmaRa MaRa “ after “MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa” in the stanza to fill up an important gap.”//

                  But Amara is also a Sanskrit name meaning immortal: This does not fit MaRa and he will be soon dead like Fidel Castro.

                  Amara and a Mongolian name meaning peaceful: This does not fit MaRa, because he is not peaceful and created too many Avatars floating around.

                  Amara is the Italian word for bitter: This fits, as he is bitter t the populace of Lanka. He is bitter to 6.2 million voters.

                  So, just keep AmaNa MaRa. That Fits him, MaRa, and there is no ambiguity.

                  MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa
                  MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa,AmaNa MaRa,AmaNa MaRa, AmaNa MaRa, AmaNa MaRa….

                  • 1

                    Amarasiri, So you are immortal, not peaceful. That is the bitter truth you offer me. Can we at least include

                    Mara Mara – Gas Mara
                    Mara Mara – Vehi Mara
                    Mara Mara – Weta Mara
                    Mara Mara – Keli Mara
                    Mara Mara – Bamara Mara

                    just for my sake?

              • 0


                If I say Amarasiri was an accomplice to the murder of Lasantha Wickramasinghe do I have to submit any proof?


                • 2

                  Soma, we are perfectly clear that you have add pleasing your pay masters. But why to fall that deep ? Are u at all mentally balanced to continue your role – which is supporting mURDERs further.
                  What happened to the guy who lately left leaving a note ” I am the one who shot Lasantha W please set my colleage who is in custody free” ?
                  The very same individual who commited suicide that had reported to his previous camps just 3-4 days prior to his strangulation on that way.

                • 2


                  Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka and Sririsena have all the Proof as to who Ordered it, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and who carried it out, and as as to why both Lasantha, Ekliyagosa and Athhas,( he left before being killed) for the U S. $30 million mark up by Gotabaya fir the Ukraine MIG deal.

                  We know now who killed Lasantha Wickrematunge Gotabaya Rajapaksa

                  Published on Jan 21, 2015
                  government says investigation has started into lasantha wickrematunge death and that everything has come out


  • 24

    If this goon gnansara had been arrested for aluthgama, sri lanka would be a better place. now with all his insults on our prophet, his and his pandam karayas days are numbered. muslims will tolerate most abuse, but the time our prophet is insulted , then gnanasaraya should expect whats coming to him.
    the fool doesnt know a thing about religion, and still there are pandam karayas whos mothers and wifes working in the middle east sending them allowances to drink. what will happen to singhala women in middle east. its better arrest him now, before Islamic state gets wind of his insult to the prophet. the war will be long and bloody. gnanasara is not worth defending .people of all religions will suffer,
    put gnanasara in jail.

  • 20

    They will not do anything about this Buddhist terrorism that is emerging!

    This government seems to be using them just like the Rajapaksas!

    Just like the Muslim world tolerated radical Islamic terrorists until they went out of control and destroyed the nations they were bases in. Only now have they realized that they have to identify the causes and solve this problem of terrorism.

    Sri Lanka too is willingly entertaining these Buddhist terrorists to harass the very many Sri Lankans who want to build and set up the foundation for a united, tolerant Sri Lanka that can move towards a developed nation status.

    End result is that this behavior will creat an environment that will not be suitable to produce the intellectuals that are on par with global standards in various fields who would be required to design and and overlook the development of our nation in any meaningful way. (Sure we might have a few copy cat intellectuals who borrow ideas from other nations with no meaningful understanding of how they work)

    All this will leave Sri Lanka broken lacking the intelligence to develop on its own and at the mercy and total dependence on foreign intellectuals.

    The government has to really think hard does it want to continue to reinforce this prevailing environment or start to build one suitable to cultivate our own bright innovative minds!?

  • 18

    The so called yahapalanaya govt act justly or will they act like sissies over and over again?

    I think our PM Ranil is not going to win any more elections if he does not act decisvly ,thought corrupt thuggish racist rogues the Rajapaksa govt was good in executing plans while Ranil just talks and talks and goes on study tours,perhaps a teaching job at Cambridge will be more suited for Ranil

    • 1

      Wake up Ranil.don’t disappoint us.

  • 18

    Harishchandra Lokumanna

    “Enough Is Enough! Gnanasara Should Be Arrested!”

    Then release him on bail.

    If the intention is to let him go free, then why waste time and resources to arrest him in the first place?

  • 3

    Harishchandra Lokumanna

    Are you christian or muslim

    Muslims kill muslim in Africa, and in Mieddle east.

    I think Ghanasara is responsible for that ?

    I thibk it is enough Sinhala buddhists stayed silent. They should start against the corrupt govt neglecting sinhala buddhists rights.

    • 9

      What are the neglecting sinhala Buddhists rights.

      Threaten and abuse the minorities may be….let the monks to drink and drive,threaten the govnt officials as LTTE all because that officer happen to be a Tamil.

      After 30 yrs of devastated war with tsunami,no reconciliation sadly.

      Kallathoni Vijay’s saga.

    • 9


    • 0

      jim softy, Idiot

      “I thibk it is enough Sinhala buddhists stayed silent. They should start against the corrupt govt neglecting sinhala buddhists rights.”

      Sinhala “Buddhist” Rights? Who gave them? Buddha? Are Sinhala “Buddhists” Buddhists?

      1. Sinhala are Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      2. The Para-Sinhala came by Hora-Oru, Kalla-Thonni, Illegal boats to the Land.

      3. The Buddhism followed by the Para-Sinhala “Buddhist”: is not Pristine Buddhism. It is distorted Buddhism,mixed with Mara-ism. That is why the Jaya Mangala Gatha is Sung first to clean up before festive Occasions.

      4. Buddha did not want pictures, statues, and Tress to be worshiped on his behalf. Sinhala “Buddhists” do that.

      5. Buddhas did not want to be treated like a God with divine attributes. Sinhala Buddhists do that.

      6.. Buddha dod not want to tell lies and Spread lies. Monk Mahanama in his Mahawamsa told lies, imaginations as truth , and the stupid Sinhala Buddies believed that as the Truth.

      7. Buddha did not visit the Land of native Veddah Aethho, and did not fly to the top of a Mountain to lay his footprint. Para-Sinhala “Buddhists” believe that .


      1. Mahavamsa- An Insult To The Buddha!


      2. Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


      3. Sri Lanka Belongs to the Native Veddah Aethho.
      The Truth: Sinhala and Demala, Marakkala, Portuguese and Others Are Paradeshis, Paras in the Land of native Veddah Aethho.

      The Vedda Tribe


      4. Did the Buddha visit Sri Lanka?

      The account given in the Mahavamsa has no historical evidence to support the proposition that the Buddha ever visited this island . Biographer and literary critic Lytton Strachey once said, “ignorance is the first requisite of the historian. Ignorance which simplifies and clarifies, which selects and limits, with a placid perfection unattainable by the highest art. Had Lytton Strachey ever read the Mahavamsa, he would have been delighted to realize that Mahanama had followed his observation to the very letter,


  • 22

    The actions of thugs like Gnanasara and Sumanratne parading as monks is a travesty of the Buddha’s teachings, and the fact that the Sangha, the Law and the General Buddhist Public have done little or nothing to curb this menace speaks volumes for the state of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Time to ‘drain the swamp’ – better late than never!

    • 12

      By Jingo:-

      I read a comment somewhere that, Affluent People in Colombo can be critical of the activities of Monks, but the Villagers need Bhikkhus of whatever level, to Maintain the Buddha Sasana.

      ‘Men in Robes’ like this, are destroying the Sasana, not maintaining it

  • 10

    Well, S.J.V. Chelvanayagam request for a “Tamil State” is turned down by S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake.

    S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake is immediately shot dead. A monk known as Buddha Rakhitha thero is found guilty.

    The alleged motive is apparently a commercial deal involving a sugar factory. Buddha Rakhitha Thero subsequently gets baptized in prison and become a Chrisitan.

    Does all the above sound “weird” ? I want to out there my own hypothesis. Testing the hypothesis will require inside help.

    A predominantly Tamil and Catholic group operates in Sri Lanka and overseas, significantly now in USA.

    This group uses assassination among other shady methods to carve out a Tamil state in the NE. There are people with Sinhala names too although outwardly Sinhala has some emotional connection to the Tamil cause.

    For example, Kusal Perera, R.M.B. Senananayake and Ravi Karunaratne are potential candidates of this demography.

    They often use corrupt monks to carry out their work. The problem is the state intelligence services never consider these deep operatives as an existential threat to the well being of the state.

    • 2

      Chelvanayagam asked for federal system but in 1976 only came for Tamil state with the upper hand of Amir by this stage chelvanayagam can’t even full speech but only Amir can understand and told us what he thinks best for Tamils.

      The fault of the Tamil leaders is that they don’t explain how the federal system works,lot of people think asking for divided country.

    • 5


      nice theory.
      You should write the story line for the next James Bond movie

    • 0

      You idiot Banda was shot by Talduwe Somarama ,who was sentenced to death, and he converted to Christianity,before
      he was hanged. Banda born Christian died a Buddhist, and Somarama born Buddhist died a Christian. Now both are
      in Hell and having fun !!!

  • 4

    He should have arrested. No doubt on that. But, there are some curtains. Well written article Brother,

  • 0

    Harishchandra Lokumanna like people comes from time to time and they want to, arrest buddhist monks, wnat to preserve animal rights for elephants, want to legalize prostitution.

    That has a long list.

  • 13

    Gnasara is the begining of the end of buddhism in Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    This writer is deaf and dumb of what is happening in the world, not knowing that Islam destroying all other cultures, freedom, and taking over the world and killing freedom of the others. He does not know there is a cultural invasion in Sri Lanka right now by the Islam.

    Isseth Hussain is another front of the massive Islamic conquerors who applies a shield to protect the ferocious Islamic army behind.

    Those who blame Buddhists and Monks should read that shit the Qur’an and see how peaceful it is?

    It is a Penal Code in fact.

    You should inquire as to how Muslims are earning and profiteering engaging in all fraudulent and illegal means, getting rich, then buying properties and conquering our Sinhela land. They rape our girls, destroy our culture and destroying in every front. Narcotics and Smuggling is their culture.

    This writer must have been heavily bribed by Hamba Muslims who wants to take over this land, behead and kill Sinhela people just as they did in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. which were Buddhists countries in the past.

    Those who have commented here are also dumb and deaf in this subject not aware of what is going on. The duped friendliness and peace thrown at others by Muslims is a mere deception until the other land is conquered, manifested in the special chapter called Al Taqiya and Kitman (Deceiving enemy) in a Shit Qur’an the major source of terrorism.

    Islam and Muslims be wiped out of our Motherland !
    There is no homeland for Tamils or Muslims here.

    • 0

      AL TAQIYA,
      From your name,I can say you are are SHEEA’AH bastard. TAQIYA or deception is the core of the Sheeah faith.
      You claim to be Muslims but you sure NOT. You might be a RAFIDAH, Bohrah, the bloodsuckers from Gujarat
      India. So you want Islam and Muslims to be wiped out. QUITE A TALL ORDER. There is no chapter in Quran
      Al Taqiya or Kitman.. We know that Iran along with the Jews,from whom you descend are today creating all
      problems in Iraq,Yemen,Syria and other parts of the world. You will end in hell like your Khomeini without the
      shroud. So you are waiting for the appearance of your saviour the Twelvth Imam ,who disappeared and is
      said to be hiding in a tunnel!!! All the best !!!

  • 11

    In my opinion, he is causing more damage to true Buddhism than to Islam or Sri Lankan Muslims.

  • 8

    Suggested Punishment for Gnanasara

    I will tell you what we can do. Keep it secret OK? We will circumcise him and then release him. Then we will spread the rumour through the social media that Gnanasara is a Muslim on the payroll of CIA. We will also insist that we want him to prove publicly that the charges are false.

    That will make spend the rest of his life hiding in the ceiling of his temple like a Kalaveddah.

    • 9

      So then please tell us ALSO how we get closer to Gorilla? Are their voluntary UROLOGISTs among us ?
      Please add more steps how we have to approach the man to get his circumcised ? Perhaps through that sodomite -Dayanshan, current in the custody ?
      or how ?

      • 1

        Operation Gnanasaurus

        There are huge problems and it is not going to be a cakewalk. Dinosaur Gnanasaurus is as fierce as Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex).

        We who work for the 5th Fleet take problems as challenges. ‘Harder the Better’ is our motto. We pledge to cut the long story short and chase Gnanasara in to the celing within a week.

        • 0

          HI Lorenzo

    • 0

      There are many monks who were killed by european Catholics and British english.

      But, some one else came to the front.

      Portugeuse, Dutch, British came and gone. So, will be others.

      Britain, after their bank ruptcy, took almost 100 years to leave.

      This group has less than 50 years.

      At that time, I am thinking what will happen to people like Harischandra Lokumanna.

      • 0

        There were also people who got killed in lanken civil war.

        Harischandra Lokumanna will be commended by all right thinking ones.

        BBS man disguished in Sanga dress and that SMOKING monk with a sharpened cesspit shoudl both be beheaded by lanken law and order if the nation to breathe in again.

  • 11

    Mark my word’s it won’t be long before these emerging buddist terrorist/criminal outfits turn their guns on any sinhalese who disagrees with them. Its not only the muslims but even the sinhalese who question these cobra outfits are demonized and verbally abused, and are as much victims as the muslims and catholics.

    If any of you watched dan prasads'(the self proclaimed savior of the Sinhala buddists) latest Facebook video you’ll see that he too has realized how deceptive, manipulative, venomous these militant outfits have becomes under the guise of protecting buddism. I never thought I’d see this guy use such strong language against the rogue monks he worked for.

    Its time. Its time. Its time to cut the heads off these cobra outfits. If this government has no backbone to do so someone with a backbone should, even if it means going above the law. With no law to reign them in people should start fighting fire with fire. That’s the only language the politicians and the cobras seem to understand.

    • 5

      No, I believe, the man called Ghanasara will not stay long.

      So will it be for Madakalapuwa -Batticalo Monk too.

      They have made more enemies regardless of the religion they worship.

      In SRILANKA; there are a large number of silent masses- that are srilakens, they respect all religions and beliefs, but their voice is being not vocal by a considerable number of representatives.

      THey believe, avigaththo aviyen nasiy – those who behave violent, will end up sooner than later with the same weapons.

      No means acceptable any kind of monks to behave like Ghanasara or Batticalo cigarette smoking monk -Sumanarathana.

      Both dogs should be kept away from HUMAN ASSOCIATION in order to protect the damage being done to the masses.

  • 11

    Destruction of Buddhism within is the new strategy.

  • 9

    I am afraid the politicians don’t have the guts to arrest any of the thugs in yellow robes.

    only the people Sri Lanka can
    what will be the breaking point for the Sinhala people of Sri Lanka to rise against the thugs in robes.

    • 6


      “I am afraid the politicians don’t have the guts to arrest any of the thugs in yellow robes.”

      Aren’t you being childish?

      Do the politicians really want to arrest those thugs, charge them and put them away for years?

      I am sorry you do sound like a descent person, however you seem bit naive.

      • 2

        Native …I know its part of Sri Lanka’s political system.

  • 0

    Anybody can show me is thegMnre any country in this worl where muslim majority and giving humen right to none muslims

    Who accept chalenge ??~~~?????

    • 9


    • 2

      Kingdom of Bahrain

    • 0


      Are u still alive ?

  • 9

    At the time of writing it is reported from Sri Lanka that BBS supporters are attempting to enter the city of Batticaloa to hold their protest demonstrations despite a Court order banning any activity by them. It is their attempt to provoke other communities. The Govt.should strictly enforce Law and Order without being lethargic.

    • 2

      Don’t worry Mohammed. Allah will protect you. My worry is what will they do with the Tamils? The donkeys don’t even have monkeys to protect them.

  • 0

    Edwin Rodrigo

    We can see your humour what a pathetic. people like you is well enough to ruin your dangerest racist country.

    Hope you don’t have children,follow the Gunarsa’s Buddhism is way forward for this sickening mad dogs.

    • 0

      Kugan, I have four children, who I hope would follow in my footsteps. I always tell my children (you may call it brainwashing) that the Sinhala Buddhists have a mission. To protect the Teachings of Buddha.

      I always tell them be tolerant and use force only if absolutely necessary and then too without malice.

      That is why SB have survived for 2,500 + years, with all those invasions from Chola, Pandya and Wadugas and most recently from the Kallathoni Tigers.

      • 0

        Edwin Rodrigo

        It’s good that you children,from your attitude of upbringing can definitely guess Gunarsa might be the eldererest and definitely not the last.so in a way to use force is justifiable.

        British police is unarmed why, where do you draw the line for force,in recently 2 students lost their lives in Jaffna.

        According to you SB mission is to protect the Buddha’s teachings right from 2500 yrs back.but not to follow them as we can see.protecting from when? But in reality we get abuse and threats from Buddhists army in saffron robes.

        Looks like you folks going back to 2500 yrs look at the neighbouring countries how they go forward,there are lot of fathers like you as you admit brainwash them ,is it anything good for the country,dont you all teach them how we can go forward and develop the country,

        Why are you all sending your mother and sisters to clean the Muslims toilets in the middle East and do prostitutions,100 in Maldives alone.

        Go and visit the villages how they struggling to meet day to day lives.

        In the name of Buddha we are taking our grand children to the country like Somalia Afghan…one time I heard rich country.

        We Tamils only had treasure was education -its gone upto to burn the library which was orchestrated by power full ministers,these saviours all blind and deaf.

        Now Muslims all because they are doing very well through hard work and lot of success businesses targeting the big establishments forgot to understand for how many people they gives employments and how many families rely on them.

        Sadu sadu

  • 2

    Non Buddhists must appreciate after reading the comments that the Buddhist people in the country are very tolerant of others who are from different faiths. Therefore we must celebrate our diversity and be a lesson to other countries.

    • 2


      “Non Buddhists must appreciate after reading the comments that the Buddhist people in the country are very tolerant of others who are from different faiths.”

      You may be right. They are too tolerant of Sinhala/Buddhism and Sinhala/Buddhists. It explains as to why they tolerate the crooked politicians and keep voting for them again and again.

      I take it that the intolerant Sinhala/Buddhists caused all previous riots from 1915 to 1914 and brought disgrace to the Buddhists.

    • 0

      it is notthe tolerance butstupidity that they the majority is being caught by deceitful politicians

    • 0

      I appreciate your comments, which briefly explains our attitude to others. friendly and tolerant.

      This applies not only to other humans but to animals like Kalveddahs, hothambuwas etc.

  • 1

    Should Ven.Gnanasara be arrested ?
    Hmmmm ……

    [Q] Why should he be arrested ?
    [A] Well, because he continues to deliver hate speeches against the Muslims. Where have you been all this time, man ? Living on Mars ? There will be peace once again, if he is compelled to shut up.
    [Q] Umm.. yes, but the peace will be extremely short-lived. Will he of his own volition stop making such speeches in the future too if he is arrested ?
    [A] What do you mean ? Are you saying that he will continue making such speeches from prison ?
    [Q] Not really, but he will be released someday, won’t he ? So don’t you think he will be more bigoted and prejudiced towards the Muslims after his incarceration ? And don’t you think his standing among certain segments of the Buddhist Community would have received a significant boost because of it ?
    [A] What do you mean ?
    [Q] Well, he could always explain his verbal attacks against the Muslims as being executed purely to defend the perceived threats against the Buddhist community. Isn’t it said that ‘attack is the best form of defense’ ?
    [A] If you put it that way, I guess so …….
    [Q] Moreover, what would happen if hundreds of Buddhist monks deliberately resort to making hate speeches and courting arrest to demonstrate their solidarity with Ven Gnanasara ? Will any Govt willing arrest such large numbers of buddhist monks ?
    [A] That would definitely be catastrophic.
    [Q] So is it then a good idea to arrest Ven. Gnanasara for the purpose of preventing hate-speech and it’s consequences ?
    [A] Now, I am confused ……
    [Q] Let me describe an analogy. If we know that a volcano is going to explode, in order to control the lava flow, should we block the mouth of the volcano or should we diffuse the pressure within the volcano by creating new outlets for the lava on the sides of the volcano ?
    [A] That’s a tough one
    [Q] Come on, man, what I am asking is whether hate speech can be controlled effectively by merely enacting laws (blocking the mouth of the volcano). Or should we try to identify the reasons that impel any person, not just Ven. Gnanasara, to utter such derogatory statements in public – and neutralize such reasons (diffuse the pressure).
    [A] Go to hell, you bugger, I still say arrest Gnanasara !!

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Harischandra Lokumanna:-

    “This person in robes made it ordinary to use awful un-Buddhist filthy and uncivilized language when making references to other religions ….”

    How can Sri Lanka continue to say that We are the Custodians of Buddhism, when Gandassara is doing His Utmost to Destroy it from Within?

  • 0

    Harischandra Lokumanna,

    I applaud you for your courage in coming out and explaining the real situation with regards to the reprehensible thug Gnanasara and his coterie of marauders.

    Yes, we need to unite and get rid of all bias crime. It is so frustrating to see that the police and the politicians of this country being so powerless in stopping the spread of racism. Didn’t we learn from the horror that descended in Sri Lanka for 30 years due to racism against the Tamils. What citizen in his right mind thinks that this unbridled racism promoted by saffron robed Buddhist monks will end in good. It is a travesty against all law abiding and peace loving citizens. These demon monks brigade must be dealt with now not after another bloodbath. The gutless Pujith and the equally gutless Ranil/My3 take note, your inaction will lead to bloodshed and is going to cost thousands of innocent lives.

  • 0

    Christians/Catholics are 7%.

    If they are this vocal and anti-buddhist, we can understand if they are the majority.

  • 0

    From picture it looks as if Gnanasara is about to indulge in oral sex ????

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