17 May, 2022


Eris And Elections

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Experience showed that even the simplest events always worked out differently from what one would have thought beforehand.” – Thomas Mann (The Magic Mountain)

Mahinda And Champika

In modern parlance it would be called a prequel – to the Trojan War. Eris, Goddess of Discord, appears uninvited at the wedding banquet of Peleus and Thetis and throws the eponymous apple amongst the assembled guests, seeding collision, strife and war.

Mahinda Rajapaksa may have intended to do an Eris vis-à-vis the Opposition with his decision to have an early presidential election. But his gambit seems to have backfired. The opposition is indubitably at loggerheads, but so is the government. In fact, the first serious fissure in the hitherto monolithic UPFA was caused by President Rajapaksa’s decision to hold a controversially premature election.

The JHU has left the government but it has not joined the opposition. Doors are still open, both ways, and the possibility of a rapprochement (at least with a segment of the JHU) is very much extant. The regime’s unusually temperate response to the JHU’s quasi-departure is reflective of this possibility. But any such reconciliation will be in the future. The here and the now reverberates with the uncustomary sounds of dissent within the UPFA. Whatever the future may bring, in the present the JHU’s decision is damaging the ruling family’s public image. Voters are used to oppositional wrangling; but a coalition party leaving the government is a relatively rare occurrence and thus more likely to impact on supporters and opponents.

In Lankan politics, coalitions are often synergic – their politico-propaganda effect is much larger than the sum total of the politico-electoral clout of the constituent parties. This is particularly so with the SLFP; historically, the formation of a coalition by the SLFP has been a harbinger of victory while the breaking up of a coalition almost always heralded defeat. The current fissure in the UPFA is likely to cause a degree of consternation, confusion and dismay in the Rajapaksa support base, far in excess of the JHU’s much diminished electoral capacity.

Is the JHU responding to a mood-shift at the grassroots level? Though the JHU’s electoral base is a fraction of what it once was, the party’s transmission belts to its original constituency (mostly Sinhala-Buddhist suburban middle classes) may still be intact. And as the latest CPA survey revealed, economic discontent of the Sinhalese has increased sharply in the last one year. Perhaps the most telling of the survey’s findings is that only 23% of Sinhalese think that their own household economy got better in the last two years. Is the JHU hoping for a politico-electoral rejuvenation by giving voice to this obvious discontent?

Will the JHU’s quasi-departure cause a domino effect within the UPFA and/or the SLFP? That many senior SLFPers are unhappy about a Rajapaksa future is no secret. After all, senior SLFPers have to kowtow not just to the President but also to his brothers, sons, nephews, other favoured relations and boorish acolytes such as Sajin Vass Gunawardena. If Mahinda Rajapaksa wins a third term, most SLFP seniors will have to live out their natural/political lives in that humiliating future – barring a miracle. Will the JHU’s actions embolden other discontented spirits within the UPFA/SLFP into following suit? Or will they wait for a safer moment to jump? Are they too back-broken to do anything other than moan and gripe in private?

Even if no one follows in the footsteps of the JHU, even if a segment of the JHU returns to the Rajapaksa fold (eventually), the JHU’s quasi-departure – especially the manner and the timing of it – will have a deleterious effect on the Ruling Family. At its press conference, the JHU reminded the country that President Rajapaksa promised to abolish the executive presidency not just once but twice, in his previous presidential election manifestos. This renders ludicrously ineffective the national security argument against the abolition of the executive presidency. After all, would Mahinda Rajapaksa, the arch-patriot, have pledged to abolish the executive presidency, not just once but twice, if executive presidency is necessary for territorial integrity and national defence?

Whatever the future may bring, the Rajapaksas no longer look Teflon.

A minority party or a left party departing the UPFA could have been accused, easily, of treachery. It is harder to use the same accusation against the JHU. This is a squabble, almost en famille. The Rajapaksas and the JHU occupy the same politico-ideological space. Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism is the Rajapaksas’ mantle of choice (and necessity) to cover the ugliness of their familial agenda. It is precisely this mantle the JHU will try to tear apart.

As Marx said of British India’s Sepoy rebellion, “There is something in human history like retribution: and it is a rule of historical retribution that its instrument be forged not by the offended, but by the offender himself”[i].

Maths and Politics

In Sri Lanka, voter turnout, on average, is 10% higher at national elections than at non-national elections.

At the last provincial council elections (held in four rounds over 2 years, from 2012 to 2014), the average voter turnout was around 65%, compared to a voter turnout of 74.5% at the 2010 presidential election.

In 2010, Mahinda Rajapaksa scored 57.88% of the valid vote. At the provincial council elections the UPFA’s average vote was 54%.

This is a drastic decrease; but the decrease becomes even more substantial once the difference in voter-turnout between national and non-national elections is factored in. The adjusted figure is around 49% for the UPFA, less than the all important 50% mark.

The added 10% of votes at a future national election will consist mostly of new voters and uncommitted voters. Their support is not a given for any candidate; it is something which will have to be fought for and won. If the opposition can run an attractively effective campaign, it has a chance of winning enough of these voters, thereby pushing the election into a second round. Even a divided opposition can do it, so long as they do not target each other and turn the entire campaign into a bathetic spectacle.

Objectively, the Rajapaksas are vulnerable in 2015 in a way they were not in 2010.

It is in this context the JHU’s quasi-departure must be considered. Can the JHU deprive the Rajapaksas of even a sliver of their electoral base? In 2010 such minutia would not have mattered; in 2015 they do.

But the JHU can open the doors to Eris in the opposition camp as well. The Rajapaksas cannot be beaten if the opposition fails to win minority support. If due to JHU influence, the opposition moves in a Sinhala-supremacist direction, the effect will be disastrous both politically and electorally. Such a shift will strengthen those Tamil and Muslim voices arguing for an election boycott – on the basis that the election is a ‘Sinhala affair’. This argument is dangerously fallacious – the government which is elected will be ruling over not just the Sinhalese but the minorities as well.

So the JHU is, at best, a mixed blessing for the opposition.  The Rajapaksas will win, if the JHU is allowed to recast the oppositional-platform in a Sinhala-Buddhist mould.

[i] The Indian Revolt (New York Daily Tribune – 16.9.1857)

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  • 4

    Titsaranee has bettered herself this time. President Rajapaksa’s alleged arangement with the JHU is a conspiracy theory that matches the “Protocols of the elders of Zion” (if it was not true).

    It is this kind of rubbishy “analyses” that will never allow any opposition in Sri Lanka to beat the current government.

    [Edited out]

    • 2

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      Elections, Elections, and elections.

      Tissaranee, now where is the Common sense Pamphlet?

      Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa Seeks Unprecedented Third Term As President

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/r-sri-lankas-rajapaksa-seeks-unprecedented-third-term-as-president-2014-11#ixzz3JbKkhPC5

      COLOMBO (Reuters) – Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Thursday signed a proclamation declaring a presidential election, seeking an unprecedented third six-year tenure.

      “I am declaring a secret today. I have signed the proclamation calling for the election for re-election for the third time… That is democracy,” Rajapaksa said, addressing a gathering on state television.

      (Reporting by Ranga Sirilal; Writing by Shihar Aneez; Editing by Nick Macfie)

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/r-sri-lankas-rajapaksa-seeks-unprecedented-third-term-as-president-2014-11#ixzz3JbKkhPC5

      • 4

        here is some thing i posted here today under a different article , since it’s a very important issue i reproduce it here as well .

        Presidential Election has been declared and now time has come to be united , treat this election as the last chance to rescue SL from this murderous junta regime , so we all have to do our bit , least we can do is , give some valuable suggestions to opposition , CT is a well respected news post/blog and am sure many of decision makers/stalwarts/party supporters read our posts , so let’s get cracking here are my suggestions,

        1) Even though UNP is the main opposition party , they must not try to be bossy towards other parties especially towards JVP .always needs to work as a team . UNP party name ,colour and Elephant symbol mustn’t be used at any of election rallies.

        2)tens of thousand emails , fax messages ,SMS, Voice messages , face book messages need to send to Kamelesh Sharma reminding him about his earlier promise , i.e demanding a huge delegation of commonwealth election monitors in SL before the nominations.

        2)All the opposition party leaders and their party supporters must meet that clown election commissioner Deshapriya and demand a decent amount of election monitors presence from respected countries till the smooth transition.

        3)CCTV cameras to be installed at all the major counting centers************

        4)Generator power to be set up at all the major counting centers ***********.

        5)postal voting system and all the other subsequent actions need to be more transparent.

        6)booking all the major public places/grounds for public rallies.

        7)if necessary , obtaining necessary police approvals in advance.

        8)since JVP has a very strong grass root level support base , negotiate and provide logistical/finance support for an efficient/productive rural area campaign.

        9)CBK is going to be a super star and she is a crowd puller , she needs to be treated with due respect (must let go the past)

        10)educate the public about the importance of this life and death situation.

        *********** =Extremely Important.

    • 1

      Sydney Cohen:
      The only thing you are better at than exposing your idiocy is your capacity to be crude. But then what can you expect from a .. but a grunt, I suppose!
      One thing’s for sure, though, you certainly echo your Master’s Voice, just as f… crude!

  • 5

    After reading the “Maths and Politics” section of the article, we think the writer has confused Arithmetic with Maths.

    Never mind. Bile has the effect of making people stupid!

    • 1

      please don’t display yourself that far but try to read between the lines.

      In life we see everything as in order and then start correcting it and that is now embedded in democracy especially by the ironic of the west who smile.

  • 3

    Well, Mahinda neglected the high-end of town while totally depending on the low-end of town isn’t it?

    The high end of town needs to see loose ends tied up after reaching important milestones. JHU wanted to see the 2/3 majority used for far reaching reforms for example.

    How MR treated the dissenting JHU, i.e. releasing the blackmail file even on the Bikkhu left many wondering whether the guy is out of control. The traditional SLFP is also disillusioned.

    The usual Rajapaske impunity stopped all of a sudden. Mervin Silva’s son is in prison this time unlike the past. COPE became active again and fired a few corrupt executives etc. Prof Rajiva Wijesinshe is used instead of corrupt people like Sajin Vass. We will soon see whether this is enough.

    • 6

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      RE: Eris And Elections

      Tisaranee Gunasekara is the SrI lanka Common sense Pamphlet ready to be printed and distributed?

      You have Ample materials to write in the Common sense pamphlet.

      Common Sense (pamphlet)


      • 4

        Tisaranee Gunasekara –

        Presidential election gazette notification tonight : Maithri rejects P.M. post offered by desperate MaRa

        Meanwhile , Medamulana MaRa has had a lengthy discussion with Minister Maithripala Sirisena this noon , and offered the Prime Minister post to him. Maithripala however had declined to accept it.

        Already Gazetted.

        President signs Proclamation for a Presidential Election


      • 7

        Amarasiri, you have repeatedly mentioned the benefits of a Common Sense Pamphlet to rouse up the people. But have you considered that in the present environment with a Dictator ruling the country that even if it gets published, the likelihood of it being read by the People is remote?

        The White Van Brigade will first finish off the publisher and the distributor. The Gestapo Police will raid all places where its kept to be read and take the owners and distributors to custody under the Prevention of Terrorism Act for the offense “unlawful activity” which is punishable with death. Even pasting a poster not approved by the regime can be considered an “unlawful activity”.

        The only way it would be seen and read is through banned sites like “Colombo Telegraph”! But then, don’t we have enough ‘Commonsense Pamphlets’ on this website already? Unfortunately, there is a vast difference between politics of 1776 and that of 2015, especially in a country like Sri Lanka.

        • 2

          Kalu Nangi

          “Amarasiri, you have repeatedly mentioned the benefits of a Common Sense Pamphlet to rouse up the people. But have you considered that in the present environment with a Dictator ruling the country that even if it gets published, the likelihood of it being read by the People is remote? “

          1. It has to be in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

          2. It could be 2 Pages or 47 Pages, with a good summary.

          3. The author can be anonymous like Thomas Paine in 1776 in the USA.

          4. In the USA 120,000 copies were sold to a population of 2.5 million.

          5. Each person who bought told that to 10 to 20 people. So, one copy will cover the family and extended family.

          6. There is a need to know.

          7. Are Sri Lankans wimps compared to American of 1776?

  • 6

    Election held only if rigging and cheating is possible or else postponed.

    • 7

      THIS election will be called after checking that Gota’s ruling planets too are favourably aligned.

  • 3

    Isn’t Eris with the Cousin now ?…..

  • 8

    Very well thought out and written! The senior SLFPers already have their back broken and will do nothing other than moan and gripe in private for the rest of their lives!

    Sengodan. M

  • 10

    If MR does not announce a Presidential Election within the next 24 hrs, that is it. This Bugger MR and Gota who pretended to be all powerful are nothing but spring chickens. What a King? MR is only a Balu Raja. The support base MR and Gota boasted was built on the UNP vote of those shameless who crossed over. Now let us see whether this Hyena has the guts to face a PE? No amount of damage control will help MR ever. This is retribution for what MR did to other Political Parties fishing MPs to his side to get the 2/3 rd. The avalanche is waiting to happen just after Nominations when MR get his servile Supreme Court to prevent a third term to CBK. If a third term is good for MR, why not for CBK? Wait for the fun folks. Effectively MR’s days are numbered and the clock is ticking for him fast.

    • 6

      Dear Gamini ,

      it’s official , MR has already announced the PE , if you have some inside info pl share with us.

      • 5


        My perception is that RW being the leader of the UNP, the party that has the largest vote base will contest as the nominee of the UNP who will receive the UNP vote plus the vote of the minorities. CBK also will take the opportunity and contest on the strength of the SLFP vote, thus will dent MR’s vote bank considerably giving leadership to the SLFPers who are sidelined today by MR. CBK contesting would be merely to weaken MR’s vote bank thus ending up giving the opportunity for RW to secure victory and also rescue the SLFP for the Party stalwarts for the future, from the clutches of the Rajapaksa family. On the day of the Nomination other than these three main contenders there might be a couple more also ran in the fray.

        The moment CBK hands in her nomination papers the chances are that the Commissioner of Elections will try to reject, but if he fails, the issue will be forwarded to the Supreme Court expecting the CJ to do the honours. In all probability CJ will rule her out and not only will he earn the wrath of the masses, but also will have to face the dire consequences once the inevitable change occurs thereafter even for his career as a Lawyer. Because if CBK is shut out by the Supreme Court, that would be reason enough for the SLFPers in the Govt to defect en-masse. This would be the death blow for MR to know that he has no chance in hell to come back, once CBK, CJ 43 SB, Sarath Fonseka, Maduluwawe Sobitha, Athuraliya Rathana, AKD and the JVP and a host of others to expose the Humbug MR, about his Nepotism, Corruption, Criminal history, to destroy him. CBK will make a bigger dent in the vote of MR, if she is denied nominations than allowed to contest. RW will only have to offer a Policy statement and leave the job of exposing MR to these forces who will do a perfect job. Further when RW warns the Public servants who work partisan to any Political Party or individual will be dealt with severely, will neutrlise the entire govt machinery including the Police nad the Forces.

        I trust all the critics of RW will agree for RW not having led
        any Demonstrations to topple MR before time, that would have led to a number of deaths as was seen at Weliweriya, Negamnbo and elsewhere where his hands would have been soiled and the very critics would have blamed RW for that. Here is the opportunity that we all waited for and it is all yours for the asking.

        • 3

          Gamini ,

          Thanks for the info ,let’s put it this way , we all want MR to go away , so let’s hope this time we can do it !

        • 0


          Good to see RW but don’t forget Maharaja has both his feet there too from school days.

          Look around you in the west or asia most governments are centre right while the odd French left is now reeling unable to work it out while Putin is sulking.
          Only a centre right government can pull the nation of its shame. However, we still see Thoppi Passa coming back by the bullet/jilmart while for New Delhi the known is better than the used (same way they thought of SF)
          One thing for certain until Lanka stops Hindia from involvement it will remain a satellite for absorption like Sikkim, Nagaland, now Bhutan almost and Nepal (but too very strong for the Mughal DNA) Ideally a Singapore/Malaysia foreign policy after the war.

          • 4


            “One thing for certain until Lanka stops Hindia from involvement it will remain a satellite for absorption like Sikkim, Nagaland, now Bhutan almost and Nepal (but too very strong for the Mughal DNA) Ideally a Singapore/Malaysia foreign policy after the war.)

            Hindia has already made up its mind. For Hindians Sri Lanka is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

            Tell us how much funds has Hindia budgeted/allocated for election expenses in this island?

            Sri Lanka should learn to respect its people and their democratic rights. Until then strangers will keep groping this island.

            • 1


              `Sri Lanka should learn to respect its people and their democratic rights. Until then strangers will keep groping this island.¬

              As you have mentioned all the communities have been stupid to let controls go away. I remember ladies-man Dudley give away citizenship to Pakistanis (they are a big name and controllers) But then the whole agricultural country is an invasion.

              Modi is yet to visit UK and he is delaying it because he cant lie to the natives of Kenya and Uganda even today The Patel’s who have a DNA to shift goal posts. Modi is criticizing China but forgetting himself- he is just a salam bombay tea boy while Xi is the son of a general (had to hide in caves all his life while mao was there) who is now liked even by Obama and Abbot Abbot has let the Chinese investors to sue australia if they failed which he has not given to the Americans or Japanese in the FTA.

              Give Modi 6 months and he would loose his chaddi like the patel conershops that are shutting down – no receipt no return.

              Now that Putin is sulking only a return of Cameron and Canadian PM will be an opportunity change by force which the majority are unable to do – they never fought for independence either but just got it by luck as both Churchill and Roosevelt were tired and Nehru was determined to have the Dravidian island.

            • 1

              Modi is talking of trade on behalf of the Gujarati diaspora who created his drive from the west- especially APS of North America. Without copyright and patent right laws Hindia will get nowhere with US, Japan and now Australia. Like the boats that Abbot gave passa to hang himself he is offering Uranium to Modi when Bombay high has enough and more plutonium. After WW2 Sony purchased the radio technology patent right from American national to be what it is today and still does purchase those rights. It’s the problem with SARC nations- they like to steal than see the future like the Japanese. For the new engineering plastic bumpers on Ambassadors etc Hindia paid $2 billion in 1991 (its costly because they spend billions on patent right security like Levis- so you understand why the Americans have over 700 bases worldwide) Hindia cannot be the workshop of the world in the near future and its getting bleaker because the west wants to get back to manufacturing once again and china has internal development plan for the next 10 years ++
              How much Hindia is spending to keep Thoppi Passa would be known to the parse’s like TATA and their local parse sponser. Gorden Brown/ TATA slip is showing From the 80’s there is nylon being used instead to high tensile steel and Camerons visit to Rover factory Chery in China (the Chinese hold the trump with its MG yet to be released once the TATA 50% is sold to them- it’s a sort of Opium War tit for tat after 100 years)
              Remember Parse Gujarati etc is Mughal DNA which comes from Turkey upto the foothills of Himaliyas. It has been made clear not just by Germany and Austria that Turkey is not European culture but Asian but are they Asian to Asians- i dont think so but just Islam and that message has gone to them loud and clear.
              Hindia has no 9/11 scenario to hoodwink the west that it is not an unfair trading partner by portraying Modi because the voice of Africa is strong.
              The Chinese left infrastructure (during live aid africans said we need infrastructure to export to west not your aid or world bank) while these hindians with british passports scraped the pot too.

  • 7

    These are pestilential days for our small parties that feed off the crumbs that fall from the table of the two big beasts. They need to be seen to be ‘independent’ but like wallflowers at a prom dance, they must also present themselves as ‘available’. During these days of uncertainty they are like meerkats; on their heels, alert, looking for signs of opportunity in order to do something that they can later point to as being helpful to the big party that ultimately takes the prize (note: only one of two BIG parties can win the prize). In politics, as in love, little acts can reap big rewards.

    The sand grain in the kulla is BBS. The devious bastards are cooing love notes to the UNP while enjoying the patronage of Gota, the dog lover. If there is anything to scare the daylights out of our harassed minorities, this will be it.

  • 7

    Latest News (that kept secret):

    A ceremony that was due to take place in front of Ranaviru Seya in Anuradhapura with the participation of the president on 16.11.2014 was one chaotic scene after Capt. Silva of the Navy stumbled, fell down and dropped the casket containing the sacred relics to the floor, as it was being taken there, reports say.
    Capt. Silva walked cautiously with the casket, but one foot got entangled with an electricity wire, causing the mishap. After the casket fell to the floor and broke into pieces, the sacred relics went missing. The incident occurred as the president was on his way to the place.
    Greatly alarmed, the organizers informed the bodyguards of the president not to come there. Accordingly, the president’s visit to Ranaviru Seya was cancelled.
    A Nayaka Thera who is a resident at Atamasthana said the Ranaviru Seya, built in addition to the Atamasthana (nine historical places of worship), has led to many incidents of bad luck and calamities. The incident makes this fact clearer, said the Thera, warning that this could be a bad omen for the country. President was in terribly agry and loathed those who around him. Days later JHU left the government!!

    • 4

      What nonsense. There is NO Ranaviru Seya in Anuradhapura.

      The one built by the army is Sandahiru Seya and no relic was deposited there yet.

      All bad luck will happen to ISIS and LTTE terrorists.
      (That is very good for SL.)

    • 4

      Miracle of the sacred relics?

      • 3

        “Days later JHU left the government”
        Is that bad luck for MR or the country.

  • 4

    Ms T is a bit unsettled about the new addition to the UNP, TNA, Diaspora Alliance.

    But with the naive JHU dudes, Ranil might pull it off this time.

    If that happens the Sinhala Buddhist Nations is doomed..

    2500 year long history will be kaput….

    Ranil and the Anglican Faction will be like the Rock of Gibralta in the South, with the Vellala and the Dual Diaspora vote which will double the TNA vote base to over 2 Million.

    My elders tell me that Some Sinhala Buddhist brains are like thee old 8 bit Amrads….

    • 6


      You have already accepted defeat, saying that it is possible that RW will win this time. Sure he will and once the Proclamation of a PE is gazetted, I will release a post confirming it.

      You are assured that True Buddhism will flourish thereafter and not that of Henry Olcott or Anagarika under Mahanama concept. All ethnic groups will be able to live amicably without hate. The life will end for Pseudo Patriots like you unless you change and be a Sri Lankan. Otherwise you can join your MR at the Hague.

    • 6

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “But with the naive JHU dudes, Ranil might pull it off this time.”

      Is the JHU so powerful and popular party?

      “If that happens the Sinhala Buddhist Nations is doomed..”

      Good how do I contribute to its rapid down fall?

      The day after its down fall we can start building a secular country and start from 2551 year, anew a democratic country.

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        My elders tell me that Poosaris can practise their craft only in Industrial or special use areas..

        Muslims and Buddhists also have to build their Mosques and Temples along side Hindu Temples.

        That is if they can out bid the land from Vellala Hindians.

        Christians , no problems . They are allowed anywhere they want if they want more.

        But they can’t fill the existing ones even which are in prime locations .

        Women wearing Burqas are called Halal Chicks.

        Their bearded partners are called Terrorists.

        And the abuse hurled at Mussos, Pakis, Lankans, and Africans in trains, buses and other public places are so nasty that it is not even proper to list them.

        Welcome to Diaspora Land…

        And you want to build secular society in your ex motherland…

        Then again ,I have my doubts whether you have been there at all…..

        • 2

          K.A Sumanasekera

          Elsewhere you typed:

          “BTW, we don’t look like Dravidians anyway…..”

          If you do not, do you look like

          Genghis Khan,

          Vasco da Gama,

          Zheng He,

          Ibn Battuta,

          Mufasa the king of the Pride Lands,

          Red Cloud of Pine Ridge Reservation,

          Nicolae Ceaușescu or

          Rajendra Chola’s Vellaikkara padei?

        • 0

          K.A Sumanasekera,

          Your case based on root- Vellala Hindians.

          It does not exist. Pity you don`t even know the history of your ball squeezing neighbour across the straits- both happened at the same time so you speak a western language while they up north were baptised into Sharia law 1498 and taj mahal etc the other side of the deccan- they came via khyber pass and stayed another 500 years Hindian DNA is not yours (its all ghengis khan taras bulba style;) Try going to New Delhi and donate blood to a red cross in a podium of office buildings like nehru place and they would tell you where you originally come from etc. Dont have fear because its good to know who made you low caste when you are not by even an iota.

          There are tamil speaking tamil vellalas of 3 types and similarily there are the sihala speaking tamil vellalas of 3 types and your DNA is south indian masala like the dosa vadhi sambar you like.

  • 5

    Need MaRa for one more term to finish northern highway.


  • 2

    I am frankly surprised that everyone is so worked up about the JHU antics.

    When you are eagerly waiting for the goat’s balls to fall off even a falling tiny pellet of sheit might seem like an encouraging sign. But I hope people are not that stupid. The JHU opportunists know that this is the best, and only time they have to get sizable bone thrown at them from the Rajapaksa dining table.

    At the end, whether they get a bone or a pat on the head they will crawl back under MRs sarong and get back to their usual pass-time.

  • 0

    People live in wishful thinking. I wont suppport the Batalanda murderer either. I well remember the state of Dharmishta Samajaya and the establishment of his me, me, me Executive Presidency of his Uncle, which was the biggest joke in Sri Lankan history.

  • 1

    Asian Mirror has preempted the UNP, TNA, Diaspora surprise, which their backers,the Elite Anglicans and the Vellalas have been waiting for such a long time.

    I mean a week is a long time in Politics … Right,,

    It is SLFP M vs the SLFP the real deal…

    Maithree is going to head the ticket himself, as the nominee of the UNP, TNA and the Diaspora..

    JHU will be a solid partner..

    What happened to the once mighty party of the Intelligentsia and the Anglicans.

    Is the UNP going down the gurgler .

    Maithree has a chance although his loving brother is an environmental vandal..

    But it is all private entreprenuership which is the core of the UNP. ..

    Maithree is going to take 20 with him to sit with the UNP, TNA, Diaspora Alliance.

    Our “up to speed readers” here would know quite a few of them.

    But I am keen on one MP , who is a natural fit and has been on the outer for some time.

    His recent smashing of the Bottle shop on his holy turf could be a ploy to drag the Sinhala Buddhists in Kelaniya to the UNP, TNA , Diaspora camp.

    Ms T is dead right.

    Eris has done it this time..

  • 4

    All Sri Lankans must be grateful to MR and his 10 Judges for giving us
    a one and only chance to vote wisely this time and that too 2 years
    ahead. The envisaged 99 yr. lease to a Family Rule as wished and
    financed by China might be the last test SB voters must face.

    Should MR loose, all politicians must be prepared to face house-
    arrest under Emergency rules, as is a plausible direction Gota might
    take, to save the family if they have not arranged to move to China!!

  • 0

    A mountain stomach pained to deliver a mouse. (Malaivayiru Nonthu sundeliyai perruthaam) Very, very sadly, an odyssey of 20 years of space travel in search the heaven named EP, the Lankan opposition coming to a crash landing while the Astronauts and the Pilots, the so clled Sinhala intellectuals watching. Very, very disappointing end the about story has left with Sinhala intellectuals.

    Ranil two times defeated by CBK. When she knocked him down, she was a political novice, the last one selected for politics by the Mamma- the Athanagalle Queen, her husband was murdered by Sinhala Buddhist just like her father was murdered by bald headed Sinhala Buddhists, she had an association with an unpopular party, and she was holding a minor office in politics. 20 years ago, it was blasting off a canon with a hand pistol. When she got the power, she made sure this guy will not peep out his head in the politics any more. She associated him with LTTE and fired him from his Prime Minister Post. She blamed him of having given money and arms to LTTE. He never cans the see light on the tunnel of EP dream.

    The Sinhala intellectuals selected a path of Valavanukku vallavan, (Stronger action to deal with strong one). Never agreed for compromises. Just like Newton’s law, ( as we have no name to call with, this law we call it M/s Tissarani’s law) they have to keep giving extra force to keep their politics on the move.

    DS was replaced by SWRD. SWRD was replaced by Srima. Srima was replaced by JR. JR was replaced by Premadasa. Premadasa was by CBK. CBK, with her master schemes, created the path for the King. Now King has replaced CBK.

    Now the question is, is King the last applicable object of Tissarani’s Law? Is there anybody else to challenge the King? Sure! Why not? There is the latest, Athuraliye Ratna Thero!

    These are the Sinhala Intellectual have been blasting the BBS and the Gnasara, Week after week, pages and pages, in CT, CPA,….
    Come on man. Is there no limit for the fraud of these Sinhala Intellectuals commist? They don’t care. They want to have the power captured. Now they want Athuriliye to come and accept the power. Latter they can blame LTTE or ISIL or RSS or 969 Movements or….. who knows what will they find out to use their deceptive explanations.

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