22 May, 2022


Event: 13: Plus Or Minus? – Rajitha Senaratne And Raja Collure

Left Discourse

“13: Plus or Minus?”


Dr. Rajitha Senaratne 

(Minister of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources)

Raja Collure

(Chairman, Communist Party of Sri Lanka)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

at 4.30 pm

at the

N.M. Perera Centre

106, Dr. N.M. Perera Mawatha, Colombo 8.

You are cordially invited.

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    Rajith Senaratahana the person who had change political parties several occasion by many years. Can you trust such a person without any political-principle stand? He is power-monger and position hungry and double dealer,CAN YOU TRUST SUCH PERSON AS POLITICIAN IN SRI LANKA.
    Who had been betray principle cause of that ‘people’ vision and mandate by changing position in time to time,who will work for cause for TAMIL minority? Absolutely nonsense.
    Rajith’s policies and principles are nonentity,non-existent and non-effective as long as 13 A is concern.There are incorrect myth created by something & somewhere among few section of citizens of Sri lankans mindset!That is why people really trust this MAN?
    People should abreaction their views,on regarding Rajith version of politics.
    What type of game changing of politics play by Rajith in this ISLAND?
    Did Tamils trust his(rajith) abrupt politics playing on behalf of Tamils national in SL.? He has taken all nationalities FOR LONG-RIDE.

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      this is the nature of politicians in the developing countries,
      why ranil cant win? because he is not a politician for a developing country.

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        Today the situation is not for good kind of honest politicians.

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      Even right now he is using his position to go around the world with his wife.

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      Politics is now a business the world over.Businessmen change business approaches periodically and such changes are called paradigm shifts. Therefore Dr. RS changing political parties is nothing more than paradigm shifts.

      On the other hand Comrade Raja Collure has remained unchanged in regard to his political philosophy. Occasional paradigm shifts had been his party allying with other political parties.

      Both have different experiences in shifting paradigms of the business of politics and therefore are well qualified to speak about 13 plus or minus. Also we must not forget the fact that Dr. RS is Dental Surgeon and Comrade RC is a Lawyer and to talk on the subject their oral health must be good.

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    What Rajitha tell is, if the Sinhalese want to keep Sri Lanka as one piece they have to give 13 amendment to Tamil people.

    There is no point wasting time in conferences and other wasteful endeavours.

    There are only two choices left with the government.

    Either give 13 now or give the whole of North to them.

    Choice is with Rajapakses.

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      You are wrong. After the defeat of LTTE, the Tamil politicians of “high cast” are trying to grab the political power of the North. PC is the political battle ground. Wait and see. After the PC elections they will not depend on Tamil Nadu and Christian Church and will give silent support to BBS to control Islamic fundamentalism.

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      Rajith You are correct, this is the final soon, give now or give them whole later, this is the stage that stupid policis has taken in… anyway They won, and SL lost the game with death of praba… but praba won the game for a long last. Sorry my Sinhala Fellows, most dont understadn the truth.

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