23 June, 2024


Event: Floral Tributes To N.M. Perera To Mark Passage Of The 19A

It is Dr N M Perera, who, by his writings, forewarned the country of the dangers of the executive presidency.

Dr. N. M. Perera with the architect of the 'Executive Presidency', President J. R. Jayewardene

Dr. N. M. Perera with the architect of the ‘Executive Presidency’, President J. R. Jayewardene

Floral tributes will be paid to the memory of Dr N.M. Perera at 4 pm on Thursday, 30 April at the NM Perera statue at the Ayurveda Roundabout, Rajagiriya on the occasion of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which takes away much of the powers of the executive presidency. We will also reiterate our commitment to abolish the executive presidency completely.

All are invited.

Vame Kendraya, Left Centre

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    Vame Kendraya, Left Centre

    Yes, good tribute to the Sage who warned about the dangers of the uncontrolled Executive Presidency.

    Let’s support those who are trying to correct the errors.

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    Please read the publication “Critical Analysis” of the New Constitution of the Sri Lanka Government promulgated on 31-8- 76 written by Dr N.M Perera, PhD,DSc(Lond) and Hony,DSc, Sri (Lanka) printed at Star Press Ltd.49, Jayantha Weeraselera. Mawatha Colombo 10, published by V.S.Raja,457, Union Place, Colombo 2. This is a document I possess and well worth re-publishing. The 112 page publication covers almost all aspects relating to the subject arranged under 12 Chapters plus an introduction, a Preface, a Post-Script and a note on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The chapters cover, Sovereignty, Fundamental Rights, Language, Citizenship and Public Security, Principles of State Policy, the President, the Cabinet, the Legislature, Limitations on the Legislature, the Referendum, Proportional representation, the Judiciary (by Colvin R de Silva).
    Dr.N.M.Perera has discussed in detail practically all aspects which engaged the recent debate and much more. The former LSSP leader was not only prophetic but also issued a timely warning on the imminent dangers posed by the new Constitution. The situation arising when the President lost the hold on the Parliament came about during he term of Chandrika Kumaratunga’s Presidency, on which occasion, I wrote my first newspaper article in The Island on “Co-habitation” basing on the French experience I had observed.
    I extend my warm support to those who have organized a floral tribute to this giant who illuminated Parliamentary debate.
    Bandu de Silva

    • 4

      Yes NM was a great of all time.

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    An amazing lesson, a worthy lesson for all politicians and others !

    I served as a Corporation head during the JRJ first term. I along with a few felt that there is a “catch” in the 1978 Constitution but never imagined that the whole nation will pay so dearly over such a long period of time. But at that time, the sense of comfort and security as a Corporation Chairman with a Pugeot 504, tax free allowances, ad lib entertainment and status lulled us all into a sense of false security. After all, why worry?! Eat, drink and be merry and exercise your power!! Except that our hero JRJ cannot change the sex of a person (!), we are safe!!

    Over a long period of time, from 1977 to 1985 when the Late Cyril Mathew was relieved of his Ministerial portfolio, we of his Ministry “ate and drank”.

    Many years have gone by and eventually, the pendulum comes back. This poor nation, that enjoyed such respect amongst all nations, had a vibrant economy and easy-going life style went through a most painful time for thirty odd years. The very perpetrator/s of this tragedy lies dead and totally unforgotten and we who by God’s good grace have another chance are beginning to wipe the sleep from our eyes.

    JRJ who was hero worshipped by the MILLIONS are today vilified. WHO is next in line? The lesson here is that there is the great JUDGE and judgment comes to all. Be honest, humble and kind. Money and time is only for a season.

    May God bless Sri Lanka

  • 1

    Why should there be floral or any tributes to NM, Colvin, or Peter K who effectively destroyed the left movement for their own personal gain. They bec

  • 6

    I am no particular fan of the Left. I have much reason to claim NM and the LSSP ruined the economy of this country in the post-1956 – 1964
    period by irresponsible Strikes. But there is no denying the fact they were men of great learning, experience and political erudition – second to none anywhere. I remember the days when Colvin, NM and friends used to tell us the District System will render our representative democracy meaningless. They were men of great
    foresight. Not that the Executive Presidential System or the PR system is all bad. It is good so long as it is in safe, democratic hands.
    Someone like Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew.

    Despite his many foibles NM’s name and memory will always earn respect from across the political division. His speeches in the Hansard are a great delight to read and learn from.

    Congratulations Dr. Jayampathy W.


  • 5

    By all means, pay tribute to NM for pointing out the dangers in JRJ’s Constitution, but when you single him out for tribute you overlook the many others who also sounded the alarm bells at the time. Unfortunately, not all of them got the publicity that NM did. I remember, for instance, how the late Justice TS Fernando telling me after he had read the draft of that Constitution why he did not like it and mentioned in particular the dangers inherent in concentrating too much of power in the hands of one individual. But the framers of the constitution were in no mood to listen to any such counsel and pressed on regardless. After the long and cheerless Sirimavo years, people were generous towards JRJ, who had ended her regime, and were happy to trust him to do the right thing, much like they were prepared to trust Mahninda Rajapakse (MR) after the defeat of the LTTE.

    One would have thought that when 18A was presented our MPs had already seen enough of the misuse of Presidential power up to that time, to persuade them to not vote for 18A. But were they deterred even by the bitter experience of the past? No, sir! They were happy to give MR, who already had enough power and more, even greater powers! Sadly, this is how these things happen.

    BTW, while NM was good enough to see the flaws of JRJ’s constitution, he does not seem to have seen much wrong with what his colleague, Colvin, produced. Was Colvin’s constitution also not terribly flawed?

  • 2

    Also please remember what Colvin said,one language two nations and two languages one nation.
    Are all Sri lankans working towards that?please remember world is becoming smaller and smaller.EU,ASEAN,BRICS ETC.We are too small to be devided.please get rid of MR,BBS,WIMAL,GAMMON,VASU etc,as these fellows are bankrupt politicians if you want integrated Sri Lanka.We are living in 20th century and not in 18th

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    great man who severed our mother land without any self interest.when look at today’s politicians they stink top to bottom

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