25 July, 2024


Event Invitation: Dilemmas Of Diversity, Postwar Identity And Nation Building

Event Invitation: Dilemmas Of Diversity, Postwar Identity And Nation Building

(2nd in Discussion series on Constitutional Reform organized by The Liberal Party)

Tuesday, February 5th at 6.30 pm

OPA Auditorium

275/75, Prof  Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 7

All are welcome

Given the recent surge of extremist ethno-religious discourse in various quarters, and aggressive anti-Muslim propaganda in particular, the prospects of a sustainable peace and a united Sri Lanka seem in jeopardy. The discussion will examine what lessons we have learned and should have learned from a thirty years war and the exploitation of passions on all sides that precipitated this. It will consider how we might arrive at sense of Sri Lankan nationhood, while considering what it means to be a Sri Lankan citizen possessed of inalienable freedoms and equality of rights? The discussion will range beyond constitutional reform to look at institutional and structural frameworks necessary to ensure democracy and pluralistic development.

Opening presentation by Dr Dayan Jayatilleka

Invited Discussants:

  • D E W Gunasekara,
  • Godfrey Gunatilleka,
  • Jeevan Thiagarajah
  • Dr Pradeep Jeganathan
  • Salma Yusuf

The third discussion in the series will be on February 20th, on ‘Electoral Reform and the role of Parliamentarians’.

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Latest comments

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    Why again an elite ‘talkshop’ attitude?

    If the so-called ‘Nation Building’ is serious in the minds of these organizers, they will not fail to invite those who are hell bent on building ‘the other’ nation: I mean individuals like Chapika Ranawaka
    Wimal Weeravangse and leaders of Bodu Bala Sena.

    For democracy, what is more important is an honest debate with the opponent not mere exchange of views amongst club members

    • 0

      Completely agree with Suren Raghavan.

      Panel may be distiguished. However, it will be preaching to their own fellowship.

      These debates must happen in Sinhalese and Tamil. The main street of Sri Lanka must take part. Including Sinhala and Tamil racist elements. Where we can challenge them openly with facts.

      “Recent surge of extremist ethno-religious discourse in various quarters, and aggressive anti-Muslim propaganda in particular” must be defeated. Ideologically. On the main street. Not just in NGO funded, air-conditioned, English speaking elite clubs. Otherwise, it will serve no purpose.

    • 0

      Event Invitation states:

      “It will consider how we might arrive at sense of Sri Lankan nationhood”

      Dayan might advocate for more war mongering.

      This island which has been and still is in denial cannot and will not make any informed choices. To be informed one has to search for truth.

      Being lazy and stupid people both Tamils and Sinhalese cannot be bothered.

    • 0

      Dayan wants some attention now that he is no more living the high life of Lankan tax rupees in Paris!

      Having batted for the dictatorship and fallen into disfavor he has found a safe dead horse to whip up by talking identity politics..

      The premise of this discussion is false nationalism!

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    Dayan is a [Edited out].

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    I am sure this is a good start.Unfortunately I do not have time to go there as a busy professional( yet I wish I could).
    Above all I would like to see the facial expression and look in the eye of folks like Dayan.
    So informed in politicking and so called political science theory and what does he have to present interms of solution to the REAL proble we have in Sri Lanka today.
    How to select the right Political leadership which has wit, Vision and Capacity to deliver.!!!
    How do we go about convinving the gullible STUPID , moronic, lot of sheap citizenry in the calamitous affair going on in the name of developement!!!
    How to get them to see the increasing cabinet and Public sector hiring for political work , enmass deployment of public servants and resources during election time.
    Massive abuse of state media outlets to brain wash the very clot of sheap.Thus they eventually being led to the pen by the dog(MR) by thumping onto his chest and shouting meaningless cliche like’Palamuwath, dewanuwath, thewanuwath Maubima( firt, seconf and thir the Motherland)).
    The IDIOT does not understand the meaning of it and nor do the bunch of sheap go and vote for him( or so they claim as such, nonetheless the result is a WIN to the bastards to continue the dastardly acts!!!)
    How shall we stop this ???
    that is the question infront of the think tank.
    How to get a decent set of folks to power and establish NON EXISTANT DEMOCRACY, RULE OF LAW ,
    LAW and ORDER.
    Then ONLY the Ideals like RECONCILIATION can start.
    Its like the foundation for the house which has to be solid for the walls to go up.
    So let us fervantly hope Dr. Dayan can enlighten us how he can help to get rid of the menace he himself helped to create!!!!
    Long live Mother lanka, to hell with the THIEVES who plunder this country in the name of Patriotism and development!!!


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    The ginormous task of building our Nation rests solely on the shoulders of our Opposition leader Mr Ranil W.

    One may ask why him?.

    The answer is ,he is the chosen one by the Cameron Harper duo who have allocated big bucks to build our Nation after Rajapaksa is rolled.

    Now Ranil’s ace to help in this Nation Building with Western Funds is the Economic Whizz kid of his, Dr Harsha de Silva.

    Evidently Dr Harsha was seen waving a leaked customs invoice of an imported RR Silver Ghost.to the local Elitist media.

    He reckons our Revenue lost USD 60 Million in import duty on this.

    But the real loss is USD 120 Million , because the legit price of the Ghost is USD 350,000.

    And the invoice he was holding is dodgy as the price quoted there is only USD 175,000.

    It is surprising that this dilligent and patriotic Dude is not marked for a gig at this very important Nation Building program.

    • 0

      Is somebody has filed a case against this loss…..or plan to recover the balance tax.

      Obviously Harsha knows the importer and could easily press the customs to recover the balance unpaid taxes.

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