8 August, 2022


Event Invitation: Re-Reading NM

On the occasion of the 110th birth anniversary of Dr. N.M. Perera

“The Relevance of Democracy and Its Several Facets”

Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda
Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne
Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri
Dr. Kumudu Kusum Kumara

Thursday, 11 June 2015 at 3.45 pm
at the
Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Centre
114, Wijerama Road, Colombo 7.
You are cordially invited

NM Perera

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    Irrespective of what the socialist professorial speakers might trumpet of Dr. N.M. Perera on Thursday,11 June 2015, history has on record that he orchestrated the beginning of the demise of Socialism in our country. It was the most pathetic display of political betrayal our country had ever seen. We were never able to recover from that ugly let down. It has been a continual downward spiral, ever since.

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      Nathan, before spouting venom at someone whom you clearly do not know of, you should provide the evidence. I do not know much of Dr. N M Perera’s politics but I know plenty about him as a caring, wonderful human being. When there was a group of workers on strike without pay and their families practically starving, he provided them with groceries out of his own modest income. This was a time when workers were really exploited by our elite and Dr.N M was always there by the workers side no matter who they were, including the much reviled Tamil estate workers.

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        Sylvia Haik,

        I seek an explanation from you on your, ‘before spouting venom at someone whom you clearly do not know of’.

        1) Aren’t you guilty of accusing me without knowing either me or my past connection to Dr. N M Perera’s politics.

        2) Where was venom in my statement? Did he not abandon his followers when he joined hands with Srimavo B.?

        3) Although I had met him in person, on a couple of occasions, when he happened to make visits to Jaffna and operated from my relative’s home, did I ever tell you that I knew him personally.
        I was only referring to his politics.

        Let me tell you, now. On this very forum, I have had occasion to add that he was the first, perhaps the only, DSc. Ceylon produced.

        Even though he was an admirable man, he was not steadfast in his role as a socialist.

        Here is what Amarasiri had said below on June 6, 2015 at 2:50: So, he went on a strategy of If you can’t beat them join them. Join them he did, and the Socialism and Egalitarianism for a just society went down the drain.

        I stand by what I said. If you could refute it, be decent yourself next time, should you expect me to respond.

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          Nathan, you’ve flippantly claimed ” history has on record that he orchestrated the beginning of the demise of Socialism in our country”. The evidence is clearly the opposite. The true architects for the demise of socialism and social justice in our country are the likes of SWRD JR and reinforced by Mahinda Rajapakse. If Dr.NM had been listened to, we would not have had the Sinhala Only Act or even the Executive Presidential System that promoted only authoritarianism that was once alien to our country. If he had succeeded in his Private Members Motion to give parity of status to Sinhala and Tamil languages, ironically as politicians are now trying to, we might have not had the 30 year ruinous conflict that bankrupted our economies, for no gains except perhaps massaging a gung-ho mentality.

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      I think there is a grain of truth in what Nathan say
      s. Dr N.M was too good an economist not to realize the weakness of “Socialism as an economic organization. The failure of Communist countries had not taken place yet. So he probably glossed over the inherent weaknesses of socialism. I respect him as an outstanding economist. Unfortunately he was at LSE when Laski’s socialism was the popular creed. This country is still suffering for its failure to understand that economic growth has been achieved by all countries only under a free market economy.

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    If we read NM earlier,there would have been no need for a Re-read.

    Any reread would be meaningful only if he was around!

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    RE: Event Invitation: Re-Reading NM

    He had good intentions. LSSP at its height got 13% of the popular vote. Unfortunately the Racists, the Sinhala Buddhists Chauvinists, The Tamil chauvinists and The capitalists got rest of the votes.

    So, he went on a strategy of If you can’t beat them join them.

    Join them he did, and the Socialism and Egalitarianism for a just society went down the drain.


    The party was founded in 1935 and emerged as a major political force in the Sri Lankan independence movement during the 1940s. It joined a coalition government in 1964, and was then expelled from the Fourth International. It peaked in political strength in the 1970s, but has declined gradually during the last 30 years.

    In the parliamentary election held on 2 April 2004, the party was part of the United People’s Freedom Alliance, which won 45.6% of the popular vote and 105 out of 225 seats. One of those 105 seats belongs to LSSP.

    In the 2005 Elections, LSSP will have No seats, courtesy of vasudeva Nanayakkara, aka Baludeva Balukara.

    Lanka Sama Samaja Party electoral results
    Date Candidates
    nominated Candidates
    elected Votes % of
    national vote
    1947 28 10 204,020 10.81
    1952 39 9 305,133 13.11
    1956 21 14 274,204 11.47
    1960 March 101 10 325,286 11.26
    1960 July 21 12 224,995 7.96
    1965 25 10* 302,095 7.90
    1970 23 19 433,224 8.68
    1977 82 0 225,317 3.61

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    On memory of the 110 Birth anniversary of Dr.N.M Perera of key founder of LSSP -Trotskyist political party leader of working class movement is important to who had been that dominated over 40 years in our modern history of Working class movement in Sri lanka.

    Learn lesson from Dr NM politics of LSSP-Trotskyism their Class and Party that important for the future of the People of Sri lanka and their elites.

    Dr Perera was one of leader anti-Colonial Resist movement led by Suriyalmal campaign which the Ceylon under the British occupation 150 since 1796 t 1948.Suruyalmal Movement was founded 1933 at Horana Estate that belongs to Wilmot Perera. Dr N.M played vital role of model leader of as an Independence struggle for the liberation against British Occupation in Ceylon since 1930tes.

    As similar as other all National our political leaders and left parties have shake of the imitative instincts and mindset acquired over a period of 150 years from British Colonial education, culture, language and literature developed and enrich under then influence Imperialism of White- English Aristocracy and the Parliamentary Capitalist democracy.

    Dr N.M was no exceptions that even thought and mind he was so-called Trotskyist reformist not that national sprite of patriotism that nexus to Democratic REVOLUATION led by Working Class leadership in Ceylon.

    And Dr NM was pupil of Herald Lakism of London school of Economics and he was belongs to that under-develop mode of capitalism ,that was forced him to diverted from Marxism political-economy .
    To be merely quarrelling over imported political dogmas of Trotskyist leader of DR NM by LSSP so-called socialist Party or Equal Party dogma of anachronism in the past and present phase of social evolution and the spread bogus ‘socialism ‘in OUR COUNTRY OVER MORE THAN 80 YEARS.

    The bunch of old or new Trotskyist what ever the political parties they in and out, that may be SLFP, UNP or JVP OR OTHER Splinter groups or individuals basis today still hang on borrowed Old anarchist individualism of capitalist democracy which has no any related our ONGOING current Democratic Revolution in Sri lanka.

    The Marxist-Leninist view of party building and organizing working class of that treat practice as socialist party the sole criteria of testing truth and apply our historic initiative and creativity.

    But that Trotskyism an approach by wrong perspective of working class and socialism led by Dr NM and LSSP-Gang. NM factor has been not a hot topic in socialism is concern especially in Sri Lanka for some years now. Without related to ours own ancient civilization of 2600 years and before that culture and social development ours Capitalist sustainability will lead to fail.

    When our political class ,that specially working class and their respretantive of Marxists educated men & women, University students young elites begin to change mindset and thinking independently of socialism own traditions the inferiority complex of English dominated bogus ‘socialism’ of Trotskyism need to be disappear. Last several decade LSSP in their effort to corrode and liquidate the Marxism-Leninism and their party is result of that cause of democratic and socialism of revolutionary party of working class disappear in Sri lanka.
    What is LSSPs role of liquidators are objective ,they have become agent of bourgeoisie in the working class-camp. It is better clear line of DR NM of LSSP Trotskyist is all that can be drawn between them and going to build New Working Class Party.

    Dr NM thought and led bogus ‘socialisms’ to our several generation in past ,that some of JVP turn anarchist of Terrorist, want to
    re-introduce NEW FORM of anarchist ‘Socialism’ to our new generation will come into being.

    Dr NM and their preset students of Trotskyist many streams of that pool of LSSPs and JVP or ex-JVP Anarchist-Terrorist who are covered their real reactionary face had been enlighten by Mao.
    ” As far as social movement are concerned, TRUE REVOLUTIONARY LEADERS must not only be good at correcting their ideas ,theories, plans or programs when errors are discovered…but when a certain objective progress has already progressed and changed from one stage of development to another ,they must also be good at making themselves and their fellow-revolutionaries progress and change in their subjective knowledge along with it, that is to say, they must ensure that the proposed NEW REVOLUTINARY TASK AND NEW WORKING PROGRAMS CORRESPOND TO NEW CHANGES IN THE SITUATION.”

    Newly re-introduce of Socialism by new Baptist Trotskyist and Anarchist of Terrorist of ex-JVPs;
    Lenin said ” They all call themselves Marxist, but their conception of Marxism in impossibly pedantic. They have completely failed to understand what is DECISIIVE IN MARXISM, namely its revolutionary DIALECTICS.”

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    When British government searched for this NM and his dost COLVIN to shoot it was the Tamil leaders help these both guys to escape to India and hide there …still there are people in Tuticorin who have seen these guys there….

    But this is the way these two fellows paid their gratitude to Tamils

    1-When this NM was a minister there was a colara break out in Jaffna and this NM said in the parliament let the people who have brought this disease suffer

    2-COLVIN ( whose grand father was a Tamil ) determined to erase the clause in the british designed constitution guaranteed the safeguard of Tamils and succeeded …

    he he he both these guys in their dead bead advised Sinhalease to give the rights of Tamils

    and the country bleeds now

    This kind of leaders SL had in the past


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    Economically speaking, in 1970, we were a fairly well off nation when looking at the region. we were at a cross road and had two routes to choose from. The open market economic system taken by South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore or an agrarian based closed economy with heavy import restriction and massive national welfare…..a system followed by our South Asian brothers.

    We handed over power to an inept leader in the form of Sirimavo who in turn handed over the reins of Government to her Communist ally’s. It was a dark era of nationalization, state run enterprises, witch hunts, rampant smuggling, havala money transfers, sugar and bread cues, rationing, rationing and more rationing.

    Jealousy, hatred towards the wealthy was the ways of the time. Economic thinking spearheaded by NM Perera, the land grab overlooked by TB Illangaratne and the wealthy hounded by the grand inquisitor himself Felix Dias.

    As an economist, I see these are:

    1. invaluable time lost in developing the psyche of our working class (at the time, we had the world’s youngest population), instead of making them productive, we made them reliant on the destructive drug of welfare and subsidies. and

    2. It set us back by at least 20 years in the development of entrepreneurship and private sector employment opportunities.

    I am personally thankful the I was just an infant during these dark times but do believe that my country still carries the curse of these people.

    The ONLY silver lining is that their demonstration of Socialism guranteed that this Country will never again go the way of socialism, and the closed market economy

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