29 November, 2022


Events: Devolution, Decentralization, Accountability, Consultation?

Devolution, Decentralization, Accountability, Consultation?

(The sixth in the series of discussions organized by the Liberal Party on Ideas for Constitutional Reform)

Monday April 8th at 6 pm

OPA Auditorium

275/75 Prof Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha,

Colombo 7

All are welcome.

Presentations by:

D E W Gunasekara

M A Sumanthiran

Eran Wickramaratne

Dayan Jayatilleka

Pradeep Jeganathan

Rajiva Wijesinha

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    Yes we already have a political solution and it is called the 13th amendment and due to this there are the provincial council system now functioning for over twenty five years and tamil and sinhala are both national languages under the 13th amendment.

    This is it! No more political solutions! The overwhelming majority of people over 88% do not want to go beyond the provincial council system as it is functioning at present to appease the tamil national alliance or any other separatists.

    Besides sri lanka is a multi ethnic multi religious country and all parts of sri lanka north, east, south and west or the centre all parts belong to all its people and not some parts exclusively belong to exclusive groups of people. Overwhelming majority of sri lankans are not happy with these exclusive demands of the TNA.

    The north is muti ethnic and so is the east and so is the rest of the country. Any sinhala, tamil, catholic, muslim or any person has the right to live in any part of the island including the north. The TNA must invite back all the muslims and sinhalas the LTTE booted out of the north.

    The point is over 88% of the people of sri lanka are satisfied with the presently functioning provincial council system as a solution to the concerns of the provinces with regard to power sharing and are not prepared to go any further than this whatsoever in any way.

    The presently functioning provincial council system is the political solution. This is what the overwhelming majority of people are happy with and as far as they want to go and the will of the overwhelming majority of people must be respected.

    This point should be rammed down the throats of US, EU,UK, Canada, India and any other busybody who tries to interfere in the internal affairs of sri lanka which is none of their business.

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      Dear Wick,

      I am sure it is your personal opinion that there is a political solution is already there and the statistical evidence you quoted in your comments. You don’t need to tell this point to US, EU,UK, Canada and India. The 13th amendment was created due to an agreement between India and SriLanka. I don’t know whether you are in Srilanka or somewhere in the world. You should know the fact that there is no provincial council in operation in the North and not all the powers agreed on Rajiv-JR accord were not implemented. Further it is your President told the world that he will go further from 13th amendments. He should talk and agree on the further issues. You also need to know that IPKF came Srilanka to see the implementation of the 13th amendment and your government (Premadasa) joined with LTTE sent back the IPKF. So it is now time to India send the IPKF to implement the accord and SriLankan forces have to back to South. Further International community has a responsibility to over see the implementation of the UNHRC recommendations on Sri Lanka to investigate the human rights violation of the armed forces and punish those responsible for the crimes committed during the war.

      The Banda-Chelva fact, Dudley-Chelva pact, Indo-Lanka accord, Peace talks between LTTE and Sri Lanka (Oslo agreement) all take into account that North-East of Sri Lanka is the traditional home for Tamil People as the rest of the island is the homeland for Sinhalese. Until 1883 (British merger), North and East were not part of Sinhalese administration. Tamils trusted you Sinhalese provide equal rights but your leaders treated Tamils as second class citizens. You changed the military structure to represent 100 Sinhalese, You forcefully settled Sinhalese in the Tamil homeland, You changed the official language policy, you discriminate education and employment and most pathetically you used thugs and criminals against innocent tamils to kill them, destroy their properties and your law and justice system failed protect innocent Tamils and punish those criminals to face justice.

      The multi-ethnic system does not give a free ride on other minority communites. The democratic system only works when the law and order and justice system is fare and free of bias. Unfortunately you Sinhalese failed on all aspects of humanity and rule of law. You can’t force minorities to be part of your system if you cannot provide equal rights and security.
      I would advise for those who are learned and professional capacity who can influence on the public and really interested in a united SriLanka with a true democratic system with free and fare independent institutions to encourage the importance of sharing the power with minorities and the need for changing the attitude of those extreme fundamentalist elements against other people.

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      Mr Wick, you sound as if you are playing a record with a refrain that has grown tiresome over the years….. either you are being paid to write drivel, punch drunk, blind or simply intellectually challenged if you haven’t fathomed that since independence, Sri Lanka has been pulled in an opposite direction from secularism and fair play to all its diverse denizens. I hope you will one day realise the capacity to see things for what they truly are.

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    “Democracy cannot exist when there is no trust and when there is no democracy there is no trust.”
    (Quoted by a local Councillor of a small Nicaraguan town at a workshop held in Capetown, South Africa in 2006.)

    PC system was introduced through the 13th Amendment to the constitution of SL as a solution to the problem in N&E. It was drafted in India and forced on SL by India. PC system may have lasted over 25-years but failed as a solution to N&E problem in spite of democracy in electing members. Almost all elected members other than those who were “blessed” by the LTTE were eliminated.

    Following are some impacts of PC system after 25-years.
    1. Local Governments which were the closest to people are not trusted by people. Turnout at local elections proves it.

    2. Funds meant for LGs are channeled through PCs adding to administrative costs of governance.

    3. Added administrative costs on exercising devolved powers is a colossal waste. Standards in health and education sectors under the purview of PCs are testimony to this.

    4. PCs are the training grounds for those who aspire to play in the national team (parliament).

    5. It has given space for international players to dictate the rules for governing SL.

    There are others which qualified

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      Sorry. The last line needs to be deleted.

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      The fact is that under a unitary system it is not possible to have a viable devolution of power particularly in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka never had a true democracy other than having regular elections to elect the government which promises anti-minority (racist)policy.

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      The Professional,
      Democracy cannot existin the absence Rule of Law,and non-implementation of Human Rights.
      If this happens and all minorities can exist as equals with all else,
      democracy will prevail.

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