20 October, 2021


Examining The Entrails

By Emil van der Poorten –

Emil van der Poorten

Considering the political evisceration of the Yahapalanaya lot, I make no apology for the title of this piece.

It is easy enough to say, “I told you so,” particularly since one has consistently sought to get this bunch of self-aggrandizing political has-beens on track for far longer than should have been necessary.

Not having any pretension to being a statistician, I will not seek to compare this with the epic defeat of the UNP in 1956 or that which it sustained fourteen years later.

However, that said, let me embark on an attempt to provide some relevant comment on what happened on the 10th of February.

Sirisena, despite his periodically displayed chauvinist leanings, seemed to stay above the kinds of collaboration for financial gain that many of the UNPers were obviously guilty of.

The “Unuth Ekai, Munuth Ekai,” accusation of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna continued to have resonance with anyone watching how things were unfolding after Sirisena beat Mahinda Rajapaksa.

On the fateful night that Mahinda bit the dust there was, if a mass of circumstantial evidence is to be believed, an attempt to throw out the election result and establish a dictatorship. Mangala Samaraweera, a very senior member of the current Cabinet, was reported, on several occasions, to have made a formal complaint to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in this connection asking that a prosecution be launched against those seeking to overthrow democracy in Sri Lanka.

What the hell happened to that complaint? 

What is also interesting is that only much later was the third member of the group that visited Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees on that fateful night named. For the longest time, the names that were quoted were those of Ranil Wickremesinghe and Thirukumar Nadesan who is married to a female relative of the ex-President and has a reputation as a wheeler dealer par excellence. Why did it take more than a year, if memory strikes me right, for the Third Musketeer to be named? If one were to follow the career of our diminutive Aramis, this conduct would not be considered out of place for someone who has most effectively run with the hare and hunted with the hounds, doing very well in that endeavour, thank you!

That some elements of the media have been complicit in these cover-ups is beyond question but, typically, it is hard, if not impossible, to hide this kind of stuff in a place like Sri Lanka where the gossip grapevine is so active that, periodically, it produces some material the veracity of which cannot be doubted and which then proceeds to develop a life of its own!

Before the coalition government can even think of a mass clean up of both constituent parties, Ranil Wickremesinghe has to begin, like charity, at home.

He needs to remove EVERY one of those with so much as a taint of corruption. We can no longer tolerate people resigning as Ministers when found covering up for those running offshore armouries only to return under one cover or another to positions of equivalent power in the cabinet once the heat appears to be off. Continuing to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Sri Lankan Titanic is NOT an option. Mr. Wickremesinghe has to stop insulting the intelligence of his fellow countrymen by, for instance, apportioning a different deck chair to the man who could be a multi-headed monkey – not seeing, not speaking and not hearing any evil – when it comes to his immediate family accepting “goodwill gestures” amounting to millions of rupees in the matter of personal housing. Then there was the other bright spark who had a wonderful explanation for a multiplicity of calls to the now infamous Arjun Aloysius, the head of Perpetual Treasuries. His explanation for the calls at a time when there was all kinds of scurrying about to avoid appropriate action against those accused of the biggest bond scam in Sri Lanka’s history? He was researching material for a book he was authoring on the subject. One little problem with that explanation was that the “research” was being conducted after the book was published.

That Ranil Wickremesinghe and Maithripala Sirisena should pay for this kind of insulting conduct towards their countrymen is beyond question. However, what complicates matters somewhat is the fact that there appears to be documentation of the fact that those seeking to take the place of the Yahapalanaya lot utilized the services of the self-same Mr. Aloysius when they had their hands on the levers of power. And that was but a very small piece of the litany of wrongdoing and violence that occurred on their watch. Back to the old JVP accusation, but with a little twist: “Unuth horu, munuth horu,” would be more appropriate in these circumstances!

Despite Mr. Wickremesinghe’s mea culpa in which he included the co-leader of the coalition, Maithripala Sirisena, it’s hard to believe that he is going to mend his ways or change his modus operandi. It will be a cold day in hell when someone who surrounds himself with loyalists, without regard to their documented conduct, turfs those very individuals from their positions of power and prominence. This will not happen under Ranil Wickremesinghe’s watch.

What then is the option for those who, unlike Wickremesinghe and his most prominent colleagues, put themselves at significant risk in criticizing the Rajapaksas and their buddies when they were running wild on the Sri Lankan turf?

The coalition has to be compelled to remove all those who are Rajapaksa collaborators and those who have lined their own pockets in the time that the Yahapalanaya government has been in existence. Mind you, more often than not, the Fifth Columnists have also been the “Kommission-Kaakkas” and the numbers of those who have to be purged might not be as large as they would have if each of these miscreants belonged to only one of those categories.

That another insurrection like those of 1971 and the late eighties might be the logical outcome of the scenario currently developing is cold comfort when one considers that the net result of those two “uprisings” was simply a reduction of our youth population and little else. Those with clean hands in this coalition and I daresay there are enough to make a difference, must act now and strike while the iron is hot. If it means a “palace revolution” you need to accept the fact that you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs. It is now the need of the hour. You need to act, act decisively and act now.

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  • 6

    Aiyo Sir, why are you attacking Ranil Haamu like this? He is from Royal College and from Colombo 7. He is very honest and bats straight literally and figuratively no? You must hate him because you hate his status.

  • 21

    The One person who created this debacle for the unity government is Sirisena. He wanted do a one man show, and the result of it is showen by the people. He wanted to play with and hunt the hounds, now it’s clear to him, and his clowens backers. If he played as a team, this wouldn’t happened to him. If he wouldn’t change his ways for the better, his cut throat ways would land him in the utter mud.

    • 8

      You buggers expected Sirisena to be a silent witness to your corruption and raping the country, taking her wealth and filling your own coffers. He was elected by the people to get rid of corruption and he has blown the whistle on you lot. So pack your bag and go, and stop pointing at the referee for your own sins. Get out. If I were MS, I would not waste time, used his Exec powers to hand over the law and order portfolio to the Head of the Army by now. Come one President, do a Zimbabwe, and show these vermin the door or the jail.

      • 3


        “You buggers expected Sirisena to be a silent witness to your corruption and raping the country, taking her wealth and filling your own coffers.”

        One example how bravely Sirisena stopped progress, excerpt:

        Sri Lanka anti-corruption chief quits after president’s criticism
        OCTOBER 17, 2016

        “Last week, Sirisena expressed his displeasure after the anti-corruption agency took former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, younger brother of the ex-president, and three ex-navy chiefs – who are hailed as war heroes – to court on corruption charges.”


        Sirisena is another great asset to Clan rather than the country.
        After Sirisena’s intervention the smart ass patriotic Brigadier can now walk tall, make country proud, with two finger gesture permanently fixed to his uniform.
        A piece of free advice, you should leave your doors open to him, else he will not only slit your throat but also your willi.

    • 5

      As much as i think Sira is a moron.. i think he tried to do what he was elected to!.. blow the whistle on corruption

      Can’t help it that the UNP were the ones to be first hit with the Bond Scam!

    • 4

      Huh? Last time I check Ravi K and many other crooks were not taking orders from MY3. You green-goblins are still throwing stupid excuses without owning upto your mistakes. In-fact if MY3 had not appointed the PCoI for the bond-scam the UNP would have swept it under rug and Ravi K would still be FM. MY3 is at fault for not appointing PCoI sooner and sacking Ravi K. RW (even if he is clean) is still at fault for appointing many crooks as minister and party high-ups. Even after losing more than 1.5 MILLION votes since august 2015, you green-blooded dimwits have you heads so far up RWs ass you have actually reached his large intestines and unable to see the reality and how dangerous it is. I am so angry because if a hard-line Sinhala-Buddhist like GR, Kamal Gunaratne, Sarath Weerasekara ro someone like that becomes president in 2020, the rest of including myself are f—ed!

  • 1

    Emi Vender Pooten: I heard that the story that Ranil Is also a Rajapakse is very true. they both have secrets to protect. IT looks Nothing Happened without either the direct or indirect involvement of Mahinda Rajapakse.

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  • 8

    Emil, you and I were in TCK in 1956. Those were the days of gentlemen politicians. But that was the beginning of the end. Do you recall the late Mr. Themis, who was clobbered by SWRD for addressing Sir John as “John”? at the entrance to the Parliament?! Themis was a member of the MEP as the party was then known.

    The end of the end has yet to come.!!

  • 11

    Emile. Sad to see that an intellectual pundit like you could write such nonsense. Rather than advising Ranil to remove those around him who are corrupt, you should be advising Ranil to remove himself and go into exile in another country. The Colombo elite don’t seem to understand that the politics of personal vendetta directed against a nationalist leader like MR would backfire spectacularly. Yes, hora, hora, hora is catchy as far slogans go but is not a substitute for policies and governance. The people have had enough with these buffoons who are inept and anti-national. They chose wisely by going back to the known devil

  • 6

    Ranil and M&s are crook ..
    They are not honest..
    They are really thieves ..
    Each one help one another ..

  • 4

    The bugger still tries the save the master crook, RW and his saviour, MS. He names everybody else………Does he think he can still hoodwink the readers?

    • 3


      “The bugger still tries the save the master crook, RW and his saviour, MS. He names everybody else………Does he think he can still hoodwink the readers?”

      Perhaps Emil van der Poorten is trying to save your family from the white vans of former national hangman Dr Gota and country from the clan and Basil (10, 20, 30%).

      You should be grateful to him and people like him endowed with conscience.

      In case if you didn’t have to know the word or meaning, conscience is a person’s moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one’s behaviour.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    Royalists are superior to you people. You are all jealous of RW because he is accepted globally and is an intelligent man not a planter. He surrounded himself with intellectuals. His “wife” as in token is also a gender studies intellectual who carries on her life simply. She carried her own umbrella to vote. Can you imagine MR or his uneducated wife carrying their own umbrella? Hell no. So stop being so class envious like the low caste JVP types. He will clean up the mess and WIN in 2020

  • 2

    Sirs and Madams of CT, I am Rajagiriye Samantha. Too much busy election time no time to read CT. Now election finish. Have time.
    Sirs and Madams, I want read all election articles in CT. But English poor. My reading slow. But one thing I found many CT people think reason government got bath (Nagaththa) because few simple reason. Me not education man and please not get angry for say this. Millions people vote in election. Why they vote this side or that side? May be every person for different reason. I think taking all same time and say a few reason not right.
    Example. My area many 3 wheel Mallis vote to government last election. But this time too much 3 wheel Mallis vote for Mahinda Mahattaya. Sirs and Madams, why? Not because coconut price too much. Not because divide country. Also not because suddenly they change side like changing lane when driving and love Mahinda Mahattaya. No sirs, they angry about too much fine. If police catch little over speed or pass red light quick they pay 24,000. Many Malli got caught and pay too much money. Sirs, you can think why. 24,000 pay family go hungry. I told them not good break rule like that. But they not hear me.
    Like that Sirs and Madams. This only one example. have more example from my Rajagiriya Bajar. Many people in my area not rich. They live today and not think tomorrow what do. That only thing they can do. Sirs and Madams. I think Ranil Mahattaya and Sirisena Mahataaya not know how these people live and think.
    Thank you CT for giving chance to Rajagiriye Samantha say my feeling. Also 3 wheel Mallis thank you.

  • 1

    Jim softy the dimwit

    Thanks for keeping it brief.

  • 1

    [Edited out]What is his problem.? Ishe trying to advise voters to vote for Ranil. If there are any conspiracy theories of any credibility you need not periodically pull out Thajudeen’s rotting carcass to draw sympathy, would you.Firstly no voter will be influenced by your tripe. I suggest you try convincing your neighbour first. I doubt whether you have one. [Edited out]

  • 1

    This man says that Mangala made a complaint about an aborted attempt at dictatorship to the CID and wants to know what happened. That question should be answered by Ranil. And Sirisena. Suggest that you use the FOI to proceed further.
    So it was only Mangala who knew about it not Ranil not Sirisena. This Mangala is the man who has stated in these columns that Mahinda actually lost the LG elelections for 2018.[Edited out]

    • 2

      If you try to stop twisting things into all kinds of weird shapes, your dim-witticisms might achieve a marginal degree of comprehensibility. But alas, what can one expect from a … but a grunt, as that timeless adage has it!
      “Godayata magic” has a way of preventing even a smidgen of intelligence entering the cranium of a village idiot!

  • 1

    Emil van dp according to the newspapers sirisena is also doing deals?ship, rent, spectrum?

  • 1

    Mangi says Rajapaksa lost..
    Dentist says UNP won.
    Whisky Madam is selling up and moving to London for good.
    Now Dayan says Dr Ranil and Sampathar will be running the post Feb UNP Yahapalana Government.
    Looks like Mangi and the Dentist are on the money.
    But why Madam is selling up and leaving for Good?
    Is it because she couldn’t score in Horogolla? Specially after the Madam said just before the Election that the Vellalas deserve a Homeland..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere

      Did Dyan throw you a party?
      The Madam is selling up and leaving for Good if true perhaps she is scared of Navin the new smart ass patriot because of he is the son of the great arsonist and the son in law of the procurer of services of the media.

      Are you still carrying Dr Mahinda’s b***s?

      Why does Bandula talk bull on Tele?

    • 0


      Dont worry.

      Mommy will be coming back. If she is not around, Silly baby can do nothing but to put his Thumb in his mouth and start to cry.

      You may remember it was Batalanda and West wanted the unity government. All the ministerial matter on the 19A is Batalanda’s idea. Ambassador Atul Keshap has met the Silly Baby. If he had said “you get the GSP+ if you two work together” do you think still Sillay Baby will say “No No, I cannot work with Batalanda!”

      Sampanhar has no other way but to work with Gajen on LCs, which TNA won. That is a sad ailing realization, only after winning the LC election. Gajen’s condition to work in LCs is Sampanthar has to overtly talk about what is in the own of Secret Solution. Some or how all in the North-East want to know if Sampanatar will really ask for Internal Self Determination, that is what TNA promised for last few years. If Sampanthar and Batalanda are the only bakers and Silly baby is not partner to that, No Secret Solution. In that case Sampanthar may have to stand for LG election before he can accept any Paperboy Minister from Batalanda.

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