4 March, 2024


Exclusive: Another Scandal Rocks The United National Party

In what is acute embarrassment to the already shamed United National Party after the Treasury bond fiasco is another very shocking scandal.

The Minister of Finance, Ravi Karunanayake asked the Director General of Customs Jagath P. Wijeweera to give sweeping duty concessions to his privately owned firm. He flatly refused the demand on the grounds that the country would lose millions of dollars. Because he could not continue to stand undue pressure being brought on him for favours costing millions to the country, Wijeweera tendered his resignation on Monday to Treasury Secretary Dr R.H.S. Samaratunga.

Ravi KarunanayakeThough Wijeweera said he is quitting due to “personal reasons,” he confessed to close friends in the Customs Department he could not bear Karunanayake’s interference into fiscal matters not only on behalf of his private firm but also various suspicious businessmen. For his private company Global Park which provides warehousing and logistical services he had wanted duty concessions running into millions of dollars granted. Karunanayake had also been in the habit of telephoning Wijeweera almost every day to seek duty waivers, withdrawal of fines and other concessions for several businessmen. He told his friends that he could no longer continue to do things Karunanayake wanted and be answerable for public moneys.

On Monday night, as we reported, Karunanayake announced Wijeweera’s resignation and said the exact reason was not revealed. The Finance Minister claimed that Wijeweera might have resigned due to ongoing investigations to determine the reasons for the considerable loss that had been reported in the Customs Department in the recent past. A senior Customs officer handling revenue told Colombo Telegraph the Customs were now earning a record revenue of five billion rupees a day. The same officer said Wijeweera enjoyed President Sirisena’s confidence, regardless of allegations against him and therefore served in the Assets Recovery Task Force too.

The talking point in Colombo’s private sector, which Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has despised as being of no use, is how it was easy to get the UNP Government to get any job done if one got around Finance Minister Karunanayake. Two examples being cited are those of Nissanka Senadhipathi, owner of Avant Garde Maritime Services (who is facing a CID inquiry) and Lalith Kotelawala, Chairman of the Ceylinco Group of Companies. Added to that, Karunanayake has also been personally approaching foreign business concerns with Sri Lankan connections. Both Senadipathi and Kotelawala reportedly made substantial donations fronted reportedly for the UNP to be spent on the general elections. If any went to the UNP and how much it was is not known.

The UPFA opposition was on Tuesday amending their Vote of No Confidence on Finance Minister Karunanayake to include the reasons behind Director General Wijeweera’s resignation. They are also including references to Arjun Aloysius, Karunanayake’s bosom friend and financial supporter. Arjun is the son-in-law of Arjuna Mahendran, a foreigner who is Governor of the Central Bank and at the centre of the Central Bank’s scandalous bond issue. The UPFA opposition says there were five persons who were in the know of the bond issue well in advance – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Finance Minister Karunanayake, UNP Chairman Malik Samarawickrema, Governor Arjuna Mahendran and Arjun Aloysius.

During the presidential election campaign both Wickremesinghe and Karunanayake shouted loud from political rallies about bribery and corruption by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and members of his family. They promised that they would be brought to book. However, after elections, Wickremasinghe directed the Attorney General Yuvanjan Wijetilleka not to arrest Rajapaksa or his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa. There were a lot of reservations within the UNP when Karunanayake was named Minister of Finance by Wickremasinghe. Many businessmen have been told by top UNP members that Karunanayake was raising funds for the elections but some are dismissing these statements.

UNPers are also shocked that President Maithripala Sirisena, who also spoke out against bribery and corruption is maintaining dead silence. Many reports about Finance Minister Karunanayake’s deals have reached him but no action has been taken. An SLFP Minister said the President was waiting for the COPE report. Members of the COPE sitting daily to inquire into the scandal involving the UNP leadership and Governor Mahendran.

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Latest comments

  • 15

    Where are the UNP supporters? I await their response.

    • 6

      I don’t think they’ll rush to RK’s defense, unlike the former regime’s whitewashers who are still rambling away.

    • 7

      Former Chief Justice Sarath Silva, in a speech at the Organisation of Professional Associations, hit the nail on the head when he said that the present government ‘was illegal from its inception.’ He said that he ‘regrets having lit the fire’ by opposing President Rajapaksa’s candidacy.

      “I didn’t expect Maithripala Sirisena to contest the last election. The moment he announced his candidacy I knew this wasn’t moving in the right direction. They sent me a list of meetings at which I was to speak. I put the list into the dustbin,” he said.

      “The only issue I had with President Mahinda Rajapaksa was my opposition to the 18th amendment. I don’t think it is good for a person to contest thrice. That’s why I opposed it. I lit this fire by saying that he couldn’t contest a third time, and I regret it,” he said.

      He likened the presnt government to a ‘pickle which is hard to digest.’
      “I must be honest, I reluctantly voted for Maithripala@. That’s the first thing. And then suddenly Ranil Wickremesinghe takes oaths as Prime Minister whilst a Prime Minister was still in his seat! Is that good governance? This government was illegal since its inception,” he said.

      Silva, detailing his criticism of the mob, said that the manner in which Mohan Peiris, the then sitting Chief Justice was removed reduced the judiciary to a ‘comedy.’ There is a process through which the CJ could be removed specified in the Constitution. Instead, the President just signed a letter while Mohan was outstation and then the previous one was brought in. Then she also resigned. It’s a comedy really.

      The Gazette notification under which the Financial Crimes Investigation Division was appointed had basic spelling errors. But more importantly, Silva said that the law did not recognise “grievous financial crimes”. This document is a joke, and it’s Ranil Wickremesinghe’s doing. None of the so-called crimes specified in the gazette are recognised by the penal code. How can the Police investigate large scale projects?” he asked. “Article 13(1) of the Constitution says that you can’t arrest a person unless it’s in a manner prescribed by law. The manner prescribed by law is found in the Criminal Procedure Code. But none of what they are doing is prescribed in the code,” he said.The very fact that the Magistrate’s Court‘ was kept open till nine in the night, was evidence of vengeance’.
      “This is not good governance. This is vengeance. I

      He said that the country was going down a ‘dangerous path’, and that he had ‘never experienced a pickle like this in the entirety of my life’. “You have to be very careful when making that decision; this is something that I always told judges when I was on the bench,” he said.

      There was no post-election conspiracy by Rajapakse, because if there was the CCTV cameras would have shown. None of that happened — and it’s a lie. Rajapakse left Temple Trees in a dignified manner; and for that we should respect him. He is a man we can mould — unlike Wickremesinghe,” he said.

      When will this dangerous joke end? Soon, one hopes.

      • 6

        Believing Sarath Silva is for the gullible. Just cast your mind back to the odious behaviour (and not all of it ‘justice-related’, if you remember the blow job in his car) of this excuse for a CJ and his kiss-ass decisions which he has a habit of “regretting” after the fact. And then he poses as a ‘Born again Buddhist’ preaching over TV. Give us a break!

        This guy is the ‘joke’. He must now be hoping that a comeback will be possible, just in case the coterie of crooks get back in the saddle.

        This comment in no way excuses Ranil’s behaviour and actions, which Maithri must deal with and the sooner the better!

  • 35

    Dear Mr. president. Take this matter seriously and conduct an enquiry PERSONALLY without assigning anyone. Find out what Ravi K’s private company is importing, the BTN number of the products, and what the customs charges should be and what has been in fact charged. Check the incoming calls to this Customs Officer and the outgoing calls from RK’s phone. You can conduct this enquiry with a few senior customs officers, CID officers and other very reliable people. If found to be guilty, fire your Finance Minister and order the CID to initiate legal action against this man. While you are at it, enquire into the recent Lithro Gas (LPG) tender.

    Excellency act now before its too late for if you should lose, we hate to imagine what can happen to the general public who voted for you as well as this battered nation. YOU owe it to yourself, your family and all of us. IF you losee this elections, it will be because of RK and RW.

    • 24

      One bunch of crooks have replaced another bunch of crooked politicians. Ravi K, Arjuna Mahendran are like Nivard Cabraal and the poverty fund hora Basil Jarapassa..
      President Sirisena is the only non-corrupt guy and he should use executive powers to fire Ravi and Mahendran – Ranil’s corrupt golayas!

      Mahinda Jarapassa and Ranil Wickramasighe are crooked and CORRUPT politicians who have ROTTED POLITICAL CULTURE in Lanka, and they BOTH need to be swept from power and a new generation of HONEST and DECENT politicians need to take over Lanka. They have been leaders of corruption in the country and are the reason for all the mess in the country and should be booted out!

      This Ranil-Jarapassa partnership in corruption has resulted in a generation of corrupt politicians who massage one anther and jump sides in the Diaywenna parliament of corrupt clowns- for the highest bidder must be sent packing..

      Hope the Sinhala moda voters are EDUCATED about the need to clean up the POLITICAL CULTURE by sending all these dirty old corrupt politicians to jail.

      • 22

        This Ravi K is just another Basil Rajapakshe, very well known [Edited out]. Such people are not fit for any ministry. If Ranil cannot discipline these rogues then President Maithree should intervene.

        Unfortunately, Ranil and the UNP is losing its popularity due to people like Arjuna Mahendran and Ravi K. Ranil becoming a prime minister again after the election is very doubtful.

      • 4

        What you say is correct but there are differences too. There are many indications showing that those crooks are now aware of power of free & social media. If people keep these valued added information flowing, it will make a difference.. I am still optimistic that country could reverse its direction.. We need websites in this calibre in Sinhalese and Tamil too.

    • 7

      Kumaraya – You said it right. PM Ranil is trumpeting that good governance is in place as against the corrupt rule by the former Govt.
      and it looks like it is not so.The President should intervene here and above crime investigated with immediate effect and if found guilty,Ravi
      K and Central Bank governor should be sent home as PM Ranil is not a a good mediator. He will not stand to reason but will try his best to protect his college mates and colleagues as seen in CB Governor Mahendran’s case.He failed to realise that tho’ Mahendran was cleared on technical grounds, he did not protect the interest of Central Bank as a responsible official who was entrusted with the task of reforming the CB and more over his son in law knew the inside story. Shoul’nt a person handling a great institution like CB, be of some standing in the eyes of the people. PM Ranil is at a risk of loosing at least a million votes on mishandling this matter, as voters are gullible.

      the President should have a ‘one on one’ with PM Ranil on the current situation as early as possible as the popularity of both Individuals is waning off and winning the election could be a problem as opposition
      is gaining strength due to the weak handling of day to day affairs of the country.President should give a weekly address on the TVs or State
      radio so that the people are with him or understands his policies
      & stand on various issues.

      It was earlier reported in the media that DG, Customs is no innocent
      man as he had helped the former regime as well, and the treasury lost billions of rupees on Customs duties & penalties and the president may have to find out whether he did this under pressure and doing the same under the present govt.or he had a share of the loot. It is easy to find as each customs officer involved will have a record of what was released free of charge under whose orders.

    • 3

      Good comment. Prez should immediately sack Ravi and later on after the elections appoint a new PM like Karu J

  • 17

    Trust thew facts against Ravi K, the Finance Minister, are true and provable. If this is correct and provable, Ranil W, should verify
    The information and take some drastic action.

    • 17

      Like the drastic action he took against the CB Governor LOL?

      Appoint a 3 man UNP team to whitewash this too?
      Excellent !

    • 5

      dcn – the best “drastic action” Ranil W can take is to resign, without being a millstone around Maithri’s neck. Cleanup time is overdue and Maithri must take it on himself and a few trusted professionals to do the job.

      Ranil’s time is passed and his recent actions are only muddying the waters that promised to be clean and clear.

  • 16

    Jagath Wijeweera is very unlikely to be an ‘Old Royalist’. He will most likely be replaced with one.
    Even if there is only a miniscule of truth in the allegation, Ravi K would have been shown to serve himself rather than the people he’s supposed to serve. Would the President take note!

  • 4

    these chaps are worse than MR. President should and will act. that’s probably why he is waiting long for GE. Time will expose Ravi K and the clan and a renewed SLFP without MR will be the clear solution for all our problems.

  • 14

    All decent Sri Lankans should agree with Kumaraya ( the first commenter ).

    It behoves on President Sirisena to conduct a public publicised, fair, systematic and thorough enquiry into this and take the strongest possible action.

    President Sirisena should be aware that if he does not, he will be considered guilty of condoning illegal and immoral conduct.

  • 9

    Oh Boy…. What can I say…..

    Thank you CT..You made my day..

    Our old PM’s son would have sent requests to customs chief on Dad’s stolen letter heads.

    But this un Elected PM’s no 1 enforcer calls the Customs Boss day & Night .

    BTW way Is Galleon Ravi wanting to import a few B Doubles for his logistics Operations?..

    Of course without paying duty…

    Wonder what happened to that LKR 60 billion , Gota had allocated to build the Army HQ in Battaramulla.

    Did Galleon take a cut while transferring it to his treasury.

    Or did he park it with Aloysious Associates to get some Interest from the 6500 Mil Bond Issue ?..

    I mean 13 % is pretty good going when German Treasury charges the Bond Dealers money to buy Deutche Bonds…

    Wait till the Elite , Anglicans, Vellals, and the Wahabis make Ranil Legit in August, Sept , Oct or whenever…..

    • 0


      “I mean 13 % is pretty good going when German Treasury charges the Bond Dealers money to buy Deutche Bonds…”

      That as you surely understand has to do with the country risk. Instead of “Return on Investment” we should in the case of SL think about the “Return of Investment”.

  • 5

    Mr. President: Please take matters into your hands, as otherwise, you will be “dethroned” and it is a matter of time. Why not give a meeting to this officer, Wijeweera and have a one to one discussion as regards his resignation. You will come to know lots and lots of things that are being kept out of you. I am sure, with your political career of forty seven years, you would have known who these devils are with whom you were going to live in order to get rid of Mr. MR. That is fine; but it is not up to your calibre to allow these “vagrants” to carry on as they please. Don’t you think and see that things are getting out of hand and you will be ultimately held responsible for all that “behind the scenes” activities that are manipulated in the name of “Yahapalanaya”. What are your “Advisers” and “inner circle” associates telling you. Are they too playing up and taking you for a ride?

    I have a suggestion: Call Mr. Wijeweera to a one on one meeting and appoint him as an Adviser to you. Consult him on all matters relating to the Customs Department. Take the bull by the horns and don’t fear; you will succeed. This is my advice to you.

  • 7

    Just finished reading the DM..Guess what

    Galleon Ravi warns the Media in Lanka…

    ” Don’t abuse the Freedom which is available now ”

    Shippers council feels sad that the Customs Boss has resigned.

    And our Galleon said the other day , ” May be the Customs Chief is worried about the on going Bribery Investigations”.

    Now Ravi is sure to send Ranil’s F…… CID after the Customs Boss..

    Yahapalanaya… Sure is.

  • 9

    I greatly appreciate to the “CT” exposing the corruption of Ravi K. This person talk like a saint in front of the media while doing illegal businesses in the expenses of tax payers money. The Sri Lankan poor eventually has to pay the ultimate price because, the money that has to be spent on programs to enhance their lives has to be cut. No money for hospitals, schools, skill development etc.

    So, on behalf of the poor of our country, I am appealing to all those who write comments to this article, send a email to the president asking him to remove these types of people from the government for Yapalanaya to be successful one.

    • 0

      Sri lankan,

      “I greatly appreciate to the “CT” exposing the corruption of Ravi K.”

      Doesn’t Ravi K now talk about the responsibility of the social media? Promises of houses and motorbikes for “real” reporters?

      “I am appealing to all those who write comments to this article, send a email to the president asking him to remove these types of people from the government for Yapalanaya to be successful one.”

      Maybe better to Tweet? Cannot everybody see the Tweets?

      • 1


        Dalits can’t Tweet…can they.

        They don’t even have email…

        Appreciate your effort though….

  • 5

    President Sirisena and RW have to answer to this latest infringement of the law by Ravi K of the UNP’s high command…..for having permitted this guy to blatantly and fraudulently rake in millions and rob the country while they watch on without taking action. Instead of all the wild goose chases that the FCID has been involved in, here is some real stuff they can deliver.

  • 5

    [Edited out] Rajapakse regime had 10 yearsto steal. These UNP thugs need to steal in under 100 days. Just in case they can’t win they need to become rich fast. [Edited out] Eran will have to bat lies on national TV again like he did to cover up the Central Bank bond issue. Ranil will screech and scream in his fruity effeminate manner, Mangala will lie about 18 billion dollars being stolen when that is well nigh impossible and he knows it, Pompous Harsha DeSilva will say he’s the smartest brightest and lie on behalf of his classmates the greatest team og Royal college Raajakeeya mineemaru horu who were responsible for dhooshana beeshana yugaya and 1983 pogrom against innocent Tamils.

    Have you noticed how Eran, Rajitha, Sajith Premadasa, Harsha are all claiming credit for roads, schools, hospitals, Shangri-la project, rural electrification projects, canal restoration projects ALL started, done funded during Rajapaksa regime? [Edited out].MY3 yahapaalanya asleep. [Edited out]

  • 6

    To use CBK’s words : katey pittu by her crony the current President Mr.Maithripala Sirisena because he’s been taken for a ride.

    Ravi K threatened media freedom today. Ranil did the same when the Central Bank scandal happened. Rajitha lies through his back orifice, caste complex Mangala lies through his teeth but Sirisena is clueless and afraid to be tough on them.

  • 2

    Although MR. President has a clean slate, if HE doesn’t investigate this matter and take appropriate action, HE too will be implicated in this scandal. Based on this info, DG’s resignation on personal grounds is not convincing. Something fishy!

    MR.president has to act to guard his reputation!

  • 13

    Ravi K might be corrupt. An investigation would reveal that.
    But the funny story of the DG Customs resigning from his position because he could not stand the pressure on his clean self from the Finance minister is the biggest joke. This man is trying to come out smelling of Roses! One who went through five years of MR rule where so much of corruption was witnessed at the customs with container loads of Ethanol, Drugs and Lamborghinis came ashore now finds it difficult to manage the calls from Ravi K! We were not born yesterday!

  • 2

    What would be corruptions charge as primary basis for determining the combat of misconducts and corruption problems of cancer in Sri lanka democracy that directly affect the livelihood of PEOPLE?

    The Current UNP-Ranil/Ravi led core of ruling circular , CBK and MS regime ,whoever is involved in a corruptions cases must be thoroughly and impartially investigated.

    UNP leaders at every level must bear firmly in mind the fact in law Ranil.W.. or Ravi or Malik of UNP that nobody is above the law.
    We must implement Democracy Governances and Rule of law( courts)improved transparency in day to day management and administration that ensure that UNP Party Leaders do not act in high-hand manner or seek personal gain of their own business interest and regain party power by misusing State Revenues.

    To what extent is it appropriate to consider corruptions by UNP streams currently in place in Sri lanka?

    Are any of the current streams are more suited to this policy?

    Are there any political objective in UNP -Regime particularly with respect to the ‘Good governances and Rule of law’ and firmly reunion of democratic streams that could be compromised by a move clean government to charging for new entry?

    How could be UNP these political objective be preserved under democracy charging new regime led by MS CBK and UNP-Ranil. w..?

    What exemptions would be required to comply with IMF, World Bank & Asian Development Bank that current international obligations?

    What is likely international reaction to UNP -Ranil.. MS and CBK an introducing such a corrupted practices ?

    Should IMF, WB and ADB an appoint commission examine the of MS, UNP-Ranil .W.. and CBK regime policy scenario as a replacement or as an addition to the existing arrangement. Ours democratic institutions are of the fundamental, overall and long-lasting importance and effectively the stability of governances of Sri lanka.

    The promised by MS regime in last elections 2015 January 9th ,that solution to problem of power and corruptions is to radically change system of checks and oversees the exercise of state power ,that grant vital oversight democracy power to the people by make the exercise Parliamentary powers more transparent and institutionalized.

    It is quite impossible under MS led regime that operated by UNP-Ranil and CBK governances to be eliminate any breeding grounds for corrugations through further ongoing reforms are not base on democracy norms.

    UNP-Ranil..w..ruling party and CBK had worst that past recorded of corruptions during that 30 war against LTTE Eealm, war buying arms had been more lucrative business war.

    Those past corrugations had been not properly address by any party was in power! We want see to it that leaders of country remain honest and upright ,which that work for the interest of PEOPLE, remain clean and political integrity is to be upheld.

  • 6

    CBK knows very well about Ravi K [Edited out]. President should take Customs Dept under his control. Bond Issue and Ravi K are damaging the good image of President Sirisena.
    Rajitha will always defend Ravi K. [Edited out] This has make Yaha Palanaya a mockery.

  • 2

    It is our sincere hope and prayer that the sentiments expressed by decent, honest readers who are concerned will be SEEN by The President; hopefully RW as well as RK etc also see these, as they matter.

    To do evil is like sport to a fool but a man of understanding has wisdom”.

    “Those who trust in their wealth and boast in the multitude of riches can by any means redeem his brother”

    “treasures of wickedness profits nothing but righteousness delivers from death”

    “The blessings of the Lord makes one rich and He adds NO SORROW TO IT”

    Are our politicians happy at this time??!!

    • 0

      This link has been sent to H.E.s office requesting urgent attention. Something has
      to happen, with the new found free-media we enjoy now.

  • 0

    President my3 should take initiative have an impartial Inquiry on this. If Ravi K proved guilty should remove immediately. Otherwise your credibility also on the stake.

  • 1

    Hope this government walks the talk and teach Ravi K a lesson, if there
    is truth to the allegations against him. Corruption and criminality seem to be endemic in Sri Lankan society. Finding an honest person in a
    position of power is a rarity. If the law is not applied without bias in all cases, the people should send this lot home as well.

  • 1

    [Edited out]
    I told you so, kjown devil was good!

  • 2

    All govt servants need to be trained to ask for requests from MPs to be in written form. It can be as simple as sending the request via email.

    Its only with written communication one can prove Ravi is corrupt and can be taken to FCID.

    In this case its a matter of hearsay. There is no proof to the allegation other than the word of the custom official.

  • 5

    Ravi Karunanayake is Ranils’ appointment. Ranil thought that Ravi will be the best Finance Minister.
    Ranil also thought that Arjun Mahendran is the best Governor for the Central Bank
    Ranil also decided that the best team to look into the allegations against Arjun Mahendran would be three servile lawyers from the UNP working committee!

    But Ranil is a clever man. He knows is all. So shut up and follow him !

  • 0

    All these comments above point to President’s inability to rein in UNP and some of his own party members. When an important govt. official in the rank of DG,abruptly resigns from his position, it is just courtesy,
    for the President to call him and inquire the reason for his resignation. US President had done this on many occasions, some time over a beer. If at all, if the govt. loses the forthcoming election, its due to the troika (Ranil/CBK/Mangala) for ill planning the regime change with no plan B in the event something they had in mind, failed or went wrong and the other players are Dr. Senaratne/FM Ravi.K & FM Mangala,who give contradictory statements, misleading the people on several issues as there was no, one spokesperson, for the govt. even after 5 months of governing, and every minister pulls in different directions. They always put the cart before the horse and an example was that Minster Managala claimed that 18 billion dollars were siphoned
    off and stacked in foreign banks by the former ruling family and two billion dollars were already located in Dubai but no foreign banks nor any financial institutions gave any clues so far and was this statement to the people necessary before they found the money ?.

    Parliamentarians are of the same feather and they clash in the
    parliament during the day but clubbing in the evenings, together and not bothered about the officials, who could get affected in the event of a regime change with dismissals, transfers from Matara to Jaffna and even jail terms and minorities will be at the receiving end from the rulers. This is why officials are reluctant to complete their tasks
    on time and PM Ranil puts it down to shortage of staff.

    Its in the hands of the President to make it or break it. Election
    must be held at the earliest to prevent further damages to the
    reputation of the govt. and he must be aware of hassles he may have
    to face,and needs timein allocating electorates, where every candidate will insist on a ministerial post. The silence maintained by the President may also mean that he may show the door to Ranil after the election. It is difficult to fathom what is in the mind of the president.

  • 1

    I am sure that Independent, Democratic, Legally establish FCID must be preparing a notice to this criminal.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

    We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

  • 1

    Dear Mr. President,

    It is time you show up for work! Now is the time for firm decisions and actions. The time for speeches is over.

    There is a cancer spreading and unless you take decisive measures, all your desires for a better Sri Lanka will fall by the way-side.

    Customs is the MOST corrupt government dept followed closely by the Police and the Judiciary. For the ex-DG to pretend he just discovered corruption is malpractice.

    Ravi K has been party to many shady deals from his time in charge of CWE. Just because he never got caught with his hands in the till does not mean he is straight. It is ironic Mr. Clean (Ranil) cannot find 35 men and women in Parliament with clean records. It says so much about how screwed our Politial system is, and how messed up we are as a people. There MUST BE a requirement that any politician must place any business interests in TRUST, when entering politics. Not a perfect solution but better than have them directly interfere to benefit their business interests.

  • 1

    Even if they are untrue they must tell lies people would believe.
    Ravi K is not a fool to call Customs boss to get any favour. This itself prove that lies uttered against Ravi K is utterly false.

    Ravi K is a strong pillar of RW and MS Government. Enemies of the present government knows easy way to topple Sirisena Government is to eliminate strong men like Ravi from the Government.

    People shouls be Vigilant

  • 1

    Can Bodhi Sira get rid off these crooks ?


    Sira is there today because of the London Pact signed and sealed by Ranil, CBK and Suren Suredran under the guidance of British , Canadian and US Govts.

    Will US, and UK in particular keep quiet if Sira moves against Ranil or Ravi or Mangalan?.

    Ranil put a stop to Chinese funding, there by making Sira impotent, from day one..

    Mahendran fixed the Bond Rate which is going to cost our Tax Payers Billions and Billions over the 30 years.

    Even the intelligent Elite who have a little patriotism left, are up in arms, Some even demanding that Ranil sack Mahendran.

    Has Sira uttered even one word?..No And he won’t

    Now Galleon Ravi has openly influenced the Customs Chief to waive duty and tax on his Mates’ Imports as well as his own Global Logistics Business.

    Has Sira said anything ?.. No he won’t.And he can’t..

    Just imagine the pressure Sira must be under from the US, UK and Canada, CBK, Surendran and even Emmanuel.

    BTW the latest is that the last two gentleman were in Cape Town putting finishing touches to the Homeland with the ANC Ministers.

    Wonder whether Ranil will present it to our inhabitants at the up coming Election?…

  • 0

    How true are these allegations?
    IF hey are true I suppose the voters of Colombo should ensure the man does not get elected. The people are ultimately responsible as to who gets voted in.

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