20 March, 2023


Exclusive: Only Gotabhaya thought a military victory was possible – Erik Solheim’s full speech with Video

By Colombo Telegraph –

 “No one,  may be with the exception of Gothabaya Rajapaksa, but he’s the only person I can mention who thought a military victory was possible. I was very hard to say very close to Indian intelligence and an enormous amount of time throughout this process and never, ever did any Indian official hint that a military victory was possible until mid 2008. Then they started, I observed the change in Mr.M.K.Narayanan and others and gradually shift into the position that may be, state may be the government can wipe out the tigers military victory.”Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim said last week

“Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years, for their business interest part of that they tried to manipulate all. We may be fool but no so foolish that we understand that they tried to manipulate.” Minster of the Environment and international Development Erik Solheim further said.

Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years, for their business interest part of that they tried to manipulate all. We may be fool but no so foolish that we understand that they tried to manipulate.

Eric Solheim made this remarks last week in Oslo seminar followed by the launch of the evaluation report of the Norwegian Peace effort in Sri Lanka. The evaluation has been performed by CMI in Bergen and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, and deals with the Norwegian peace effort in Sri Lanka between 1997 and 2009.

Following is the full text of the speech made by Erik Solheim

Let me start by thanking Mr.Gunnar and his team for a very valuable and interesting report.  I’ve not been able to study everything at this stage, we will go through it, all the big and small parts…the big and small issues which are covered by the report and see to what extent I can inform and to see what I can do to assist Sri Lanka in the future and more importantly how this can help Norwegian efforts in other peace processes.

Norway is involved in one way or other in may be 20 peace processes in world and very few of them, at the moment, not as a main actor as in Sri Lanka, but in supporting the parties and supporting other international actors in bringing peace so it’s very valuable to look into all these experiences which are experience, this may be the first time, certainly, it isn’t normal, that one involved in the peace process is commissioning a report in to all the positive and negatives of what happened.

Norway should have withdrawn from the peace process 

I broadly agree with most comments made and had one major reservation and let me start with that. I think indeed that Norway should have withdrawn from the peace process when it was clear to everyone that the government of Sri Lanka wanted a final military victory.

Every one knew that, was no doubt in Washington, or Beijing, or Colombo or Vanni about that. No one was in doubt of that. Indeed at this point we should have withdrawn. I think it is extreme arrogant why, because the Tamil Tigers asked us to continue, the government of Sri Lanka at least, in some extent, asked us to continue. A complete civil society and all the peace groups in Sri Lanka asked us to continue. The United States of America asked us to continue. India asked us to continue. The European Union asked us to continue. Neither I nor Vidar Helgesen, should sit in Oslo and make the decision that when everyone else in the world asked Norway to do best under the most difficult circumstances, even when its war, even so many people are killed, we should try to withdraw.

. If Pirapaharan had not forced Tamil voters to abstain from elections in 2005 everyone knows that Ranil Wickramasinghe would have been elected the president, not Mahinda Rajapaksa, Everyone knows that. That would at least have been a major change in everything what happened after that.

I cannot disagree, more. I think it’s very arrogant because it’s putting Norway far above everything else. It’s about our reputation, not about what we’re asked to do.  All those who are suffering from this war. Except for that major reservation, I agree a lot about what has been presented by Gunar hear.

If there is another, not major reservation, it is the following. We should be very cautious with determinism believing that the outcome of Sri Lankan events had to be what it actually was. Richard Armitage is at the first floor hear, I think he and myself agreed that the American Independence war by George Washington would have taken a completely different turn if George Washington had be hanged as a terrorist and the UK would have gone over at least 50 more years.

It was so close to a southern separation during the civil war in America in the 1860’s and was not far away. Very close. You can just make a few changes in a few of the battles or moving the election of 1860 away from the fall to the spring and the outcome would have been completely different.

If Pirapaharan had not forced Tamil voters to abstain from elections in 2005

This occurs in most important events in Earth’s history and the tendency by researchers by what actually is the end, had to be the end, I take a reservation with. Let’s mention a few of the “ifs” in the peace process of Sri Lanka. If Mr.Pirapaharan had not forced Tamil voters to abstain from elections in 2005 everyone knows that Ranil Wikremesinghe would have been elected as the president, not Mahinda Rajapaksa, Everyone knows that. That would at least have been a major change in everything what happened after that.

If Balasinham had not died of cancer, it may or may not have made a major difference; I think it would have made a major difference because after Balsinham’s death, the LTTE leadership made all the mistakes.

If Mr. Balasinham had not died of cancer, it may or may not have made a major difference; I think it would have made a major difference because after Mr. Balasinham’s death, the LTTE leadership made all the mistakes.

Prior to that they were quite clever both in the political and military field in the 3 years after Blasingam’s death, it was not one single meaningful political or military initiative from the Tamil Tigers.

Not one and there is no other way of explaining that influence of Balasingham’s disappear and Pirapaharan was alone to make decisions. So to say. If  Karuna was not split, it was not, I think, in the invertible,  it was basic from personal characteristics, not very nice, but it was what happened and it made an enormous change .

If Chandrika Kumaratunga or the other actors had to be able to move one or two months after the Tsunami, it was a completely new set up in Sri Lanka.
Tamil Tigers assisted the army. The army assisted Tamils. Was really a new beginning but it was drawn out, drawn out, the momentum was lost and basically nothing happened.

If we had been able to achieve a major change or development here I think everything would have been very different. Not necessarily, exactly what we had hoped for but it would have been very different.  And I can continue with a number of other such if, So I think we have to judge historical events on the basis of the available information at that time, not when we know what happened. But that’s hard when we don’t know exactly what happened because what happened was not necessarily what had to happen. Then, let me add one or two other aspects. No one believed there was a military victory possible.

Gothabaya Rajapaksa the only exception

No one. May be with the exception of Gothabaya Rajapaksa but he’s the only person I can mention who thought a military victory was possible.

No one in Colombo thought it was possible, I was very hard to say very close to Indian intelligence and an enormous amount of time throughout this process and never, ever did any Indian official hint that a military victory was possible until mid 2008. Then they started, I observed the change in Mr.M.K.Narayanan and others and gradually shift into the position that may be, still may be the government can wipe out the tigers military victory.

If Karuna was not split, it was not, I think, in the invertible, it was basic from personal characteristics, not very nice, but it was what happened and it made an enormous change .

Before that no one thought it was possible, the United States thought it was impossible, USA, India and Colombo thought it was impossible so again complete change from what we all based the peace process on until that point.

Then coming to what can be learned. Because there are a number of these issues which are reflected in the report and also by  Gunnar. Obviously have to be patient, that’s very obvious part of the peace process starting with the belief that this can be resolved in a few months time.

The Indians told us, please be patient, if you cannot be patient go away, get out of the way you will only complicate matters. This will take a decade at the minimum. So we learned to be patient and you need patience in any peace process.

Then you need to get the international context right, as was covered by Mr.Gunnar may be at the end the government won a military victory because it much better understood the international situation and tiger leadership. Mr.Rajapaksa understood it was basically possible to build up a coalition of China, Pakistan, Iran, and a number of new actors in the Sri Lankan context to get on one hand, military support from these new actors but on the other hand also using these new actors to put pressure on old actors in the sense that it would be very much more relaxing to see China coming in a more major way in Sri Lanka.

That was very clever international diplomacy by Rajapaksa out fuling that way the Tigers in … that way… so in the international context it’s very essential. Other issues the inclusiveness. Have to say that we were fighting throughout to particularly include the Muslim community in Sri Lanka in a much broader way in the peace process and to every one else that was not easy mainly because the Tamil Tigers were very reluctant to see a separate Muslim dimension to the struggle, but very very important in all peace processes to be as inclusive as possible.

The three main issues in my perspective in the peace process 

Then I would come to the three main issues in my perspective in the peace process which we have to contemplate for future situations. Number one, the peace priority list is weather are there other ways to influence the Tamil Tigers leadership in a more effective way than we did. You may please recall Norway was the only access to Pirapakran. background, I met Pirapakaran may be ten times and absolutely no tiger in

If Chandrika Kumaranathuga or the other actors had to be able to move one or two months after the Tsunami, it was a completely new setup in Sri Lanka.

that background, none. During the peace process, except for Norwegians, Mr.Krish Paten from EU meet him onece, and Akashai from Japan, may be once, or twice, except for that it was just Norwegians. Mr.Lars combined thirty hours with during this peace process. He spoke only Tamil and my Tamil is limited so it was a relatively limited time. I think it was completely wrong …. That other actors did not want to speak to him unless he behaved well. The more people that need to speak to Pirapakaran the better.

The government would have been reluctant to that because that would have been a recognition of  his role that I think the more the LTTE would have been opened up, the moel actors that would have been able to meet in a international community mole the more likely a success would have been.
That’s right what Gunnar said, when Balasingham negotiated to do so call Oslo declaration which they said LTTE will explore Federalism where Milinda and myself who wrote that document here in Oslo Balasingham accepted it and took it to Pirapakaran, he refused it. It was not public at that time but it is very clear he refused it. Because he was realizing to federalism. But still have been ……. or influence in LTTE Leadership. In reality that Mr.Pirapakaran, more that is the most, that is the number one crucial issue. Blasingham told me that please understand Mr.Pirapakaran is a war lord. he is not in a democratic society not understanding international community not understanding the base in Europe and USA.

Blasingham told me that please understand Mr.Pirapakaran is a war lord

He is ……. in a war load. May be studying the war lords, chins history in the early part of the …. the best parallel to study Pirapakaran, Balasingham hinted. Its not my idea. if that the case more have been done to open up their ice, their understanding of the world and should be have done that more on that matter I thing that was completely wrong that USA, Europe and anyone else ask me please you behave well very long period of time we will talk to you. So we should have talked to them all the time as much as possible 24 hours if possible. This is the number one status issues.

It may, People may thing that up on this from world assistant,  stutterers, tactical experience, it may seen as very personal oriented but the reality was Pirapakaran was the LTTE, without Pirapakaran LTTE will have existed and all major decisions whatever type will be made by Pirapakaran. No one else. he will of course speak with some of the military leaders definitely consulting with Balasingham but ultimately he will make decisions and it was very hard, I never heard any Tamils giving and wanted advice to Mr.Pirapakaran I thing that would be very difficult to any Tamils to knock at door to going to Pirapakaran and say that you are on a wrong path you shouldn’t do this and that.Only person should do that Balasingham. Because he was 10 years senior.

Second issue very much covered by Gunnar. There are two parties in Colombo. UNP and SLFP they had a long long history of not working together. During most of the peace process Chandraka was the President Ranil Wikremesinghe was the Prime Minister and they were not speaking … and they were both believing that they are whatever they do possible to do in their my or in their situations.

. Blasingham told that please understand Pirapakaran is a war lord. he is not in a democratic society not understanding international community not understanding the base in Europe and USA.

Should have been done more on that regards. We felt that it was outside Norway mandate. We felt other mandate was to negotiate that those in power in Colombo where ever they are and the Tamil tigers and that intervening on that would be intervening mean that domestic affairs in State of Sri Lanka.

Mr.Fox that UK’s Minister of Defence, he just left his post, made so called FOX agreement in late 1990s you should cover that. There was lots of efforts that Indian and others to bring by two parties together but should have been Norway should have forced to …. may be we should have done that more to ask both parties to do like India and UN to do it, would have been very very difficult.  Very critical issue I do not know what extend discuss it the peace agreement was in the beginning before the cease fire agreement should more effort have been done bring Chandrika into that. Because that was done right after Ranil Wikremesighe made political victory he was on the political assurance, very strong and very popular at that point. Chandrika was as you said sidelined.

Should more have been done to bring Chandrika in to that agreement 

That’s true, should more have been done to bring her in to that agreement at the beginning, mover mental that has been lost but it is a critical issue of course if there has been a two party agreement in Colombo with their LTTE that would have made enormous different that’s very clear. But I think that was outside to Norway to archive it. May be we should have been done more to try to convince others to act will be lots, possibly has been done more. The last issue like to bring that also coved the issue of communication. Its true that Norway became very unpopular at least that peace process has lasted long partially in …… Nationalists Sinhala groups, that’s very clear. I thing that main reason for that with optics whenever someone saw Mr.Pirapakaran or LTTE …. to Norwegians because no one else going there, so other, I will be there or Ambassador or Johan or someone else, I mean if Pirapakaran or Balasingham or Tamilselvan, whether it was on TV normally the Norwegian with his side, it gave important to Sri Lankans that Norway was very close to LTTE. Since no one else LTTE did this. This was optical reason was why this became an issue.. but still we should have discussed, may be better media strategy. However of course, that party not wanted Norway to have a high profile. they wanted to be a process between that LTTE and the government they wanted us to make comments particularly when they have agreed some things but did not want Norway to be seen as speaking behalf of its self… defending its own role on this on media and that.. that clearly told that was what the parties want to see and still I mean is an issue, definitely need more consideration whether it should have play that or done more on this. Other issue in commutation is their one group. I am very clear we should have done more to reach out to the Buddhist clergy in Colombo in Sri Lanka and Mahanayaka in Kandy and others, the very important spiritual leaders in Sri Lanka. We were clearly adviced by Chandrika Kumaratunga not to spend too much time on the Buddhist clergy.  So  this not our idea, she was telling not to do it,. We wanted to do, but told not to do.. …… itself and don’t interview in this … leave that to us. At least to that inside today we should have done more to reach out to the Buddhist clergy because of their loyalist on the Sinhala side was so so important. so these are some of the issues for discussion. There are many big and small at the end two big one that finding of the issues of the peace process was should more have been done to reach out to Pirapakaran to get him at end to accept a federal states. that other was should more have been done bring together UNP and SLFP, Ranil and Chandrika, if we have been able to do very different or one or other this too, that would have been a completely different process these are the two essential questions.

 If you want to receive support from USA will you kill any USA president? 

I don’t think that war on terror was a main problem here, On one hand LTTE made enormous mistakes, the reason why the war on terror became so important in Sri Lanka was that LTTE made high profile assassinations against Sri Lankan politicians, it gave them nothing on any political or military point of view. Why in hell killing Rajiv Gandhi. Animus blander, if you want to receive support from USA, will you kill any US president? India was the main source of support to Tamil Tigers, why then killed? Rajiv Gandhi was a outstanding Indian Prime Minister.This was animus mistake, Whenever Pirapakaran told us stop killing, he keep (strikes) his words, that’s more than I can say that Sri Lankan Sinhala politician,

I am very clear we should have done more to reach out to the Buddhist clergy in Colombo and Mahanayaka in Kandy and others. The very important spiritual leaders in Sri Lanka, we were clearly adviced by Chandrika Kumarathunga not to spend too much time on the Buddhist clergy

Pirapakan always did. One example right after Mahinda elected president, LTTE started huge number of killing against Sri Lankan army soldiers then we went to Pirapakaran he promised to stop it. He stopped it. There was no killing by LTTE then the Government started killing different Tamils. Then too LTTE responded. Government that point insisting the killing. LTTE did not start the peace process at the weak point. They started the peace process at the peak of power. LTTE was ever powerful at 2000 and 2001.

LTTE did not start the peace process at the weak point

LTTE was too close to capture Jaffna peninsula, LTTE distorted Bandaranayaka airport in Colombo, bringing the economics of Sri Lankan state to zero. There was a peak of the power they started peace process, We Norway had good relation with Government in Washington and Norway embassy in Oslo. Their is not one critical remarks what so ever on WikiLeaks on Norwegian role on peace process. There USA cannot do it, will not do it, its very common Norway doing it. We have been …… bringing ….. killing by Sri Lankan state, I will give you ample of examples, MP. Pararajasingham good friend of mine was killed in Xmas day in a Christian church, Obviously this was by Sri Lankan state.One of the main famous Editor in Colombo Lasantha Wickaramatunga, another friend of us through peace process known very well killed by state of Sri Lanka.

Absolutely there is no doubt about that, that should be condemned and who was responsible for this crime should be brought to courts.

It was absolutely right to regret the ban of LTTE the point of views of Norway, how could you play as a mediator if band one organization you should talk to that group is impossible, I thing that banning the LTTE is not a good idea, because I … to that …..that much …. that overwhelmed by LTTE to political come forward bringing them out in the light discussing with them and trying to convince top leadership that has to informs them self.That is the reason why took prevalence that in Europe very clear on so many occasion we not able to stop this kind of terrorist killing that provoke the EU.

Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years

Sri Lankans try to manipulate every single day for whole this 10 years, for their business interest, part of that they tried to manipulate all. We may be fool but no so foolish that we understand that they tried to manipulate.

I still believe that this peace process should have taken a different cost… so I don’t think too high expectation may be from the beginning much more easy, but it was not right to do it, Expectations has gone very differently I thing it was right.

India though out had VETO power over the peace process, Milinda and myself went to Delhil many time but I don’t know how many times has been at the airport and New Delhi meetings whith Indian Intelligence and others, there was no major steps on the peace process what so ever taken without informing India same times they tacis excess may have disagreed India was throughout Informed.

That was very simple, they want that view, India for most important friend in Sri Lanka. USA is important also, for USA India and Sri Lanka is a co-Interest.

USA never ever realize their relationship with India, for example for Sri Lanka. If India on board, ultimately USA basically flow. Even what nation’s …… to SLMM they give a list of the national they will aspect we will respect from that.

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    Congratulations GOTA. All Sri Lankans should be proud of this. Now it is the time to join hands together and forget our political differences to create a strong and united Sri Lanka.

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    The sad reality is that our cherished war heroes such as Shavendra Sivla (along with Prasanna Sivla, Jagath, Dias, Admiral Karangoda, Admiral Samarasinghe just to name a few) are facing difficulties because of Mr. Fonseka and his foul green card driven mouth.

    It was Fonseka’s “white flags” statement followed with similar vulgar vindictive statements that has created this terrible situation for Sri Lanka, much to the glee and excitement of the Tamils and their Western backers (same West which was backing Fonseka). And of course Fonseka himself, Ranil, UNP etc who are filled with jealousy, hate and lust for power. After the May 2009 victory the Tamils and the West were at a loss on what to do, they were demoralised and humiliated beyond any previous level. The look on their faces right after the victory was a clear indication of a defeated people, lost, demoralised, saddened and importantly accepting defeat. They realised that they cannot “get at” Sri Lanka.

    Their masters in the West were hurriedly trying their best to come up with something but in the mean time even their NGOs, such as AI & HRW were admitting “they had nothing to get Sri Lanka with” and were on the verge of giving up. The Tamils were also considering “its over” for they had NOTHING to “work with” (nor did the West and its NGOs) to punish Sri Lanka and exact revenge or “keep on the fight”. The Tamils in the West who just a year before made a massive gala festival revelling in the 1983 riots that enabled them to access the West (many of the “crimes” being self inflicted to justify asylum) were DEAD SILENT in July 2009. Not a peep, not a protest, not a single yell, even Tamilnet was silent and you’d expect these people to put on a giant show after crying about “genocide” a few months earlier. Nothing happened. Then low and behold Fonseka opened his mouth in December 2009 and these people, the Tamils, the West, their NGOs who were all demoralised and thinking about “giving up” because they “cannot get at Sri Lanka”, came back to life getting a turbo boost of energy.

    Fonseka gave them something to work with, he gave them an opening which they have expanded, twisted and milked to the maximum –Channel 4, UN report, and all the over zealous turbo charged slanders against Sri Lanka can be traced back to this moment for the enemies of the nation it was their time “of being born again” and their perusal of exacting revenge was done in the typical Christian evangelical zeal. Part of this process involves crucifying our heroes.

    Fonseka hated our ground commanders like Shavendra, Jagath Dias etc who A. refused to be his lackeys B. refused to take part in bribes with his son in laws HiCorp C. refused to pro-long the war so HiCorp could keep raking in profits at the expense of our soldiers and country. He hated them for these for “unforgivable crimes” and wanted his revenge however being unable to execute them personally as election defeat was starring him in the face and uncertain his coup would be successful (the US which financed his campaign had told him so hence pushed him into the coup plot) fired the “white flags” (and much more) so at least they would be “punished” in his white masters Kangaroo courts. By making them diplomats Gotabya has done a brilliant job for it ensures they are immune from any prosecution And persecution deep into the future (if ever a traitor like UNP/Ranil/Fonseka Governments servile to the West comes to power).

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    Those who love Fonseka and praise him so much, please explain how the “best Army commander who directed the army to victory” could join hands with the very same political forces in the country that tried everything possible (including taking this “best army commander” to the Wests kangaroo courts amongst other things) to STOP the war victory and CHEERD on the LTTE?

    If these election buddies of his were successful by an ounce there would be no war victory for this clown to boast about as the “sole war hero” or you to spin yarns here. Fonseka even went after support from the LTTE in the West and was heavy backed by the Tamils in the West. The fact he had no issue joining with all the enemies of the nation that wanted our Army destroyed in addition to selling the Army out with his foul mouth speaks in itself of his INTEGRITY and immense LACK of honour which is also a reflection of his ability.

    His immense lack of ability was best seen up on his return from surgery in 2006 from Singapore (courtesy of GR) where he wanted to (forcefully that is) make is “mark on the war” and gave us the Muhamalai debacle straight away: 200 soldiers died in what was a random operation he ordered out of the blue that served no greater purpose and carried out without telling the Military command or the Air Force. Thus the LTTE ended up happily raining artillery on our soldiers –Fonseka even cut off communications with the SLAF for the field commanders because he wanted all the credit for himself. He was always a pathetic strategist hence why he always failed in whatever he tried himself (see his election campaign itself). He was ruthlessly efficient at implementing OTHERS plans, tactics and operations, not ones he created himself which always ended in disaster –we got 3 more Muhamalai debacles thanks to him, hundreds of good young men lost for nothing thanks to Fonseka’s arrogance and selfishness, their name scared painfully later in December 2009.

    If he was genuinely motivated in “not allowing the war victory to be betrayed” (his words in October 2009 prior to entering the political fray) then he would have contested on his own and run a clean, honest campaign, not one laced in vicious lies, threats against those who questioned him, utter hatred and demonic attitude towards the nation, no deals with the TNA to undermine everything that was achieved by our soldiers. It was clear to all his motivation was simply his lust for POWER and WEALTH at all costs oh and that green card Blake promised his family.

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    The fact GR is the one who lead the war effort, believed victory was possible way back in early 2006 and convinced his brother to make it so is why their is such raw HATRED for GR:

    A) From within Sri Lanka because he robbed the bankrupt political parties of their primary election platform -exposing them as bankrupt corrupt criminals using the war as an excuse to grab power by offering their “solution” then pro-longing it as long as possible.

    B) Deprived the West of a potent geo-political asset to control Sri Lanka and effect the region

    C) Wests NGOs, with both foreigners and locals now out of comfy jobs.

    D) Tamil racists within and out of Sri Lanka as their hopes of an ethnically pure Tamil empire were destroyed (also failed in India and Malaysia as Malays and North Indias are not soft, tolerant kind people like the Sinhala massess).

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    I am very clear we should have done more to reach out to the Buddhist clergy in Colombo and Mahanayaka in Kandy and others. The very important spiritual leaders in Sri Lanka, we were clearly adviced by Chandrika Kumarathunga not to spend too much time on the Buddhist clergy

    Further we srilankans are fortunate not have a leade like Ranil W (looking at what he is doing today) all crdit to Prabakann.
    Unfortunatly now there is no law srilanka other than Rajapakshs Law.
    We have to live with this whether we like it oe not.

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    It is no secret that the SL Armed forces would have defeated the LTTE at anytime had India not interfered. India started it all and sustained them. The LTTE would have been wiped out at Vadamarachchi two decades earlier. Come on, any strategist knew the LTTE had no chance against the combined armed forces if not for India and the human shield issue. Three or 4 single engine aircrafts and OK Sea Tigers or what ever could of course cause some damage and they did it in style to give credit to the LTTE but to think they could take on the SL armed forces on their own is rather naive. To be fair by all, every government tried a peaceful resolution with various levels of sincerity and successive armed forces leaders and SL troops contained the LTTE sacrificing many thousand of lives. In the international sphere the many talks the successive governments had overt and covert offers, Ranils MOU and the LTTE’s only stand of Eelaam or nothing, the blunder of Prabhkaran in ordering the assasination of Rajiv, in a post 9/11 scenario paved the way for a Military victory and if MR and GR couldn’t fill that slot they would have been the biggest failures of this land.

    All credit to Mahinda and Gotabhaya for taking the right decision when there was none other left to take, and all that would have come to just building castles in the air if they couldn’t find Sarath Fonseka to do the job which he and the other supporting forces did admirably. Let’s not take anything away from anyone least of all the armed forces who paid the supreme price with their lives and limbs..

    It is up to the politicians on both sides to be reasonable and realistic in their resolve to come to a peaceful political settlement. If they fail both the Tamils and the Govt would have let down the people of this country. Remember India started it all and though it paid dearly for it like Prabhakaran and all of us did, she only pulled the plug on the LTTE due to Prabha’s own bungling. Delhi’s dream is not dead by any means and let not the people of SL be they Sinhala, Tamil, Moor, Burger or Malay forget that.

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    At least the idiot admits he is a fool………That’s sooo funny…….. Norway does not have smart people to lead them? Only fools?.

    We may be fool …..ha ha ha We may be fool ha ha ha

    When did you last see a senior leader of a large country admit they are simple fools? This is a historic event. LOL

    ha ha ha ha..He just ruined the reputation of his country in a big foolish way.

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    This is for Eric Solheim and the party. Srilanka has a population of over 20 million people. During the war time less than 5% of the population were Northern tamils. From the Northern tamils only a handful, may be a few thousand were real LTTE and another few thousand were willing supporters. Let’s put them at 100000, the active LTTE and their supporters. The rest of the tamils and all other ethnicities in Srilanka were against LTTE, they definitely had different political views, but totally against LTTE and their terror tactics.

    You chose to work with and please this minority (who were inhumane), and by doing so ignored the views and aspirations of the majority (mostly civilised law abiding society). You call yourselves so called democracies. What happened here? If you ever get a chance to broker peace again anywhere else in the world, make sure to get the majority on your side and not the minority. And also the humane on your side and not the inhumane. It’s also part of your job and responsibility to make humane out of inhumane if you volunteer to genuinely help.

    How can this be so complicated to understand for your so called diplomatic brains. Norwegians are supposed to be more advanced than this. Or did we we have wrong people doing the job?

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    Guys look around you. People in Sri Lanka living peacefully. They have no fears anymore. Even Tamils are better off now. Guys forgot about the political views. Talk to your heart.

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    Prabha must have used Russian transport planes stocked with cyanide gas for the final battle with these sinhala scum bags period. You sinhala thugs are wasting the space that is created for human habitat.

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      Karuppan- More you talk more you sound pathetic. You call others modaya and street dogs. Do you realize what you are saying? It means your great Fat Sun Goat leader and the invincible LTTE were destroyed by modayas and dogs? What does it make you and your ethnicity? Yikeessss Pathetic indeed !!!

      Did you really expected to win the war after appointing a fat, obese, ugly, sweaty, smelly pig without even OL to lead you fools? He was a OL school drop out & a bicycle thief, before India propped him up. And you idiots thought such a fool can lead you to Ealams heaven?

      Please don’t talk of what should have happened or could have happened…The story is already over. Your Sakkili Sun Goat is dead in unclean black underwear while running like a rabid dog along with your relatives……over a year ago. ….Even your famous KP is now on the other side with your hard earned millions ha ha ha ha

      Please stop your sad whining…….its so sad…It brings tears (of joy) to my eyes

      • 0

        you may think that war is over but it has just begun for us. you stupid sinhala thugs have no ideas how much we Tamils hate you scumbags.Your gota looks very similar to Nazi Himmler, who was responsible for millions of Jews gassed by poisonous gases. He is very equal to Himmler rather than military genius. The loser worked as 7 11 clerk can’t even match low level foot soldier.

      • 0

        Karuppan- You say the war is just begun? That is a strange comment. Didn’t your fat, sweaty, ugly, smelly Sun Goat say that the war of all wars- the final stage was on in 2010? Didn’t you get the memo / email at that time?

        You say Gota worked as a clerk at 7-11. That’s terrible news for you sakkili race. How sad is it to get your ass kicked by such person? A 7-11 clerk killed your highly respected Sun Goat? That must hurt your feelings really bad. You idiots are dumb. You keep insulting your own Sun Goat and the sakkili fighters by your own comments.

        Now enough rubbish talk go do a sakkili dance in your white masters streets begging for help. ha ha ha ha

        BTW – your leader KP sends his loving regards …Also thanks you for the many millions in $

  • 0

    Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was Reichsführer of the SS, a military commander, and a leading member of the Nazi Party. As Chief of the German Police and the Minister of the Interior from 1943, Himmler oversaw all internal and external police and security forces, including the Gestapo (Secret State Police). Serving as Reichsführer and later as Commander of the Replacement Himmler rose to become one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany as well as one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

    As overseer of the concentration camps, extermination camps, and Einsatzgruppen (literally: task forces, often used as killing squads), Himmler coordinated the killing of some six million Jews, between 200,000 and 500,000 Roma,[4][5] many prisoners of war,[6] and possibly another three to four million Poles, communists, or other groups whom the Nazis deemed unworthy to live or simply “in the way”, including homosexuals, people with physical and mental disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and members of the Confessing Church. Shortly before the end of the war, he offered to surrender both Germany and himself to the Western Allies if he were spared prosecution. After being arrested by British forces on 22 May 1945, he committed suicide the following day before he could be questioned.

    • 0

      Above statement is from Karuppan written while day dreaming about his ###### master- smelly, fat, ugly, Sun Goat. (We have not forgotten sakkili like you denied Sun Goats demise for many months. Even produced photos him watching TV) ha ha ha ha

      BTW why talk about a 50 year old WW2? Talk about end of Sun goat killed while running in tiny thong underwear.

      Aiyooo Sun Goat Dead, Solehymen couldn’t help, TN tamils only talk no help, street dancing in white masters streets was a waste of time. ..What to do Karuppan? Suck it up ………..and try a new Eelams in a TN toilet next time.

  • 0

    The people who critizise former army commander who finished the war, has a good news for them to enjoy. The former army commander Sarath Fonseka is to get 10 years RI in the white flag case. This news will be a happy one for Gota and his followers who are involved in drug traficing, underworld and in black money and also the people who backed him.
    You have all the freedom in Sri Lanka except the political and juridical corruption and to live a normal life thanks to Sarath Fonseka, the former army commander. The children of the people who back Gota and the kangoroo court will curse you one day for allowing a hereo to be sending to jail where his position would have been to lead the country in a democratic manner to success.
    All these people know what is correct and they dont want to show it. Their children will teach them and ask why you could not give the correct opinion to be an example to your children.

  • 0


    • 0

      I know that this forum write lot of rubbish and you are in a circle where you dont get information from out. And you all dont want to believe the truth. As i said one day you will find you mistake. Wait till tomorow. If they give the same sentence I mentioned above (10 years in prison in the white flag case), you will believe there is somebody who has come to the forum with more information to correct your ideology.

    • 0

      podi ( removed by the moderator )

      • 0

        Aiyooooooooooo Did someone forgot to give Karuppan his cyanide capsule.

        Wait……He put it in the ass by error.He though it was an external use constipation tablet..ha ha ha

        He talks of others being modayas with no rain cells….How pathetic is it to get your ethnicity ass kicked by such? What does it make you peaople even worse modayas and minus brain & ass cells?

        Karuppan talks about living abroad. What ? Why did he not return to imaginary Elams to fight with the Sun Goat?

        Now enough nonsense Karupan go clean a toilet in your white masters house…Just like your ###### ancestors.

        BTW- Any message for KP Appo? He is with us now LOL ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

  • 0

    Eric and Gunner! Srilankan politicians may be fools, but luckily was not fool enough to fall in the traps that were set by the so called peace brokers.

  • 0

    My dear Kurruppan… I think you can’t even say ‘Pann’ you had enough from the Sinhala thugs and now you are talking about the naziz!! Get a life mate! Yes we do understand the pain of mind having been crushed by the Lankan forces! But then we have to do that coz you asked for it. So now stop crying like a baby and get on with life. By the way as much as you hate the President and his brother, you envy them aren’t you? Coz they had the bravery and vision to distroy your hidden agendas. Unfortunately for you folks the Lankans are firmly behind its leaders, much to your dissapointment.

    • 0

      comment removed by the moderator

      • 0

        Someone forgot to give Karuppan his cyanide capsule.

        Wait………he put it in the ass by error

  • 0

    Erik can kiss my Srilankan ASS, so ass all Moma fuckers who had been kissing Eriks ass including Milinda M. Norway is not for peace keeping, they are to divide nations, divide countries. Tell me a one country they brought together?? zero. When anyone does bad to Buddhist nation like srilanka, you get it back with interest.Wait and see what gonna happen to ball-less jokers like Erik.S , as they all will die suffering. so do others who associated them, plan mass killing of innocent civilian. Erick S was THE curator of LTTE dream Elam and responsible of what happen from 97-2010. Erik should be shot for war crimes. Gota, & MR should be given Nobel Peace prize. as they brought the hope and freedom to Srilanka after 30 years.
    Jaya wewa!!!

    PS. Sri lanka Rocks and Norway Sucks.

  • 0

    Mr. Gotabaya showed and told the world that, we Sri Lankans can defeat the most ruthless Terrorist Group in the world. If not for him still our innocent families in the country will be loosing their family remembers to the LTTE barbarians and bombs would l be going all over the country. What is greater right now other than bringing Peace to our Country? Thank you

  • 0

    Mr Gtabayaya thank you saving our country and then many lives.eric solheham junta was trying to divide our country he was saying bloody praba dead he does not wants convict him when that gentlemen from nuwaraeliya ask him whether praba want to federal or Elam he said like that he knows stupid praba wants the Elam he was helping him big time basted f off leave us alone.then after tamilnadu and india will be in china next then are all smart thank you god Gatta.

  • 0

    5 countries and 300,000 men to beat the LTTE?
    Just think who was the real victims.

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