12 August, 2022


Exposé: Dirty Harry ‘More Equal’ Than Tissa Before The Law

The newly installed Sri Lanka government has arrested the former Secretary General of the United National Party,(UNP) Tissa Attanayake for allegedly displaying a forged document claiming it to be real. However the government has so far failed to arrest Chairman of DCSL Sri Lanka Plc businessman Harry Jayawardena, also known as “dirty Harry‘, who was named in a Police “B” report by Sri Lanka Police’s Commercial Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department, Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.



Although the high profile businessman Harry Jayawardena was questioned by the Police and in spite of the Police having filed a ‘B’ report as far back as November 2013 Jayawardena was never arrested by the Police or the case proceeded with.

Businessman Harry Jayawardena has been named by the Sri Lanka Police’s Commercial Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with a complaint that a forged document was supplied to the Gibraltar based bank ‘SG Hambros’. The businessman, who has been in the news on a variety of subjects, is accused by the complainant of having forged a letter purporting it to have been issued by the Company Secretaries.

The Company Secretaries have denied ever issuing the letter and have confirmed this to the bank in question – and to the Police too. Although the B Report was filed on the 22nd of November 2013, the Police questioned Harry Jayawardena as late as the first week in January 2014 in the comfort of his own premises. Jayawardena’s answers were then put to the complainants who firmly stood by their original complaint as being bona fide. The Police are now expected to go ahead and file charges against Harry Jayawardena.

Harry Jayawardena is a high roller: with extensive links and beneficial ownership of several corporates he was listed as Sri Lanka’s third richest man in 2013. He maintains close links with all political parties; he accompanied president Mahinda Rajapaksa after he addressed the business gathering in Colombo at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Jayawardena was also a high profile presence during the ceremony for John Ameratunga taking up his new appointment. It did not go amiss that Ameratunga’s ministry is responsible for the Police department.

The existence of the forged document came to light when Harry Jayawardena’s partners Raj Obeyesekere and Zaki Alif received a routine fax from their company bankers in Gibraltar asking for their account to be put into credit. Their company, Milford Exports Ceylon Limited was confirmed as being the beneficial owner of five Gibraltar companies that were created and managed by Hambros Bank Nominee services under trust arrangements for Milford Exports.

Obeyesekere and Alif have been virtually barred from their offices by security guards employed at the main gates. Most apologetically they have had to tell Obeyesekere and Alif that their orders were to prevent their entry to the company premises – a company to which they have devoted thirty plus years of effort and where they robustly maintain their shareholding. Much to the chagrin of Raaj Obeyesekere his office of more than 30 years is now occupied by Hasitha Jayawardene – son of the tycoon.

In spite of receiving advice from well-placed strategists including by former strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa – to “bulldoze their way in” Obeyesekere and Alif have instead resorted to the use of eminent legal personalities in their quest to protect their lifetime achievements. Harry J, has apparently carried on regardless and is actively defending these matters in Court.

In documents obtained by the media the Gibraltar Supreme Court received a witness statement from Charles Humbert Gomez in his capacity as a director of Hambros Gibraltar Nominees Limited. Gomez is also a director at Aitken Spence, a blue chip company where the Famous Four enjoy a significant indirect shareholding.

Gomez confirms that in 2002 and in subsequent years thereafter, Milford Exports Ceylon Limited (MEL) made requests for company management and nominee services for Placidrange Holdings Limited, a Gibraltar company, whose shares were to be beneficially owned by MEL. Similar written requests were made for other Gibraltar companies namely Rubicond Enterprises, Sonetto Holdings, Greenfield Pacific EM Holdings Limited and Mills Enterprises Limited. All these arrangements Gomez confirmed were put in place according to the instructions received from MEL represented by Harry Jayawardena. During the initial period of setting up, a new business questionnaire was obtained by Hambros and under details of applicant the names and passport details of Jayawardena and Obeyesekere were provided.

The mandates to operate the account named Jayawardena and Obeyesekere.

In the same witness statement it has come to be revealed that Hambros ‘took over the accounts with Hatton National Bank plc. of Rubicond and Sonetto and ‘opened bank accounts for Placidrange and Greenfield with the Bank’. Gomez also confirms that Greenfield also purchased a property. Some of the sources we spoke to refer to this transaction as a property in the UAE – although definitive proof was not provided to us.

From the statements made by Gomez, by Jayawardena himself and by Obeyesekere and Alif too, Harry Jayawardena’s statement made to the Supreme Court in Sri Lanka by way of an affidavit, that he had no interest whatsoever in Greenfield is clearly a blatant falsehood. It is this statement that has led to calls for Jayawardena to be answerable to a question of perjury – unrelated to the forgery charges relating to the forged letter purportedly issued and signed by the Company Secretaries, who have denied that they ever issued such a document.

The magnitude of the greatest fraud in Sri Lanka

A veteran observer of the various stratagems deployed by Jayawardena in his battles with his partners Obeyesekere, Alif and Weinman, says, “to really understand the magnitude of what is happening, one must realise that the so-called ‘VAT Fraud’ was identified as having an amount of Rs 3.5 Billion in question.

“In this instance the value of the assets at stake is USD 200 Million – or Rs 26,400,000,000 (Rs 26.4 Billion). For further comparative purposes, consider that Golden Key Credit Card Company caused losses to their depositors of Rs 26 Billion. That of course had a depositor base of some 9,054 people. In the case of Milford Exports Ceylon Limited and their assets in Gibraltar, the Rs 26.4 Billion is shared between four shareholders: Harry Jayawardena, Raj Obeyesekere, Zaki Alif and Sonia Weinman”. Jayawardena is disputing that Ms Weinman has shares in Milford Exports amounting to 20% and maintains in his statement to the Court in Gibraltar that her holding is limited to just one share. A separate legal case is ongoing in this regard.

Casting aside widely held perceptions, The Rich List 2013 Sri Lanka listed Harry Jayawardena as Sri Lanka’s third richest man with a minimum value of USD 300 Million, behind Sohli Captain (USD 423 Million) and the richest Sri Lankan, Dhammika Perera (USD 538 Million). The book also identified the fact that Jayawardena has just the one Rs 10 share more than the other three put together. The book refers to the four collectively as “The Famous Four”.( faraz@thesundayleader.lk)

The Forged Document

The document that was the focus of the Police B report was supplied by Harry Jayawardena to SG Hambros in Gibraltar – bankers to Milford Exports Ceylon Limited.

In the document, Harry Jayawardena states that ‘due to a reorganisation’ of the company a decision was made by the Board to transfer all assets held for the benefit of Milford Exports Ceylon Limited to the personal names of Harry Jayawardena and his wife Priya Jayawardena.

The letter purports to carry an endorsement by the Company Secretaries. Clearly, as the request was asking for the transfer of an asset base of some USD 200 Million – or over Rs 26,000,000,000 (Rs 26 Billion) SG Hambros would have needed some comfort and that comfort would have been provided by the signature of the Company Secretaries being appended to the letter carrying Harry Jayawardena’s signature.

Meanwhile, Raj Obeyesekere and Zaki Alif as well as Sonia Weinman were unaware of the moves to appropriate their portion of the Rs 26 Billion fortune held under trust arrangements for the benefit of the shareholders of Milford Exports Ceylon Limited.

There were only four known shareholders of the company at that time: Don Harold Stassen Jayawardena, Raj Obeyesekere, Zaki Alif and Sonia Weinman who inherited her shareholding from her late father V.P. Vitachchi.

Sensing grave financial danger, Obeyesekere and Alif contacted the bank to dispute the request and assured the bankers that there was no such restructuring. The bank, used to dealing in the main with Harry Jayawardena, initially refused to have a dialogue with Jayawardena’s long time business partners, Obeyesekere and Alif.

That situation changed when the duo, acting for and on behalf of the shareholders of Milford Exports Ceylon Limited, contracted the services of a well respected legal team in Gibraltar to petition the bank.

SG Hambros decided to seek guidance from the Gibraltar Courts. The Gibraltar Court ordered that the bank take their instruction not from Jayawardena, Obeyesekere or Alif in any combination but rather that they take their instructions from the majority decision of the Board of Directors of Milford Exports Ceylon Limited. It was after all the legal entity that instructed the bank in the first place.

In the meantime, Harry Jayawardena and his wife both gave undertakings to the Gibraltar Court that they would return the assets to the control of SG Hambros, so that the status quo would be maintained. In essence, the Jayawardenas withdrew their instructions to the bank to transfer the assets, enabling the bank to maintain the status quo.

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  • 9

    Colombo Telegraph

    So, you have a Problem, because the State is displaying Double standards.

    We all have a problem with double standards.

    So expose, expose and expose and see if they will move towards a single standard?

    Question: Was there ever a single standard on Sri Lanka since independence?

    The politicians know..

    Video: Ranil, Maithri responsible for not punishing fraudsters
    TUESDAY, 10 FEBRUARY 2015 14:05


    If the fraudsters and the corrupt are not arrested within the next two or three weeks it would be due to the influence of the Prime Minister or the President says the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka.

    He said this addressing a rally held at Anuradhapura yesterday (9th)


    • 15

      “” He said this addressing a rally held at Anuradhapura yesterday (9th)””

      Whats up He is a quack Déjà vu :-│ :-│ |-} %+{ lost a fight ¬¬

      N.M the hen of peaking wall Colvin the plantation and constitution disaster Pete the Puek, Vasu the infertile mule many more jhu/jvp douchbags with no wealth expecting to climb the ladder by hypocrisy and thuggery of all sorts as possible even the gun which they are controlling from experience..

      You would lose the peace once again that Sobitha the canny coward plucked from Common Peoples Selection and agitation just like Hindian Anna Hazare Hand over sobita a crown of thorns then lets rehabitilitate 40k in steel cages 2x2x6.5feet fitted with potty for their constant chanting of seth kavi as the mahayana do every day all day 6am -10pm with a 2 hrs break for lunch and dinner.

      There are more women and children over 16 to overide any majoprity on present day divisions of politics/ race, language. Most men there are hemophrodites waing for the coconuts to fall or even Del no tel all bluff, luff- pudding boys.

  • 11

    No doubt as president made it publicly yesterday about appointing a new commission to catch big fishes can definitely speed up the process. Wait and see, that presidential commission is to be built up within this week.
    So, the manner Ex Prez left the prison after visting Tissa could also be thinkable that the guy is now feeling – the day he will have to get arrested is not that far. Those who have committed high profile felonies – are well aware of the facts – that is what we the majority buddhist in the island nation call ” karma” while others believe the god will see it one day. Coming colour is not good for Rajapakshes is certain to me. Please be patient – even if BC is not powerful, the commission to be passed soon through 19AMD can catch almost more sharks than the sprats.

    • 11

      “” that is what we the majority buddhist in the island nation call ” karma” “

      Hysterical Lying DownMeth Mouth, Crocuta crocuta, Terrorista bigot.

      It is the uncivilized dispaly of `animal instincts` while in the west they rehabilate even heroine addicts- eg the woman who ran big brother Many who have changed having killed themselves- while sihal buddhist as still in the stage of killing minorities. I can still picture the faces of hora_oru who changed their names into fashion by adding DE to resemble DA and become the head on bigot brigade of the South- Dal¬eat` IT` douchbags- your DNA can never be changed village jackal.

      Gautama an Indian chieftans son mother unknown , Dao a Chinese civil servant both thought same.
      We in the sub continent know what and why Gautama was created for after 1/2 thousand years When Chandra Gupta Maurya died as a Jain -(340 BCE – 298BCE)

  • 8

    Who cares? Sounds like typical business dealings and looks like they are sorting it out like gentlemen despite hooligan Rajapasse clan’s advice to “bulldoze” like they’ve done the country. On the other hand Tissa sold his sole to the devil. God knows for how much money. There are many who should be in prison by now locked away never to be released. People like Harry employ a hell of a lot of people and is giving back to society, what have Rajapasses and Tissas done to society? Kudu, Ethanol and Casinos! As such yes, Harry is not equal to these low life parasites. Harry was the hero in ‘Dirty Harry’ so I’m sure he’s be saying his famous line, “Go ahead, make my day”.

    [Edited out]

    • 5

      Tissa A. was SOLD for a 500Million and out of that paid only 300M by way of the share of commissions Rajapaksas owe from Eisan de Silva of Sherman & Sons group from the Norochcholai project.

      The balance 200M was told to ‘earn’ from the ministerial post which lasted only 20days. Poor Tissa!

      Infact the power plant was to be repaired 7 times during the last 4 yeas and was paid a hefty sum for Chinese contractors and the commissions was shared among Rajapaksas and Aluthgamage which ran into thousands of Millions.

      Just wonder what the Pa.Cha Ranawaka is planning to do in here after knowing all these details as the Minister of Power and Energy.. Is that the Prime Minister who is not let Ranawaka proceed to claim these money for national coffers?

      We need the ansers from the Yahapalana types?

      • 0

        “Poor Tissa!”

        If i was given 300 million i would not be considering myself as poor.In fact i would not even wake up in a rash in the dead of night screaming where is my balance 200 million.

        mahinda had gone to visit Tissa in remand.I was wondering what a compassionate chap he is after all,but now i can see he went to collect the 300 million and if tissa said he had spent it then he would have threatened him the same way he did to loku athula,but of course prison is not temple trees and he would have to be careful that tissa does not start shouting [Edited out]

        • 2

          Tissa the humble looking kandyan as we see in the TV have different ideas and have sent his 2 children to study in the UK even for schooling and with his MP salary, not sure how he was able to manage all this time if not any ‘deal’ with the Rajapaksas which finally cameup run upto the elections.

          I was told by this family members that the reason for him to have deals with Rajapaksas and the notorious political pimp like Alles is he finds it hard to support his children education.

  • 18

    “”Businessman Harry Jayawardena has been named by the Sri Lanka Police’s Commercial Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with a complaint that a forged document was supplied to the Gibraltar based bank ‘SG Hambros’. The businessman, who has been in the news on a variety of subjects, is accused by the complainant of having forged a letter purporting it to have been issued by the Company Secretaries.””

    This was the stupidest farce of Rajapassa to extricate his funds and company like kotelawala. Tazie Vittachi not Tazie’s relative for whom he worked plugged any or all loopholes of his business when they set it up back then when exports were a monopoly of the government.

    Gibralter is british offshore and is governed by britian- initial evidence was never backed by the bank- a forged document which the bank did not proceed with and waste administrative time and funds of a third world.
    Matter closed- it was on sunday leader then and finished.
    this is stupid stale news.
    Tell us more of charity organisation transparency for your women friends support- where is private eye backup for funds from EU??

    • 3

      @Javi, Tarzie Vittachi had nothing to do with Stassens, Milford or any of the subsidiaries where HJ is connected, it was the late Totsie Vittachi.

      • 3

        chair of conso exports (cargills building) where he worked was vittachi where we had business with commodities. is that okay for your peace of mind.

      • 3

        Lenny, thanks for the reminder sorry for the off drive,

        I liked what was said by him because I always thought of it as Mr Lanka and Lankians.
        He hated Lankans being described as “Sri Lankans’’ saying “it is Lanka that is `Sri’ not the Lankans just like it is Britain that is Great and not the Britons.’’

        though I don’t believe everything said in the rest of the island story 2008.14.09 especially from a hard worked sickly old man

        gracias, hombre,


  • 15

    Please probe all the consultants who were employed by the Petroleum Corporation in the last three years. What were their qualifications ? What were their pay? What exactly did they do ? The whole country will be surprised by the corruption in this huge white elephant. The Corporation already had so many experts but continued to employ rogue consultants.Probe the connections between the politicians and these fast talking con-men consultants

  • 3

    “Behind every fortune there is a crime” – arguably, laid down Mario Puzo, the celebrated creator of “The Godfather” series. Harry J began small at Consolexpo and rose with the backing of Anura B. As those acquainted with him in those times we admired his rise. We were to learn later the climb was not free of murky controversy. I remember a chat I had with the late V.P. Vittachi in our early morning constitutional at Victoria/Vihara Mahadevi Park – mentor, close friend and fellow board member of many of Harry J’s enterprises. Their relations were at a low ebb by then. And the old ex-Customs chief and brother of the celebrated journo Tarzie said “Harry is a crook. I will see that he goes to jail” Harry has overcome and ridden many crises in his spectacular life, will he get over this one as well?

    Despite his alleged shortcomings let us not forget he created wealth,
    jobs, economic benefits for thousands and the country as well.


    • 10

      relatives come and go windows and slits. i have known both the great Tazi and Harry.

      They tried pieces like hyenas and being experienced bottom up they could not hoodwink him.The Police could never get a B report from Gibraltar Bank to claim the forgery was by Harry. The bank at gibralter is something very special and secure for the Brits who also have channel islands with same specs. Brits from mainland cannot reside there permanently.
      Stupid pricks building castles on thin air as usually Grease Yakkas Gooo`ta is in your system idiots.

  • 4

    Anothef example of the Police not doing their job.

    Let us see what happens under Yaha Palanaya and good governance.

    He is close to both political parties and specially to Chandrika. His no 2 Rajan Britto was appointed to Sri Lankan.

    Also has intentions of taking over the banking sector immediately with his nominees being appointed as chairmen to Com Bank and HNB and DFCC under the currenr regime. Coud be disastrous to the banking sector with competition going out of the window.

    • 5

      I was some credible information that CBK was to recommend Harry J for 5 differenct state enterprise head in the last month and all these were rejected by Ranil and kudos for him.

      Anyway the crooks like Harry J and Casino Dhammika are paying for the both parties during the elections.

      There seems to be many aginst Harry J controlling the Banking sector and there was a big revolt once he tried to take control of Sampath Bank and later Casino Dhammika, a worse criminal was to take control of.

      Is this all becuae of the religion? Harry J cannot take control of Sampath Bank as he is a christian… then Casino Dhammika as a buddhist and crook can take control of the bank.. what a double standards in here?

      • 7

        really a christian?? he is a buddhist like all your leaders JR Jaya relative and SwRD banadaranayaka relative-

  • 4

    Harry J s off shore tax haven bank accounts should be traced and the funds returned to Lanka and taxed.

    • 12

      There is no law like that and if you try even Bill Gates would have moved to Canada.

      You are unable to hand over Douglas to neighbor or KP.

      Which bush are you playing for a British bank for a false B report to destroy a good client.?

      He is the honorary Councillor for Danish would they have a man of that caliber that idiots dream of??

      The police need a forensic certificate from SG Hambros in Gibraltar certified by Gibraltar Courts that it is Harry’s writing. They are aware it’s not his and that is the end of the matter.

  • 3

    Anyone wanna bet how much Uncle Harry gave the Maithri campaign, in addition to the suitcases he gave the losing side?

  • 5

    Dirty knows how to play dirty with his money. So nothing will happen to him or to any other top business men where corruption or forgeries have taken place. This president and prime minister and the government are N.A.T.O.

    They will be talking and forming committees until M.R. is back in the saddle. This is what the present opposition wants cos there are many rogues on both sides.

  • 6

    Double standards for different laws.
    Yes, the due process should be followed and action should be taken against all types of fish.

    But comparing corporate fraud to Tissa’s timely fraud is not that smart. I think anything related to treason and national stability is pretty high up the list…

  • 5

    What is wrong. He gave a lot of money
    and succeeded in getting one of his
    soulmates, Niranjan Devadditiya or
    Nirj Deva to be an advisor to the
    Government. It is like the Satan being
    appointed to advise on the bible. The
    European Union MP is a wheeler dealer
    and was sucking up to Mahinda Rajapaksa
    in the past years.

  • 3

    He is struggling to get accepted by Ranil.

    He played for both the sides just like Dhammika and UNP has now realized that he cannot be trusted.

    • 12

      He was and has always been related to JR and Mrs B. So what is there to be accepted- relatives come first after family.

      He is the honary councillor for the Danish who would not have him if he was master of forgery. The bank itself would have issued the B cert.

    • 0

      One cannot blame businessmen for taking sides. They have to protect their huge investments by going along with the government in power.
      They cannot afford to make enemies of the dispensation in power.
      It is in the more developed countries where the laws are strong, where
      the justice system is free and independent; the press is fiercely free and strong that businessmen, industrialists and financial moguls are
      identified politically. There is no room for religious Rasputins in those countries.

      It is hardly likely we will ever reach those sublime heights in the foreseeable future.


  • 0

    while we go on a rant about Harry J and his business lets not forget the Lee Potter chap Leela (who writes in CT) and how many were robbed of their hard earned money under the pretext of building houses for them which never existed

    • 11

      Lankian army Dal`eat Sumane picked his pad at Wella Gardens & Dal`IT`Leela robbed the best at Waters Edge so he is back because CBK weight uproot that place.

  • 4

    Sri Lanka is a Police State

    How happy were the people of Sri Lanka before the 8th January, 2015. Of course there are those who are never happy and for them nothing is good unless the government brings down prices so that they can satisfy their hungry stomachs and the cost of living is satisfactorily low. The terrorists were eliminated five years ago and now there is considerable peace, and a sense of security.

    Therefore for those who constantly think of cost of food items, and wants prices of essential commodities brought down, that terrible past is now not important, it was just the past and best be forgotten along with those who had made it possible and the others that gave their lives to bring them that peace and security they now enjoy.

    Now there is an opposition prepared to attack that great man President Mahinda Rajapakse who was electorally defeated, and his Ministers and all those closely or distantly connected to him. There had never been a consortium of an opposition political parties like the UNP, JVP,JHU,TNA and SLMC in the past history of Sri Lanka, nor in the world against any government.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse is a great leader and an uncrowned King of the people and for those 58 percent of the Sinhala Buddhist voters he still remains the one and only great political leader of the people of Sri Lanka to emerge this century despite all the effort by the opposition UNP, JVP, JHU,TNA to prove otherwise by mudslinging, making allegation of corruption, theft, crimes and what you name it these opposition MPS have an allegation against it as committed by that great leader Mahinda Rajapakse or some one connected to him.

    Recently Ranjan Ramanayake a most undisciplined, impolite and crude Deputy Minister of the Police State of Sri Lanka even raided a Buddhist Meditation Centre because it is said to have been used by the peoples’ leader Mahinda Rajapakse for his Meditation retreats, this Deputy Minister a Christian thought it too clean and luxurious to be a meditation centre.

    Investigation by this police state is now underway as to who constructed the meditation centre ? How many people worked to construct it ? Whether government vehicles were used for transport of material etc.?

    Since the departure of the President Mahinda Rjapakse- the departure which the majority of the people at least the Sinhala Buddhists very much regret , such investigations by police , Ministers and JVP barging into private lands and homes have not ceased.

    Yes, Sri Lanka is no more what it had been for the last ten years, it is now a Police State. It appears that every Minister of this Police State of Ranil Wickramasinge has to make at least one accusation against the President Mahinda Rajapakse or any one closely or distantly connected to him every day for 100 days.

    They began by making Sri Lanka a Police State of the UNP,JVP and JHU by Setting up a National Executive Committee without any legal right and completely outside the Constitution. The head of the investigations is Anura Kumara Dissanayake the leader of the JVP. JVP has opened a Crime Section in their Party to facilitate interrogations and make accusations of Bribery and Corruption.

    This Police State has taken over the media under its control, the former President Mahinda Rajapakse or any one connected to him is debarred from the TV, Radio or Press, not allowing them to defend themselves against false allegations being heaped against them.

    This Police State of Sri Lanka has taken the Law into its own hands , it has even superceded the Parliament of Sri Lanka to sack the Chief Justice, appoint a previously impeached Chief Justice and allow her to retire and appointed another Chief Justice. All that with a swift stroke from the Presidential pen.

    The President of the BASL a lawless group of lawyers has been appointed as a Chairman of the Board of Investments in Sri Lanka by the President surely to compensate him for the role he had played in allowing the President and Prime Minister to sack the Chief Justice Mohan Peiris. Maitripala Sirisena did not want to take his Oath as President before the Chief Justice Mohan Pieris , but under Judge Sripavan because he was a Tamil.

    The act of the Police State illegally usurping the powers of the Parliament makes null and void the sacking of the Chief Justice Mohan Peiris, reinstating the impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake and appointing new Chief Justice K.Sripavan.

    Every one of the Ministers of this Police State bent on making allegations for bribery and corruption against the previous government has not done any thing for the benefit of the people who elected a new President seeking a difference (venasa).

    The budget of Ravi Karunanayake still under a legal cloud for LTTE money laundering was passed thanks to the benevolence of the SLFP Parliamentarians has not given the promised relief to the poor. The budget which reduced the price of kaha(kurkuma), kottamalli( coriander) is not a people friendly budget as the UNP and JHU are trying to make out.

    Today on February 10th people complain that in shops no reductions have been made on commodities on which the government claims to have slashed prices. But Anura Kumara Dissanayake the Crime Investigator of the Police State is vociferous about corruption but silent on benefits to people from the government it protects.

    The Government Servants complain that they did not receive the promised increase of Salary in February . The private sector workers have not even been promised an increase by their patrons. The Private sector workers say that they have been deceived by this government. People are beginning to feel that they have made a mistake in giving their vote to Maithripala Sirisena for a change (venasa)

    Ravi Karunanayake the Finance Minister having failed with his allegation against Gotabhaya Rajapakse ‘s private account of rupees eight billion, now complain 2100 files are missing in the treasury. Curious how came with the exact number of lost files. It may be another story like the eight billion account of Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

    Police is also with the State and seems to be working to satisfy the people with their raids , arrests and interrogations of even the wife of the former Minister of Housing and construction as that is all what people seek as benefit from the government of Maitripala Sirisena they elected for the famous VENESA which has still not arrived.

    Sajith Premadasa who is at last a Minister has already engaged a British Audit Firm to investigate his Ministry for bribery corruption by the former Minister Wimal Weerawansa cries from the top of his voice about :

    …quelling the overwhelming corruption and financial irregularities at the Ministry and institutions under it. He has taken the initiative to personally employ the two world-famous audit firms Ernst & Young”, and PricewaterhouseCoopers” to carry out these audit reports and it’s been reported that this will be done without any burden to the Government of Sri Lanka which is that this will be conducted free of charge,. In that manner the audit for the ministry of housing will be conducted by Ernst & Young”, while the audit for the Samurdhi will be handled by PricewaterhouseCoopers”.

    It would also be remarkable if he could investigate the past activities of Paskaralingam former Secretary of the Finance Ministry under his father R.Premadasa and his right hand man. If he does he will learn that his father was also not that clean as he thinks.

    It is said that President Premadasa spent money on his projects without going through financial regulations and it was Paskaralingam who arranged every thing.

    Paskaralingam is back again in Sri Lanka after eight years, staying in Hotel Galadari in Colombo under a false name.

    The Sunday Times spent weeks trying to track him down. Last week, Paskaralingam, or ‘Paski’ as he is known, finally relented and gave a rare interview in which he describes his present role but would not talk about the past. Citing legal advice, he declined to comment on the allegations against him or the Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry into malpractices in public bodies that found him guilty of ‘misuse or abuse of power’ and recommended that he be deprived of his civic rights.”

    Below are some of the questions he was asked and his replies:

    an you at least say why you didn’t bother to appear before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry?
    I don’t want to answer that question either. These are legal matters which have been dealt with and finally the Supreme Court had found me not guilty of whatever charges that were brought against me. So I don’t like to go into the pros and cons of it.

    The Supreme Court decision was on technical grounds?
    In my opinion, legally I’ve been found not guilty. The Supreme Court decided not to go into the substance of it. That is a matter on which I cannot answer.

    During the previous UNP government you were seen as a kind of a ‘super-bureaucrat’ who was able to cut through red tape and speed up the decision making process. And also your personal relationship with President Premadasa counted a lot. Are such personal relationships required to run the administration? Shouldn’t there be a system where personalities are irrelevant and the system takes care of the decision-making?
    Always, a proper system must be in place. Personal relationships and arrangements are only temporary.

    Do you think such a system is in place now?
    A system is being developed.”

    Mangala Samaraweera has the best of time. He is always abroad this time in USA trying to look where President Mahinda Rajapakse has hidden money he had stolen. They are also investigating banc in Seychelle for President’s hidden money.

    What a circus ?

    These are some of the fruitless activities of the Police State of Sri Lanka where people have lost their hope for progress and a bright future they had under the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Do not worry my people, the Police State will not last long.

    • 12

      Oh dear Charles,
      I wonder which state you would prefer? a “Police” State as you call it now or a gun totting thugish, rapist & inciting violence State under the Rajapakse regime.
      Thankfully majority of Sri Lankans have got ride of the latter.

      I note this comment is from your article in Lankaweb which does not provide a balance forum to express ones opinion and still holds a view contrary to majority of Sri Lankans.

      Interestingly I noted the last comment in your article which is quite funny from LW moderator.

      radha Says:
      February 11th, 2015 at 1:01 pm
      I have to tell it here publicly that the moderator has removed my previously published blog comment on this article.
      Moderator’s Reply- Please note that Lankaweb will not be able to entertain any more comments accusing previous government of corruptions, Nepotism and cronyism as these accusations have been properly and legally investigated by the present government. If you have any more information regarding these accusations please forward those to the relevant authority to carry out proper investigations.

      I assume he missed the “not” been approved and legally investigated.

    • 0

      Your inane ranting proves just a couple of things, 1: you are a lackey who was paid to write this drivel, 2; your opinion is biased and clouded by the green bills you have received to write this piece.

  • 6

    The problem here is not the Police State. This State hasn’t got a Proper Police to meet the “aspirations” of the people. The people want all those “ROUGHS”, who “GARBED” themselves with “WAR WINNINGS” and “DEVELOPMENT but plundered the State Resources to be brought to book expeditiously ; but for WANT of a proper POLICE things are not moving as fast as people expected and wanted.

    We also see how a new set of “vultures” hovering around to get a “kill”. Also some in the old “GANG” are waiting for the FALL of PREY. This time the people are not “worried” because they know the plans well and are watching.

  • 2

    This issue can be easily resolved.

    What is required is for banks to cooperate with Exchange Control Dept and identify the sources of funds.

    Everyone knows how big businessmen violate exchange control laws.

    • 8

      moda puthe beggar boys prey neede?? You are just another prodigal son trying to behave like a hitler passa – scratch others balls out for freeking.

      Hinduja thought otherwise and got Peter Mandelson to have that passport issued . Harry on contrary is the Danish government rep there to meet with any president that comes there- you need to beg on your knees to survive EU aid and trade.

      Bill Gates threatned the American judicary he would move to Canada.

      These are a nations assets not popular rehotoric politicians- of lankan uduran kanna poop pakshya-

      You must be scum to follow the parth modaya when the country has much to gain from your man Harry. Think like the prosperous west not the meek asian idiots.

      Anyway he hs done nothing wrong from banks point of view and he could sue both nation and bank etc for billions you never afford – its all locked in British/Danish – anglo Saxon no win possible but he is no terrorist either.

      Ever heard of Dawood Boy when he fled to Franco Spain. better find better stories- the initial writer of this artical got clobbered for his own business then cried Goo`ta men (name Faraz Sarkuntley.)then when he retuned from hospital this was his first concoction – hit the business community ` accident made him lunatic of his own family trade)

  • 2

    These fellows are obviously going to a bank in gibraltar to avoid taxation.Poor srilankans will have to make do with the VAT mostly.

    Wonder what our inland revenue is doing while most other countries are cracking down on their citizens and companies using tax havens.

    • 9

      why should they part with hard earned money – an opportunity they can not have except for offshore British banking opportunities to buy and sell?/

      Who cares for him just him same goes to you.
      Its the low class who use all aspects of majority to grab others wealth by force- MRs B’s drive to nationalisation Passa take over of pelwatta a running concern- the low class leaders say we got it back to live like them but idle because knowledge is Bath gullo!

  • 4

    Charles perera has missed the bus. people like this who have no clear thinking patterns are to be pitied.

  • 0

    Lets wait and see what happens to the empire when he is no more.

    Could be another Ceylinco in the waiting.

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