7 July, 2022


First Three Months Of 2015 Will Be A Bloodbath Or A Breakthrough For Justice: SLCPJ

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice (SLCFPJ) in a statement issued in light of the upcoming Presidential elections and the UN war crimes report on Sri Lanka that is due to be released in 2015, has warned the first three months of the coming year could result either in a breakthrough for justice and reconciliation or a bloodbath as the government fights to hold on to power.

Mahinda_Rajapaksa4_1According to the SLCEFJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver, the statement is a collective effort by members of Sri Lankan civil society who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

The statement has noted the widespread concerns for high levels of election violence and a possible refusal by the President to relinquish his hold on what is increasingly called an ‘illegitimate and authoritarian state’ as a result of President Rajapaksa‘s fear of losing power that would result in a loss of immunity form possible charges of crimes against humanity.

“This fight for power within the country and the fear of international war crimes prosecutions may result in a ‘bloodbath’ in the country,” the statement said.

The statement has also notes the ongoing UN investigation on Sri Lanka – the OISL,  and the mounting allegations of human rights violations that continue to be levelled at the government of Sri Lanka including  rape, sexual violence, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture and attacks on freedom of expression, association and freedom of assembly, attacks on human rights defenders and violence against minorities that would add to the adverse actions the government might resort to in the coming months.

*Correction- An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the statement is issued by the SLCEFJ Director Fred Carver, but the SLCEFJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver says although they distributed the statement, it is a collective effort by members of Sri Lankan civil society who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

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    Mara and family are used to croissants ,they will not go down to eat Kimbula banis, so they will try a blood bath if they loose…………..

    • 9

      This is on the lighter side of the matter:

      Can somebody do a computer job for Mahinda’s hair and mustache to be grey (the real hair) in his photos?

      It is too glaringly pitch black to be true for his age.

      It will be fun to watch him with grey hair like Saddam Husein when he was caught by the US soldiers!

    • 1

      Dear Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice (SLCFPJ)

      Take Action Now. Just Do it NOW!

      1,, Illegal Cut Outs.

      Throw Black and Red Paint on the face of the MaRa illegal cutouts.

      Fill Balloons with paint and stones, use paint ball guns ans brushes to disfigure the MaRa, aka MaRa face.

      2. Do the same for posters.

      3. Write Print and distribute different versions og the common sense pamphlet



      Sri Lanka Bar Association to take legal action against Colombo MC if cutouts not removed by Monday
      Fri, Dec 5, 2014, 09:18 pm S

      Dec 05, Colombo: The Bar Association of Sri Lanka says that it will take legal action against the Colombo Municipal Council if the Council does not take measures to remove all the election campaign hoardings in the nation’s capital by Monday.

      The President of the Bar Association Attorney-at-Law Upul Jayasuriya at a media briefing today said they will give time to CMC until Monday to remove the cutouts.

      “If these cutouts are not removed by Monday we’ll take the matter to the courts,” Jayasuriya said.

      The BASL has also written to the Urban Commissioner of the Colombo Municipal Council demanding to remove the unauthorized hoardings erected within the capital city.

      The Association in its letter pointed out that the erection of campaign hoardings in the city is in contravention to the provisions of the Colombo Municipal Council Act.

      The Elections Commissioner had also informed the Urban Commissioner of the CMC to take down all unauthorized hoardings, the BASL.

      “The beauty of the city is lost because of these hoardings. Traffic signs cannot be seen due to these cutouts and this can result in fatal accidents taking place. This can also result in traffic congestion. A gazette has been issued by the Municipal Council to prevent such incidents taking place. Hence, we believe it’s the responsibility of the Municipal Council to arrest this situation,” the letter said.

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    I don’t know who this fellow Fred Carver is but he should best stay away without making contradictory and outrageous statements. If his organization is for ‘peace and justice’ he should focus on those themes. Why does he indirectly wish for blood bath in Sri Lanka? Is that for the benefit of his career? If he is for peace he should wish or even call for a peaceful election. He is most directly giving ideas for the regime not to hand over power in the case of victory for the opposition. Sri Lanka has had enough of these extremist views coming from inside and outside.

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      Where did you get the impression or the word ‘wish’ in this statement? What he says is lot of facts pointing to that ugly direction. I guess lot of educated SL people agree with this view. I have this view too, and AnuraKD made public warning on this recently too. When somebody make this sort of view, to my understanding they give prior warning with the “WISH” that internal/external people will act to reduce or to avoid possible catastrophe..

      • 7


        I disagree. I consider it as an ‘indirect wish.’ That is what I said. Talk about blood bath is quite outrageous. If there are actual dangers, I believe there are, then the opposition should prepare for them. You don’t need statements to be issued. In that context, as I have emphasised in my last article on Maithri Manifesto, MS’ appeal to the armed forces was quite good. On the other hand, these kind of statements (SLCFPJ) can create panic and over reactions. Look at what some have said speculating even about MR having two more years to go and possibly not handing over even he is defeated. That is not constitutionally possible. That is what should be emphasized. Have faith in peace and not blood bath, whatever the deviations. My prediction is that the regime will crumble if the opposition proceeds wisely. I also have no hesitation to differ from what you call other “educated SL people.”

        • 13

          “that is not constitutionally possible”. Is your doctorate by any chance on the subject of Stupidity or Burying One’s Head in the Sand? MR has the forces in his pocket, and a Supreme Court that will interpret the constitution any way he wants to. Whom are you trying to fool with this “no no he won’t do that” talk?

          As for warnings about bloodbaths, obviously the opposition will take steps. The warnings are for the benefit of ordinary people. As such, they’re absolutely essential. As for “wishing”, well, nothing much I can say about that without sounding as equally stupid as your statement that any warning is a wish. Christ, man, are you typing from Angoda, or are you just kade-going?

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          Your doctorate must be from the university of stupid. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are gullible to believe in a smooth transition and the wheel of democracy in SL turning. The SL constitution has been pissed on by these group of uneducated thugs. So my dear foolish virtuoso do you think they will abide by the law to transfer power? This is why people comment on the negative.

        • 3

          Laksiri Fernando must have got his “doctorate” from the same place as Vermin Silva.
          He cannot understand simple English. Perhaps he got a laptop from MARA and it is malfunctioning or something.
          Is this a man who claims to be some kind of human rights activist or is he simply a MARA pandama in goat’s clothing?

        • 2

          Dr Laksiri;

          Dear Sir,

          Who ever This Guy ,SLCEFJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver, He may have got a clue and We also knows the Truth.

          The Truth, Nothing But the Truth.

          Don’t You Know that Jarapassa and His Clan love Blood baths.

          With all the Impunity Grease Yakaas, White vans, Kudu Goons, Rapists, Balu Senaas, Road Accidents by Forces, are running the Show for Jarapassa Regeme.

          So I am disappointed, and totally disagree with you.

          { I R C. Welikada,].
          [I R C dip, Changi, Singapore].

        • 2

          I agree with the SLCEFJ, whoever it is and this was predicted astrologically as well. Laksiri, very few educated people in Sri Lanka, and we have seen this over and over again.In 1983, and today the followers of BBS. See the thousands of posters and cut-outs, if you think that can win votes, may be that’s the best for our people. if so I have very little to say. We are an inhuman society when emotionally triggered. Like Anura Kumara of JVP says how can they leave? They cannot just get off and walk away with so much blood and dirt in their hands.This election will not be the end of an era but a new beginning of an era. where the People will come to a self-realisation. I am optimistic but cautioned.

    • 14

      I agree with Dr. Laksiri Fernando. Only partly though.

      SLCFPJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver? I have no idea who he is either. Or where he is coming from. Or with which agenda.

      Either way a statement such as this from an organization/INGO like that will only embolden the regime. Indirectly will give credibility to regime’s “international conspiracy” claims.

      Nevertheless, nobody in Sri Lanka expects the family clan to transfer power, if faced with imminent defeat.

      In fact, accepting defeat with grace is not in their calculation or in their “DNA“.

      Gota was laying a foundation stone to a yet another mega building project in Colombo, just yesterday. The Clan is clearly planning to hang around for 3 decades. After January 2015. Not 3 months.

      Regime’s plan is to hold power via Gil-Mart methodology. Forever. It is obvious.

      Question is whether Sri Lankans will allow that.


      • 4

        Ben Hurling,

        Your point in agreement is the main reason for my immediate reaction although I didn’t express it directly. The statement and the language used are ‘alarming’ as Thiru has stated. I agree and that is another reason. I believe we should use moderate language even analysing ‘alarming’ situations. The language should be peaceful, although I also break the rule sometimes!

        I don’t discount the dangers. Even I was fearing about a ‘dual power’ situation but decided not to write on that. The opposition should try to prevent such a situation by defeating decisively and moving the people into polling where ‘gilmart’ could be difficult. So far the opposition has been playing correctly as far as I am concerned. Any overreaction or misguided preparations would be harmful. I believe and wish the regime will crumble. I was extremely elated to watch the Derana Wadapitiya particularly the opposition participants’ restraint behaviour. When they get defeated, let them walk out. I know they have a lot to lose. What to do?

    • 12

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

      I agree with you that the article is somewhat alarming.

      However, recently I read a newsitem that Gotabaya was saying to the effect that they may not be able to go overseas etc in some context.

      That news item made me to speculate that the leaders in the present regime cannot afford to lose this presidential election.

      A wounded lion, with the law of the jungle, may turn out to dangerous in in my view.

      • 2


        Thanks. Yes, the statement is alarming and would not help the situation. I believe we should use moderate language even analysing ‘alarming’ situations. The language should be peaceful, although I also break the rule sometimes! Let me also repeat what I have said elsewhere.

        “I don’t discount the dangers. Even I was fearing about a ‘dual power’ situation but decided not to write on that. The opposition should try to prevent such a situation by defeating decisively and moving the people into polling where ‘gilmart’ could be difficult. So far the opposition has been playing correctly as far as I am concerned. Any overreaction or misguided preparations would be harmful. I believe and wish the regime will crumble. I was extremely elated to watch the Derana Wadapitiya particularly the opposition participants’ restraint behaviour. When they get defeated, let them walk out. I know they have a lot to lose. What to do?” It is time for me to sleep.

        • 4

          Dr Laksiri Fernando & Ben Hurling. I think you both are very decent chaps. I also think Fred is also a decent chap.

          As far as I am concerned Fred Carver is doing a great job for Human Rights in Sri lanka.

          This is what I found at the bottom of the article.
          “*Correction- An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the statement is issued by the SLCEFJ Director Fred Carver, but the SLCEFJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver says although they distributed the statement, it is a collective effort by members of Sri Lankan civil society who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.”

          Summary of what Fred and his team are doing can be found at http://www.srilankacampaign.org/whatwedo.htm

    • 5

      Dear Prof. Laksiri,

      Lanka eNews Is reporting that the UPFA/ government has hired Aravind Guota from India to play computer games on the election propaganda front. It is also raising questions about Loku Athula dying during a meeting at Temple Trees with MR & Co. Apparently a postmortem has not been carried out. The UPFA has erected posters for Maithripala Sirisena in Matara!

      What do you think of these reports?

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • 2

        What do I think?

        H..mm. Alarming!

        Best regards Dr. Rajasingham.

    • 0

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      Can you get the Common Sense Pamphlet Draft1 completed and hand over to

      1, The common Opposition

      2, JVP, AKD.


      Appreciate very much.


    • 2

      I fully agree with Dr. Laksiri. If Ma Ra stages a coup or otherwise foils the election and starts a bloodbath, imposition of several sanctions by the West will quickly follow. The only reason why they have withheld those sanctions so far is the holding of the PE which gives some hope for the resurgence of democracy in the country and MaRa and his siblings are fully aware of this.

      So this anticipated threat of a bloodbath is nothing but an empty one!

      Sengodan. M

  • 7

    Before the elections and he will do lot of dirty works to win the election likes of abusing the voting and blackmailing the election commissioner, If the people are brave enough and doesn’t fear of the this ridiculousness powers of MR, They can overthrow this dictator from power including this family who currently controls the entire economy.

    So this will only be the proper chance for the people to have their justice and freedom served under new Government.

    You people need to fight for your freedom not for this dictator!

  • 2

    Sri Lanka’s Next Step, wall street journal.


    • 3

      Please copy and paste article in CT. I dont seem to be able to log in to read it.

      • 2

        Read it on Groundviews.

        • 0

          I could not find it there!

          • 2

            Manel and Anpu , pl read paul’s comment below, it’s the article.

            • 2

              Many Thanks Srilal & Paul

      • 2

        Sri Lanka’s Next Step
        President Mahinda Rajapaksa may come to regret calling a snap election.

        Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa called a snap election two weeks ago, giving voters until January to decide whether to grant him an unprecedented third term. Despite his achievements, Sri Lankans may decide they need a different kind of leadership.

        When Mr. Rajapaksa came to power in 2005, Sri Lanka was locked in a decades-long civil war. He succeeded in defeating the separatist Tamil Tigers in 2009, and that triumph guaranteed him a huge margin of victory when he ran again in 2010.

        Yet Mr. Rajapaksa’s second term saw a rise in alleged abuses of power. Just weeks after the election, the authorities jailed the losing candidate—a leading general in the struggle against the Tamil Tigers. The government curtailed press freedom and locked up reporters. It also took legal action against the opposition and critics.

        Mr. Rajapaksa also appointed two of his brothers to head major governmental ministries and two cousins to serve as ambassadors to Russia and the U.S. Another brother is Speaker of Parliament. The President says he did nothing wrong, yet this concentration of power has turned many Sri Lankans against the family.

        Mr. Rajapaksa’s party saw its share of the vote plunge in by-elections and provincial elections earlier this year. Despite his loss of popularity, Mr. Rajapaksa evidently believed he stood a better chance of another six-year term if he held elections early rather than two years down the road.

        But his calculation is already going awry. The day after the election announcement, Health Minister Mithripala Sirisena quit the cabinet and announced his candidacy. This move is even more surprising because Mr. Sirisena was No. 2 in the president’s party. His sudden alliance with the opposition led to a flurry of lesser defections.

        Mr. Sirisena promises major political reforms if elected. Noting that Sri Lanka was “moving towards a dictatorship” under Mr. Rajapaksa, Mr. Sirisena wants to abolish the Presidency. He also plans to restore the judiciary’s independence.

        Mr. Rajapaksa isn’t making such bold campaign pledges. He has already overseen an economic renaissance and promises more of the same. With 7.3% growth last year and a burgeoning tourism industry, many citizens have benefited from his tenure.

        But the campaign period may expose Sri Lanka’s darker side. Election-related violence has begun, including five non-fatal shootings. There are also allegations of government employees postering for Mr. Rajapaksa, which is illegal under Sri Lankan law.

        Sri Lanka has yet to heal from a civil war that cost more than 80,000 lives. Mr. Rajapaksa deserves credit for winning the war and jump-starting the economy, but he also must shoulder the blame for riding roughshod over the country’s democratic institutions. If he does win another term, the President will have to do considerably more to secure the peace.

  • 5

    This is for an expert of our constitution-

    Some people try to argue that even if the incumbent had lost the elections, he does not have to relinquish power immediately as he has two more years. In my opinion this is not possible as he has lost the confidence of people. I do not know the provisions in the constitution in this regard. Also, they try to show some parallel with the the US presidential system and in US, the president does not pass reins to the successor straight after an election.

    Is there any possibility for this under our constitution, bearing in mind that there could be lots of unconstitutional scenarios. They will do their utmost to hang on to power as there is no other place under the sun where they could go.

    • 5

      The following is the constitutional position in Article 31 (d):

      The person declared elected as President at an election held under this paragraph shall, if such person-

      (i) is the President in office, hold office for a term of six years commencing on such date in the year in which that election is held (being a date after such election) or in the succeeding year, as corresponds to the date on which his first term of office commenced, whichever date is earlier ; or

      (ii) is not the President in office, hold office for a term of six years commencing on the date on which the result of such election is declared.

  • 1

    In a declaration today to the news heads of print and electronic media, the President said (assuming he emerges victorious) that his third term as the President of Sri Lanka will commence after being sworn in on November 19, 2015.
    So effectively he serves more than 6 years (nearly seven) in his third term.
    Is that correct?
    I was under the impression he has to take oath within 14 days of being announced the winner of the Presidential Election.
    Is this another play by President Rajapakse?

    Citizens of Sri Lanka should be made aware of this

    • 4

      A valid doubt.

      My understanding is that if an incumbent president holds the presidential poll after four years in office and is re-elected, he can be sworn in within one year of being re-elected. His current tern will be thus five years.

      If he is defeated, the newly elected ‘ New’ president has to be sworn in within two weeks of being so elected. The incumbent president has to pack his bags and go home.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 1

    Non-Moslem Lankans must watch out for the Al Qaeda operatives and other fanatics who will use this opportunity to further their goals of bringing disrepute to the country. They will try to create a situation where they will instigate and orchestrate terror acts and blame it on the Sinhalese nationalists. This is a difficult time for this beautiful country.

    • 1

      Mr.GAY Chambers..
      People like YOU are the ones who incite communal hatred.WE are healing from the wounds of a more than 2 decade war. STOP making EVERYTHING a communal issue. HERE we are discussing about the GOOD n BAD that MAY happen in the event MR is re-elected… SIGH…

      BTW are u a paid writer for the BBS? a proxy group of the JARAPASSA’s

    • 0

      When the Rajapakse sycophants like Jay Chambers introduce non-entities like “Al Qaeda” into the argument, you know they are on a losing streak with nothing valid to say. We can rest assured that after January 8, the Rajapakses will be left with nowhere to run but to incite their ever ready goons to cause mayhem. They have legitimate homes in USA with their Dual Citizenship but thankfully they will be arrested there for their War Crimes. Only other place left is Myanmar where they can take their accomplice, Cardboard Sandow Gandasara Thera with them, but all the embezzled bounties apparently are in USA.

  • 6

    The Rajapaksa’s are sore losers. After trying to win the elections in the most crooked ways, and still they lose, they will not go peacefully. The Thug brother will set his goons against innocent Sri Lankans, and make it a bloody election. They most probably have everything in place to keep their powers going. They do not care for the safety and security of the Sri Lankan people, and will not go gracefully. Be warned.

  • 8

    We all know the capabilities of MR regime to do all dirty, illegal and violent means to win this election. If he looses the election, I don’t know whether he can do some illegal way to remain in power creating a situation where he can nullify the election results or create a situation bring the country under emergency regulation with the legal (illegal) master Mohan Peries and defence secretary Gotapaya.

    As it is he is now MR is focusing on getting the support of Sinhala masses creating fear about foregion coup to put him face war crimes. He also tries to woo the support of Tamils giving back the jewels, sending 500 buses, and forcing the govt officers with the help of military.

    The opposition has to do lot of effort to convince the Sinhala masses that there is no foregin coup and it is all mahinda’s game. The opposition has to use more young groups and relegious leaders to go every villages convince them and to make sure that the opposition will do everything to keep peace and calm whether they win or loose.

    It is true that Mahinda regime is capable of creating violence but I agree with Dr. Laksri that we should not create fear among people that there will be a bloodbath if I vote for this person or that person. Tell the people that people should have the confidence on the forces that they will capable of maintain the peace and harmony and they will not go against people because they are sons and daughters of ours.

    • 4

      Thanks Ajith.

  • 4

    If Rajapakse does not win there there will be a military coup. It time the opposition leaders develop a strategy how to overcome such a situation. Further the opposition leaders should also have a strategy how to stop any violence that may develop if the opposition wins. Since the opposition voters have faced difficulties under Rajapakse regime they may try to take revenge this too should be stopped.

  • 6

    I agree with SLCFPJ Campaign Director, Fred Carver. When two devils fight for power, he has alerted the Sri Lankans.

  • 5

    If the Common Candidate wins, there certainly will be retaliation against the tamils of the north and east in the aftermath of the election, by the army and EPDP.
    And, some retaliation against voters in the south.

    Maithripala should anticipate this, and quickly issue orders to the Army top brass, and to the IGP and all DIGs, personally, that strict action should be taken from the day after the election to avoid civic disturbances.
    Martial Law should be declared in some areas, if the situation is grave.

  • 1

    The truth is, the bloodbath that was there in Sri Lanka for thirty years had ‘ceased for good’ with the defeat of terrorist LTTE in may 2009 whereas the bloodbath that neo-cons started in Iraq with their war to extract the so-called WMDs is continuing to date long after neo-cons left the country. But the geezers in ‘SLCPJ’ cannot understand this difference for they have one track mind. These people want to make Sri Lanka another Libya. It is the duty of all patriots to elect a President and a government that could maintain peace in Sri Lanka for years to come.

    • 2

      TRUE !!

      The President who would be elected should NOT be MR..for the better of SL and her citizens…Why bring in the Middle East to this? this is a situation within SL and the SRI-LANKANS are educated enough not to bring MR for a 3rd term coz the JARAPASSA family has RAPED THE WEALTH OF THE COUNTRY AND stacked all the proceeds in off-shore accounts.

      OH yes.. Seychelles is a country with a population of approximately 90,000(ninety thousand) WHY DOES the BANK of CEYLON have to have a branch opened there instead in a country with millions more citizens to serve?

      answer…so that MARA’s family can funnel all their ill gotten money through the B.O.C.
      come January 8th… all goons n thugs would face the muzik… when U throw a ball to the wall, it comes back harder n faster… pay back time !!!

  • 2

    If the common opposition candidate wins the election with a big majority( Let’s say one million) the incumbent will go home without trying to remain in power. Hence the Opposition should have a good strategy that ensures a landslide victory for Maithri.

    In case another 10 or 15 government MPs join Maithri , he will get an overwhelming victory.

    If not, the Opposition should bring massive crowds to their rallies. Without posters and cutouts how on earth can they bring massive crowds to their rallies?
    Muslim parties are likely to help Mahinda as they are unwilling to give up Ministerial jobs.
    Who will be voted by Tamils?
    Does the Opposition have a strategy to win the votes of the Tamils?

    can anybody give a convincing answer?

    • 2

      Tamil people will vote according to their conscious and they do not need any coaching as to whom to vote , especially Tamils and Muslims know what is at store for them under another MR term.

      main issue would be Grass eating Sinhala Buddhists , certainly they do need some serious voter education (coaching) and the same time opposition needs to make an extra effort to make them aware of the importance of their votes at this crucial election(not to be fooled by temporary reliefs).

  • 5


    “the bloodbath that was there in Sri Lanka for thirty years had ‘ceased for good’ with the defeat of terrorist LTTE”

    The bloodbath which started on 5th April 1971 recurred between 1987 and 1991 with hundred of thousands of innocent people being killed and maimed. It ceased with defeat of JVP terrorists at immense cost. You should be grateful to the UNP and brutal Premadasa.

    Could you now update your memory stick with above additional information.

  • 4

    All Sri Lankans,

    Do we all love our country? If the answer is YES, this will be the only opportunity in our history to save our motherland from this most corrupted regime. When MR sorted out the terrorism, we all loved him and adored him. But look at the country today, the law has gone to dogs, Corrupt political drug lords are making billions on the expense of our children, Corrupt politicians and their families and friends milking the country and fattening their bank accounts abroad, innocent people are disappearing, Journalists who challenge this behaviour either disappearing or running away from the country, any one who go against this corrupt family go missing… where are we heading to. What is the future remains for our children and us. Why we allow one family and their henchmen to destroy our beloved country. This is our country; our future and this belongs to all nationalities of Sri Lanka. These thugs who do not respect human life and values cannot rule this. Let us forget about all our political differences on this common enemy. My humble request to all Sri Lankans to use their power against these culprits, through your valuable vote on 8th January 2015 for a new Sri Lanka where we all can live peacefully and harmony as law abiding Citizens. Only you and I can do this, by voting against this corrupt regime. We have the biggest responsibility in our hands, for our future generation. Let us educate each and every citizen of this country before 8th Jan 2015 and defeat these corrupt politicians by a historic win. I am certain that whoever who come to power other than this notorious gang would be a better choice for our motherland. Our future is in our own hands. Stop bickering and start the march towards our own freedom. There will be always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • 2

    According to many in this blog MR had vandalize/ robbed and F..d this country ,and had done nothing for this country – Okay will say true – then we must defeat him and handover the country to a better leadership – Now where is this leadership — Is it the leadership represented by combination of Ranil -CBK -Mangal – Mithree – and their gang of hungry wolves now starving for so many years – Hell!! give this country to dogs – we all know jolly well how these guys have ruined this country – and allowed it to be given to LTTE — Of the above combination Mithree is of course better – unfortunately he himself do not want power and will be quite content by being the ceremonial head of this country — can’t we see the ideology behind this scheme of things – he just want to satisfy his ego by being the ceremonial head of this country without making any concrete effort to achieve what he is expected to achieve – Is”nt his motive so selfish – he was cozy with MR for so many years and never thought of raising his voice against him and endorse all what MR was doing under his nose – how can this man be a strong leader – he has already proven to be a puppet under the thumb of CBK and Ranil — THE VOTERS OF THIS country should carefully analyze carefully the pros and cons of these two parties without being paranoid about MR – these blogs should stop being paranoid and offer balance views

  • 2

    Hay Rabok

    Are you one of the below?

    Today we are able to publish the list of media bosses who applied and were received the interest free loan. We will soon be able to publish all the names of the journalists who received the interest free loan from President in order to favour his political campaign.


    1. Siri Ranasinghe – Vijaya Newspapers

    2. Ariyananda Dombagahawatta – Vijaya Newspapers

    3. Indrani Pieris – Vijaya Newspapers

    4. Lionel Perera – Vijaya Newspapers

    5. NEG Abesekara – Vijaya Newspapers

    6. SPLS Weerasuriya – Vijaya Newspapers

    7. CMSN Fernando – Vijaya Newspapers

    8. NM Cassim – Vijaya Newspapers

    9. Gamini Piyasiri Sumanasekara – Upali Newspapers

    10. Narada Nissanka – Upali News Papers

    11. KM Perera – Upali Newspapers

    12. KM Wettasinghe – Upali Newspapers

    13. HMSK Heart – Upali Newspapers

    14. HHW Shriya Kanthi – Upali Newspapers

    15. Sundara Nihathamani De Mel – Lakbima Newspapers / Now Lake House

    16. Daya Lankapura – Lakbima

    17. STP Silva – Lakbima

    18. Thushara Gunaratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    19. Elmore Gunaratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    20. Bennet Rupasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    21. DS Rajapaksa – Ceylon Newspapers

    22. Gayruka Perusinghe – Rivira Media

    23. Sisira Kumara Paranatanthri – Ravira Media

    24. KDJ Ratanaweera – Rivira

    25. HA Gamini Samarasinghe – Rivira

    26. AU Amarasena – Lyathambara

    27. Ratnasabhapathi Prabhakaran – Express Newspapers

    28. Chaminda Welagedara – Bank of Ceylon

    29. Sunil Madava Prematilake – Ranidiva

    30. Tilakaratna Kuruwita Bandara – SLBC

    31. Ariyadasa Peiris – SLBC

    32. Anura Fonseka – Max TV

    33. Chandrasiri Weligamage – Siyadesa Publishers

    34. P Rajapaksa – Siyadesa Publishers

    35. KMB Arunakumara – Helth Watch

    36. V Thevaraj – Express Newspapers

    37. N Vijayasundarama – Valampuri – Jaffna

    38. Mohan Lal Piyadasa – Leader Publications

    39. C. Dodawatta – Lake House

    40. S Thileynadan – Lake House

    41. Karunadasa Sooriarachchi – Lake House

    42. Dinesh Weerawansa – Lake House

    43. Anton Samson – Lake House

    44. DNP Abesinghe – Lake House

    45. MA Siriwardena – Lake House

    46. Sunil Mihindukula – Lake House

    47. LPS Robel – Lake House

    48. RP Godage – Lake House

    49. IM Ajith Dharmasiri – Lake House

    50. PPG Dharmaratne – Lake House

    51. NIP Kudahetti – Lake House

    52. T Ramytilake – Lake House

    53. MAD Jeraldeen Fonseka – Lake House

    54. WK Mendis – Lake House

    55. ULCS Perera – Lake House

    56. T Senthivelvar – Lake House

    57. MM Mohomad Merlin – Lake House

    58. SO Sirimanna – Lake House

    59. Chandrani Marasinghe – Lake House

    60. AW Manoli Sumasinghe – Lake House

    61. A Dhammika Deeptha – Lake House

    Others Heads

    62. RM Kingsley Ratnayake – Director General – Sirasa

    63. M Sarath Kumara Perera – Senior research officer – Sirasa

    64. WAC Priyantha Wijesinghe – Director ( Public Relations ) Sirasa

    65. Seelaratna Senarath – Director editorial – Lake House

    66. Mahinda Abesundara – Editorial advisor – Lake House

    67. G Abewardena – Editorial Advisor – Rvira

    68. Kulasiri Kariyawasam – Deputy General Manager – Neth FM / Now Carlton

    69. N Jude Dombagoda Liyanage – Deputy General Manager – Neth FM

    70. Hasantha Shrilal Hettiarachchi – Manager ( Public Relations ) ITN

    71. Uditha Hewawasam– Engineer – ITN

    72. PJP Karunaratna – Asst. Manager – ITN

    73. SK Vithana – Asst. Manager – ITN

    78. Hudson Samarasinghe – Chairman – SLBC

    79. W Sunil Abesiri – Additional Director ( Sinhala) – SLBC

    80. WCTV Sandanayake – Director ( President’s Media Unit ) SLBC

    81. P Chandraratne – Editorial Coordinator – SLBC

    82. SM Haneefa – Controller – SLBC

    83. MM Sujeewa Samankantha – Organizer – SLBC

    84. JC Dhanavalavithana – Senior organizer – SLBC

    85. LMN Perera – Senior Organizer – SLBC

    86. R Yogarajan – Section Head – SLBC

    87. IMT Ihalagama – Controller – SLBC

    88. MMC Jayakanthi – Controller – SLBC

    89. Tilina Indunil S Samarasuriya – Director ( Training and Foreign rela ) SLBC

    90. S. Somapala Perera – Director General ( Additional ) SLBC

    91. D Ranjanee Rupasinghe – Broadcasting Controller – SLBC

    92. Weerasena Hiniduma – Controller – SLBC

    93. KDJJ Wijeratne – Asst. Director ( Marketing) SLRC

    94. RL Erick Colin Perera – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    95. KAGJ Seneviratne – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    96. KWM Erin Jayasekera – Deputy Director – SLRC

    97. MP Fernando – Asst. Director (Progamme Children) SLRC

    98. Bandula De Silva Vithanage – Director General (Programs ) – SLRC

    99. Mayuri Abesinghe – Deputy Director General – SLRC

    100. HM Jackson – Director (Engineering ) – SLBC

    101. HK Susila – Broadcasting Controller – SLBC

    102. KNN Tisera – Asst. Director (Recording ) SLRC

    104. Dayaratna Ratagedara – Director – SLRC

    105. Shirley Anil De Silva – Director – SLRC

    106. UL Yakub – Asst. Director (Tamil ) –SLRC

    107. SA Mahinda Samarakoon – Asst. Director – SLRC

    108. AM Wimalaratne Adhikari – Director (Drama) SLRC

    109. A Rohan Sarathchandra Perera –DDG (Engineering ) SLRC

    110. PN Meegaswatta – Director – SLRC

    111. SR Mapitiya – Asst. Director – SLRC

    112. TMG Chandrasekara – Director (Training) SLRC

    113. Atula Ransirilal – Director – SLRC

    114. PK Wijesinghe – Director( Edu ) – SLRC

    115. Sunil Dissanayake – Deputy Director ( Public Relations ) SLRC

    116. NGV Nugaliyadda – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    117. C Thiththagala – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    118. AADA Arambewatta Arachchi – Asst. Director – SLRC

    119. AC Tissa Weerasinghe – Asst. Director – SLRC

    120. NPG Ubhayawansa – Deputy Director General – SLRC

    121. Sisira D Wijesinghe – Asst. Director ( Education) – SLRC

    122. HD Ajith Priyadarshana – Asst. Director – SLRC

    123. EAAP Edirisinghe – Controller – SLRC

    124. KMPL Rodrigo – Asst. Director ( Engineering ) SLRC

    125. KR Ratna Pushpakumari – Director– Child Skills Development Programme

    126. PSP Fernando – Manger Programme – Swarnavahini

    127. JP Kusum Piyaseeli Peiris – Regulator – Shri FM

    128. HS Dharmasena – Owner – Ayurvedha Newspaper

    Advisors and Managing Directors

    129. NM Ameen – Lake House / Navamani

    130. Sarath Kumara Ranasinghe – SLBC

    131. RP Ratnasinghe – Ranigiri Rupavahini

    132. SC Weerasinghe – Lake House

    133. EM Ekanayaka – Siyatha TV

    134. Hema Nalin Karunaratne – Heritage TV

    135. PA Norman Patrick Perera – Upali Newspapers

    Deputy Editors

    136. Jayantha Chandrasiri – Upali Newspapers

    137. WA Dissanayake – Rivira Media

    138. WMCG Wijesundara – Vijaya Newspapers

    139. HN Wijeratne – Vijaya Newspapers

    140. NA Isadeen – Vijaya Newspapers

    141. HM Ubeysekara – Vijaya Newspapers

    142. WADAD Wijesuriya – Vijaya Newspapers

    143. Pathirage Don sisil Namal – Vijaya Newspapers

    144. RADSD Ranasinghe – Vijaya Newspapers

    145. KAUR Wickckramanayake – Vijaya Newspapers

    146. HMG Herath – Ceylon Newspapers

    147. MJ Hewapanna – Lake House

    148. LPG Dinesh Duminda – Lake House

    149. IA Indunil Weeraratne – Lake House

    150. LP Tissa Dhammika – Lake House

    News Editors / Deputy News Editors

    151. CJ Amaratunga – Provincial News Editor – Vijaya Newspapers

    152. G Niroshana – Deputy Provincial News Editor – Vijaya Newspapers

    154. DDS Balasuriya – Vijaya Newspapres

    156. Dayaseeli Liyanage – Vijaya Newspapres

    157. SA Jayasekera – Vijaya Newspapers

    158. PB Sirimanna – Vijaya Newspapers

    159. Dushyantha Samarasena – Vijaya Newspapers

    160. NKCD Silva – Vijaya Newspapers

    161. CC Keerthi Warnakulasooriya – Upali Newspapers

    162. Upali De Seram – Upali Newspapers

    163. KU Somapala – Upali Newspapers

    163. NL Wasantha – Upali Newspapers

    165. Bandula Dinapurana – Rivira

    166. ES Roshan Lakmal – Colombo Communication

    167. CG Thirumalalagan – Valampuri

    168. JM Ranjith Jayasundara – ITN

    169. PA Halvitagala Gamage – ABC

    170. C. Shripal Wanniarchchi – Sirasa

    171. Stanley Samarasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    172. Premalal Wijeratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    173. HAWM Janitha Senewiratne – Ceylon Newspapers

    174. Mohan Livera Karunaratne – Asst. Director (Sinhala News) SLRC

    175. MIA Jayaratne – Director ( News and Currant Affairs ) – SLBC

    176. MJM Saldan – Dan TV

    178. DS Dayaratne – SLBC

    179. N Rajendra Kumar Ranasighe – Colombo Communication

    180. NP De Silva – Lake House

    181. T Chandrasekara – Lake House

    182. KA Kumar Raj – Lake House

    183. S Pandiyan – Lake House

    184. MDM Kulatunga – Lake House

    185. K Kunarasa – Lake House

    Features Editors / Deputies

    186. S Wimalanath Weeraratna – Ravaya

    187. DGD Chandrasiri – Upali Newspapers

    188. KAJK Kanaharaarachchi – Upali Newspapers

    189. RMB Kumara – Upali Newspapers

    190. LPJT Liyanaarachchi – Upali Newspapers

    192. Fatthuma Zanita Kareem – Upali Newspapers

    193. AAD Deepthi Pramitha –Upali Newspapers

    194. K Kumarasinghe – Ceylon Newspapers

    195. DASKS Dissanayaka – Lake House

    196. KSC Kallapatha – Lake House

    197. EMAK Edirisuriya – Lake House

    198. Ayanthi Dilini Vithana – Lake House

    199. ALM Saththar – Media PVT ltd


    200. Sudath Silva – Presidential Secretariat

    201. Palita Perera – Presidential Secretarial

    202. Udaya Sampath Kulathilake – Presidential Secretarial

    203. Dharman Wickckramaratne – Economic Development

    204. L Pemmavadu – Ministry of Science and Technology

    205. S Palitha Gunasena – Photographer – Ministry of Sports

    Retired Journalists

    206. DF Kariyakarawana – Retired Journalist

    207. Edwin Ariyadasa – Retired Journalist

    208. G Keerthi Liyanage – SLBC

    209. Kularuwan Kusumtilaka – SLBC/ ABC

    210. Jayampathy Palipana – AP Television

    211. AKM Pillay – SLRC

    212. S Vishvanadan – SLRC

    213. Sam Perera – Vijaya Newspapers

    214. MAS Ratna Samarasinghe – SLBC

    215. Hemajith Fernando – SLBC

    216. Sisira Wijesinghe – Army Headquarters

    217. K Nandana Weeraratne – Ravaya / BBC

    Foreign Media

    218. HMCK Bandara ( Chandana Keerthi Bandara) – BBC World Service

    219. WTJE Fernando ( Elmo ) – BBC World Service

  • 2

    I ask UN to keep it forces in standby if the post election violence is converted to an anti-Tamil pogrom as it happened in 1977. UNP-SLFP violence happened in Rajawttha, Kandy and continued as ant Tamil just after the election.

  • 3

    Real Politics should not involve threats , not involve hooliganism or Blood-bath. The loser has to have the capacity to accept the loss by respecting the voters decision. Winning and Losing arert of Life. If someone cannot accept a loss, that someone is not fit to be a leader.

  • 1

    [Edited out] mahinda you filled your pocket with lots of money. You farmer have earned enough. Now time to go hpme where yoi can live with your livestock

  • 0

    It is understood that President Mahinda Rajapakse is calling his ambassadors from a few countries prior to the election to influence the people to get votes for MR. But It is felt, that it is in prior preparation to face for both possibilities possible, but in case MR loses the election. The AMBASSADORS called home are from Australia, Japan and Russia initially. These three countries are “mango friends” of MR and so it gives some kind of suspicion as to, in case MR LOSES ELECTION, he can hold on to the power under the military rule whereas these three countries can give him (MR) the support he needs.

  • 0

    Though there are 1,200 polling centres, the Elections Commissioner has allotted only 300 centres for poll monitors – it is reported.
    Does he anticipate polls violations which he wants to ignore on instructions from UPFA?
    Is this going to the most flawed election – ever?

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