5 July, 2022


Five Necessary Transformations & The Legacy Of Madam Bandaranaike

By Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

The statesmanlike speech delivered extempore by President Maithripala Sirisena at the commemoration of former Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s 100th birth anniversary on April 7 brought out at least five areas of transformation that the country continues to go through. The president who was the chief guest at the ceremony began his speech with an appreciation of Madam Bandaranaike’s late husband SWRD Bandaranaike who preceded her as the country’s prime minister. The president noted that Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike had given political expression to the social forces that existed in the country at that time but which did not yet have their due representation in the polity. They became known as the Pancha Maha Balavegaya – the five great forces of the Buddhist clergy, the workers, the traditional ayurvedic physicians, the teachers, and the farmers — who were in the vanguard of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s historic victory back in 1956.

President Sirisena’s extraordinary value to the government and to political stability at the present time is his ability to moderate these social forces that his predecessor former President Mahinda Rajapaksa harnessed to the cause of Sinhala nationalism. The backsliding that has been taking place in regard to some of the commitments made by the new government, such as in the case of the Geneva resolution, may cause frustration to sections of the liberal Sri Lankan polity, and to the international community. However, when the president seemingly contradicts his own government’s commitments on the matter of international participation of judges, prosecutors and investigators in the envisaged investigations into war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military, it is likely that he is being conscious of the present political realities and their volcanic potentials that led to the assassination of Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike in 1958.



The president’s second observation was that in a similar manner to her husband’s recognition of the social forces within the country, Madam Bandaranaike gave expression to the aspirations of large numbers of countries that were seeking to emerge from the thrall of colonialism that had oppressed and confined them ideologically and economically. The pinnacle of her achievement came in 1976 when the 5th Summit of Nonaligned Countries was held in Colombo. Prime Minister Sirmavo Bandaranaike chaired the Summit which was attended by 86 countries and was widely considered as a diplomatic triumph of Sri Lanka. The Colombo Summit was significant in that it paved the way for the emergence of a new economic order which had became a focal point of the Nonaligned Movement and helped advance the de-colonization process around the world.

Economic Aspirations 

It was significant that the commemoration event for Madam Bandaranaike was held in the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), which was built between 1970 and 1973 as a gift from China in memory of SWRD Bandaranaike. It was also significant that even while the commemoration event was taking place, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was in China to restore the relationship that had deteriorated due to questionable economic and financial contracts signed by the previous government with which China cultivated a special relationship at the cost of Sri Lanka’s other international commitments, most notably to India. It would be no exaggeration to say that the hopes of Sri Lanka’s people are today pinned on the restoration of that relationship and the prospects of Chinese investments in the economy. The biggest source of discontent with the government has been its inability to turn the economy around and to give hope that such a turnaround will take place in the near future.

The problem that successive governments have faced since the time of Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike has been to obtain economic resources for development that could meet the aspirations of the people, while continuing to prevail at regular elections. The compromise of most Sri Lankan governments has been to engage in welfare-oriented populist economics, which has not been attractive to economic investors. With its relatively small population at the bottom of the Asian continent, Sri Lanka has also not been an attractive venue for foreign investors from a purely economic perspective, as compared to more centrally located and populous countries with bigger markets, such as Myanmar and Vietnam. However, Sri Lanka’s value to the big powers of the world lies in its strategic location on the sea routes of the international trading countries. The challenge for the government today is to utilize Sri Lanka’s strategic location for its own economic benefit, and those of the countries concerned, without threatening their security.

Financial Propriety 

The third observation made by President Sirisena was with regard to the public spirited orientation of Madam Bandaranaike and her husband SWRD Bandaranaike. The record would show that they both entered into politics with an intention to serve the national interest, and not to become financially enriched. SWRD Bandaranaike took a loan to fight his first election as leader of the SLFP, and even took a mortgage on his house. Madam Bandaranaike wrote in her memoirs the following: “As he did not live long – only 3 1/2 years as Prime Minister, when he met with his untimely death, it fell upon my shoulders to pay back this loan. I kept on paying it in installments as stipulated in the Loan Agreement. Though he had vast acreages of land left for him by his late father, they did not bring him the income it should have, due to neglect and robbing. Whatever he got, he used for his politics. And in addition, after his death, we were called upon to pay heavy death duties for which we had to sell some properties. So I paid back the loan with whatever I got including my allowance as Prime Minister.”

It is unfortunate but a reality that the nature of politics today has changed, and the ideal of service to the people is compromised. Most politicians also do not come from wealthy backgrounds and given the expenses of engaging in politics, it may be appropriate to follow the example of countries such as Singapore that pay their politicians very well, but which also have a zero tolerance for corruption. The price of corruption in Sri Lanka is extraordinarily high. An international report that has recently come out by Global Financial Integrity has reported that USD 20 billion has been moved out of Sri Lanka by corrupt practices in the ten years between 2004 and 2013. The crisis with China also came about due to corruption with massive loans being taken in a non-transparent manner for non-transparent contracts by the previous government. This type of venality must never be permitted to occur again and the full strengthening of the independent institutions needs to become the national priority, including the Bribery Commission, the police and the judiciary.

Gender Imbalance 

The fourth observation by President Sirisena was with regard to the aspect of Madam Bandaranaike for which she is best known internationally. She was the first woman prime minister in the world when she took office in 1960. Even today the name of Sirimavo Bandaranaike is taught at educational institutions worldwide for this reason. She provided a role model for many women to follow, and an illustrious list of women world leaders followed her example such as Indira Gandhi of India, Golda Meir of Israel, Margaret Thatcher of the UK, Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan to mention just a few, and she also had the happiness of seeing her daughter Chandrika elected as President and appointing her as Prime Minister for a final third term. All of these, including her daughter, were strong women leaders even as she was. In her memoirs she wrote, “I was the only woman in the Cabinet. I was often asked the question how I functioned with an all male Cabinet. I must say that I had no problems. They all co-operated and gave me all the support necessary. “

In this context, of Sri Lankan being a world leader more than half a century ago, the very limited representation of women in politics today is a source of concern. Less than 5 percent of parliamentarians are women. The Constitutional Assembly that was recently appointed by the government has only one woman amongst its 28 members. Not one of its 21 members of the steering committee which is responsible for coming up with the draft constitution is a woman. The exclusion of women from decision making at the highest levels does not bode well for a transformation of the polity or its governance.

While there is a recognition in Sri Lanka today that a peaceful and just society requires multi ethnic and multi religious representation in decision making, there is still no recognition that men cannot, and should not, seek to represent the interests of the entirety of society, when half of it are women. The politically advanced societies with the highest quality of life, such as found in Northern Europe, have close to 50 percent representation of women in political decision making. The previous Norwegian ambassador to Sri Lanka, Grete Lochen, once said that when more women got into positions of power in Norway the decisions and priorities of the Norwegian government began to change. Women have different priorities to men, and men and women together comprise society.

On the other hand, the government has shown greater sensitivity to the issue of bringing in women into politics by passing an amendment to the local government authorities law. The government has ensured a 25 percent quota for women in local government through a reserved list for women who will be elected outside of the open list of candidates. It will entail a 25 percent increase in the number of local government members. However, the government has also stated that no similar quota will be provided at the parliamentary level and that the expectation is that increased women’s representation in parliament will take place through the upward mobility of women from the local level. It is important that the legacy of Sirimavo Bandaranaike is built upon. It is necessary that public pressure ensures that higher levels of governance also see the adequate representation of women, reaching to 50 percent, including the Constitutional Assembly and the sub committees it sets up.

Ethnic Conflict 

The fifth observation by President Sirisena was the agreement Madam Bandaranaike negotiated with Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri which resulted in India accepting responsibility for the citizenship of more than one half of the Tamils of recent Indian origin who had been rendered stateless by the Citizenship Acts of 1947 and 1948. However, this was not a solution that the population whose fate was being decided wanted, nor were they consulted about it. The failure of the two governments that Madam Bandaranaike headed to consult with the ethnic minority communities to address their reasonable grievances was perhaps the weakest aspect of her governance. During the constitutional reform process of 1972, her government and its constitutional framers refused to accept the proposals of the ethnic minorities, most notably of the Tamil parties, which led them to boycott the constitutional reform process.

In his memoirs “Exorcising the Past and Holding the Vision” published in 2014 the civil servant Neville Jayaweera recounts how government leaders in the 1960s considered those of the Tamil ethnicity to be potential enemies of the state. When he was sent as a young man to head the administrative service in Jaffna as the Government Agent, the orders he received from his superiors were that, he “should be unrelenting towards Tamil demands, and wherever possible, force confrontations with them and establish the government’s undisputed ascendancy.” Neville Jayaweera records in his memoirs that he did not wish to carry out such orders, and appealed to Prime Minister Bandaranaike in private, and she gave him her support. This suggest that Madam Bandaranaike was not inherently anti-minority, and this is borne out by the liberal and non-racist ethos demonstrated by her three children, most visibly her daughter Chandrika who faced the full fury of the ethnic war when she became president and became commander in chief of the country’s military, but nevertheless gave leadership to the political campaign for a just political solution to Tamil grievances.

It is the blessing of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike to posterity that her two surviving children, Sunethra and Chandrika, stand today at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s efforts to heal the wounds of the past through their contributions in culture and arts and political reform.

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    Paradise Poisoned: Learning about Conflict, Terrorism and Development from Sri Lanka ‘s Civil Wars(2005), John Richardson, Professor of International development in American University’s School of International Service and Director of the University’s Centre for Teaching Experience:
    ”In international setting, Mrs. Bandaranaike could speak movingly of oppression and its costs and of the feelings of oppressed people. Has Sirimavo Bandaranaike brought the brilliance and the energy to domestic communal problems that she brought to international affairs, relations between Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese and Tamil communities might have followed a different path.”

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      She was the Prime Minister who began miltarising the Northern Province 10-15 yrs before LTTE originated.

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    What a load of sychopantic crap!

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    Jehan has an incredible skill.

    That is being a specialist in the subject without actually knowing anything about the subject.

    By the time Neville Jayaweera was appointed a GA the Tamil problem has reached a point of no return.

    The Tamils were given parity between 1931-1947. The reason they were given parity was not because they deserve it or on merit. It was only a temporary device used to maintain order in a colony.

    That is why the British took it away from the Tamils before they left.

    No sooner the Brits left the Tamils try to regain parity in a number of ways and they are still trying.

    The parity British gave to Tamils is worth at least 100% Tamil votes 100% Moslem votes and about 25% Sinhala votes.

    In order to get parity the Tamils do a number of things. They force Tamils not to speak Sinhala. The idea is if Tamils switch the Tamil politician will lose parity.

    The whole “genocide” this is related to this too. Most Tamils think the idea of genocide was introduced because they have a special culture. Its not so. The idea again is not assimilating so that Tamil politician can get parity.

    The citizienship of central hills is also related to parity. The Tamil politician need numbers to maintain parity. That is why that issue arose.

    So when you are “analysing” just take a step back and understand where the problem lies.

    The problem lies with the Tamils who are trying to get back parity they should have never been given in the first place. The donkey British gives the donkey Tamils false expectations and left for us to pick up the pieces.

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      They are now betting on Ranil Wickremasinghe before another Rajapaksha scuttles it.

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        “They are now betting on Ranil Wickremasinghe before another Rajapaksha scuttles it.”

        Real soma shines through in his/her above statement! Who are “they”? The demise of MR is big course of disappointment for your ilk!

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      Imbecile vibushana
      You will never grow. Just keep licking the anus of izeth hussein and mahindapala.
      Your mother is waiting with your medication which you forgot to take for 4 days now. Go and take your medication.

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        Well look “Proudman”. I will demonstrate it visually.

        – 50 : 50
        – Tamil State/Sinhala State
        – Equality and Dignity
        – We are not minorities
        – Tamil Nation/Sinhala Nation
        – Tamil Eelam/Sri Lanka

        All the above are slogans by various Tamil politicians. They translate to regaining the lost “Parity” you donkey. The parity the British gave and took back from your politicians.

        Tamils will never get parity in Sri Lanka because Sinhala people are responsible for 80% of the GDP you donkey.

        Its like a minor shareholder of a company asking to sit on the company board. It will never happen you donkey.

        So you can see how you have wasted everyone’s time and energy. That makes you the dumbest culture on the planet.

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          “Its like a minor shareholder of a company asking to sit on the company board. It will never happen you donkey.”

          Dissenting minority shareholders have a say in the running of the company, such as dividend policy, merger, demerger, appointment of Chief executive Officer, board, ethical issues, ….

          When did you start hearing corporate voices in your head?

          • 1


            Minor shareholder has rights commiserate with the level of investment and risks he takes with the number of shares he owns.

            The larger shareholder has more rights given he has invested more and take a larger chunk of the risk. That is why he sits on the governing board.

            There are certain inequalities enforced by nature. For example a person missing limbs vs full-bodied individual. The only way parity can be achieved here is if the able bodied guy gives away his limbs too.

            Similarly the only way a minor shareholder can sit on a board is if the the major shareholder gives away shares he legitimately owns to charity.

            These inequalities cannot be fixed. Its just the way things are.

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              It is you dream believing Tamils wants parity. Vaddukoddai Convention has closed your dream. Tamils so far not have gone back from that.

              No minority hold on to the share of a company which does not perform. They dump the Mahanama & Cos. and go to the ones performs better. It is Ehelepola and Company sells the Port City, Nuraicholai, Hambantota to China. You attempted to fool British Banks on Oil price hedging. You got the lesson. You are people taught a lesson to Emirate Airlines not to stick on with you. Now you are people begging to sell Lankawe Airlines with Katunayake Airport. But so far nobody has come. Cope investigated the corporations and found all them were mismanaged.

              Tell me something Vibhushana. While you are being a member of the wild pride race, when did you started to consult on commerce to others? You never can run a company and earn and eat. You only can loot and eat man.

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          You are Sangam scholar that we agree.

          Are you a corporate accountant or lawyer? Please confirm.

          In case, if you haven’t updated your knowledge of Corporate Governance please see below:

          Legitimate rights of minority shareholders:


          Most companies treat minority shareholders as if they have no rights at all. Company directors receive all the perks and benefits. They receive salaries, bonuses, cars, and all the expenses, even for the maintenance of their domestic staff including the hauffeur. In addition, there are those regular ‘parties’ in 5-star hotels in the guise of ‘conference’ or ‘seminars’, in spite of having ample space in their own company premises. All such expenses are borne by the company, thereby eroding the shareholders’ benefits.
          A minority shareholder is also a member of the company and he is entitled to all the rights spelt out in the Companies Act, the Memorandum and the Articles of Association. If the share market is to be activated, it is imperative that the minority shareholder be adequately protected. In these circumstances, there is an urgent need to form a Shareholders’ Association.
          The Companies Act provides for over 150 offences. Most shareholders are unaware of their rights while the directors and majority shareholders have a field day at the expense of the minority shareholder.
          The rights of minority shareholders are briefly described as follows:
          A. Statutory Rights:
          These are rights which are conferred on members by the Companies Act. These rights cannot be taken away by the memorandum or the articles.
          Statutory rights include the rights to:
          a. Have shares offered on a priority basis in case of increase of capital.
          b.Receive notices to attend and vote at meetings.
          c. Transfer shares.
          d. Receive a share certificate.
          e. To receive a copy of annual accounts of the company.
          f. Inspect the register, e.g. members, annual returns.
          g. Appeal to the Registrar to call an AGM where the board of directors has failed to do so.
          h.Appeal to the company board to call a special meeting of the company.
          i. Participate in the appointment of directors/auditors at the AGM. Appeal to the Registrar to order an investigation into the affairs of the company.
          j. Petition the High Court for relief in case of oppression and mismanagement.
          k.Petition the court for winding up of the company.
          B. Documentary Rights:
          There are rights given to the members by the memorandum of articles.
          C. Legal Rights:
          Rights which are given to the members by the general law, e.g. mis-statement or concealment of a material fact in the prospectus, a person who has been allotted shares can avid the contract and claim damages under the general law.
          D. Proprietary Rights:
          These include:
          1. The right to participate in the distribution of dividends proportionately.
          2. The right to participate in the distribution of assets when the company goes into liquidation.
          3. Right to equality and honesty by directors and the majority shareholders in corporate transactions affecting his/her interest e.g. issue of new shares or amending the articles.
          4. Right to be registered as a shareholder.
          5. The privilege of immunity of personable liability of company’s debts.
          E. These include:
          1. The right to information and inspection of a company’s records.
          2. The right to bring representative suits on a course of action on behalf of the company to prevent or remedy mismanagement or unauthorised acts and to compel the company to enforce his/her rights.
          F. Common Law
          Equitable and statutory remedies for infringement of individual rights.

          Gamini Amarasekera
          Colombo 2


          Since 1948, the world has moved to protect minority rights and interests.

          I am surprised you haven’t heard any voices regarding update on corporate governance lately.

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          You are obsessed with the word donkey. Is there an association with it?
          As an imbecile, everyone knows, your vocabulary is very limited but just keep repeating one word in all your comments must have some meaning. However, I try , I agree that I cannot educate you as your brain is almost non existent.You keep repeating yourself till your maker-Allah the great redeem you.

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          Vibhushana the Imbecile,

          You label others as donkey but in fact you write and behave like a donkey. Sorry I have done a disservice to the donkey fraternity! You are a bigot and you never fail to live up to that!

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          Hey donkey Vibushana,
          If there are 8 Donkeys and 2 Tigers in a forest, would you think donkeys would rule the forest?
          But I think it is silly asking this type of question from a donkey.. as this donkeyV answer is obvious…

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    Jehan boy has gone ga ga over MY3. Satesman like my foot.

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    “”The donkey British gives the donkey Tamils false expectations and left for us to pick up the pieces.

    Baldie Vibhushana dalit,
    Eating too much paripu.
    you think you are a Mule
    burva sinhala modaya prodigal sons from the plantations of EIC.
    living on Australian Dole money.

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      [Edited out]

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    “”It is the blessing of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike to posterity that her two surviving children, Sunethra and Chandrika, stand today at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s efforts to heal the wounds of the past through their contributions in culture and arts and political reform.””

    Jehan Perera,- You must be eating Rice from the moon while only she had sultanas.
    Its a pity that you are not being investigated for corruption!! Go away please Go!

    You are a shameless pipsqueak to be heading an organisation fully funded by the
    western taxpayers.
    I don’t need to waste my time talking about 3 arrogant cooks who should have been doing their household chores than leading everyone up their garden path.

    Sinhal/muslim government under the spell of postman’s son Nasser the terrorist because the woman was greedy for fame and fortune for family only.
    The Brits should have killed him as suggested by the Arab Prince- but they were not sophisticated enough to say it diplomatically.

  • 9

    Her constitution created divisions between the majority and the minority and the minority was driven to demand a separate state.

    Her standardisation of university admission was the start of Tamil militancy.

    She deprived English education to the average Sri Lankan but ensured that her non-performing children had the best of English education and all three of them had the opportunity for studies in the west.

    She introduced Basmati rice to the country – for herself.

    She perpetuated the emergency; brought the media under her absolute control.

    She got kicked out and gave a huge majority to a leader who did not have the wisdom to handle that majority.

    Remember the chit system for jobs? Pity that Jehan keeps mum about all these.

    More than anyone else, Mrs B is responsible for the sad state our country is in.

  • 10

    “…….her two surviving children, Sunethra and Chandrika, stand today at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s efforts to heal the wounds of the past through their contributions in culture and arts and political reform.”

    Their contributions in culture, arts and political reform ??????????????? Attaboy !

    Just WHAT rubbish is this silly man talking?
    Maybe he has overdosed on Magic Mushrooms?

  • 1

    Reality is somewhat different. I know you are a kind man and do not use harsh words and it is bad to speak ill of the dead.

    A lot of her socialist stifling policies enacted after 1970 had to do with the fear of another Marxist uprising. The JVP took them by surprise. North Korea was funding the JVP. So the JVP was very hostile to the ruling elite. As a result, some of the really LSSP-CP driven coalition anti growth policies took effect. Land Reform was one of the most inequitous absurdly imposed laws. Take for example. If you are a family of 4 kids with all all children over 18 at the day the law was passed then you get 50 times 5(50 for parents to share and 50 fifty each for the kids over 18) 250 acres. But if you are shit out of luck and all except one of your kids was not an adult you get 50 acres between 5 people and another 50 for the only adult child.

    The limit on housing ownership by communist honorable Keunaman was also flawed.

    A smarter more effective land reform policy would have been to give say 30 acres of productive land per person. Estates were destroyed as a result of this policy and it disenfranchised a lot of Sinhala Speaking post 1956 Mudalali class who were not manufacturers or shopkeepers. They were all very upset. My father called landreform policies the most inequitous law passed. It was a necessity but implemented in a way it favored a few of the ruling elite who were having to sacrifice thousands of acres. But people like my mother and my grandparents were all shit out of luck. Husband and wife had to choose what to keep and what to sacrifice and they were only jointly allowed 50 acres.

    Luckily UNP under EL Senanayake changed the law to get some land back and quietly was able to allow a lot of people to buy back land at the 1972 compensation values. This law was one of the reasons the emerging Sinhala Mudalali class who would not have been created if not for the 1956 revolution, turned against the SLFP.

    Going to school, I remember being savagely insulted about the kerosene oil smelling sarongs, the food queues, the bread and sugar rations etc. Sign of the times that made people rise up. Having to stand in line at CoOps was humiliating. Also the laws that did not allow one to send kids overseas to study, the exchange controls all were absurd. She had a big weakness in being overindulgent on the son in particular who she wished to take over in the typical feudal dynastic manner the way Cong-I Indira Gandhis family did. Sad to have seen the squabble and undercutting between the charlatan Kumar Rupesinghe view and their pseudo Maoist ideology and the clash between the weak and ineffective but pro western Anura for the mantle first. Then came the family clash between siblings for power. Part of S.Asian politics I guess.

    Add to that the stagnant economy caused by state inefficiency gave rise to the economic(not democratic because JR ruled so harshly through rigged elections, thuggery, 1983 pogrom, rigged referendums etc) revolution of 1977 that helped the nation a lot. There are incredible good personal qualities in her and her knowledge of foreign affairs was great and it helped Sri Lanka a lot but even as an insider, I must sadly say the landreform policies which ended up dismembering the tea estate etc were not wise moves.

    On a personal note, she never flew first class on official business and took very small delegations. They always booked Y or economy class. All members of her retinues were required to return the foreign exchange allowances and Traveler’s Cheques end of each trip and they were inventoried. She used her personal Mercedes 180 until after the 1971 JVP revolution. Until March of 1971 she worked from her private residence but because of security threats she was asked to move to Temple Trees which she considered unlucky. After the N.Korean savages were kicked out , she was given use of their Mercedes 280 Automatic that the government seized from the N.Korean Embassy. She never ordered imported vehicles. After 1975 they used some of the vehicles gifted by France and Australia for official use. Once she left after being routed, she was back to using her own vehicle. Her weakness was letting her children who were politically ambitious(CBK was a people person and very charismatic and a natural and worked really hard; Anura was not a hardworker and expected things to fall from the sky; great orator but did not ever want to work hard or rough it out like the mother and sister) and wanting to keep family control of the SLFP too. But sadly, the Rajapakses had no clue about how to go about. Mrs B never thought she was a Queen even though people called her Queen B. She had so many family loving traits but those did not make policy.

    Sadly for her when the day came in JR’s kangaroo courts she was found guilty ONLY of extending Emergency Rule. Do you know that was a joint NSC decision every month? and do you know who the scalywag who gave evidence against her? The same sycophant who stooped down to the level of carrying Anura B’s brief case and bags when Anura B came back from official trips with Mrs B. The same man who used Mrs B’s fears of Catholic action coups (because of the military coup by DeSarams, Sidney Zoysa, etc all Catholics) and who got an unprecedented extension of his term as Commander of the Armed forces by whispering to undercut the man who was due his term. You know how he did it? He ingratiated himself and even played a go between JR and Anura before Kalawana ByElection. JR was going to cross over or support Anura as candidate and not let the UNP win. This ingratiating man was a palace insider. Who let it happen to a professional man? Sadly it was her. So this man would come whisper “Mr DP is a great soldier, gentleman, a good commander, but did you know he was catholic?” That is how he managed to deprive the honorable Dennis Perera his due term as Commander and got his own extension for an unprecedented first time in Ceylon. Then he is the same man who lied at the Kangaroo courts that JR used to eliminate his only rival. So they fell for this sort of flattery and sycophancy despite being warned by her relatives who said never trust a man who does not make eye contact or carries bags for a son of a Prime Minister. But that sort of cautionary voice was always dismissed.

    But overall as you saw by the thousands of ordinary common people who came to her funeral and how no one gave a damn about JR said a lot about her personal qualities. Another factor was how those who guarded her during the JVP second period of terror (1987-91) said how she would always make sure the troops who were at Rosmead place good food and water and she made sure they got Buriyani from the Muslim Kadey there near TownHall in contrast to how people like ACS Hameed and other top UNPers did not give a damn about the troops guarding her. Even during the busiest time, she would remember the lesser people including her lesser relatives and do amazing stuff as gestures. The story about the soldiers was related to by a man who served as a Bombardier in the Artillery regiment who was on guard duty at both Mrs. B’s residence and Hameed’s. He had some choice words about some of the UNP leaders.

    • 9

      “her knowledge of foreign affairs was great and it helped Sri Lanka a lot but even as an insider,””

      What a wheelbarrow load of dung Mr Don?
      Hillary too said I know foreign affairs better than School teacher Barry and given the opportunity she purged left the post as a nutter and the bitch is back.
      News is she is losing and Barry who refused to come into this election is coming back to canvass for her.
      They can never win this one- its Donald all the way.

      Your banda family of maggots should go back under the rock or be lined and shot as mass murders of their own folk.

    • 4

      Comedy thamai.
      She killed an estimated 80,000 of Sinhala youths. Who were working around Mawanella and nearby areas came back with lot of stories about the youths bodies lying on the pavements but peoples were scared to remove. North Korea was kicked out because she was scared to kick out USSR, who trained JVP at Lumumba. North Korea was always China’s and Russia’s agent. Sirima fed and fertilized JVP. She thought of using it to against Dudley. But, it jumped at her. She was first one emptied treasure for the first time after freedom. She started the culture of nepotism. She had laws always one for her and another one for others. It was her government started the car permit business for ministers. Old King’s friends were Gaddafi, Saddam, Castro….. Her friends were Mao, Gaddafi, Castro….Her foreign policy was a disaster. London tea auction killed all of the Ceylon tea business. Plantation lands were cultivating Yuka. When N.M.Perrea could not put his budget, he could not get help from west. He was the first Finance minister about whom the Colombo media started draw cartoons with begging bowls during the budget seasons. When Gnanams textile factory was able to get UN sponsored development loans, NM could not do that. NM took commission from a French printing company and introduced a low quality paper money. This was to suck out the people’s savings. That idiot did not induce the people to bank their monies, but he made them to burn it by the fear of NM and Sirima’s prison brutalities. They completely swallowed Sri Lankawe co-op which was next to Denmark like leading democratic Co-Op countries. When Sirima came to power, Lakehouse published the obituary of death of D.M.Ocracy. Bewildered Sirima nationalized Lake House. That started nationalization of the second round of companies those were left out on her first term. It was in 1961 Sirima taught Tamils never attempt a peaceful protest against brutal Sinhala governments. She removed S29 from Soulbury Constitution. She refused conduct K.K.S and created Vaddukoddai Convention.

      • 0

        No there was never a car permit business or imports. You are flatout uninformed. She allowed used cars at the Government Stores to be sold at nominal prices to Ministers, and others including cabinet staff and secretaries and private secretaries etc. JR started the car permits after 1977. Get your facts straight.

        • 3

          “She allowed used cars at the Government Stores to be sold at nominal prices to Ministers”.

          I can understand your difficulty in accepting the truth. At least now, come out with some facts. What was the procedure to dispose the government’s cars before the queens started to give them away? Who used them? For how many years they used those? Who pulled them out of government use? What were the nominal prices decided for those cars? Who decided?

          If the unused government property is not auctioned, for some reasons like auction is more expense than disposing, disposal should be carried out with a proper procedure. Ministers’ benefits have to be added to income and additional taxes should be paid. Dodging the sales tax by nominal price is illegal. The minister who purchased it should add the difference between the market price and nominal price to his/her income and he/she has to pay tax on that. You have to understand, legal permit is different as it is transparent income. Nominal price is out right theft of government property.

          What did you say? “She just allowed”? The government was her dowry to Bandaranayake? Just don’t make comedies man!

          For your information, it was not just the car permits, the culture of directly stealing the government properties by the minister and staffs started in Sirimavo time

          • 1

            Autonomous lunatic Mallaiyuran is back!!

  • 7

    I believe the people in Sri Lanka are suffering from “Alzhimer’s.” She started the rot in Sri Lanka politics… people have forgotten that every position in the governments was held by her family.. arrogance, mismanagement of the country, severe shortages of food items…My children were babies during her period…we didn’t have milk for the children, sugar and basic items. The migration and brain drain of professionals started during her time.

    Wake up Sri Lanka if you want this era to come back!


  • 4

    Killing fields of the JVP Youth! This was done during Sirima’s era.
    There should be an international inquiry to the killing of the Sinhala Youth.

    • 2

      How about killing fields of Tamils under JR ? and the killing of tens of thousands of Sinhala youth and mass graves under Ranil ?

    • 3

      Remember the Janatha Committee

  • 7

    “It is the blessing of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike to posterity that her two surviving children, Sunethra and Chandrika, stand today at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s efforts to heal the wounds of the past through their contributions in culture and arts and political reform”

    Wow! Gods gifts(s)to Silly Lanka.It isn’t for nothing that this land is triple-blessed. Get down on bended knees all ye Silly Lankans, raise your arms in supplication and pray to the merciful heavens above for these wonderful gifts.

  • 1

    In 1972 to 1973 before Hon Dudley Senanayake dird, there was a power struggle in the UNP after JR tried to takeover. UNP only won 17 seats in 1970. So JR tried to usurp the much loved Dudley by wanting to form an alliance with Mrs. B. The left and some of her left wing advisors and brothers were against it. Army commander the ingratiating opportunist and one of her brothers and Anura were for it. If she took JR into the govt and SLFP, she wouldn’t have lost her civic rights. Again in 1974 JR made overtures to get Anura the spoilt brat into Parliament via by election which eventually saw Adhikari winning (Kekirawa )and set the slide of the increasingly unpopular SLFP led regime. Anura first fought with fake Marxist charlatan Kumar Rupesinghe who forced himself into the family despite being of a a different family background. He wasa fake. They tried to use Chinese like propaganda dances about “janaweygaya bihiwey “. What a charlatan. .

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 6

    “…the agreement Madam Bandaranaike negotiated with Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri which resulted in India accepting responsibility for the citizenship of more than one half of the Tamils of recent Indian origin….”
    The pact granted citizenship to 300,000, while 525,000 would be repatriated to India.The citizenship of the remaining 150,000 would be negotiated at a later point. (Many did not want to go, but the conditions in the plantations in 1974-75 persuaded many to go.)

    “She provided a role model…an illustrious list of women world leaders followed her example such as Indira Gandhi of India, Golda Meir of Israel, Margaret Thatcher of the UK”
    Actually she was not elected in 1960. She was nominated to the Senate. She could easily have been, but avoided contesting until 1965.
    The three women listed were formidable political personalities. Nehru was for long grooming his daughter for a major political role.
    Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher did not have any ‘relative merit’ like Asian women heads of state before and after. The latter was a British tragedy.

    “It is the blessing…Sunethra and Chandrika, stand today at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s efforts to heal the wounds of the past through their contributions in culture and arts and political reform.”
    Sunetra is not in politics. Is the writer unaware of Chandrika’s opportunism?

    All said, despite serious political reservations about Mrs B, I think that she was a more decisive premier than her husband, more respected internationally than any UNP premier, took bold decisions and stood up to imperialism better than any other, partly owing to the global situation at the time.

    • 5

      “”All said, despite serious political reservations about Mrs B, I think that she was a more decisive premier than her husband, more respected internationally than any UNP premier, took bold decisions and stood up to imperialism better than any other, partly owing to the global situation at the time. “”

      She was just a tool or kussi amma of non aligned movement. No more no less and she liked sudhu pukka. She would never accept a outspoken man like Trump – inferiority complex. Saw how NM made Peking wall(all new notes) Baddurdin carried out standardisation and Colvin with constitution then plantation.For a tamil she had structural engineer Chellaiha Mr Gaudy.
      Aren’t you a kommission kakka??

      LKY and wife Choo stood up to imperialism, racism within without starving native folk because they were products of Cambridge.

    • 3

      BTW Charismatic President Tito and Charismatic terrorist Nasser were the faces of non aligned. Yugoslavia/ Balkan Valley was the place where WW1 and WW2 erupted. Both these European wars were for them to get together as EU. So the division of valley.
      She was a tool and Mao gifted the conference hall. Blue tea man Chew & Lie was the connection.
      If she was that strong why did she get an economic embargo that the present buruvas were to overcome by electing MR2? Ofcourse the self inflicted embargo is still a bud about to bloom.

    • 1

      Many MCPs thought that they could take the “kussiammaa” for a ride. But she had her way.
      I would appreciate it very much if you kindly translate the rest of your text to something that makes sense.

      • 3

        sekara , Meet Alavi in the mosque and he too would praise her- chair/dir 6 cooperation’s. But the east German Ambassador never thought much of her- a kid who survived the gas chamber by eating grass for 4 weeks.
        How can I make a block head Troll `understand`??
        Whom do you work for KP Mulla, Dougie,Karuna or his karume??
        then perhaps i can enlighten you about Diego Garcia.

      • 0

        One should learn something before seeking to educate others.

        • 3


          “One should learn something before seeking to educate others.”

          Selective learning is dangerous.

          “All said, despite serious political reservations about Mrs B, I think that she was a more decisive premier than her husband,”

          Of course she was, at what cost?

          She presided over killing of 18,000 youth in 1971. Then she sent in the police force to massacre 11 Tamils at a cultural event in 1974 at Jaffna. Immediately after crowning herself as the Prime Minister she sent hand picked officers to enforce Sinhala only language policy in North and East of this island.

          She presided over a shrinking economy in the 1970s which resulted in unemployment and under development.

          She introduced exit permit system to stop people leaving the country.

          She also introduced FEEC foreign exchange arrangement to facilitate the rich to become richer, depriving industries of imported raw materials, technology, ….

          The weeping widow came through the back door and wreaked mayhem.

          “took bold decisions and stood up to imperialism better than any other, partly owing to the global situation at the time.”

          Such as …… what?

          Her decision to allow Pakistani war criminals refuel their aircraft on our soil was one blot on the landscape which cannot be erased from our history. She aided and abetted war crimes and crime against humanity in Bangladesh.

          Her major international policy on nuclear-free Indian ocean was dead on arrival.

          What was her achievement in essence?

          She was respected only for being the first female prime minister of the world. Not many knew how she got there. Not many knew her weeping widow act.

          Learning should give one perspective.

          • 0

            As you said, “Selective learning is dangerous.”
            Chant it while jogging.

            • 0

              heard of yoga?? or whose gun are you carrying?

            • 2


              If you have a selective memory, we can understand.

              If you are unable accept facts we can understand.

              If you are concerned about my jogging routine, we can understand.

              If you are into selective learning we can understand that too.

              If you are stuck with Siri Mao that should worry you.

              • 0

                To understand anything well, one needs to be honest in one’s thinking.

                Chant “Selective learning is dangerous” while jogging. Should help.

        • 0

          Keep learning because if you stop then you become a vegetable.
          But if you do not correlate the knowledge it is useless.
          If you become useless you would one day become useful to Buruwanse type.
          Whom do you work for thambi?? Totalanga Unp of premadasa with the idea of being his lingam?

  • 1

    First lady prime minister of the world, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike knew how to handle the foreign policy with style! Example: the issue on Kachchetivu. She convinced the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that this rocky islet of Kachchetivu belonged to Sri Lanka. The only reason is that it is closer to Sri Lanka than India. Both countries agreed and the job was completed through a bilateral agreement. The duo was like two sisters and their friendship helped resolve many problems between the two countries with due respect to both.
    However, JRJ’s myopic Anti-Indian foreign policy ruined it all and invited India to drop ‘parippu’ over the LTTE’s head in 1987. As a result LTTE was forced to eat a curry of the same ‘parippu’ cooked and delivered by the Executive Chef Mahinda Rajapaksa to Nanthikadal. E. Chef Mahinda had successfully convinced the Indians that it was Prabhakaran who took both Rajiv Gandhi and his IPKF for a bite.
    We need a reincarnated Valmiki or Vyasa to write the new epic poem (just like Ramayana or Mahabharata) and we could name it ‘Lankayana’ (pronounced as ‘Lank-aayana’): means the voyage of Lanka.

    • 3

      J.R. did very well with India when Morarji Desai was in power. Katchatheevu deal is not Sirima’s diplomacy. Mrs, Gandhi showed her gratefulness for 1963 India-China war. It is Mrs.Gandhi’s diplomacy. She gave it to get Sri Lanka to get it out of China. But when J.R came he got out of China but associated with America. Unlike American State Secretary Kerry, Mrs.Gandhi realised the tricky politics of Lanka plays when every time power changes. Further, up to that time UNP-SLFP-UNP-SLFP was the ruling sequence in Lanka. So, she noted the voting pattern of Lankawe’s modayas style. She wanted to teach a lesson to Lanka. She helped to create LTTE. Other matters went out of her hand and she missed the Lankawe. Mrs,Gandhi helped to create LTTE not just to punish J.R. But to punish Lankawe. That means she did know who Sirima was too. She did know Sirima cheated her and allowed Pakistani military planes to Land in Lanka camouflaged as passenger planes during Pakistan-Bangladesh war. I doubt that kind of cheating and get noted is very diplomatic. .

      • 0

        Dear Tamil Tiger lover: Get your facts straight. Not that Indira madam used personal friendships to decide foreign policy. It might hurt your Tamil fanaticism to realize that Mrs. B and Mrs G were very good friends and commiserated over many issues including the death of Sanjay Gandhi. The letters they exchanged are in a vault. Mrs. B was specially invited to visit Mrs G in 1982-83 era even though she was in the opposition and not even in Parliament. Mrs. Gandhi arranged for her to visit a university too. She was hosted at Ashok Hotel and was given VVIP treatment and met with Mrs. Gandhi on a personal note. But the difference is Mrs. Gandhi was always groomed to take over from Panditji Nehru whereas Mrs. B was not supposed to be anything other than the wife who was behind the scenes like a US President’s wife and just do Mahila Samiti work. Even the Speaker of the Lok Sabha showed a lot of respect for Mrs B by visiting her and enabling them to arrange a tour where Madam B got a guard of honor. JR did not get that.

        Facts are this. JR effed up by showing the finger to Gandhi madam. She in turn was very vindictive. But the fact is if Mrs B was in power and they did not veer towards USA and become openly hostile to India, India probably would not have armed terrorist tamil tigers and other groups to destabilize Sri Lanka. Those are facts; Mrs. G sent Indian ships and helicopters in 1971 to help SL fight JVP. By the way your hysterical claims are false. Go study and read book by CJ Alles on the First JVP war before spewing factually devoid crap here. The number dead was less than 5000. Yes some people committed excesses. But the them regime asked people to surrender by dropping leaflets from air using Indian Airforce and Pakistani Airforce helicopters and those who surrendered were rehabilitated in camps. FACT is that those JVP marxists were really full of class envy and would have established a PolPot regime.

        FACT is Gandhi Madam hated JR because of things that happened and what UNP said about her regime. But reality is that JR veered towars US, established VOA stations despite Indian warnings.

        Yes Ceylon under Mrs B helped India negotiate a peace after their 1962 war(not 1963). The key leaders were Nasser, Sukarno but they used Mrs. B because of personal family ties between them. Reality is Mrs. B could send a letter and get immediate response from Gandhi Madam. They were very close personally But neither tread on the others when it came to national interests. When Ceylon allowed Pakistani overflights and refueling Mrs Gandhi just called her. Mrs B in turn assured they were rescue flights carrying injured and that those flights were not carrying weapons for Pakis.

        You are unable to understand these because I suspect you are young and a tamil tiger fanatic or a UNP fanatic. By showing the finger to India JR invited in all that hell onto Sri Lanka. Kachchativu was crowning achievement for Ceylon and that also because of the level of trust between Gandhi Madam and Mrs B.

        Gandhi madam made many mistakes and lost but she won in style again and that is when she and Mrs B became close but Gandhi madam always had Indian interests on the top. That is a mistake Mrs B made; she thought personal friendships can be used to make sure India did not become a terrorist sponsoring nation when Rajiv became PM but that did not work. Rajiv was hell bent on teaching Pro US Yankee Dickie JR a lesson. We all know how that story unraveled.

        • 3

          including the death of Sanjay Gandhi.
          The murder of Rajive Gandhi.

          I was at Greater Kailash no 1 Pritviraj Road New Delhi during both incidents.

          Tell me what you know BalRamJakhar barakaratte??

          • 3


            ” Mrs. B was specially invited to visit Mrs G in 1982-83 era even though she was in the opposition and not even in Parliament.”

            JR stripped Mrs Siri Mao’s civil rights in 1980 and restored it only in 1986.

            How did Siri Mao travel to India when she was deprived of civil rights? Did she catch a Kallathoni straight to New Delhi? Maybe she travelled on a forged passport.

        • 2

          Thanks for writing about me. I have now come to know a lot. Thanks for writing about Mrs. Gandhi. She was a world renowned leader, so we already did know all those. She was brilliant diplomat and brave hearted, though very brutal. Now, can you start to write about Sirimavo too? Start from here: Once she invited Mrs., Gandhi and kept her at BMICH, spent one week vacationing with her….
          What was she doing at Sanjay’s funeral? It was very obvious, those days, Mrs. Gandhi and Sanjay’s relationship. Sirima was Chest beating (in your New Kings’ terminology)?
          Could you write about what Sirima did, other than the woman promised rice from moon but tied the entire middle class population’s stomach by the bread queue. Do you understand that she never had an idea where to go for help; isn’t that is why she mentioned the barren land moon? I am not a JR’s supporter. But even after Sirima completely dried out the treasury before she vacated Temple Three House, he still managed to borrow accelerated Mahaweli and did improve Sinhala farming. With that mountain and valley difference, how can you compare Sirima’s foreign relationship with JR? A dollar was 10 rupees those days. It was NM’s French printing company money set it on motion to roll down to the hill’s bottom as it at now.

          “Mrs B in turn assured they were rescue flights carrying injured and that those flights were not carrying weapons for Pakis.” Well, have you handed over the leader Prabhakaran’s death certificate to Sonia and Chidambaram? You know what you say to foreign countries? Don’t you? Do they believe the zero casualty stories and act on them?

          A personal friendship is not a diplomatic marvel. Lankawe started to become Pariah nation only after her friendships with Castro, Gaddafi …Bringing Non-Align conference to Lanka is the one first opened the Lankawe’s nature to the world. It is the same way Old King exposed him to the world by bringing in CHOGM. Olympic Games bring lot of economic activities to the nations host it. But bankrupt Greece had it and endured a lot by that.
          “The number dead was less than 5000.” Did you brush your teeth this morning before you tell this zero casualty lie? If so, then rinse it with a mouth wash too. It smells much fouled odors by these repeated zero casualty lies. First Sirimavo 80,000 rams and chicken and Premadasa second time 120, 000 rams and chicken.
          “Yes some people committed excesses.” So you have to weed it a little bit. It is ok. I understand perfectly that. You don’t have to apologies to me. It is not me, but Buddha was watching of what you are doing to Tamils from 1948. So he makes your youths to commits some excess so you will balance the account with you pen and paper and when it is balanced, you will total is Zero Casualty.

        • 3


          ” Mrs. B was specially invited to visit Mrs G in 1982-83 era even though she was in the opposition and not even in Parliament.”

          JR stripped Mrs Siri Mao’s civil rights in 1980 and restored it only in 1986.

          How did Siri Mao travel to India when she was deprived of civil rights? Did she catch a Kallathoni straight to New Delhi? Maybe she travelled on a forged passport.

          • 0

            Veddah, she was deprived of her right to vote or stand for election not for to travel or use her passport. She even traveled to then Yugoslavia. Your venom shows your inferiority complex. But check with Indian High Commission. Facts are she was even give a VIP guard of honor at a certain location in Haryana(oh that is a state in India adjacent to New Delhi). So go back to your legalize pot smoking instead of venting venom on facts. Use facts not ad hominem attacks. She was hosted by us at Ashok Hotel. Part of her delegation included Ralph Buultjens who was the one who was very close to the Gandhis too but someone said he was a CIA agent. But we welcomed her in India.

    • 4

      Both had immense problems with their son’s and hubbies- When Sanjay died in the chopper crash she just picked the bunch of keys did not shed a tear and left.
      What a shame Sanjay did not live to be PM – Lanka would be grass land and your folk would have swam to Africa.

    • 2

      Richmond Peiris

      “She convinced the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that this rocky islet of Kachchetivu belonged to Sri Lanka.”


      What a marvelous achievement for a weeping widow.

      The question of Kachchative remaining part of Sri Lanka or Hindia is irrelevant. As far as Hindians are concerned entire Sri Lanka is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

      “The duo was like two sisters and their friendship helped resolve many problems between the two countries with due respect to both.”

      Indra liberated the oppressed people of Bangladesh (not solely out of kindness of her heart). Siri Mao aided and abetted Pakistani war criminals by allowing Pakistani aircrafts refuel on our soil. The Bengaladeshis still remember her betrayal.

      “However, JRJ’s myopic Anti-Indian foreign policy ruined it all and invited India to drop ‘parippu’ over the LTTE’s head in 1987.”

      The parrippu bombs did the trick, forced JR to grant citizenship to tens of thousands of stateless people.

      “E. Chef Mahinda had successfully convinced the Indians that it was Prabhakaran who took both Rajiv Gandhi and his IPKF for a bite.”

      If true, you should advise Hindia to demobilize all its intelligence gathering systems, abandon its electronic intelligence gathering, human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection of information from human sources, spy in the sky, ….. and hire MR for information.

      “As a result LTTE was forced to eat a curry of the same ‘parippu’ cooked and delivered by the Executive Chef Mahinda Rajapaksa to Nanthikadal.”

      Hindians brought the ingredients, cooked parrippu based on their own receipe, served it on a platter. MR was merely allowed to wear the toque and gloat about parripu curry.

  • 3

    Sirimavo B’s family tree is here.


    Her nephew Felix Dias Bandaranaike was the “power behind the throne”.


    She invented the Exit Permit system.

    She and abolished the London University examinations held in Colombo by the Department of Examinations.
    [The London O Level and A Level certificates enabled entry for graduate and postgraduate education in Commonwealth countries, some European countries and USA, and enabled many to qualify abroad in various fields.]

    But, she sent her own children abroad to qualify.

    • 4

      “But, she sent her own children abroad to qualify. “

      That is what all politicians do and especially the ones who howl racist at UK too eg.

      Diane Julie Abbott West Indian Origin Labour Party. She was against private schools too and became a favorite of Blair & Brown. Sends her children to Eaton £35 per year.

      They should be lined and shot but scum vote them first past the post.
      en-block vote.

  • 0

    Rajapakse sent his son to England. Wanted to desperately get him into Oxford like Sunethra or to LSE like Anura. He even got Shiranthi to ask Chandrika madam how to do that and get their help. The problem is the Flower son of the King did not have good grades nor the pedigree the Bandas had. Of course there were different rules. That is why they lost in 1977 by a landslide.

  • 2

    Hero worshiping of politicians should stop, none of them are that caliber.

    Being better than the traitor ancestor Mahawelatanne or getting the sympathy vote because her husband was killed by the extended family, monks and opportunistic politics is no excuse.

    People do not carry on that queen Victoria was the world’s first and the most powerful empress ever.

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