19 May, 2024


Fools Rush In: Corruption Boosting Sri Lanka’s Health Sector & Vaccine Pandemic?

By Manuka Wijesinghe

The 16-year-old teenager who suffered a heart attack six days after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine will receive financial assistance of $225,000 from the Government of Singapore, said its Ministry of Health (MOH) in a press statement recently. Medical investigations in Singapore had found that the youth had developed acute severe myocarditis, or heart-inflammation, which led to cardiac arrest. “The myocarditis was likely a serious adverse event arising from the COVID-19 vaccine he received,” the statement noted.

The payment of compensation to the child for vaccine injury will be provided by Singapore’s Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Program (VIFAP). Pfizer, the vaccine manufacturer is scot free having been indemnified against vaccine injury claims although the company had made a profit of $ 45 billion in the first quarter of this year from its Covid-19 vaccine.

In Sri Lanka there has been little public discussion regarding the real and potential harms and risks of vaccine injury, side-effects, and long-term impacts of vaccines, including re-productive toxicity and death. Nor is there a proper Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System to monitor post-vaccination issues, as maintained by health authorities in other countries.

Many countries in Asia, such as, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. with critical leaders and health policy makers, have NOT rushed to vaccinate their populations with Emergency Use authorized vaccines, and rather have sought to observe and balance the Risks versus Benefits of using inadequately tested Covid-19 gene-therapies and vaccines despite the World Health Organization (WHO) and global media hype promoting a Covid-19 vaccination pandemic.

Rather than follow a more circumspect path and pause to conduct Due Diligence regarding data from vaccine trials and assess the post-vaccine deaths and injuries that are mounting among the elderly and those with co-morbidities, Sri Lanka’s health authorities are rushing to vaccinate. Meanwhile qualified doctors and scientists who question the mad rush to mass vaccination in the island are being silenced and censored in the mainstream media and dubbed “conspiracy theorists”- as elsewhere in the world!

A Vaccine Pandemic?

Last week saw the so-called Acting Director of the Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Samitha Ginige, boast that Sri Lanka is among the top ten vaccinated countries in the world.

Nearly 60 percent of Sri Lanka’s 22 million population have been double vaccinated, while a first dose has been given to 67.4 per cent of its total population. Yet, another 4 million vaccines have been ordered and are due from Pfizer – for whom?

What is clear at this time is that while last year, in 2020, there were fewer deaths than in previous years, despite the so-called “pandemic” and lockdowns according to mortality data from the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), this year’s mass Covid-19 ‘vaccination’ in the country has seen a sharp spike in deaths.

Last year there were a mere 204 Covid-19 deaths in the island, but the country was locked down for months and the economy debilitated, and Emergency Use Authorized Covid-19 injections developed at ‘warped speed’ were used to inject the population this year.

Currently Sri Lanka health authorities are rushing to vaccinate school children and provide “booster” shots to healthy adults working in the tourist sector and so-called “front-line health workers’ although in other countries boosters are only authorized for elderly and those with co-morbidities.

Questions arise: Why is the MOH rushing to vaccinate children and promoting boosters rather than seeking the results of trials?

RISKS OF BOOSTERS: What are the risks and dangers of administering boosters in a context of mounting evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhanced (ADE) Covid-19 infections and deaths?

What if any is the science behind mixing different vaccines developed with different Viral Vectors and technology platforms, and manufactured in different countries – Chinese, Indian, Russian and Euro-American messenger RNA vaccines on a person’s immune system?

Where in the world is there such a rush to vaccinate even mixing vaccines that use different types of technologies that could cause serious damage to the ongoing health of an individual’s immune system?

As the majority of the eligible population is already vaccinated why is Sri Lanka being flooded with expensive Pfizer vaccines that arrive on a weekly basis in the island? According to the WHO other Less Developed Countries (LDC), have vaccinated just 2.8 percent of their populations at this time?

These policies of the Sri Lankan President and Health authorities raise significant concerns and are clearly unscientific and counter-productive to the health and well-being of the population. They violate the Precautionary Principle in Public Health and the Hippocratic Oath to “First, Do No Harm” – with vaccines or any other purported medication.

Glut of Pfizer Vaccines in Sri Lanka: Vaccine purchases and Addiction

The question arises, is the rush to vax school children, who are at ultra-low risk for Covid-19 related to the hasty purchase of expensive vaccines?

Sri Lanka is currently flooded with vaccines amidst a global and local pandemic of corruption. Expensive Euro-American Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines that require storage at super-cool temperatures seem to be all of the fashion. They have been procured by the GoSL and MOH at ‘warped speed’ in large quantities through Pfizer’s notoriously opaque contracts despite the majority of the population already being vaccinated.

Not so long ago, Pfizer was fined millions for its role in the opioid addiction crisis in the United States by the US Department of Justice for not fully revealing the contents of some of its opioid drugs.

Why is it that the GoSL is rushing to vaccinate children and provide Pfizer ‘boosters’ although the US CDC does not recommend boosters at this time and almost 70 percent of the Lankan population is already vaccinated?

Rather than rushing to buy vaccines, a Sero prevalence survey given the high possibility of herd immunity in the island would be appropriate at this time. In India Sero Surveys in some States have established 60-70 percent antibody prevalence suggesting near herd immunity.

At this time Singapore has declared Covid-19 to be “endemic” rather than ‘pandemic’, i.e. like any other Asian flu. However, the Sri Lankan President and some Medical Associations are claiming that Sri Lanka can have zero Covid-19 cases using vaccines. This claim is entirely unscientific and unethical.

Recently, there have been several resignations at the State Pharmaceutical Corporation as questions are being raised about vaccine procurements and the mysterious data wipe at the National Medicines Regulatory Authority Data Base (NMRA).

The Pfizer gene-therapy ‘vaccine’ that is proposed for children was developed in less than a year, although it usually takes an average of 7-12 years to trial and test vaccines. The MOH seems to be promoting a dangerous culture of vaccine addiction that would debilitate its citizens’ immune systems, health and well-being, while enriching unethical pharmaceutical companies.

Boosters and the vaccine numbers game

Like Covid-19 cases and deaths sans context or comparison that are part of daily media show to spread fear and promote lockdowns, vaccine numbers are also now part of the Covid-19 numbers game.

Although according to the WHO, Less Developed Countries (LIC), have an average Covid-19 vaccine rate of just 2.8 percent of the population at this time, strategically located Sri Lanka also an LIC, appears to have a glut of Covid-19 injections of high fashion and expensive Pfizer designer brand at this time! Shouldn’t some of these vaccines be sent to countries that may be more in need of Covid-19 injections?

Australia, a far wealthier country with a population of 25 million has NOT authorized vaccination of children. By design or accident, Australia did not rush to vaccinate its eligible population either with vaccines developed at “warped speed”, but rather sealed its borders. After all, if Australia was in as big rush to vaccinate its population early this year, its good friend, USA would have surely provided Aussie with vaccines from Pfizer or Modena sooner, just like the US –UK-Australia defense agreement, AUKUS, to build nuclear submarines was fast-tracked despite causing a diplomatic spat with France and China!

The Government of India refused to authorize use of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine which were not trialed in Asian populations and because the company has asked for indemnity in the event of vaccine injury. Messenger RNA vaccines also use new untested technologies whose intermediate and long-term impacts are entirely unknown.

Meanwhile, the entire continent of Africa has a mere 3 percent Covid-19 vaccine rate. Strangely at this time, children in Ghana are being jabbed with another vaccine. Glaxo Smith Klein (GSK) has produced an anti-malaria vaccine which has a mere 30 percent efficacy rate but is being promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Is this in lieu of Covid-19 vaccines?!

However, debt trapped Sri Lanka is rushing to vaccinate children with Pfizer vaccines and also promoting vaccine mixing with a Pfizer booster proposed for those already double vaccinated with Sinopharm vaccines! What is the science behind this?!

BCG Vaccine for Children is good enough?

All the evidence show that children are at miniscule risk of Covid-19, although schools have been shut for almost two years in Sri Lanka. Indeed, Covid-19 vaccines could harm more children and university students than the virus itself.

Additionally, children in Sri Lanka receive the BCG vaccine, which also provides broad protection against respiratory tract illnesses, bacterial and viral including Covid-19 as numerous studies have shown.

Babies and children get many vaccines but the health authorities have not conducted studies of vaccine interactions and potential harm and long-term impacts from mRNA vaccines on Sri Lankan children.

Research studies in Israel and Europe show that myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylaxis, as well as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) in the event of encountering the natural virus, are some of the serious side effects of mRNA vaccines, which spur production of the dangerous spike protein in those who receive these vaccines.

However, recently, another 4 million Pfizer vaccines were ordered. For whom, since already almost 70 percent of the population are vaccinated and many have had the virus naturally, with the high likelihood that the country has reached herd immunity status?

Why the rush to vaccinate children and promote ‘boosters’ when there is mounting evidence that booster shots could lead to harmful immune mediated side-effects?

*To be continued..

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    Sri Lanka is flooded with Pfizer vaccines now although most of the eligible population is vaxed!
    The Pfizer Covid vaccine Corruption Racket and the Health Sector that has sucked up all the country’s resources. The Vaccine business is the biggest corruption racket in Sri Lanka today, but the press is distracted with fertilizers, while the Kerawelapitiya power plant is being looted by another US company – New Fortress — and people kept in inter-provincial lockdown while Western tourists flood the country! Rajapakse US citizens running the country to benefit USA?!
    The NMRA has ordered 14 million Pfizer vaccines! Meanwhile, its data base is wiped so we dont know whats in the vaccines or their expiry dates. Govt. is rushing to give boosters because of pfizer corruption.
    Meanwhile the National Pharmaceutical Corporation has lots of resignations.
    There must be a corruption investigation into vaccine purchases and the extra Pfizer vaccines re-exported.

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    How many daughters President Trump has?

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    Over 2 billion people vaccinated in China, over 1 billion in India. Look up Google and calculate the number vaccinated worldwide. Yet this article concentrates on an isolated, single death and blames it on the Covid vaccine! So the argument is: don’t get vaccinated. The article is very much in line with the silly thinking of DRS, Dinuk, Humble, and Champa.

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