27 February, 2024


Foreign Experts Say CCTV Footage Of Thajudeen Killing Unclear

In a new development which can affect the progress of the investigation into the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen, the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science has ruled that the CCTV footage of the killing is unclear hence they are unable to reach a conclusion over the murder.Wasim_Thajudeen_J

CID which submitted the report to the court said that the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science in Canada had said that due to the low resolution and low pixels of the video footage they are unable to make any determination over the incident.

Two officers from the CID had visited the Canadian laboratory during August with the footage to obtain expert opinion after local experts also said they too were unable to make a ruling on the footage due to low resolution of the camera footage.

Former DIG Anura Senanayake and ex-OIC of the Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera are currently in remand custody for concealing information pertaining to the murder.

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  • 36

    All knew this would happen in advance and all of us are taken for a jolly good ride by the stinking yahapalanaya folks. All evidence regarding the murder of Thajudeen has been destroyed.

    This investigation is going no where as we are living in a fools paradise.

    • 15

      When they want it to CCTV Footage is crystal clear!!! Back to “THE GAME OF SHAPE” (Sri Lankan term for cover up).

      This is how we fool the Sri Lankan people and the International community!!!

  • 24

    This we all knew even before it was being sent to abroad.
    But they have to make it clear as to why that DOCTOR was behind letting the body parts of the deceased person. He exGMO should be put in jail until he express the truth. All is behind his statements.
    State leaders got changed, but entire system remains. All the alleged abusive men do the same as had been under the lead of Mahinda Rajakashe – this seems to be blocking any good move being made by current investigations.

    • 3

      “why that DOCTOR was behind letting the body parts of the deceased person.”

      simple answer,he ate them.he is not the first on earth to relish human flesh.

      If he admits to eating them,then where goes your case against namal?

      • 4

        ExJMO s arguments have no basis.

        He has to answer now or later.

        Nothing can block all these this way. The torments of Wasim s family be a curse on these any men that react further so.

        They had been a conspiracy to go against the sportler… a matches with b easily. So called good friends of him – Rajakashe offsprings talk so gentle today not to have taken part in the death ceremony held at Wasims – not even two weeks later so called friends had paid a visit to them either.::

        All in all, the doubt is becoming widened.. by hour to hour..

        Rajakashe men will have to face it today or little later. It is certain like a sunrise and a sunset.

      • 2

        he looks as if he could eat them ?

        Man, since I experience it from Mahinda, I do believe there can be ones among them, who are on eating human flesh.

    • 6

      Let s raise the question if there had been no high secrets, why the need of letting body parts of the murdered was necessary ?

      ExJMO must answer the question.
      Why formersenior policeman now in custody remains unresponsive ?

      Where had been all the gold collected from rebells ? SF confirms that there sould be over 200kg or more – why former first lady was rumouerd to have run gold businesses ?

      What happened to all lambogini that were used for night car racing events ?

      Why Rajakashe was allowed to abuse srilanken airline as his PVT taxi ?

      Why Rajaakseh was present at the time, LANZA was to be arrested, why not the same service was given at the time srilanken high commissioner in UK was assulted ?

      Why the visting UNP young MPs were targeted by his underground men in Hambantota ? Pictures and viedeos are evident-prima facie

      Why Dr SB former CJ was sacked not respecting prevailing consitution ?

      Why 18 Amendment was brought and passed illegally abusing the parliamentarians ? All punnakku eaters was compelled to vote for that.. in the parliament ?

      Why the ministers were not given their freedom to work as ministers ?

      Why FORMER PM was made subjugated ?

      Why former Justice minister was made subjugated ?

  • 20

    The police could solve high profile murders eg: sulaiman, shyam etc etc but when the medamulana family is involved the police go after the innocents. Why double standards!!!.

    I strongly believe that our lawyers judges and judicial system is highly corrupted. If we could get some foreign Judges it will be highly helpful.

  • 23

    Only in our Island of fools can gruesome murderers of MARA clan walk free thumping their chests.

    Everybody knows who snatched a young and energetic young ruggerite from his prime life after cruelly torturing him.

    These criminals will pay the price for their ghastly murder, if not by rule of law, definitely by natural law.

    The whole family is complicit in the murder, Father, Mother, two sons, and white van fame Goat Uncle.

    Let the curse of the Good Lord befall them, that is the only hope now, in the absence of incompetent and failed judiciary.

  • 16

    Ansar comments is True.

    From DAISY AUNTY to the whole Jarapaksa family are murderers, rapists, and high fraudsters.

    justice delayed justice denied.

    rest in peace my son thajudeen what a beautiful life snatched away by the rajafucksa thugs.

  • 8

    The Srilankan Police, IF they so desire can still pick-up other evidence and have the accused convicted on Circumstantial evidence.
    But there is a big IF!
    Anura Senanayake,the Policeman in custody will obviously have the full details of this gruesome murder.
    Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark?

  • 9

    Everyone know like the police who ordered the killing?
    Send videos to FBI?

  • 6

    “Foreign Experts Say CCTV Footage Of Thajudeen Killing Unclear”

    Ammage redda! These Rajapaksha ball suckers have sent low resolutioned CD copies for investigations! This is willful cover up of murder and aiding and abetting with murder! It was said some 20 odd CDs were sent! OMG! In this digital age our police fuckers pack outdated obsolete CDs with crime scene evidence for expert analysis! These bastards must be fucked with bolgas in the kitchen. Get the foolish judge clown to transfer the whole content of the DVR HD to another Hard Disk and sent it for investigation!

  • 10

    namals order, namal killed thajudeen.
    what goes around comes around. the dog will pay

    • 4

      Was it Namal or Yoshitha? Funny, just two days ago i got to know that none of the Rajapakse’s will be prosecuted over Wasim Thajudeen’s murder.

  • 8

    let this be a good lesson for ‘yahapalana’ government who tried to hold Thajudeen’s body as ransom to get at the former administration. What a shame, this can only happen in places like Srilanka, I guess.

  • 3

    The foreign experts (gods to you guys) could not find any evidence. So where do you go next ? Keep arresting people with no evidence? Law and justice are concepts that are either too hard to understand. Or you just keep repeating the same lies hoping that it will be accepted. Have you heard of Joseph Gobbles ?

  • 3

    These MR haters want to pin everything on the Rajapakshas. This was an accident. The yahapalanaya losers used it to get elected and now want to keep the charade going just to discredit out war winning president. I hope Ranil and MY3 pays a price for this.

    • 2

      How the hell one could explain why only Wasim getting killed in a car accident where he was a passenger ? what the hell happened to the driver of the car ? only Mafia king’s blind supporters wouldn’t understand this basic logic !

    • 1

      Polburuwas of your kind are the prey for their political and abusive surivival. Ohoma yang. Then the nation will be eroded by you the like ballige puthas. War won president has abused his credit making it a licence for highly abusive acts. That he will have to face it if not tomorrow near future for sure as sun rises and set. All best you the like punnakku eaters who let rape or masturbated by them.

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