17 June, 2024


Former Executive Director Ranugge Questions TISL’s ‘Transparency’

S. Ranugge, former Executive Director of good governance watchdog Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) has openly questioned the integrity of TISL’s Board of Directors, accusing them of ‘illegal, irrational and unethical’ actions and decisions with respect to the termination of his (Ranugge’s) fixed term contract and the recruitment of the new Executive Director. Ranugge has furthermore alleged that members of the Board have been engaged in politics for personal gain and to reward friends with positions in the staff.

The following is the full text of Ranugge’s letter to the TISL membership:Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) Ranugge's letterTransparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) Ranugge's letterTransparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) Ranugge's letter

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    NGOs were flushed with funds with Foreign Money coming through their asses, since Mr Pirahaparan left Nanthikadal.

    Remember the exorbitant Grog and Tucker bills which Paikiosothy and his mates were paying with Foreign donations.

    Now that the Yahapalanaya is in place NGOs’ use by date has expired.

    Because the NGO sponsors now want their agents in Yahapalana Govt to fulfil their MOUs.

    Buddhist bashing using baby elephants is one good example of the new NGO tactics, which has sprung up during this Yahapalana reign.

    Kandy Perehera has no Elephants this time, according to the Basanayaka Nilame of the Lord Paththini.

    Lord Saman’s Basnayaka Nilame also agrees.

    And they say the Norwegians , Dutch French, English , Swedish and a few others are the ones who nearly decimated our Elephant population during the Colonial rule, by shooting and hunting them for fun.

    The Buddhist Monk who was accompanying them summed it up well.

    He said our Buddhists would not have been able to build Thuparamaya ,if the NGOs were in Srilanka around that time.

    And to add insult to them , the Monk said they kill Millions of cows , sheep , camels and even horses every day in most cruel way, while telling our Sinhala Budhhists that they are ill treating baby Elephants.

    I hope Malwatatu Monk would have seen this and remember it, when he ties Pirith Nule on Batalanada Ranil and Kirra next time…

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    It is not worth talking about TI Sri Lanka. Simply it lacks and has lost its credibility altogether.

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      NGOs will come and go.

      Similarly TISL and Friday Forum have come and gone.

      Let’s wait for the next wave.

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    Dear Mr Ranuggey

    Let by gone be by gone. What is your stance on the independence of the Independent Public Service Commission. Now you are a member of the PSC where the culprit in the Rs 600 million Sil Redi case was given promotion by the PSC. Mr Palpita not only got the promotion he escaped the suspension as well. You know what the Administrative Regulation (AR) says on such incidents.

    Do you say that the PSC is independent. We cannot depend on the persons but should be able to depend on the system. Is there any system in its pipeline to prove consistence,predictability, Natural Justice under the Rule of Law.

    In a case of a disciplinary action or any appeal by a public officials against harassment or injustices meted out he will be at a receiving end if the head of that department is the party to conflict. Because the PSC has not adopted any independent system but act upon the confidential report submitted by the head of department.

    The PSC instead of giving an opportunity for the accused to answer the allegation made by the head of dept in the confidential report the PSC take unilateral decision based on the confidential partial report given by the head of dept denying the accused the right of natural justice.

    So it is time the govt. or the Constitutional Council should think of introducing a system to PSC in handling its affairs.

    If the YAHAPALANAYA is to be ensured the independent commission be made independence with a written system how to handle inquiries and appointments.

    Even for an appointment if the request goes from other than an SLAS officer there will be 101 queries before the appointment is made. If it is for an SLAS officer appointments will be made no sooner it is received without even look in to the educational background of the person appointed.

    That is why the pvt. sector perceives the public sector appointments as “TRYING INSTALLING A SQUARE PEG IN TO A ROUND HOLE”

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    Ranugge was not a public officer who took unbiased and transparent decisions. He has harassed many public servants who didn’t follow his instructions. Now he too have suffered the same fate.

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      Rannuge was a bumptious, rude, proud and spoke in a loud voice as if he was his majesty. Compared to Rannuge, Weliamuna had done very good service to the country. Rannuge did very little as a public servant. Lets see his performance at the PSC. If he was honest he should have resigned from the PSC according to the comments made in the Silredi case

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    TISL epitomizes the level of shamelessness of our country. It is shocking we still have naked citizens holding membership and directorial positions in this stinking and rotten NGO.

    Sri Lankan’s will never learn the meaning of SHAME. They only smell Dollars and Euros. They don’t mind standing naked in public.

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    I believe that in the past, Mr. Ranugge was a public servant, head of the State Adminstrative Service Association, Secretary of a ministry and now a member of the public service commission comprising of almost all public servants of the past. He in between was associated with the TISL.

    In short, Mr. Ranugge accuses of manipulations on the part of those who guide the destinies of TISL. Leave alone Mr. Ranugge’s accusations, many had doubts about the conduct of TISL. The controversy surrounding the Sri Lankan Airlines inquiry and payments towards conducting the inquiry is an instance where its bosses’ integrity was seriously questioned.

    But is Mr. Ranugge the pot, calling TISL the kettle, black, after both have been covered with soot upon being exposed to the flame? Mr. Ranugge is well aware that public servants, the seniors, are entitled for part reimbursement for newspapers they buy. For what? To be aware of what is going on in the country and to respond any matters which is in their respective purview. Hence, all of the PSC members knew, its secretary knew, the secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration knew and so did all of the Combined Services Section knew that Mr. Palpita is charged with misappropriation amounting to Rs 600 Million in our courts of law. The lame excuse that they did not know and that they only approved what was recommended to them is untenable. Mr. Palpita was quietly kept in the pool without being interdicted.

    There are so many so called Administrative Service Seniors accused of playing around with state money. One such lady who was involved in Deyata Kirula toilets in Ampara is yet an interesting case in point. The administrators in this country seem to have an open general license to rob the country. I am now told that “ශ්‍රී ලංකා පරිපාලන සේවය“ is called the “ශ්‍රී ලංකා දවල් හොරුන්ගේ සේවය“ If politicians can why can’t we the administrators?

    Quoting from the “YES MINISTER” series:


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