23 June, 2024


Former FCID Chief Caught Laundering Money, Joins GR Campaign For Protection

Former FCID Chief Senior DIG (retired) Ravi Waidyalankara has openly sided with the Rajapaksa campaign, days after the same police division he headed for 4 years found his wife and son embroiled in a massive financial fraud and money laundering scandal involving well known financial scammer and businessman Rienzie Edwards.

Ravi Waidyalankara | File photo

The details were revealed in the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court by the same agency SDIG Waidyalankara headed from 2015 to February 2019 on Monday (21).

The FCID first began investigating the matter under DIG Waidyalankara based on a July 2015 complaint. The investigations continued until 2016, when Monday’s B report indicates Waidyalankara and his family began its financial dealings with Edwards. FCID investigations into Edwards financial dealings had stalled until Waidyalankara was removed as the head of the agency in February this year.

According to the B report filed on October 21, the FCID investigation revealed that SDIG Waidyalankara’s wife Mary Basilica was a director Soorya International Corporation (Pvt) Limited, one of the companies under investigation for being set up using funds defrauded from clients in the US and transferred to Sri Lanka.

Edwards defrauded dozens of clients in the US through a fake investment scheme, by claiming he and his staff were representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The money was then transferred to bank accounts in Sri Lanka, and over Rs. 5.2 billion used to purchase property in the island.

In October 2016, DIG Waidyalankara’s wife Mary Basilica, became a director in a company owned by Edwards, while the matter was still under FCID investigation.

According to the FCID B report, Soorya International Corporation (PVT) Limited was incorporated under the PV number 111792 on October 2, 2016. Rienzie Edward’s wife, Punya Priyanji Manike Edwards is also listed as a director of the company.

Soorya International is registered at the address No 16/A2 Monarch Residencies, Galle Road, Colpetty. The FCID B report said the apartment was owned by Asela Waidyalankara, the son of SDIG Ravi Waidyalankara. Asela Waidyalankara’s company Talos Management Consultants in which the 36 year old is old is the sole shareholder, purchased the apartment at Rs 52 million, paying a total of more than 9 million in cash to the seller.

The FCID report to court said that the apartment had been purchased from Kenneth Gordon Mcalpine of No 45/5 Barnes Place, Colombo 07 at a value of Rs 52 million on February 11, 2016. Investigations into the purchase are continuing, the B report said.

Corruption scandals have dogged the now retired top cop. Earlier this year, Asela Waidyalankara denied to the media that he was the owner of the Monarch Apartment No 16/A2.

The FCID B report to court this week makes several references to the fact that the US Government requested assistance under the Mutual Legal Assistance Act in December 2016 and asked Sri Lankan authorities to freeze Edwards’ accounts in the country, to which the defrauded monies had been transferred. A list of bank accounts was sent to the GOSL authorities, along with the indictment against Edwards in New York.

By this time, SDIG Waidyalankara’s wife was already a director at one of Edwards’ companies.

Colombo Telegraph can now reveal that having been forwarded the request from the US Government, Waidyalankara deliberately delayed freezing the accounts until the funds were safely disbursed.

The former head of the FCID has long since been suspected of serious corruption and dealings with suspects in high profile investigations handled by the agency. Over the past two years, he has become intimate with SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his inner circle, leading law enforcement authorities and even the former IGP Pujith Jayasundara to suspect that he was deliberately suppressing probes related to the former Defence Secretary and senior officials in the Rajapaksa administration.

With the details of his corruption being made public on Monday, SDIG Waidyalankara appeared on the Derana nightly news broadcast today (25) claiming that he was pressured by the Government to investigate members of the Rajapaksa family. He also attacked Ahimsa Wickrematunge, the daughter of slain Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge for a letter she wrote linking her father’s death to his exposes about Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s involvement in the MiG-27 procurement in 2006.

“While I was at FCID, there was not a shred of evidence that Gotabaya Rajapaksa was a suspect in the MiG investigation,” he told Derana, the channel aligned to the former Defence Secretary. Moments later, Hiru TV the network owned by Duminda Silva’s brother Raynor Silva carried the exact same interview with Waidyalankara. Duminda Silva, a notorious drug kingpin who served as monitoring MP to the Defence Ministry while Gotabaya Rajapaksa served as Secretary, was convicted for the murder of SLFP politician Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and four others in 2011, and is currently on death row. Rajapaksa’s victory in the November election could see him pardoned.

Sources told the Colombo Telegraph that SDIG Waidyalankara had panicked after he got wind of the FCID B report, and fearing his arrest, decided to openly back Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s election campaign. He has agreed to sit for several media interviews at the behest of the campaign, in order to tear down investigations carried out by the FCID as politically motivated witch-hunts. (By Deepal Banadaranayake) 

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    All the culprits are Catholic (including Daisy Achchi and her pro-genies, Gota Bata etc too),and they want to rule the country with the expense of Buddhists.

    Abasaranai for the country and Sinhalese Buddhists.

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      Kud Banda and Kudu Mervin are all the same.

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    All the culprits are Catholic (including Daisy Achchi and her pro-genies, Gota Bata etc too),and they want to rule the country at the expense of Buddhists.

    Abasaranai for the country and Sinhalese Buddhists.

    • 8

      Kudu Banda,
      what do you mean when you state ” All the culprits are Catholics”.
      You Sri Lankan Bugger, you bloody Wanker i will not comment on the Buddhists of your country because i am not a buddhist and don’t care about buddhism.
      If there are Catholics who you wish to comment on then make your shitty comments to them.
      Why don’t you go up to Daisy Achchi and her pro-genies, Gota Bata Etc and tell this to their faces. You can’t !!! because you don’t have Balls like Ranil your Godfather and if you do Gota Bata & Mahinda will hang you by your arse from a fish hook.
      The Catholics do not wish to rule you shit bucket type even though your country is a land of great beauty and potential.
      It is effing Sinhalese Arseholes like you who bring disgrace to your country and the good Sinhalese by shitting from your mouth.
      I hope a good Sinhalese will hound you out and hang you by your Balls ( If you have Balls ) for creating racial disharmony.
      Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the best medicine for sick Wankers like you and i pray he will come into power and eff you up your rear.
      By the way KB stop looking at porn on your mobile phone and stop oggling at young girls when you are on the road because you are a sick bastard of a Sinhalese.
      It is Pariah Buddhists like you who bring disrepute to Buddhism and the good land.
      My sincere apologies to all the good Sinhalese and all the good Buddhists in your country.
      Hope Gotabaya will catch with you when he comes to power and whip the bloody shit from your stinking arse.

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        Well said. Bloody wierdo and a sick sob who is a curse to civilisation and decency. I will feed him to the hogs. Does not deserve anything better. Must have been born as a diseased stinking rat previouly.

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    Will Sri Lanka have a future with the likes of these crooks if and when there is a triumph of evil. And to see that there is no shame for these people to show their faces and appear on public platforms and tv, is a sign of the decadence of sri lankan society accepting that bigger the crook, the better value for high positions.

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    Derana in its Sinhala and English progammes is repeatedly screening an interview with this crook who has been involved in various crimes with his wife and son.They together were involved in money laundering and other serious crimes when he was in charge of the FCID.
    I hope Derana which is noted to be the Gota’s channel is trying to accuse of this government in interfering in Gota’s serious crimes including Lasantha Wickramatunge’s case.Today I heard from Gammanpila another crook who played out a old Australian millions of Dollars, now supporting Gota and that he will not debate with Sajith as Gota is superior to Sajith with his fake graduate qualifications. Everyone knows that gGota was working as a petrol pump attendant and a salesman at a 7 /11 Super Market in California .Gota has no qualifications militiarily and did not go to Sandhurst in UK and was trained in Sri Lanka..He ran away at the height of the war with LTTE with the support of RGs wife who pleaded with the then Army Commander to release him.I also heard that Gamanpila comparing Gota to a lion and Sajith to a pig and the pig who eats feces cannot debate with Gota the fake lion ..I cannot believe that a electronic media like Derana can stoop to so low levels and is more like Gota’s properganda channel churning false and fake news.Derana should be closed down and the Elections Commissioner should take immediate steps to stop this fake news Channel. Hail Hitler and his fake news Channel stinking DERANA!!!!!

    • 6

      Derana has been instrumental in brainwashing the ignorant, and spreading fake news to demonize those who oppose the Goat man.
      Boycott Derana.

    • 6

      Banda Comes to Town

      “Gota has no qualifications militiarily and did not go to Sandhurst in UK and was trained in Sri Lanka..”

      Why the hell do you think mass murderers need qualifications?
      By the way according to websites he completed a master degree in the early 1990s at Madras university before he went to USA.
      Later Dr Laksiri Fernando felt euphoric about the destructions of people and their livelihood in North and East proposed a honourable DSc to honour Gota the national hangman in recognition of Gota’s services to establish a Sinhala/Buddhist fascist island.
      According to academics who recommended/supported this accolate believe he had satisfactorily done what many among them secretly wished for many years, the defeat and subjugation of OTHERS.

      Even if he didn’t have qualification he was bestowed glorious honour immediately after the end of Gota’s war which was mostly against innocent people.

      • 2

        How did NGR get admitted directly to do a masters degree without a Bachelors? As far as it is known candidates should have completed minimum lower level undergrad classes and have an undergrad degrees (unlike some SL MBA’s) before they could even think of applying to such a program.

        Has anyone hear about this university. It appears that this university is an online degree awarding institute.


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    They say “birds of a feather come together!” right.
    Is anyone surprised by this bit of news?
    Not me, anyone with skeletons in their closets should follow this wise FCID guy, join Gota and Mara, and hope that they win.
    This news just explains, why FCID has not actually arrested any big fish on the basis of financial crimes.
    The chief has been, on the take.
    O well there is nothing wrong with a bit of sharing. Its loot after all.
    Everyone wins, thieves win by avoiding jail, FCID wins by fattening their accounts, Gota wins because thieves, FCID and all involved will support him.?????
    Hurry, Jayawewa, Jayawewa.

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    The Rajapakse and extended family`s corrupt activity during the 9 year misrule is legendary. a) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule. b) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 110 Mil. under Def. Secy. Signature, undertaken by Navy & LR&D Com. c) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian in the Family d) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons & exp. of Rs. 358 mil. thereof including a CB Governor and a Hon. Parliamentarian- e) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during Dec.2014/Jan.2015 f) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of 40 Kg. Gold, also Siriliya A/c. g) An ex-CJ admitting corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping Hambantota” Case! h) An MR Co-ordinating Secy. holding multiple jobs arrested with 10 Gold Biscuits,(1106 gm) by FCID i) CICT paid Rs.19.41 mil. to Pushpa Rajapakse Foundation on 21-5-12 before Cololmbo South Terminal Contract commenced. j) Min. Rambukwella`s Rs. 20 Mil. Ex Presidents Fund plus Insurance obtained over Med. Treatment in 2012. k) Rs.372 Mil. Fraud by Diplomat U.Weeratunga in 2006 in MiG purchases under ex DS Gota then.

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    This is a majority Sinhala Buddhist country and under this banner, anybody and everybody is corrupt or can be corrupted because of the people being naive and due to the power of politicians who are put there by the people and the government officials who serve under these corrupt politicians. Sri Lanka today stands high up on the ladder as a country that is dismembered by its own elected politicians. Due to these corrupt politicians the country has become the center of a battle by the super powers who have already established a firm footing on our soil.

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    Hay CT – when did you learn the story of this guy – former FCID boss – yesterday or day before yesterday ?? – if that is not the case why the hell you kept this news without publishing ?? hiding this news from public is a serious crime – now when he start sleeping with opposition he became a culprit – it is a pathetic display of bad partial journalism

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    Former FCID Chief Senior DIG (retired) Ravi Waidyalankara will be better off if he contacts Gnanasara Thero.

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