22 May, 2024


Former President Sirisena Insinuates Athuraliye Rathana Took Money From Royal Park Murderer’s Parents

Former President Maithripala in a startling revelation informed a television host during a Derana  talkshow recently that state intelligence officials had discovered that the parents of the infamous Royal Park convicted murderer Jude Shramantha Jayamaha had given money to an individual during the period when he had granted a Presidential pardon for the convicted murderer’s release.

Athuraliye Rathana and Maithripala | File Photo

Insinuating this claim, former President Maithripala Sirisena said that the probable culprit who would have received the undisclosed sum, could probably be the person who was the chief negotiator and linkman, who approached him with the convicted murderer’s parents seeking the convict Jayamaha’s release.

The former President and now MP Sirisena said that MP Ven. Athuraliye Rathana and the parents of the convicted murderer had met him initially seeking a Presidential pardon for the convicted murderer’s release.

Former President Sirisena said that he didn’t pay much attention to the initial request.

However they continued to visit him and MP Ven. Athuraliye Rathana had only several occasions requested him to exercise the powers vested in him as the President of Sri Lanka and grant them their wish through the means of a Presidential pardon.

“During that period there were several rumours that I had received a large sum of money for granting this pardon. Some said I had received Rs. 50 million, some said Rs. 800 billion and some said Rs.500 billion. I can confirm that I did not receive any money,” the former President Sirisena said.

“I then instructed my state intelligence officials to investigate this matter and they confirmed that the parents of the convicted murderer Jayamaha, had in fact given monies to a person during that period.”

The television host then asked him “Could it be assumed that the person who was keen and who was working hard to ensure that this Presidential pardon was granted, is the person who received this money?”

The former President Sirisena then replied “Yes, you could assume that the person who received this sum was the person who was keen to ensure this request was granted.”

Earlier, the former President Sirisena was accused of an act of callous abuse of his office in granting a Presidential pardon to Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha, breaching all procedures stipulated in the Constitution. This was after he blatantly disregarded the decision made by the panel of Judges after an intense investigation was carried out and a court case was heard in convicting Jayamaha for the now infamous ‘Royal Park Murder’.

On November 11, 2019 Colombo Telegraph reported that the convicted murderer Jayamaha is a distant relative of the former President Sirisena.

Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha is the son of reputed businessman Preethi Jayamaha, the owner of Coronation Bar & Restaurant in Negombo and who also owns several upmarket catering services in Colombo.

Kanthi Jayamaha who is the second wife of Preethi Jayamaha is the step mother of Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha. Kanthi Jayamaha is related to Dudley Sirisena who is the brother of the former President Maithripala Sirisena, through her niece.

The former President Sirisena justifying his decision had stated that he had taken several factors into consideration when granting this pardon.

An issued release stated some of the reasons were that he was of a young age (19), when he did commit this crime and that he had pursued higher education during the time of his incarceration and that he had been rehabilitated.

In 2005, Jude Shramantha Jayamaha murdered the sister of his girlfriend Yvonne Johnson at the Royal Park luxury apartment complex in 2005. He had chased her and physically brutalized her to death, whilst banging her head on the floor with the post mortem report confirming that it had fractured into 64 pieces.

This case reached further attention when it came up for appeal. The Judges taking into account the violent nature of the committed act that led to the victims brutal and gruesome murder, then sentenced the convict Jayamaha to death.

In an emotional open letter written to the President, Caroline Johnson, the sister of the victim wrote: “I cannot begin to understand how a father of two daughters reached the decision to release this monster?”

“She fought for her life, even running from her attacker with broken ankles. I know you didn’t follow due process for this murderer’s release, but did you even take the time to look into this case at all?”

“Your silence on the matter since your speech makes me fear we may never know the truth behind your decision, but you will now be attached to this case forever and for all of the wrong reasons.”

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  • 22

    Looks like greedy bastard Sirisena now wants the entire loot – his share and that of the broker’s.

    • 3

      Rathana’s crafty interest in a Presidential pardon to Judas Jayamaha stinks to hell and back. We must not forget his filthy and disgusting insinuations about the stitching up of some 5000 fallopian tubes that caused poor Dr. Shafi to be incarcerated, having to sleep with a plastic water bottle as his pillow for two years. A demonic beast in robes.

  • 12

    Sri Lanka is a Buddhists country ………. the constitution says so.

    Didn’t Buddha pardon murderers?

    Where’s ye Maithriya?

    In Lankan Buddhism ….. they pardon murderers …….. and send truth-tellers to gaol.

    “Buddhism” has many interpretations …….. if not, how could’ve Lanka ended up such a great country?

    • 26

      nimal fernando

      How are you?

      In Sri Lanka we do not follow Buddha’s teachings however we strictly follow public racist Anagarika Homeless Dharmapals’s Sinhala/Buddhism.

      As you know my life long ambition is to liberate Sinhalese from Sinhala/Buddists and Buddhism from Sinhla/Buddhism.

      Take care.

    • 9

      SORYSENA is the root cause for today’s problems.
      Never did he let RW and the cabinet ministers to continue the crime investigations.
      Had he been compliant as promised before late Rev. Sobitha Thero, things would have turned out well for many. After becoming president, Sorysena behaved like an insane person.

      Alone SORYSENA not to have appointed an acting minister to defence, before he left for Singapore – for s o called medical treatment, would be more than enough to send this bugger to jail. Easter sunday bomb blast could have been avoided, had then president been honest to his duties.

      Whoever whatever being said and done, it was SORYSENA who stood against the crimes investigations against Mahinda Rajapakshes.
      If those investigations were continued, whole lot of Rajapakshes would have been jailed by today.

  • 23

    My gut feeling is that both have benefited; But independently; Rathana Athana Methana had his share as well as Hopper Sirisena.

    State Intelligence confirmed money changed hands but amounts not known and The PERSON to whom it was given INITIALLY also not known? State Intelligence eh?
    Anyway,nice sleaze using constitutional powers………………..

  • 17

    The best way to punish ex-president Maithripala Sirisena for all the bad things and wrong things he has done and for his unforgivable acts of omission would be to withdraw all his security details and other government protection measures. The people will then do the needful.

    • 5

      M.Srisena didn’t do much looting. He allowed his brother to ak 20 lakh as salary in Telecom as a CEO whereas other CEO’s draws 2lakh.

  • 17

    ” I then instructed “MY” (emphasized by me) state intelligence to investigate this matter and they confirmed that the parent of the convicted Jayamaha had in fact given monies to a person during that period”.

    So in spite of that “Information” from your Intelligence service, you “Ignored” that and granted a “Pardon” to the convicted murderer. No wonder people named you “Maru Sira”, “Pambaya”, “Sevalaya” for making such decisions. Can you escape from the “Accusation” that you either took that “Bribe” or “Shared” it in granting that pardon? I equally “Condemn” and “Accuse”, MP Ratna in “Negotiating” this “Deal” with MY3 and hope the CID would without delay inquire into the complaint lodged by this “Bastard” in Saffron Clothes. If CID inquires “Properly”, this “Maru Sira” must be made to answer for the “Bribe” given by the parents of the convicted murderer that fact which has been confirmed by the State Intelligence.

    To the “VOTERS” of Polonaruwa: Look at the “CRIMINAL” you have elected to represent you.

    • 14


      “So in spite of that “Information” from your Intelligence service, you “Ignored” that and granted a “Pardon” to the convicted murderer.”

      Despite the availability of facts, 6.9 voted for the most horrendous murderer in this island. What can we do about it?

      SJ believes only Hindians, Americans, Brits, ……. and Sambandan, are capable of committing genocide and Siri Mao was an angel.

  • 14

    A doctor who is very close to sirisena told that sirisena got 800 million for that deal. This was transfered in Singapore. This story is likely to be true.

  • 6

    In SL, bribing to achieve what you want has been part of their life. Giving ‘money’ or doing a favour to manipulate some one in power or authority happens in political/business /international settings. To my mind, the Bribe that was paid to LTTE (to prevent Tamil voters during the Presidential Election of 2005) by our Great Patriotic Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa was the most evil act that STARTED OFF the Country’s DOWNFALL. MR had misappropriated the Tsunami Fund in order to achieve his AIM of getting to the THRONE

  • 0

    So, a violent, possibly crazed, murderer was pardoned on the grounds of his young age &, commendable as it is, educational achievements, while in prison. I am not an expert on legal matters but from what I am aware of, doesn’t the BAR association & the presiding judge(s) of the original case have a say on the matter? Then there is the question of ‘rehabilitated’ state & considering the violent nature of the murder, was a psychiatric evaluation conducted? Isn’t it only right that the grieving family of the victim should also be heard? Even when it had been known that the ‘broker’ who lobbied the case was amply compensated, wasn’t that enough to throw out the case?

  • 1


    Of course, slimy Sirisena, as the name spells out, is an uneducated yob with only street cunning, lacking in knowledge of higher distinction to make such crucial judgements or ethical & moral values which are alien to him. He was totally unsuitable & out of his depth as President but it is CBK who has to be blamed for putting forward the humble & loyal servant who she thought could control & just like the tail wagging pet dog before him, these yobs turn out to be different when given the power. Anyway, when convicted murderers are pardoned & allowed to sit in Parliament & an army low life who even killed children is considered a war hero & pardoned, it is no surprise a rich kid is pardoned & whether Sirisena benefited or not, people will make their own minds. Its just that these political punks have no shame & doesn’t give a monkey’s to what people think of them.

  • 1

    Looking in to various outcomes, I think Sri Lanka and Buddhism has created great political leaders and Buddhist Priests who are associated with crimes and criminals. According to judiciary Jude Sharmantha Jayamaha is a murderer. A buddhist Monk and the parents of the murderer visited former President Sirisena and asked for pardon and he pardoned and now President talked about rumors of millions to billions was offered to him and investigation found that money was tranferred to one person and it could be that Monk received. Sometime back President Sirisena also confirmed that the delay in showing the majority by Mahinda Rajapaksa due to delays in deals. Our current President pardoned two murderers and now we can imagine how many billions could have bribed for pardoning those murderers. It was also revealed billions were transferred to number of people from bond scam. This is our country, our political leadership and religious leadership. Unfortunately, if you question about this you are a traitorto the country or you are against to Buddhism. One of the Member of parliament who questioned is now in jail. Now you know who are inside the jail and who are outside the jail.

  • 1

    Is this part of the lumpsum deposits of $.1 Trillion he holds in US Dollars?
    How did he make that much wealth whilst he worked as Grama Niladai ( GS ) for only 3 years? Maybe the Ministry of Mahavali diversion scheme enriched him!!!. Sirisena is not a Sori sena, really a Nari Sena (Jungle Fox)!!!

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