6 December, 2023


Friday Forum Calls On IGP To Act Urgently To Stop Deaths In Police Custody

The Friday Forum has urged the Inspector General of Police to respond as a matter of urgency to the current public concern, including that of the Bar Council, on the deaths that are taking place in police custody.

“A particularly shocking recent incident involves the death of a 17 year old minor after assault in police custody.” the Friday Forum said.

Inspector General of Police

Inspector General of Police

Issuing a statement today the Friday Forum said; “The jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, including rulings by the late Justice Mark Fernando, has held the State accountable under our Constitution to prevent custodial deaths and torture as a violation of the basic rights guaranteed to all. In the past, senior Police officials have been summoned to be present in the Supreme Court. Their responsibility to ensure prosecution and internal disciplinary procedures for such violence has been emphasized by the Court. It is regrettable to find civil society organizations and lawyers constantly reporting that the high incidence of torture and custodial violence continues unabated.

“The Friday Forum is likewise deeply concerned about the killing, in very suspicious circumstances, of alleged criminals while under arrest and being escorted by police officers, who claim rather unconvincingly, that they act in self defence when their captives turn on them.

“The Police force too have encountered violence and harassment when they seek to fulfill their responsibilities .The attack and murder of policemen on duty, an incident of a policeman being forced to kneel and apologize to a politician who was asked to pay a spot fine for speeding on an expressway, and the assault of a policeman (now in hiding) subsequent to issuing a fine for a similar offence, indicate that the State is failing in its responsibility to protect officials who seek to do their duty. We consider it the responsibility of the IGP, as the most senior official responsible for effective law enforcement and the due administration of criminal justice, to take immediate measures to investigate, prosecute and take disciplinary action against police personnel who perpetrate custodial violence and torture, and to safeguard, in a legal manner, those who fulfill their responsibilities to the public.

“Serious cause for alarm also arises from recent reports indicating abuse or incompetence in handling weapons carried by police for protection when on duty. 0n the evening of 12th June, a young man riding a motor cycle was shot at and killed, and the same evening a three wheeler was shot at and hit a person standing in the garden of his house.

“Friday Forum has called upon the IGP to act urgently on the proposals made by the Bar Council and conduct a credible investigation that will help him to take necessary action to prevent and respond to a very grave phenomenon that can affect the lives of all Sri Lankans.”

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    It is common knowledge that the police have used torture for years under the protection of all political parties. Nothing will change so long as the country is run by thugs.

    If you search the AHRC website http://www.humanrights.asia/ for lanka+police+torture you will find over 1500 documented instances.

    As someone who was ‘detained for questioning’ by the Mt Lavinia Police, I find the Friday Forum’s sudden deep concern laughable and tragic. The IGP must be very worried!

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    Whoever hurt another will suffer in their life, long list of heart attacks paralysis, dementia, diabetes, cancer awaits you. These people wear uniforms and gives an oath to uphold the law and order,
    They end up killing people without fair trial,

    These killings has to be recorded precisely under every IGP and may be when we have a fair justice system one day, We will be able to prosecute them.

    Laws of Karma works slowly but surely. wait and see officers, wait and see, Thousand Bodhi pujas after retirement is not going to cancel your evil minds, You will see your kids, family suffer in front of you and your body rot in front of you. Good luck son of bitches.

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    It is not the fault of our IGP. So far no innocent civilian died while in the Police custody. All died while in the Police custody are notaries thugs belongs to under world. If i am not correct please cross check with Norman Palihawadana of Divaina. We have well disciplined Police Dept. under the capable IGP and he will never ever allow his officers to act out side the Law. Even our IGP advised his fellow officers to use only the minimum power for controlling protests etc. (Minimum power = taking eye out of the socket) Our IGP is very strict about keeping discipline and he arrested most wanted 3 criminal university thugs for threatening University security officers. Recently he acted against his fellow Policeman also as he threatened innocent Minister Hemal Gunasekara who is 100% vegetarian and Issued a wrong spading ticket. Our IGP found that the same Policeman burnt his own car to blame that innocent Minister. Actually our Hon. President also helping IGP by giving orders to take stern action against culprits and bring them to justice as if IGP doesn’t not know his duty. In my opinion IGP would have arrested Galagoda Gandasara for spreading Communal hatred if there was sufficient legal provision.

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    The civil rights group must inform these people to embassies and VISA should be denied to these barbarians. They should be banned from international scholarships and seminars/conference.

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    Our present IGP is a rubber stamp and a puppet. He has no guts and even his SSP who is the spokesperson of the Police seems to have more guts and power than the IGP. Under this IGP Sri Lanka has faced the worst human rights violations since the war. People like him should be brought before the Parliament and questioned and fired. Why the opposition is not doing this? What is happening in our country? IGP should be one of those taken to international courts by Human Rights Commission for being an accessory to human rights violations. He is once again doing it by giving permission to Balu Bala Sena to have a rally in Kandy. HOw stupid a person can be?

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    When the Fundamental Rights case regarding the death of prisoner Ganesan Nimalaruban in Vuvuniya prison came up before him Judge Mohan Peris said that the prisoner was implicated in the riots in prison of his own “personal knowledge”.
    This was the first time a court determined guilt of an accused by the so-called “personal knowledge” of the judge,and not by evidence led before it.


    He also said that the prisoner was a terrorist and that terrorists have no recourse to human rights.

    In many other countries,deaths of citizens in custody of police and prisons,are investigated by special groups of persons appointed by the Minister of Justice.
    In sri lanka,police “investigate” themselves – and find no guilt.
    Many UN Rapporteurs have in the past,visited sri lanka and reported on the wide prevalence of torture of citizens in custody.

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    Expose the Para and The Monk Terrorists.

    Friday Forum Calls On IGP To Act Urgently To Stop Deaths In Police Custody

    This is Buddhism, or rather Sinhala “Buddhism”,

    All those monks have been abused by the Senior monks when they were Samaneras, and now they are going Berserk.

    Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


  • 2

    What maintaining Law and Order? when his own nephew who was the Manager at the SINGER outlet at Madawachchiya is accused of raping an underage girl and this man is shielding him? What an IGP?

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      Does IGP stand for Important Government Pervert?

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    The IGP is a spineless ‘yes’ man who’s main purpose in living is to serve his masters at Kotte.

    He will blatantly lie, turn a blind eye to the terrifying antics of thugs dressed as monks and show no concern at all in maintaining law and order at the instigation of his masters.

    This is why his masters could never find fault with the IGP.

    The whole country has gone to the dogs.

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    In the 147 year history of the Police Department,
    this is the first Inspector General of Police (N.K.
    Ilangakoon) is the most spineless, gutless,brainless
    puppet. He cannot speak five sentences cohesively. He
    has two DIGs to correct his English and a spokesman who
    is a grandson of Goebbels. This moron thinks people
    believe all what he says.

    Why does not Ilangakoon say goodbye and go home if
    he is as claimed an honorable guy? He is a shameless
    fellow. No one in the Police Department, except a few
    cronies, trust him.

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