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From A Springer To His Excellency Rajapaksa

By A Member of the Sri Lankan Spring

28 Dec 2012
His Excellency
Mahinda Rajapaksa
President of Sri Lanka

Your Excellency,


All Sri Lankans hailed you as the greatest leader that citizens had witnessed when you brought a certain era of our land to a close in May 2009. When I say a certain era, it was no doubt an era of unnecessary violence and great unhappiness, a great period of stress and uncertainty, which was brought upon the people of this country especially those in the North and East who bore the brunt of a long drawn civil war.

This war had many architects on both sides of the fence. Mr Prabakaran and his men brought this war to a head. I hesitate to call them terrorists as this gives an idea that a certain group of young men unleashed terror upon their fellow citizens without a cause. If history is read and read with understanding and analysis, a group of Sri Lankans who happened to be Tamil had their back against the wall and reacted. Both sides far from being reasonable and honest about reaching a compromise labored on shedding blood. You were really not responsible, Your Excellency. You just dealt with the result. While we are happy that war has ended, a settlement could have been accomplished if previous leaders were more prudent and less blood thirsty and their subordinates were not committed to prolonging the war in order to make hay while the sun shines, or in this case when there was gloom and doom and lots of money could be made in the process. The was also could have been less bloody and lots of unnecessary killing could have been reduced.

You were assisted in this historical endeavour by none other than a great man called Sarath Fonseka and his team. Let us not dwell on his abilities which are beyond the scope and objectives of this letter, but his contribution is well known here and abroad.


One of the indicators of an unresolved conflict, is increasing incidents of Domestic Violence (DV) and Child Abuse. We do see a rampant increase in both, even though nowadays there seems to be a clampdown on publicity of such incidents. In 2010 alone DV reached 94,000 reported incidents. So say the Police. Let us say these were 2 repeat incidents each in the same household? This scourge has still reached 47,000 households, maybe over a 100,000 children. Evidence around the globe says that DV increases after a war. In 2011, DV has reached over 100,000 incidents. Please do not say as a learned lawyer that the increase is owing only to a law on DV. It may be increasingly reported as there is a law and people have got the courage to report. This is just one indicator. Much has been reported and written about Child abuse, murders are just a daily occurrence, especially of women in one area – Kahawatte, with clearly a common motive and maybe happening with the support of those in your Cabinet, Sir.

I need not elaborate, but would like to mention the parameters of not so good governance and rights violations. The recent most unprofessionally hatched witch hunt of the Chief Justice, by those persons of dubious character and persuasion appointed to the PSC and 117 not so clean hands signing the initial blank paper, not implementing the recommendations of the LLRC, the suppression of the people of the North and East still by the military and no real attempts at reconciliation, the suppression of the media by different means which are really creative – for instance crushing the Sunday Leader and scaring into submission most of the other newspapers and journalists, not developing education in a way that would facilitate the achievement of the Miracle of Asia. In fact where is the safeguarding of children’s right to education when the system is turning out to be a “debacle” in Asia. Our University rankings are sliding down the global index by the day, a simple examination cannot be held without leaks or corrections of paper corrections.

The Z Score is another story gone to ZZERO. Both your Ministers of Education are clowns messing up the circus of education.

Your Ministers of which there are two handling the Geneva issues are falling over each other and making a poor show of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Administrative Service and the Sri Lanka Foreign Service is in total chaos, messed up in style by buffoons – mainly your friends and relations including retired Generals.

People’s Right to Health is in name only as the health system is just saved by a majority of health professionals who are committed, especially in preventive health. But is there real access to free health? Is the coverage of Sri Lanka with a Health System adequate? What about quality of care? Are we as citizens receiving quality care? What has happened to the Drugs Policy?

The root cause of many of your problems is Nepotism and Corruption as never before and a lack of real Vision. In fact Nepotism and Corruption have reached the younger generations of your family. In reality they have no future as they too are soiled beyond redemption.

Your family members, the closest ones, do not like participatory development. A classic example is the Divi Neguma Bill. Has this Bill and its benefits been explained systematically to the people? How different is it to Samurdhi and Janasaviya? What is your defense to the argument that the Divineguma Bill violates the constitution well over 10 times?

Yet, Sir we feel that once upon a time your heart was in the right place and your mind was clearer. Can you restore both your heart and mind to their original situation as when you were fighting for the rights of the Palestinians? After all your own people – WE, too deserve to have our rights restored fully.

A humble citizen wishes to propose the following 10 priorities to you for 2013.

1.Bring down the crime rate in a structured manner. Enforce laws and free the law enforcement officers to act without favour or force. Expedite cases.

2.Start really meaningful reconciliation in the North and East. Do not go into ill advised action if people are mourning those they want to mourn for “terrorist” or otherwise. The recent drama in Jaffna University is shameful and ill advised by your brother the military person who only knows one way of governing.

3.Really set targets and act on the LLRC. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Don’t give us hog wash on this.
4.If you have a meaningful economic development plan unfurl this to the public of this country who are tax payers. If you don’t have, let us formulate one with expert assistance. Malaysia did very well to unfurl such a plan for 10 years with facts, figures, responsibility and concrete action in 2010. Make the private sector a meaningful partner.

5.Clean up your Cabinet without delay after doing a Performance Evaluation. Really evaluate how they have performed. Sack those who have not performed and give a chance to others especially educated ones like Prof Rajiva Wijesinha. Make the Cabinet slim.

6.Do a 5S on your MPs. Earmark the crap and do not nominate them next time. Give them warnings and performance targets. Do not worry too much about making up the numbers in parliament with useless coalitions. If you perform, you will get the numbers anyway.

7.Do a similar 5S of the Foreign and Administrative Service. Never too late to clean up or the rot will be too much to clear. Be lean and mean in the good sense.

8.Contain your family and friends in high positions to a reasonable number. Come on, we are not telling you to cut off every one instantly. Have a Family and Friend’s Conference in Medamulana. Maybe the Catholic Church which is very good at organizing retreats can help you structure this. Let everyone go into introspection, then confession, then you can pardon the worthwhile and ex communicate the rest. Bishop Malcolm Ranjith would be very good at helping you with this. Get a little counseling.

9.Rein in your younger brothers and next generation and advise them that too many cars, wine, women and cash at too young an age is not a good thing. Maybe it is time for Carlton, the Talent Factory and Red Cherry to be quiet for a little bit, invest their monies and lie low, because frankly your reputation is in shreds with these younger ones. Make sure you have only a few cars in your garage. You may keep one Aston Martin for occasional fun.(Your younger brother Gotabaya is quite talented, but has to be softened round the edges not to be so military in his approach. Basil really needs to learn the “science” of development)
10.MOST OF ALL GET RID OF THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY. Be the next PM for all we care, but not an Exec PM. We are tired of the EXECUTIVE. Free the JUDICIARY and RESTORE Parliament. These are the root causes of all evils and we are really tired, dear Sir.

YOU will be GREA…..T in the little house of Sri Lanka and it will be truly Asia’s Miracle

Happy New Year!

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    The Rajapakshe government is planning to change its National symbol to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being screwed.

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    Dear Mr Springer,

    Your call will fall on the dictator’s deaf ears. The man is power hungry and will pursue relentlessly to assume total power over all the institutions and people of Sri Lanka. It is too late now. Regime change by whatever means is the only salvation for Sri Lanka. Rather than writing long and pointless letters just be brave and do the evil deed to get rid of the man and his family for the sake of your and your fellow countrymen’s future and to save the country’s good name.

    Yours sincerely

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    An apologist for a Trrorist who invented Suicide Bombers and Child Soldiers ,pointing the finger at child abuse and an isolated muliple murder,to depict the freedom and peace in th country after the LTTE, as all bad is nothing but laughable.

    Look at the examples he has given to convince us to join the “Spring”

    Sarath Fonska, Sunday Leader, Jaffna Campus and the CJ.

    Surprise to note that Sambandan, TNA, PM Rudra ,Pasikaothy, Mano Ganeshan, and the new entrant , the Mining Magnate BIL of the CJ.are not on the list.

    These would have at least convinced their loyal locals to become Springres.

    If not at least to organise a few” Dansalas ” in thir leafy suburbs to qunech the thirst and hunger, when the the “Sringers” spring into action.

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      Hi Amarasekara.

      You says “Look at the examples he has given to convince us to join the “Spring”Sarath Fonska, Sunday Leader, Jaffna Campus and the CJ”.

      Yes you are very correct. They should be Rajapal Abenayake,Thadi Priyantha alias ChandraPeruma” Mahindapala, and K. A Amarasekara and Hudson Samarasinhge.

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      Who appointed Pradeep K? Are you denying that this regime is not the worst corrupt regime in history of this island.

      Mahinda is like a father who saved mother from terrorists thugs and yet sells her at night for his benefit… Mother Sri Lanka being the country that is.

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    Further to the above, it is rather sad ,that this Springer had to drag Rev, Malcolm Ranjith into his crusade.

    A lot of Sinhala Budhists have enormous respcect for the current Catholic clergy, lead by this Rev and many other modern Bishops who have Lankanized the Church, allowing the great majority of Catholics who are mostly low income and even poor Sinhalese to practise their religion, whilst maintaining their Srilankan culture.

    Unlike their up market cousins in the cities, Westren culture is totally alien to this new breed of Catholics.

    This Springer has alienated most of these Catholics by having a dig at their Leader.

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    Post war the failures of the govt are manifold. The successes are very limited. The path taken of suppression and dictatorship is not going to take this nation anywhere. It may enrich our VVIP’s and their families but not the ordinary people.

    The path can be changed but needs a radical shift in the mindset of the president. It seems unlikely that such a request will be entertained because of the sheer weight of illegal baggage acquired during the last few years. But as he sows so shall he reap. Good begets Good, Bad produces an Evil Result.

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    Gota talking Regime Change…Three years after war ended ….and without solving any Tamil minority political issues, although advised by many international community to implement LLRC as a solution, but without implementing any of them…….now GOTA talking about Regime Change…..

    Also again Gota has started to abduct students, harassing people, sudden imprisonments etc…etc..

    This is nothing but……Re born of STATE TERRORISM……trying to introduce again gun and fear culture among citizen.

    This may also be a pre-empt to impeach CJ and take over Supreme Court under Gota……

    If MARA, GOTA combination plans to kick out CJ and install a puppet CJ and take Supreme Court under their control, what we Citizens, opposition parties, Bar association and the Justice loving Clergy and trade unions plan to do?……….

    Come January 10th 2013 Parliament will go ahead with CJ impeachment debate with or without opposition parties present…….and could deliver the verdict without the opposition similar to the PSC verdict.

    If the Govt.Parliament Impeach CJ …….what is opposition parties, Supreme court, Bar association, Buddhist Preletes and other religion clergy, trade unions and we citizen plan to do………Have any opposition political partiess drawn any plans to address masses on this issue and what action to take to avoid CJ been kicked out by MARA.……if so what and when.

    We have to prepare to safeguard CJ, the Judiciary and the Supreme
    Court for our safety and for our freedom and rights…..and if we fail definitely MARA-GOTA Tyranny Dictatorship will abuse all of us citizen who oppose their Dictatorial Regime.

    Therefore I request all the opposition parties to come up with Plan A..B..and C to Safeguard Judiciary and inform Masses in advance as to how we could contribute to safeguard our rights IF GOVT. TRY TO CHANGE OUR CHIEF JUSTICE…. AS WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

    This is Very Important.


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    Unite to save the judiciary and thereby democracy. That is the clarion call we should heed. Proffering advice to MR amounts to pouring water on a duck’s back. He is so heady with power, he will not listen to reason. Therefore, this letter carries only some academic value.However, all is not lost. For instance, we can look forward to the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the PSC probe. You need not be a constitutional lawyer to understand that the Standing Orders cannot supersede or take precedence over Constitutional provisions! In good time, every one slandering the Chief Justice should be punished irrespective of his or her position! By the way,why can’t some lawyers file law suits against sycophants in the state media for vilifying the Chief Justice!

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    it is rather sad in a Buddhist country and assuming most of the writes above are Buddhist… there is no mention of the principles of the Gautama espoused that is a possible answer to the issues raised;
    Buddha preached forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, etc but in todays modern world (we cannot blame the “west all the time” as some do) we are personally accountable for our actions which if we truly believe Buddhism will have an impact on the next life.
    Good governance in any form or manner can come if these principles are practiced by “all” in the dear country of Sri Lanka.
    Any religious philosophy whether buddhism, christianity can only “point the way to us” it is our responsibility according to our religious belief systems to “direct our feet in THAT WAY” WITHOUT BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE FOR OUR DECISION NOT TO DO SO.

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    The Sinhala anti government forces are active again. CJ is doomed and will never be able to maintain her status after allegations proved or not. Why are the Sinhala Pundits and anti government diaspora trying to undermine this government that liberated the country from the terrorists. Isn’t it true that the anti government forces were prepared to handover one third of the country to the Tigers on a platter in the name of peace? What’s so big about CJ ? What are the so called morals and ethics and perceived injustice these pundits are talking about now? Where were these traitors when the Tigers and the JVP were killing civilians and executing them after their Kangaroo Court Hearings? Why all these fuss now about CJ. If the Legislature and the President do not want her, it’s time for her to go. Who is this CJ after all? When Mahinda appointed her as CJ all these anti Government Forces were against her appointment. The UNP even wanted her to be reported to the Bribary Commissioner. Now why the turn around ? Even the Tamil Diaspora have joined these pundits for all these forces have their own axes to grind. The traitors do not mind giving half the country to the separatists but they are very concerned about the ethics and procedures relating to impeachment. As Prabakaran once said the Singhalese have very short memories. Sudu Akka

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    Sudu Akka,

    I think you have missed the point entirely in your fundamentalist meanderings. Sane people realise that one cannot rationalise with groups that practise terror even though they were pushed into being so by lopsided policies on inclusivity by successive governments. The discourse on the impeachment process is not about the CJ. it is about the process followed by a so called “government” which is supposed to be legitimate. But this legiimate government is behaving exactly like a terrorist. That is the what is unacceptable. Baduth Hamuduwange, Naduth Hamuduruwange.

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    All traitors are against Mahinda Rajapakse government.Birds of a feather flock together.

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    The spring will not do any good to the Sri Lankans. Having new faces will not change anything. We never had smart leaders that is why we have been fighting since the independence. The politicians’ thinking capability is limited, this is why we need to create a Lankan think tank to get the Sri Lankan intellectuals to get involved all around the world to discuss stable domestic and foreign policies, economic reforms, educational reforms, strengthening the judiciary system etc. Relying on the leaders and their political parties is foolishness. They haven’t accomplished anything significantly since 1948, what is the point in carrying on.

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    The million dollar question is, who will create a think tank for the Sri Lankans? The Rajapaksa regime will not do it, because it will be detrimental to their power. The diaspora will not do it, because it is not the interest of the Westerners to make Sri Lanka prosper. People like us who are enlightened and committed to bring a change can’t even get a job. We are isolated by the Western governments. The propaganda against us are shocking, even my family members, relatives, and friends believe the Westerners more than me. The Tamils are shocking people. We all know how the Tamil armed groups fought and destroyed each other, the TNA has its own agenda, TGTE has its own agenda, world Tamil Congress has its own agenda. They all concern about being leaders, they are not concern about the Tamils. I am ashamed to call myself a Tamil, this is why I prefer to be single than married to a Tamil. I am not a supporter of the Rajapaksa brothers, but I never seen such a unity among the Tamils. My brothers and relatives are happy to sell myself to the Westerners as long as they are well off. My brothers did not even pass the GCE A/L, but they are well off in Canada by supporting the Westerners. They are there to keep the Westerners on top, and making sure the Tamils or Sri Lanka never move forward. Do they know what the are doing? Absolutely not, they do not have a diploma or degree, never read books, other than watching TV and follow the Westerners. They are under the firm grip of the Westerners. I will let the whole world know how the Tamils have been helping the Westerners to keep me in financial hardship and isolated from others in details, including their full names. Those are the people who gave thousands of dollars to the LTTE, but will not support me to have a website or to publish a book. I will name and shame them.

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    Sudu Akke

    In your tongue-lashing you say “even the Tamil diaspora have joined
    these pundits..” I cannot speak for the TD, which, at any rate, is globally spread and does not have a central controlling body – as far
    as I know. But, pray tell me, where and when have they joined in any
    form of critique on this much-tainted CJ?


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    I can smell the flowers…

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      You are great who ever you are in saying the most with the LEAST AND WHY BE SHY ABOUT IT?

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