29 May, 2022


Fulfil Promises Made To Ensure Good Governance: Friday Forum Tells Maithri And Ranil

While underscoring that credibility once lost is near irretrievable, the Friday Forum has called on Sri Lanka’s politicians who are holding ‘high political office’ to ensure that their pre-election rhetoric to safeguard democracy and good governance in the country are upheld.

Ranil maithriIn a statement, the Forum said, “We have not yet lost the opportunities created by the presidential and general elections of last year, a year that was a tribute to the Sri Lankan people and their commitment to democracy and good governance. There is little time left for persons holding high political office, and making decisions that impact on the people, to establish democracy and good governance. They must fulfill the solemn promises on which they rode to power,”

“Credibility once lost is near irretrievable. The public is beginning to doubt that corruption, nepotism and the numerous other failings of the earlier regime, that were so convincingly exposed on election platforms, will be eliminated in a new era of good governance,” the statement said.

The Forum reminded that in January 2015 the majority of voters responded to the call for a return to good governance, accountability and integrity in the public sphere that we had been denied for a good part of a decade, and voted for a President who promised to achieve these goals and remedy mistakes of the past.

“The public expectations of the regime that was voted into office in January, received further endorsement at the general election of August the same year. Despite disappointment on the slow progress on many solemn promises, the public was prepared to accept the need for measured and responsible action towards fulfilling them. However this trust has gradually given way to a growing concern that the promised action is being held back for reasons based on the all too familiar ground of political opportunism and that the country is slowly but surely moving towards the mal-governance of the past,” the Friday Forum said.

The statement noted that uneasy cohabitation between coalition partners is never conducive to achieving high standards of democratic governance even in the short term. The Joint Opposition has demonstrated time and again its incapacity to act in the public interest and avoid following highly personal and adversarial political agendas.

“However this environment is not an excuse for those in office continuing instances of nepotism, inappropriate appointments, greed, corruption and opportunism that we have seen over the last year. Since the Presidential election, there have been appointments that have been criticized publicly, because they indicate favoritism or family connections rather than competence to hold the post. The abuse of power and the corrupt acts of some of these appointees have added to public disenchantment and eroded the credibility of the government. Such appointments were recently crowned with the appointment, to a senior administrative position, of a person indicted and currently facing trial for criminal misappropriation of public property,” the statement said.

The Forum noted that while the level of corruption which prevailed under the earlier regime may have reduced, it does not appear to have diminished in the manner that the public has a right to expect. Besides, there has been public criticism in regard to non-transparent and non-consultative decision making in some areas of importance.

“Inevitably this encourages the suspicion of ulterior motives as in the award of major projects such as the Jaffna Arcelor Mittal housing project. Interference in the public service includes acts such as provision of supporting letters for appointments to applicants for government and semi-government posts, or in State universities, by ministers and others who hold high political office. The recent public discussions and criticisms regarding renewal of a controversial appointment in the Central Bank, and the resignation of a competent and dedicated professional engaged in conservation and environmental management, allegedly due to political interference, reflect the continuing malaise of political control over the public service, and even of universities that should be guaranteed their academic autonomy and independence in making appointments. The President and the Constitutional Council created by the 19th Amendment, while having made timely appointments of vital bodies such as the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, need speedily to evolve and follow a consistent, credible and transparent procedure in making appointments to high posts specified in the Constitution,” the statement signed by Prof. Savitri Goonesekere, Dr. Upatissa Pethiyagoda and Prof. Arjuna Aluwihare on behalf of the Forum added.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    This is just to remind you that the whole country suffers with the incurable disease called “CORRUPTION ” there will never be a cure.
    Whether the individuals are the products of SLankan ELITE SCHOOLS OR ELITE SOCIETY this INCURABLE DISEASE IS THE DOWN FALL OF OUR NATION.
    You’re just wasting your time.

    It’s a JOKE!!
    How many opposition parties do we have??



    WHO CARES ? Who are the oppositions of the present government??

    Do we have a shadow cabinet?? Other than it consists of CRIMINALS AWAITING TO BE CHARGED??

    The President appointed an eminent Governor for CB. In reality daily he had to watch his steps to prove his innocence for nothing serious.
    He has a job to perform instead of all these time wasting . Does he need to prove if he’s clean?? What for??

    This is why I say until these crooks are found guilty and thrown in Prisons there’s no FUTURE FOR SRILANKA.

    • 5

      Come on President!

      Please don’t act stupid now 2 years have already past and you’re just playing silly games with your party , with the Rightful oppositions , The silly buggers called JOINT OPPOSITION, AND WE THE GENERAL,PUBLIC .





      • 3

        Officially or Unofficially?? By Hook or by Crook?? Confusing.

        This is not DEMOCRACY!! The majority community is given the freedom to trod and walkover the voiceless of the country under the pretext of Democracy is wrong .
        Is it Anarchy or Democracy??

        Hah! Hah! Hah!. Jokers of the Jokers.

    • 5

      I agree with you on your assessment of the Shadow Cabinet. Silence of professional bodies on issues like FTAs and ETCA are causing more damage because the rulers happily decide on anything without going into details. Forget about the Shadow Cabinet. How many in the Cabinet can comprehend the contents of Cabinet Papers they approve weekly? Fraudsters at least will find the loopholes for them to exploit the opportunities.

    • 1

      Corruption is a global disease not limited to Sri Lanka. The difference is, unlike in the west, there is little the law does to tackle it, and indeed it is encouraged.

  • 12

    Failed Nation of Lanka

    It seems that there is something intrinsically wrong with the majority of fellow Lankans, who cannot simply comprehend what is right and what is wrong, there is a total absence of courage to call a spade a spade, and to distinguish the dishonest that deceives the gullible citizens seeking petty political mileage.

    Visit the following and just see for yourself the work of another ‘great national figure’, who is blessed with a windfall of 33 ½ million rupees, thanks to a tax free permit offered by Yahapalana Administration to import a luxury car, with no restriction whatsoever imposed against sale or disposal.


    The MP gets a net profit of over 30 million rupees overnight for doing nothing.

    This is purely a fraud, abuse of tax revenue for unjust enrichment. In the 1st Budge Speech of Yahapalana group’s Finance Minister promised people to abolish this fraudulent practice altogether (Hansard dated 20th Nov 2015 – page 408)

    “… Honourable Speaker, the vehicle permit schemes have been politicized and misused and have created a huge revenue loss over Rs. 40 billion a year to the Government. I propose to abolish all the vehicle permits granted under different schemes, including to Parliamentarians. However, I ensure all government officers will be financially compensated for the benefit foregone. Further, all the vehicles purchased to the Government will be subject to all applicable taxes and necessary allocations will be provided in the Budget…”
    This is an ample demonstration of the failed, absolutely irresponsible fiscal policy of Yahapalana Group of Companies, which is just a photo copy of Rajapakse failed regime.

    It blatantly violates the Fiscal Management Responsibility Act (No 3 of 2003) which states that ‘the fiscal strategy of the Government shall be based on the principles of responsible fiscal management (S 2) and ‘the policy decisions of the government shall have regard to the financial impact of such decisions on FUTURE GENERATIONS [S 3(g)]

    What’s wrong with my fellow countrymen, I can’t understand what hold them back from coming out of hibernation to fight absolutely corrupt government and to banish all cheats belongs to all political parties who deceive the Nation at will. Why so shy to break the shackles and come forward to save mother Lanka.

    Need of the day is commitment of the right thinking people to mobilise the ppeople for the establishment of truly representative democracy accountable to the people whose sovereign rights any government exercises purely on trust.

  • 6

    Spot on statement by Friday Forum (FF)!

    It’s about time MS and RW put their moneys where their mouths were prior to getting our votes based on their promises.

    Time to re-evaluate their decisions and appointments and make some effort to restore some credibility to their administration, which, as FF points out as follows:

    “…. is not an excuse for those in office continuing instances of nepotism, inappropriate appointments, greed, corruption and opportunism that we have seen over the last year. Since the Presidential election, there have been appointments that have been criticized publicly, because they indicate favoritism or family connections rather than competence to hold the post. The abuse of power and the corrupt acts of some of these appointees have added to public disenchantment and eroded the credibility of the government. Such appointments were recently crowned with the appointment, to a senior administrative position, of a person indicted and currently facing trial for criminal misappropriation of public property.”

  • 1

    Friday forum, as they are good in giving crappy ideas, may have given crappy lectures too.

    • 8

      jim softy Dimwit

      “Friday forum, as they are good in giving crappy ideas, may have given crappy lectures too.”

      If that was the case why didn’t you attend? Is it because you have full of them in your head?

  • 4

    Friday Dodo are at it again – closing the stable door after horse bolted!

    Why didn’t they name Mahendran and ask for an investigation of all the financial crimes that have happened at Central Bank under Cabraal and Mahendran – long ago?

  • 5

    Another Yahapalana group of Cheer Leaders crying “sour grapes”. The fact Yahapalana government came to power sponsored by BBS hate campaign against Muslims and funded by LTTE diaspora elements on lies, lies and damn lies. For a fact the Friday forum should ask their blue eyed President and Prime Minister to show the Lamborghini cars, private helicopters, golden horses, 18B USD in private accounts that brought them to power. What they have done is planted MY3 as the Head of SLFP (when he won from UNP votes) to fish the SLFP turncoats to run a sham parliament. The Friday Forum see that as good governance. Rightly so because that is what the LTTE diaspora pays them for. Disgraceful when you see those who have signed are Professors and Doctors God only knows whether the fat certificates they posses even worth the paper it is printed on.

    • 2


      “Professors and Doctors God only knows whether the fat certificates they posses even worth the paper it is printed on. ” — first hand knowledge based on Dayan Jayathilake et al, huh?

  • 9

    Friday folk, the name of the game played by Sira-Ranil is bi-partisan networks of corruption.
    Please Get some young people with brains and economic knowledge on your side!

    1.Mahendran, Cabraal, Alloysius and Perpetual Treasuries must be COMPREHENSIVELY investigated, tried and held accountable to ensure FUTURE Accountability of Central Bank governors and ensure that never again will this kind of looting of the national economy happen at the Central Bank.
    2.COPE with Civil society should ensure the assets of Aloysius, Perpetual Treasuries, Mahendran and Nivard Cabraall to be frozen and Perpetual Treasuries investigated. A full investigation of Mahendran and Nivard Cabraal and their bond scams, insider trading and currency manipulations is necessary. It is not enough to simply ask that Mahendran’s contract has ended – and let him off to go and live the high life on his ill gotten gains in Singapore!

    3. Instead of following IMF’s con advice, which is pushing Lanka into GREATER DEBT and a Greece like situation, the priority should be CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION into Panama Papers names to trace all the funds looted from Sri Lanka, that are held in off shore accounts to pay off the NATIONAL DEBT.

    3. Civil society needs to push for a Road MAP from the Central Bank on Corruption investigations to trace and recover funds looted from Sri Lanka by Politicians, their cronies and associated businesses and held in Off Shore accounts.

    However, Coomaraswamy’s friends like Balendran are mentioned to be holding Panama Papers Accounts. Question is why put funds in Panama when Asia is the growth hub, unless the funds are looted ones and tax avoiding? Coomaraswamy is an out and out NEOLIBERAL; an insider in the corrupt global financial system. He loves the corrupt IMF and World Bank that has seen massive growth in GLOBAL inequality that is cause for the GREAT CLASS WAR in the world today.

    Today 63 people own over half the world’s wealth according to OXFAM. Coomaraswarmy should ask IMF and WB that used to call itself knowledge bank (ha, Ha, Ha), to help trace all the looted funds in off shore accounts, rather than for more loans that add to national DEBT! Coomaraswamy is famous for turning a blind eye on corruption even though the UN has identified Corruption as a primary driver of economic inequality and poverty. Civil society must be alert and keep pushing for SYSTEMATIC CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS and ACCOUNTABILITY and scrutinize the policy from an inequality and poverty perspective

    • 7

      Don Stanley

      “Coomaraswamy is an out and out NEOLIBERAL; an insider in the corrupt global financial system.”

      “Set a thief to catch a thief” – my Elders used to tell me.

  • 0

    It is all too easy to level out allegations against this government, just like we did with the previous one. While it could be something trivial for these intellectuals the letters issued in support of employment in the state sector, school admissions etc. are some innocent little perks the ordinary masses expects from their MPs. Without those MPs are facing the grave risk of election annihilation. That is the truth with respect to 80% of the rural and regional electorates.
    This so called intellectuals with their infinite wisdom, the PhDs and what not do not understand the reality.
    As for installing Yahapalanaya, it is very much the change of process and putting in place necessary institutions with sufficient legislative powers, as well as making sure there is cultural change. This is not easy. If I were to do this, as the PM, I would be running a group of anthropologists, engineers, historians, economists, intelligence officers and mathematicians, in the background, assisting a program that supports change.

    • 1

      Nonsense. What is so difficult about NOT appointing your brother SLT Chairman? Just one amongst a million acts of treachery.

  • 1

    Silly academics only good for the happy our on Friday afternoon!!

  • 0

    A seemingly responsible repsonse from the Friday Forum, however the esteemed forum is forgetting a few things.

    The 5% difference between the winning and losing numbers in the presidential and parliamentary elections on 2015 cannot be explained by democracy. It can be explained by the hate campaign run by the BBS and the ever present search for greater autonomy by the North and East. Who can blame them. This has nothing to do with Good Governance or the desire for it.

    Even after the election, the Friday Forum should have seen through the Good Governance proganda and hype, and the hypocrisy of the entire campaign.

    The Friday Forum also needs to see that these are the results in violating the constitution : foreign interference in or internal affairs, and the Presidential interference with the General Elections of August 18th.

    Does the Friday Forum see the government officials lying and making up excuses, and will the Friday Forum comment on these?

  • 0

    Simple thing here is that the entire universe knows that there was one robbery in CB in the first Bond issue of CB during Mahendran’s time as CBG. There is so far no genuine investigation in that. Joint comedians, to prevent any of their Central Bank frauds coming back to them, want a Tamil made as Gobi, the scapegoat. Joint Comedians just want to arrest Mahendran and put a pad look to his mouth and kept feeding him with syringes that, many people suspect from Tamilini to many arrested Tamils, especially the in prison-abused rebel girls, took, including the man Pillaiyan, who said to be carrying with him many internal murder secrets, one of them is said to be he was sending hitmen on New King.

    Appointing Mahendran to CBG though his son-in-law is a sin Gnanasara gang would not have committed by entering Rishard’s ministry or on another dimension Dinesh and Udaya would not have committed by breaking million coconuts to Paththini Deviyo, requesting bring curse to Lankawe. Mahendran’s appointment was only to use him as a Tamil puppet watch dog and carry out robberies behind the scene. This is the case of LTTE IGP, Puppet Sripavan, Paskaralingam and Modern Kathirgamar at CB, Indrajit. This is sinister motive in contrast to British rulers who appointed 75% Tamils only based on better side of Tamils that is intelligent, Integrity high and hardworking crowd – Unlike Wimal- whom one time Ambassador Blake went to Wimal’s office to induct him into his projects to use his corrupted, Modaya- misbehaviors.

    These ill-intended Tamils’ appointments are bringing substantial ill fame to Tamils in the International arena, where IC is watching how to rehabilitate the war torn Tamil communities. The greatest damage done to Tamils’ cause like this from Gobi-Jeyakumari through Tamilini-George Master to Mahendran is governments resisting in putting them in court but issuing their verdict and closing the cases. (Tamilini’s case went one step further; after she was forced to stand on NPC CM election, a forceful book was published in her name. I wonder if Mahendran is not issuing a statement to public, in a later time, Yahapalanaya government may print a book on his name too, just like Tamilini?).

    This Tamil crowd is mouth pad looked, just kept syringe fed, accused of unbelievable crimes and blackmailed behind the scene until their last breath. It is really astonishing, even after so much media circuses and comedies of Joint opposition, Mahendran has not took courage to speak to public on a media conference or release an statement of elaborating his position on the accusation on him. But Indrajit has done press conference.

    Mahendran was forced to avoid COPE and Indrajit was infused into that place. (This is a clear indication that Indrajit will and only be used to hide government corruption, just like Mahendran was used in the past). There was no reason whatsoever, if the COPE was investigating about the Bond deal, taking away Mahendran and putting Indrajit in that. Further many was made to believe that Mahendran was stepping aside to facilitate the investigation, rather than an outright dismissal. If that was the case, then Mahendran is the CBG, technically, and he should be the one have attended the COPE. Here, Mahendran was appointed to CBG by an inferior method of using his son-in-law’s recommendations and removed from CBG showing fake, in-sincere procedures those do not exist anywhere in the world. This is the exact procedure used in dismissing Mokan Peiris, appointing, Shiranee Bandaranayke, dismissing Shiranee and appointing puppet Sripavan. Yahapalanaya seems to have mastered high jacking the office procedures of hire and firing, without parliament confirmation or impeachments.

    It was advertised by the Yahapalanaya New Royal government that Mahendran was not requesting to renew his contract until COPE inquiry would be completed and report released. Now without Mahendran the COPE inquiry going with Indrajit is an absolute Jilmart-Game. Mahendran was not represented even by one of his deputy governors who worked with him on the bond issue. The New CBG comedy also did not defy the request citing that he was not even familiar with the CB procedures to contribute anything to COPE on the investigation. This new CBG comedy is the one, day before yesterday, bragged in a press conference that he is not scared of anyone. Is it on that Wimals’ style Modaya bravery Indrajit went to COPE to witness on behalf of Mahendran or is he is still an experienced Central Bank Governor to help COPE on that investigation?

    Mahendran’s silence is very similar to LTTE IGP who left his position without requesting extension in the middle of an acquisition of Thajudeen murder where it had started as a rugby competition and a competition for a woman. In total Mahendran’s appointment to CB seems to make no difference from Pillayan’s appointment to EPC CM and used him in many murders. Further it is confirming, whatever the bragging he might have made, Indrajit Coomaraswamy also a carbon copy puppet of Mahendran and same like Pillaiyan or Kathirgamar. These all are same the old wine of Sinhala Intellectualism from 1948 and in same old bottles.

  • 2

    “Lanka Fulfilled Only 11 % of Pledges to UNHRC and 20% of Pledges to LLRC”, Says Study


    • 0

      Ha…Sri Lanka is doing well compared to other countries after the fall of a dictator through US intervention.

  • 3


    “Silly academics only good for the happy our on Friday afternoon!!”

    Though they are silly academics, they know how to be happy at least on Friday afternoons.

    In your case, you seem to be unhappy all the time. Why?

    You can learn one or two things from the silly academics; how to live a happy life on a part-time basis.

    If you are looking for blissful life spend some time in forest monasteries.

  • 4

    This government has to prosecute the ‘Big Political Sharks’ of the previous government, clear its ranks of the sharks in its own ranks, control police corruption, make the public servants to serve the public as they are expected to and make the judiciary function as it at all levels, if ‘Yahapalanya’ is to become a reality.

    The game of accommodating with the evil in the name of expediency is not working and is very patently undermining this government. The media which is playing truant and dancing to the tunes of a very visible conductor, should also be made to adhere to the dictum ‘ Facts are sacred, comment is free’. They are at present twisting and distorting facts maliciously. Democracy is being rendered grotesque in the name of good governance!

    If it cannot it should go before it is irredeemably damaged.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 0

    WHO IS YOUR OPPOSITION?? Please don’t act stupid now 2 years have already past and you’re just playing silly games with your party , with the Rightful oppositions , The silly buggers called JOINT OPPOSITION, AND WE THE GENERAL,PUBLIC

    Any opposition holding more than 40 ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES can be identified as a real opposition……….

    Lanka does not have to fullfil any % of UNHRC as Sir Chilcott has discovered the UN is a toothless tiger just barking for money & influence as TONY BLAIR has decided to invade Iraq even before UN sanctions were issued……. Hillarious HR preaching master Humbugs.

    DON STANLEY : COPE Chairman has already got stumped on the letter received by him from Mr. Chandra Jayaratne. He is non plused finding the flimsiest excuse as he is contemplating of resigning from position. Its too much a hot potato to handle.

    FF is like that NGO Joker a former cassoack variety who calls the ASPs to takeover police station……..

    • 1


      The new clown of the JOINT JOKERS OPPOSITION IS Thondamanny.
      Thanks mate for being Funny.

      However the Incurable Disease which has taken hold of our country should be irradicated completely.

  • 2

    It is a good sign that organizations like Friday forum, civil societies
    have come forward to put their good ideas for govt.to put them into
    practice.We miss Ven.Sobitha Thera here.He was a ‘god sent’at the right
    time to save the country from anarchy. In the past we only heard from
    BBS and similar communal organizations. The great change here is that
    the president and the PM and senior ministers are prepared to listen
    to such advices,unlike the previous regime, where some advisers were
    punished for their advice.If democracy is to progress in a country, there should be dialogue between the Govt. and the people and this govt.is moving in the right direction.

  • 1

    “The recent public discussions and criticisms regarding renewal of a controversial appointment in the Central Bank”

    If Friday Falsedom’s shadow Chief Radhi wants that job for her brother she should ask Old King for that. It is not decent for Friday Falsedom to issue statements against renewing Mahendran’s contract.

  • 0

    I really would like to know whether even ONE of this illustrious band were EVER targeted/threatened by the Rajapaksa horde even though they have a justified reputation for moral platitudes from on high, often (politely) critical of the MR horde.

    Could that be because those they were and are critical of don’t give the proverbial tinkers dam about them and their effectiveness insofar as the hoi polloi of this nation are concerned?

    One thing that maybe should be taken into consideration is the fact that, probably without exception, they come from the financial upper classes of this country and I’d suggest that it is not REALLY in their interest to rock, leave alone capsize, the craft of corruption for that very reason.

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