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Full Text: I Welcome Mr. Prabhakaran’s Remarks; Rajapaksa’s Speech To Diplomats 2005

Even though the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and state controlled media attacked former President Chandrika Kumaratunga over calling LTTE Supremo ‘Mister Prabahakaran’, Rajapaksa him self did the same.

Addressing the diplomatic community in November 2005, Rajapaksa said; “In this regard I welcome Mr. Prabhakaran’s remarks yesterday recognizing my pragmatic approach and my invitation to talks, as extending the hand of friendship. Let me use this occasion, to reiterate my invitation to Mr. Prabhakaran for talks.”

We publish below his speech in full.

Remarks by H.E. the President at the meeting with the diplomatic community – 28th November 2005
Your Excellencies
Distinguished Representatives
And Senior Officials of International Agencies

May I warmly welcome you and thank you, for being present here today, for this first briefing of the diplomatic community after my swearing in. I thought I should meet your Excellencies immediately after my statement in Parliament. This I do, given the importance my Government attaches, to continuous and open interaction with our friendly countries. I therefore appreciate your interest and ready response.

Foreign Policy

In the area of foreign policy, I must begin by saying that I intend to ensure continuity of the foreign policy of our Government.

Mahinda Ampara 20 12 2014 MR FBIn its broadest sense, we will follow a foreign policy of friendship with all and enmity towards none. To this end we will be guided by the principles espoused by the Non Aligned Movement and the developing countries, wherever these principles and our national interests converge. We will build on our solid and very close bilateral relationships with our immediate neighbours of the sub-region, as well as our friends in Asia. We will further strengthen our relations with the rest of the world. Sri Lanka will continue to be a consensus builder in the international arena in keeping with the long standing tradition of Sri Lankan diplomacy. We have done so in several landmark international issues, ranging from the Law of the Sea to disarmament, and from combating terrorism to promoting human rights. It is in the same spirit of contributing to international consensus building that we have offered the nomination of our countryman Jayantha Dhanapala as Asia’s nominee for the UN Secretary General post.

My personal commitment as a human rights campaigner at the grass roots level, makes me accord priority to the promotion and protection of human rights in all our international endeavours. I hope to build upon a very positive and proactive role played by Sri Lanka in promoting human rights. We will do this through international cooperation and not through confrontation. As far as domestic measures are concerned, I am pleased to inform you that one of my priority tasks would be to adopt a Charter of Human Rights, based on international conventions, as an integral part of any constitutional change we may have. I have already given this commitment in my statement in Parliament last Friday.

We will continue to play an active role in the United Nations and other multilateral bodies, as well as in sub regional and regional forums. We will be constructive and creative in contributing to efforts at regional and multilateral levels, to support national activities for economic development, humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution.

Greater efforts will be made to widen and deepen the economic content of our foreign policy efforts and foreign relations activities, as already initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.

As I stated in Parliament, my Government is committed to achieving a 8% growth rate for which I will aggressively pursue foreign investment, including FDI and private sector partnership. This we will do, within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals [MDG] and a priority programme for poverty reduction. To this end, we will continue to pursue the foreign investor friendly policy package we already have.

On this occasion I must express my gratitude to all our development partners for their generous support towards rehabilitation and reconstruction in Sri Lanka, following the Tsunami disaster. I welcome in particular, the debt relief and substantial aid provided to rebuild infrastructure and restore livelihood. I am also encouraged by your continued assistance for reconstruction and development in the conflict affected areas. I am certain that we all agree that development is essential to peace making, as well as consolidating and sustaining peace. I would also like to assure you that donor coordination will be further streamlined in order to optimize our development partnership for promoting peace and development.

I also propose to very strongly pursue and promote broad based bipartisan support for our foreign policy initiatives. This approach has been the hallmark of our foreign relations since independence.

Peace Process

With regard to achieving lasting peace through a negotiated political solution, I have already given the broad policy outlines of my approach in my statement after the swearing in on 19th November 2005. My deep commitment to pursuing the process through broad based consultations and with the assistance of all those friendly countries, which have helped us in the past, needs no reiteration. In this regard, I have directed the Foreign Minister and the Peace Secretariat to initiate consultations with the Co- chairs – Japan, the United States, the EU and Norway.

To me the peace process is not about posturing to win favour with anyone, nationally or internationally. It is about resolving a very complex issue that has polarized the very fabric of our society. My agenda is very clear, the process of achieving peace must be founded on trust and confidence. Most importantly, peace must be built on commitments that can be delivered in full. It is towards this end that I build consensus within the political landscape, so that the agreements that we reach at peace talks are fully deliverable.

Notwithstanding the incidents in the North and in the East in the run-up to and on the day of the Presidential Election, I hope the LTTE will not henceforth be negative to the free and fair exercise of the franchise at all levels of future elections. I also hope they will respond positively to my call for talks without delay. What I have outlined is an approach based on democracy, human rights, transparency and simplicity. I wish to start work in consultation with all stakeholders.

In this regard I welcome Mr. Prabhakaran‘s remarks yesterday recognizing my pragmatic approach and my invitation to talks, as extending the hand of friendship. Let me use this occasion, to reiterate my invitation to Mr. Prabhakaran for talks.

We can resume work immediately on reviewing the operation ceasefire, whilst we prepare ourselves for eventual substantive talks leading to a lasting solution. These processes can work in parallel and not necessarily sequentially.

I reaffirm my Government’s commitment to continue the ceasefire. I hope the LTTE will heed the call of the people in Sri Lanka and the international community, by fully complying with the ceasefire, especially those provisions relating to observance of human rights, such as refraining from the recruitment of child soldiers, political killings, abductions, and other illegal activities.

I should mention that, after over three and a half years of the ceasefire, it is time to take a look at the operation of the ceasefire agreement, and how its implementation can be made more effective and enforceable, than it is now.

The people in Sri Lanka have expressed their confidence in the views I have explained about the peace process. I have pointed out that it is very essential to make the process more transparent. I intend to make the peace process more open and more inclusive than it is now. We are talking about a peace for all the people of this country.

The international community has been very supportive of the peace making efforts in our country, especially in the much needed efforts to reconstruct the damage caused by decades of destruction. While appreciating, the generous financial assistance extended by our development partners, my Government will devote a particular priority towards accelerating the reconstruction and development in the North and in the East, in order to effectively enhance earning capacities. This will ensure the maximum availability of the peace dividend to the people. We also need international assistance to ensure that peace making is not at the cost of democracy and pluralism for the people of the North and East. These are inalienable rights.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to meeting with you bilaterally for further discussions.

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  • 11

    Some where else in CT, well known journalist Mr. Mahindapala is saying that Mahinda Rajapakse had never addressed Velu as Mr. Pabakaran.

    • 7

      Dear Mr. Medamulana Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa,

      Wish you all the best in your retirement on January 9, 2015.

      Why take the abuse. You can call P whatever you want.

      Good bye.


    • 4

      Also the latest is that Mr. K. Pathmanathan has been given diplomatic passport to leave the island.


      • 4

        “President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he will not leave Sri Lanka after the January 8 Presidential election and will remain in the country.”

        Then what the hell is VASS doing in Singapore? He recently purchased PALACE for whom? He and his second wife should be in SL and voting for MR. Why are they in Singapore?

        “The government did not have any idea about who the common candidate will be, because the United National Party (UNP) used an ancient communicating method to prevent intelligence officers getting in the know, UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake said during a press briefing”

        The MODAYA KING RAJAPAKSHE spent millions in making videos, leaflets, etc against RANIL until last movement thinking that RANIL is going to be the common candidate.

        “The method of communicating through letters was used before Maithripala Sirisena was announced as the common candidate. UNP MP Ramanayake noted that out of the many letters that arrived to join the New Democratic Front (NDF), one of them was from Kelaniya, but when the letter was discussed, Athuraliyeh Rathana Thera said to reject the letter and some other party members said that they will not join the stage with NDF if he is participating. Therefore, the NDF decided to reject the letter sent from Kelaniya.”

        Poor Mervin Silva!

  • 11

    K A Sumanasekera

    Whats going on in your head?

    Now it is your responsibility to explain away as to why it was okay for MR to address VP respectfully and the same person finds fault on Chandrika.

    Is it because these two incidents took place 9 years apart, before VP (BVP)and after VP (AVP)? MR must have shown his gratitude to VP just after his glorious first victory in 2005.

    MR must be eternally grateful to VP for winning him two elections and the war.

    Has anyone seen a temple for VP in MR’s bedroom?

    • 2

      Dear Mr Native Vedda,

      Prabakaran , your Thavalar was in the august company of Sir Milliband and Rt Hon Mr Solheim in 2005.. Right ?..

      It is protocol my friend, Mr Native..

      • 1

        If protocol is the excuse, then what protocol was followed for the events that took place after the surrender of Nadesan and Pulithevan which was mediated by the same UN and Solheim? Oh they are terrorist, so protocol is selective for you when it suits you.
        If the protocol don’t matter when killing, then why should it matter in a speech?
        Any excuse brought from you after this to justify MaRa will be applicable to CBK as well.

        • 2


          The Sri Lankan protocol stipulates that the most intelligent minister of the present government should extend his good will towards visiting International Civil Servants by offering a serious matrimonial proposal, well he being the groom.

  • 9

    The Rajapaksa gang is clutching at straws as a last ditch attempt to sling mud at the Sirisena camp. Rajapaksa seems to have realised that the end is nigh for him.

  • 2

    Rajapaksa[Edited out]

    Me [Edited out]. He called Prabakaran as Mr. Prabakaran before anyone. No one believe his talks. [Edited out]

  • 5

    Not only has Mahinda addressed old Velu as Mr P but his brother is at it again offering bribes to the Transnational Eelam government Prime Minister Rudrakumaran in exchange for his assistance in blocking at least 10% of the Tamil vote. Accordingly assistance has been given in the form of Anandi since day before yesterday to engage in a campaign to canvass for an election boycott. Brand new Prado Intercooler with full security detail has been provided to Anandi a northern provincial coucilor and well known former LTTE fighter. So much for the LTTE sympathies of Madam CBK. There has never been any other sinhalese political leader that ever made so many underhand deals with the LTTE than the current occupant.

    • 1


      If all what is said above is true and correct this would be a big let down on all respectable Sinhalese citizens.

  • 2

    Where is M ……pala with this revealation? Please rewrite your article.

  • 1

    The family is so desperate to stay in power they’ll say and do anything. This nonsense about chandrika calling mr. Prabakaran is another pathetic attempt to sling mud at the opposition.

    Every tinpot dictator from gaddafi to saddam to Mubarak to Marcos thought they were invincible. They thought they were kings or gods and behaved as thought they owned their countries. Then the people kicked them out and they either died like dogs on the street or were discredited so much that their legacy became nothing but that of being crooks. Mahinda has done a lot for Sri lanka in terms of he war but by allowing his family to loot the country and behaving like a cheap gangster, he too is now ready for the dustbin of history. If he doesn’t go away gracefully he will also die like a dog on the street just like his vanquished enemy prabakaran.

  • 1

    MR should be tried by the court for funding LTTE Terrorists in 2005 to manipulate his so called victory. He will always remain as the only President in SL who was never legitimately elected by the people. I have confidence that a majority of people want a change on the 8th of Jan but this rogue is planning to manipulate his victory again.


  • 0

    Mr. Rajapaksa, If the President of Sri Lanka could address the leader of the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world as MR. PRABJAKARAN TWICE in front of the Diplomatic Corps, then is it wrong or unfit for a former President to address him as MR. PRABHAKARAN. If Elara’s tomb still exists, I am convinced that you will worship the tomb to convice our Tamil speaking brothers and sisters to vote for you. I have a very humble request to you Mr. Rajapaksa. You have exhausted all your cards including the trump cards and you are left with one joker. It is very clear that you are being rejected by over 58% but you have one last chance to try to win by using the joker. Please collect all your ill-gotten monies (from (tax-payers’ monies and the debts of our future generations) which is a few trillion dollars and give on a platter to the CHINESE PRESIDENT and invite him on the 7th January and get him to say that China promises to alleviate poverty in Sri Lanka (ofcourse raising your left hand) and all the poor people which stands now about 95% of the population will vote for you. Try your luck please otherwise you and your “nade” will have to live in exile and your brothers with green cards will live happily in the USA.

  • 1

    ‘The Official Website of the Data and Information Unit of the Presidential Secretariat, Sri Lanka’ modified the transcript of the President’s 2005 speech to remove a para which had ‘Mr. Prabhakaran’.

    This is the link to the new version:))

    But forgot to update mea.gov

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