21 June, 2024


Maithripala Sirisena, The Commonest Of All Candidates

By Vishwamithra1984

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.” ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

In a very real sense, the voter of Sri Lanka is fortunate. He is fortunate because he did not have to endure two more years of disgraceful governance by the Rajapaksas; he is fortunate because he finds a common front along which the anti-Rajapaksa forces are lined up and he is fortunate because he has a credible and trustworthy candidate to vote for. The winds of anguish and pain that swept across the landscape of Sri Lanka over the last five weeks will eventually settle into a mild breeze, comforting many a heart and mind, hopefully.

Maithri newThe weeping thousands and grieving millions would breathe out a collective sigh of relief. Among those millions are Appuhamy of the Deep South, and Mudiyanse in the pleasant Hill Country, Murugesu in the Estate sector and Sivapalan in Nallur and Mohamed and Hanifa in the serene East and bustling Colombo. They don’t represent the upper middle-class of the power centers; nor do they originate from the well-to-do families in the rural petty bourgeoisie, they are not even half-baked professionals. They all emerge each morning from their ramshackle homes; at the wee hours of the day with sun rays falling on their haggard profiles, they begin another routine day; Appuhamy goes to the paddy field where he is working on ‘ande’ basis on his landlord’s field, Mudiyanse gets ready with his freshly sharpened knife to pluck the coconuts in the adjoining property; Murugesu goes to the morning roster of the estate and Sivapalan fetches water from the ‘aandi’ well to nourish the arid land on which he grows his onions and chilies.

Mohamed approaches the shore from the previous night’s journey into the high seas for a fresh catch of fish while Hanifa is getting ready with his whatnots arranged neatly on a cart to go from house to house selling cheap ornaments. They all work hard to keep their families fed, children schooled and neighbors away from scandalous gossip. Their earnings are an honest wage for sweat and true labor.

But during the last few weeks all of them had been inundated with political literature; they had received many a campaigner and canvasser at their doorsteps. Politicians who never ever visited these lads are trying to beat each other to call on them; they are stopping by the roadside and pleading with our ordinary folks and asking for their votes. It’s a terrible scene reminding one of the cynical shade of politics.

Appuhamy is being disturbed while he is ploughing his field and Mudiyanse is being offered king coconut by the owner of the property himself who is tirelessly campaigning for the incumbent. Both Appuhamy and Mudiyanse are ardent Buddhists; they go to the village temple each Poya Day and teach their children the value of good behavior and merits of following contented lifestyles. Yet their children have been caught in the web of the culture that was a by-product of the Rajapaksa regime. Occasional indulgences in narcotics and alcohol have taken toll of the studies of the sons of Appuhamy and Mudiyanse. The children of the seventies’ generation have become unpleasant victims of a dangerously corrupt set of politicians who think that a ‘war-victory’ could justify the commission of any sin and crime. That is the saddest chapter and meanest element of this sad saga.

But all these reasonable men know that the hour of decision is fast approaching. Their families are despaired. Declining incomes coupled with escalating living costs have formed the proverbial vicious cycle of poverty, creating a dependency syndrome among this fraternity spread around the four corners in Sri Lanka, sparing no community, be it religious, ethnic or caste. Traditionally, Sri Lankans as a nation have been gripped by ‘free this and free that’ mentality; successive governments have been feeding a nation at the cost of long-term investments in the commanding spheres of the economy. But no government has resorted to such blatant giveaways as the current regime led by the Rajapaksas. To make a sad story of dependence even sadder, the Rajapaksas have created mass-scale alms-centers (Dan Sala) all over the country; each Presidential Mansion has become an alms-center and varied segments of the population are treated to lavish lunches and dinners, making the giver look like a benevolent ruler although it is the exact opposite which is true. A shameless ruler has reduced an impoverished people into one waiting for free alms.

The culturally rich and socially proud nation is dwarfed into a feeble people bereft of all decent values and this propensity on the part of our people has been continuing; maybe because it was the main Parliamentary Opposition that was responsible for the laid-back approach adopted by its leaders at the time. Maithripala Sirisena has given our friends, Appuhamy, Mudiyanse, Murugesu, Sivapalan, Mohamed and Hanifa new hope; he has injected new life and fresh energy into their otherwise settled-to-fate life style.

They could not have found a commoner candidate than Maithripala Sirisena. A stroke of genius on the part of some politically savvy mind seems to be working. The mighty intelligence apparatus of the Rajapaksas was taken by surprise. The machinery that showered merciless suppression upon the innocent Rathupaswela denizens couldn’t anticipate the defection of the de facto second-in-command (Maithripala Sirisena) from their own ranks. So much for the competence of the so-called Defense Establishment!

The commoner can relate to the commonest of all common candidates, Maithripala Sirisena. He is no Colombo-educated pundit; he is not a pretender like the incumbent. His patriotism is genuine and his honesty is unquestioned. Sinhalese Buddhists are for him, Tamils and Muslims are for him; the rich and the poor are for him and the urban dwellers and rural folks are for him. Fighting against the most corrupt and deceitful ruling clan in the history of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena took an enormous risk when he decided to decamp the Rajapaksas. The stakes were too high not to risk all. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru once said that the policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook said: “In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” From the sublime wisdom of Kashmir, North India to the down-to-earth craftiness of the West, those who showed willingness to take risks had a very reasonable chance of being triumphant at the end of it all.

A common man is taking all possible risks. Come to think of it, from the various reports reaching us, it is could be a comfortable passage for Maithripala Sirisena.

Appuhamy would continue to plough his field; Mudiyanse keeps plucking coconuts; Murugesu would attend to his estate work and Sivapalan will fetch water to his home-garden plot; Mohamed is looking afar to the sea and getting ready for his usual nightly journey to the deep seas with the setting sun and Hanifa is busy with his vending cart. They are all commoners and they have all made up their minds and persuaded their respective families to do so as well.

They are all hoping for a change and “compassionate governance”.

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    Hopefully it will be above 60% for Maithree.

    • 2

      Vishwamithra1984 –

      RE: Maithripala Sirisena, The Commonest Of All Candidates

      “In a very real sense, the voter of Sri Lanka is fortunate. He is fortunate because he did not have to endure two more years of disgraceful governance by the Rajapaksas; he is fortunate because he finds a common front along which the anti-Rajapaksa forces are lined up and he is fortunate because he has a credible and trustworthy candidate to vote for. The winds of anguish and pain that swept across the landscape of Sri Lanka over the last five weeks will eventually settle into a mild breeze, comforting many a heart and mind, hopefully.”

      In a sense, it looks like the Gods Protecting Sri Lanka and its People, decided, that is enough, and got the Astrolgers to get Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa to go for early elections and lose.

      The only hope for MaRa is fraud.

      If it is Fair election, Mr. Mairipala Sirisena will win.

      Tje Win can ve in the Range 55% to 65% and even 70% for Mr. Mairtiplala Sirisena Vs. 45%, 49%, 36% and even 30% for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

      If Full of Frauds and Jilmarts, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa Will win with doctored 53% to 47%. Then three will be a Sri Lankan Spring and bloodshed.

      What is happening at the village level in the South Sri Lanka?

      The 2015 Presidential Election: A view from the village by Bradman Weerakoon – on 01/04/2015
      Photo by Eranga Jayawardena/Associated Press, via The Washington Post The Pre-election scenario

      • 1

        Yes Maithreepala is lucky, He did not have to eradicate a 30 year old terrorism from the country. People will deliver the correct message on 8th,

        Ahh, Mervin is also now with My3?
        Can someone tell me the difference of new regime?

        I know one, all the traitors are together, This is the reason Sajith Premadasa keep his mouth closed,

        The only good thing happened out of all of this is, Mahinda can now call a early election and get rid of all the bad apples even without the pension. That will save some money for the government,

        Every single indicator says, government is on right track on the economy, Opposition is trying get votes by scare mongering,

        democracy will follow naturally when people have space to breath, Until then let us keep the good thing going, Kandahaliyo will screw up everything.

        • 2

          what are you bubbling ?
          Do you have any other choice than voting for justice/law and order reenforcement ?
          Do you want your kids, women, people to live under threat without enjoying the basic rights being slaved to Rajapakshes ?

          Are you that a dummiy being unable to listen to your belly feeling ?

          • 1

            Yes, I have many choices,

            Stability, Currently we have a strong stable government leading the country with some strong economic objectives, Whether they are right or wrong can be seen in the future, Some of them are already evident from the Hambantota harbor, I remember all those people who criticized this project unfairly, Currently it is providing lot of revenue to the country! Most of the articles that criticize this government lacks objectivity, If we look at the indicators of economy, Everything point towards improvements. I am not referring to Central Bank, I am referring to IMF, ADB and International rating agencies etc,

            The new government promises us Sun and Moon, This is how Chandrika came to power in 90, I was arguing with my University colleagues then that nothing will change exactly like this.

            West does not have the will power or the capacity to invest in SL, They are struggling with their economies, In fact there is no restrictions if they want to do projects in SL even now.

            Implementation of law and order works for common people like you and me, It does not work for MR’s Henchmen, I know this is wrong and should change, But Improving publice transport, Health sector is more important to me that human rights and law and order, People who murder perpetrators with out a fair trial, We will see the natural justice prevail, So far only few escaped the natural justice for wrong doing,

            I do not rely on political parties for anything, I do not associate politicians, I rely on Mahinda’s leadership at this point of time than this canda haliya leadership, After all, thieves are jumping to Matithree’s side, So all the good reason to keep this government.

            Also the Security is also a vital issue, TNA and LTTE proxies have still not come down from Federal idea! Where is the compromise? If the forces are not in North, Sinhalese will not even be able to visit these areas, Forget about living. Hat mongers are still working at large, Do you hear any Tamil leader call for reconcile apart from Devananda?

            There was favoritism under UNP govts too, You may be naive to believe suddenly things will change for good after 8th Jan, Not me. With this govt as long as you do not interfere with politics, No businessman have been victimized!

            Look at the people in this Kanda Haliya

            Maithree: What are his achievement as ministers in may PA govt? Have you seen the lame excuses he was giving for the pharmaceutical bill, He should have resigned them if he had integrity!

            Hrunika, Mahinda’s adapted daughter!

            Rajitha: Only talk no achievements!

            Do you expect me to vote for people/ hand over country who said forces were going to Pamankada, when they were attacking Alimankada?

            Sarath Fonseka: Another Despot trying to be the Next mahinda!

            Arjuna: Brutally attacked Asoka Kanishta Students.

            Now Mervin also?

            Chandrika: Worst leadership ever to produce in SL.

            Mangala: Dining with Mahinda!

            Give me a break!

            I think people will deliver the correct message, May be you have forgotten what Mahinda achieved defeating LTTE, Not me, I am still grateful that no one dies on bus bombs or land mines.

            Yes we need democracy , Rule of law, But go and talk to ordinary people if they give a 10 cents to these? Sri Lankans cheer when suspect get killed during police custody, They witnessed 60,000 youths get killed with Parala Ana and Tyres! They got lot to learn about democracy, Our people vote for rice packet!

            Mahinda can be undemocratic despot,
            Yet like Premadasa, He has a feeling towards the ordinary people!
            These were the same criticism brought against Premadasa, Remember how Chandrika criticised the garment factories? 17 year UNP curse? all the Bogas are in the same Kanda haliya now

            • 1

              You the like people within our population would make wrong decisions while being unable to see the need of the hour.
              I dont agree with you that CBK has been the worst president – because if her foreign affairs did not get LTTE banned every rich soils, MR or any magic men would nt have achieved anything with terror elimination.
              What matters is right now – you guys have licenced MR and thugs to rape the nation. That is more than the harm being made by 30 years civil war related losses and conseuqneces.
              In case, MR would become the next leader, there will be a big crisis wihtin the nation – there will be no more so called development projects – people (powerful opposition) will not allow Rajapakshes to abuse the nation as has been sofar. That is the reality.
              Anyway, right at the moment, I cant predict anything about the eleciton result outcome since mostly people are held unaware of the ground realities of the current situaton.
              Right at the momment – while being outside you will hear no good about SRILANKA – it is all because the man in power allowed all his henchmen to give a lead to ex affairs. They have fully destroyed the image that the previous educated talented diplomats made on mother lanka. Thanks go to Mrs B chinese connections remained – and MR and thugs harvested it by selling and prostutiing the island nation. But how many more months they can do so willbe seen if MR would be elected.
              People of the country – specially ones in rural corners and the guys who only see one side- as nation s pundit katussa does (Dayana Jayathilaka) -should take the responsiblity if democratic values would be eleminated in this island.
              Eleminating terror is good – but that must not be a licence rascals to abuse the very same nation. That is simply comprehsible for anyone with a bird brain unfortuantely not yet to guys of your nature. Latter is the curse for us all that respect dignified life.

            • 1

              “Mahinda can be undemocratic despot,”

              This seem to be nothing for you. How many of the average suffer today not seeing justice for anything. Having spent FEW weeks in the country, I happened to see people are not at all happy the way how the buggers in power are abusing them. I myself felt as if I went to a market in London/Frankfurt – being unable to afford myself – sky rocketed prices as common man would never be able to afford. Just buying a packet of milk power costed me 400 rps even if their boasts made it clear that the country is self sufficient to this day – what the hell have you guys been bubbling… they the rascals in power run THE LIVES similar to that of rich arabians, while leaving the poor of the poor of middle class let fall much deeper. While kssing the infants to show his fake kindness, the man in power has no hearts to reduce the prices of daily essentials like – KIRIPITI…. why cant he do it if he has got so called hearts towards the poor. I hav eno doubt Premadasa would have given the poor lot more than the incumbent did it sofar.
              He surely has abused the assets of the people – we can see all these in the months to come- You cant make the very same nation fool again and again. May our people be blessed with all strenghs to get all these correctly before going to vote for the wrong man.

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    “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have know defeat”,,, Vishwamithra quoting Elizabeth..

    Wonder what happened to the most beautiful Ranil, the darling of the Elite, Anglicans, Vellalas and the West?..

  • 0

    Will CC Sira’s intended daughter in law and her father attend the inauguration?

    Because Ranil, the most beautiful has put in his manifesto, that all Blue ( SLFP Blue) Collar financial crooks and bribe takers will be arrested on the 9th Jan.

    Unless the whole extended family have taken UNP membership post dated to early last year,before Sira’s in laws (I mean future in laws) bought Million Dollar properties in Cinnamon Gardens ?..

    • 0

      “Unless the whole extended family have taken UNP membership post dated to early last year,before Sira’s in laws (I mean future in laws) bought Million Dollar properties in Cinnamon Gardens ?.. “

      LOL !!! Sumane, u seem to forget the meaning of POST dated and Pre Dated… when the election is just days away…ummm

      MY3 all the way………..

  • 4

    The response shown by various factions of our society and the enthusiasm may give a clear edge for Maithree as the ordinary public is looking for a Change . However, all concerned must ensure a violent free election, fair play and justice to ensure the peoples mandate is honoured.

  • 1


    “The winds of anguish and pain that swept across the landscape of Sri Lanka over the last five weeks will eventually settle into a mild breeze, comforting many a heart and mind, hopefully”

    Unfortunately we are not dealing with an ordinary bunch of criminals to dream of a mild breeze. The criminals who run the country at the moment are well organised, have immense power and wealth, ruthless, have military backing, the kudu mudalalis ready to do any bidding, the police who will turn a blind eye when asked to do so, a subservient judiciary, thugs dressed in saffron robes ready to run riot and Vishwa, you are dreaming of a breeze that will comofort hearts and minds.

    Sadly the real fireworks will begin if despite mass scale vote rigging and jilmart My3 should be announced the winner. Be ready for a whirlwind of epic proportions and when the dust settles do not be suprised if MARA brothers will emerge victorious.

  • 3

    Difficult to know, isn’t it. On one hand the people want the stability of MR for the immediacy. Parties like CP, JVP and part JHU in coalition with MR will allay the fears that SB masses will be sidelined. Low-caste Jaffna (90-99%) will see MR as a way to regain some dignity . There is a problem with global-politics and the US factor, but there is a current impasse on the big-powers’ side, and therefore alliancing with China might not be so big of a deal……although the West would prefer to play it safe.

    With MS on the other hand, UNP and coalition represent unsureness, and a probable sidelining of SB and Tamil rural masses. Big brains and old-poshness from both sides will be much honored, and country will develop around those concepts in true cautious capitalistic fashion. Will Jaffna-Tamils know that with greater autonomy given by UNP, it will be in their interest to work with the South, as they feel the scorn of being 2nd class Tamils by the much bigoted TN’s, more than the scorn of the more comparatively uncomplicated SB’s (albeit….barbarous)? There will also be a greater alliance with the West, till all is balanced out and everything will look like non-alignment in the end. No problem from the West at all.

    With MR :
    1. Socialized capitalism, albeit feudalistic-style

    2. Poor masses on both sides dignified. However is the Apphumy, Mudiyanse, Murugesu, Sivapalan, and Mohamed and Hanifa story truly of the present-day masses, or are they remnants of previous two-generations, with the newer generation ME savvy, and wanting to get into everything commercialized and industrialized?

    3. Cronyism, bandyism of country resources from one family under scrutiny of population, and therefore easier to spot, and possibly corrected……if not turned into dictatorship.

    4. Chance of tension with West

    5. Unknown factors in long-term country sustenance

    6. Chauvinism (BBS, some elements of JHU).

    With MS :
    1. Cautious capitalism, bordering oligarchic-form

    2. “Trickling-down” of country long-term investment returns to poor masses. Is the risk into modernity worth it, to preserve lifestyles for Apphumy, Mudiyanse, Murugesu, Sivapalan, and Mohamed and Hanifa?

    3. Yet to be developed adequate functionable structure of commercial enterprise, taxation and management of country resources, and therefore bandyism et al, will be more pervasive and difficult to control.

    4. No tension from West.

    5. Chauvinism to a Zero.

    6. Country to commence in more modern and neo-Lankan-format with more know factors via global-network for country-sustenance

    • 1

      Obviously, you have not heard about the Polonnaruwa dynasty by the my3 brothers.:)

      • 0

        yet they are beholden unto to Ranila, Chandrika and the rest of the bourgeoisie. MR-dynasty is with the poor, lame and crippled of the likes of JVP.

  • 1

    Here’s the deal.
    If Maithree wins,
    1. he must stay as president for the first term.
    2. A National Assembly must be created within 100 days.
    3. within 100 days the Constitution must be amended to give more powers to the parliament and prime minister. Not too much that htey will encroach on Still the executive president.
    4. Parliamentary elections as soon as the constitution gilmarts are done.
    The problem is that this achchaaru coalition is not going to work together to address the 13,14,15,16,17,18 Amendments….

    CBK will wind MY3 to hold onto the presidential powers….
    Ranil will be empty handed and cheated again…by CBK..
    So, people VOTE for MR!!! please!!

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