30 June, 2022


Full Text Of The High Commissioner Pillay’s 74 Point Report On Sri Lanka

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner’s office called for an independent international inquiry into possible war crimes committed during Sri Lanka’s civil war. High Commissioner Navi Pillay, said “national mechanisms have consistently failed to establish the truth and achieve justice”. To read the report click here.

Navi Pillay

Navi Pillay

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    [Edited out] –

    when you going to call for an independent international inquiry for Iraq -Afghanistan -Burma -Philippines -Kashmir – ?

    First do that [Edited out]

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      It seems you have never listened to her, Cameron et al.

      They always spoke about journalist, attack on churches, mosques first and very little about the tamils and their struggle.

      you sinhal buddhist modayas especially of the south and the northern tamil are just digging the grave of every one else in the land.

      The land does not belong to anyones father.

      Now go read the full article of 34 pages.

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        This is Native Vedda after imbibing something.

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      A sad day for any hopes for a just new world order.

      The whole report is unmitigated hypocrisy and unrelenting negativity.

      Just look at the very first recommendation: “(a) Finalise laws dealing with incitement to hatred …” If this is not incitement, what is incitement? A country desperately trying to put its past behind and move forward by taking constructive steps towards reconciliation and unity based on pluralism is being constantly bombarded with narrow and divisive ethno-nationalist messages. The whole exercise is to keep reminding the people of their past failures in nation building and to rekindle the hatred and mistrust that beset the country for so long. People are being encouraged to seek revenge rather than reconciliation.

      Navi Pillay then talks about the right to information. But whose right? Will she also respect the right to information of the Sri Lankan people and take steps to make available the following information to us:

      1) India’s role, in contravention of international law, in financing, training and equipping the LTTE and other Tamil militant groups to launch terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

      2) How Norway, in contravention of international law, conspired with the LTTE to undermine the constitution and sovereignty of the people, and divide the country under the pretext of “peace negotiations.”

      3) How the US, EU and Norway, in contravention of international law, tried to impose a ceasefire with the connivance of the UN to rescue Prabakaran and other top LTTE leaders in order to give oxygen to LTTE and keep the country embroiled in conflict and thus prolong human right violations.

      4) How the western countries with Tamil Diasporas violated international law in overlooking or even allowing the LTTE to use their soil and resources to raise funds (through voluntary contributions, extortion, and through various criminal activities), undergo training, and procure weapons in order to launch terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

      5) Finally will Navi Pillay stop violating the rights of Sri Lankan people by withholding information about current efforts of the US and its allies to bring about a regime change in Sri Lanka with the connivance of the UN, human rights organizations, NGOs and their local civil society agents under the pretext of redressing human right violations and war crimes. What Navi Pillay is presently revealing is only partial information sanctioned by her US masters meant for public consumption.

      Navi Pillay, we Sri Lankans demand you to provide us access to full information pertaining to measures that are underway to deprive our freedom as a people and undermine the future of our country – instead of the cynical public relations prattle that you have come up with. It is our right to information that you are violating.

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        You have come up sheer emotional drivel!

        “It is our right to information that you are violating.”

        On what basis you say that Ms Pillay violated your right to information? Please grow up and face the facts as a man. You feel violated and deprived standing on a Sinhala Buddhist platform decrying that you are not being allowed to establish a system of governance favouring the chosen people! The Tamils seek justice and you have no capacity or willingness to offer! Your emotions have obscured your vision such that you cannot see that justice and accountability are the bedrocks of democracy. We need to build a nation on a just and equal platform; hopefully the UN will assist in this endeavour!

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    Wrong+Wrong does not equal right.I do not for a moment condone Iraq,Afganistan and so on. This is the typical mind set of most of the people, UNP was also involved in Corruption and Murder and we UPFA also do it. This is even proudly claimed in TV debates by the ruling party and claim that they are lesser evils than the UNP. When will we come to our senses and behave humanely and stop castigating the other party.

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      Nation’s idiot who is nobody else the president himself is worried about the manner that people criticise this regime today. It is all because of lack of feasibility in road and building constructions- that only abuse the funds of tax payers’s. Their motto have been making avenues for the revenues of familial rule rather than anything else. Some villagers are very angry being unable to see the roads getting damaged not even passing 2-3 years after them being made. There are no govt that would earn no corruption of various forms. But the levels of Rajapskes have achieved have gone all record levels, this but sending poorest of the poor in hunger. Today, they are reported to be eating bitter guards, melons or bannana stems to survive the life in some rural parts while money extortions have been the part of their agenda for the development of schools and other so called projects. In a thuggish manner, SB dissanayake lately made it clear that they more than 6% of the GDP is being spent on the education sector, asked whether they could show them, was unanswered telling something palatable to bury all lords of blatant lies. This is not only the nature of SB or few others but most of them in the coalition cocktail. Some dont even dare to face the life today, becasue pepole’ resistance have just started.

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    I await the haters to come out of the woodwork against Pillai -for the record this regime voted FOR her in her reelection , I wonder why LOL

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    That Ms.Pillai would call for an international investigation was expected, but now that the report is official we should step back and understand the seriousness of this. This is another defining moment in SL’s contemporary history. This is the head of the Apex human rights body, recommending in an official report that an international intervention needs to take place, because SL is incapable of governing itself in a civilized manner. Rather than being grown ups and taking responsibility for their actions, the GOSL is resorting to their only strategy: the ad-hominem attack – Attack Ms.Pillai, the US, the UK, India and even the UN system. It’s amazing to see so many two bit politicians dare to question the integrity of the UN system. They do this because they don’t understand the value of their own membership in the UN system. Do they have any idea what the Palestinian people would give to attend the UN general assembly as a fully fledged member even for one day? SL doesn’t value its membership in the UN because it didn’t work for it. It was handed to them on a silver platter. It’s not certain if the Tamil people will get a seat at the table at the UN in the foreseeable future, but what is certain is that if that were to happen, they would never in a million years, question the integrity of the UN, its secretary general or the high commissioner of human rights.

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      Yes they cant tolerate any others’s views. There they are losers by all means. Only learnt diplomats would know how to address those issues. MR and the ones in lanken cocktail should be very much aware of the danger before them. The mandate given by the people or dragged from the people, if I may say so, they could make genuine efforts to achieve peace. But as many criticise them today, Rajapakse’s arrogance and folly have not allowed him to achieve at least 1% towards the peace. Physical constructions are though essential, they are still secondary so long all channels to the achieve peace are blocked because of their lack of knowledge how to gain them. People are attacking the opposition today, but they ruling virulent coalition would not allow anyone to criticise them, nor would they admit any wrong doings. Those who praise them are promoted regardless of them being just the social scum. Even Premadasa had good areas people could praise him much. But Rajapaskse are just born thugs that pave the way only uncultured rascals to grow easily.

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    My word Ms Pillay has not beaten around the bush! I think that the Rajapaskas have made a calculated blunder by antagonising this woman! This document is official and carries with it credence and respectability. Many countries that MR hopes to lobby, have much mull with; will they discard such a document from a person with such a record? The African countries in particular will respect her history with South African post Apartheid period. Is this the beginning of the end of the Rajapaksas?

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    Javi -if I am sinhala Modaya ,what are you ?? paringya? or java babath bugger? if paringya we will put you and pack you to Portugal ,if babath curry we will pack you to tsunami Indonesia..LOL

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      ” what are you ?? paringya? if paringya we will put you and pack you to Portugal,”

      Anto tonto,

      No one puts be anywhere I am where I am first world and travel at will.

      Pity your passport has no value even the storage space.

      you are the product of the stupid buddha god free education.

      When i go to Indonesia its always to Bali beautiful Hindu land (50 million hindus) where there are classic buddhist temples too but out of bound to buddha god modaya sihala.

      Your problem like most is you dont read to get into discussion. (^‿◕)

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    Now Sri Lanka has enough evidence to file a defamation lawsuit against this female dog

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      What is stopping you then? Please go ahead and file a case against “this female dog”

      Why stop there; you can take Channel 4 to courts as well?

      I cannot wait to see the drama!

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    Javi -you are nothing but a fake asylum seeker ,you may be in first world ,but at least I am a patriot who have lived and been true to my motherland ,not a dirty babath curry like you and beside you are a dirty scum foreigner mind your business from now on , do not meddle into our country affairs you bloody two cents commenting fake refugee who lived off the taxes payers money on a western country ,you shameless [Edited out].

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    _Javi- Pride before a fall , when a sudden disaster hits you beyond recoverable ,even your first world passport wont help you ,so be humble and do not belittle the people or country you were born in & poor people around the world (your arrogance display thats you are nothing but a very ill begotten Paringya whoz grandmother must have been servicing the Portuguese , tomorrow if you are convicted of any crime (can happen to anyone) they will strip your naturalized citizenship and it is Sri Lanka they will pack you back to .. remember that you arrogant buffoon ..

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    Sri Lanka slams UN rights chief for suggesting civil war probe
    Daily News & Analysis‎ –

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      Anto tonto,
      I dont vote in the UK or Canadian general elections though i can but have opted to vote at another romantic EU nation (you dont even know the language; that is your problem) because I like my MP and run my own engg.enterprise- its called power,(I learnt it at IIT bombay) where I get others to work and fill my account- this is life. we live to enjoy but never to slog for other vermin.

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    Pillay we want you and The UN to issue arrest warrants to George Bush and his British “Poodle ” Tony Blair for being guilty of Torture and genocide in Iraq & Afghanistan.

    Returning home

    The country where Guantanamo prisoners get a hero’s welcome

    • 4

      anto tonto,

      the poor troll have you never heard of immigration policy and green card lottery that was in existence even before you sihala/tamil arse licking community started killing each other???

      Its you poor family pedigree that has kept you out of that knowledge gombetta.

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    Javi -Go ,go ,sell your mothers and sisters and break brandy bottles you paringya

    • 4

      “sell your mothers and sisters”

      Yakko,nava coloba malasanya

      Come 31stMay watch the sky may fall on you paradesi courtesy IAF 4th generation fighters before we ram porkistan.

      Brahmin Hindus are born never kallathoni ambude like your family tree smelling of fish! 。◕‿◕。

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    You bloody Tamils are the most ungrateful bunch that used Sri Lanka for education now you want to use foreign countries. What do you call homeland when you people are full of hatred. Bloody dirty greedy stingy people who never do anything honestly. All are crooks. Some remain in IDP camps because food and water is free but they stash away Rs. 15 million in the bank and say they are deprived.

    All of you are living abroad and you don’t care about your poor and low caste people. You all talk about lack of opportunities, but you took away the lives of children who should be in school and made them killers. You people should have a special hell for what you did to people in 29 years of killing and that maniac filmed killing and watched them. He must be burning in hell. Navi Pillay looks like the devil herself. She will soon join him. Tamils only pull for Tamils. Cheats and liars!!!

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    No one in his or her right mind denies that atrocities did occur during
    the war. The burning question is how best to reconcile and bring respect to all Sri Lankans. Especially the victims of the war on either side. This fight between the Sinhalese and the Tamils have gone on for far too long.
    All those directly responsible for the atrocities must face the law.

    We have to give up divisive attitudes and work to reconcile and heal the victims primarily, next, we have to work towards a one nation giving up EALAAM totally and thirdly we Sinhalese must never forget
    that though we are the majority every Sri Lankan is a human being and all Sri Lankans being of the same human species have exactly the same needs.

    Warning – some of the links are graphic.

    Keep your audio on
    Sri Lankan Sinhalese victims murdered by the Terrorist TAMIL LTTE the UN wants to forget.

    Spare a moment in prayer and meditation during this time in Remembrance, for the following Sri Lankan Sinhalese victims – the UN wants to forget, but whom we Sri Lankans are forever indebted to …………..Only Some of the Bomb Blasts and innocents killed are listed…………..

    Abimanpura LTTE Terrorists attack a civilian bus 18 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Moratuwa Bomb Blast 2008.06.06 19 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Piliyandala Bus Bomb Blast on 25th April 2008 at 6.40 PM 10 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Katubedda 20 KILLED by Tamil LTTE

    Anuradhapura MORE THAN 120 KILLED by Tamil LTTE

    F rom CNN

    Polgolla, Kandy by Tamil LTTE

    Dambulla -18 killed by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE killed 9 school children in Colombo by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Terrorist Bomb Blast in Nugegoda by Tamil LTTE – 28 Nov 2007

    Bomb Blast in Colombo by Tamil LTTE – Detail News 16/05/2008

    Colombo-Fort Railway Station

    LTTE Terrorist Blast Another Bus Bomb – Sep 16 2008

    Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry by Tamil LTTE

    Slave Island 4 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Mt. Lavinia, Sri Lanka Bus Bomb – killed by Tamil LTTE 23-02-2008

    Bomb explosion at Dehiwela 7 killed by Tamil LTTE

    68 killed by Tamil LTTE at DEHIWELA Railway Station

    Dehiwela Zoo by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Terrorists Bomb Kills 4 Including 2 School Children by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Attack Kebithigollewa 26 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Escaping civilians from LTTE hostage

    See IT From Your Eyes : How LTTE Terrorists Shoot Innocent Civillians

    Minister Lalith-Athulathmudali killed by Tamil LTTE
    Minister Gamini Dissanayake Killed by Tamil LTTE

    Prime Minister Premadasa Killed by Tamil LTTE

    Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle- killed by Tamil LTTE

    General Ranjan Wijeratne -killed by Tamil LTTE
    Gen Janaka Perera- killed by Tamil LTTE
    General Denzil Kobbekaduwa -Killed by Tamil LTTE

    Tamil Tigers (LTTE) massacre innocent civilians

    .……and many many others whom I may have missed.
    May they Rest in Peace – they sacrificed themselves for us and our future generations……………………………….

    James Corea

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