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Full Text Of The ITAK 15 Resolutions Including Merger Of The North And East Provinces

Resolutions passed at the 15th National Convention of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi held at Vavuniya on 5, 6, 7 September 2014

Resolution 1

The 15th National Convention of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi which met in Vauniya on 5, 6, 7 September 2014 resolves to thank most sincerely all those who laboured for the Party for over 60 years and our people who accepted our basic policy and consistently voted for that political position and proclaimed to the world in a democratic way that this is in fact the political aspiration of the Tamil People. We assure our people that we will take forward our struggle until we achieve the objective of autonomous rule in the North East based on the principles of self-determination and shared sovereignty within a united, undivided Sri Lanka.

Resolution 2

ITAKWe humbly invite all Tamil, Muslim political parties, formations, forces and all progressive forces within Sri Lanka to join with us in our struggle on the basis that it is only through a new constitutional arrangement based on maximum possible devolution that can solve the ethnic conflict in this country. We also request India, the international community and the people of Sri Lanka not to permit the Government of Sri Lanka to continue to breach the provisions of the Indo-Lanka Accord, which is an international bilateral treaty between two sovereign states. We resolve that the Indo-Lanka agreement should be implemented in full.

Resolution 3

Although 5 years have lapsed since the end of the war and in spite of the fact that the Government of Sri Lanka has repeatedly given assurances regarding 1) war crimes investigations, 2) resettlement, rehabilation and livelihood support and 3) a political solution to India and the international community, it has totally failed to keep its promises; instead, it continues to oppress and suppress our people, grab their lands, militarise our areas and has let loose gender based and other violence on our women and children. We condemn this agenda of the government which obliterates the ethnic, cultural and religious identities of the Tamil areas and abuses state power to colonise the Tamil areas with the military and people of the majority community. This is intended to make the necessity for a political solution redundant. We appeal to India and the entire international community to take urgent steps to halt these genocidal actions of the government.

Resolution 4

We express our thanks to the United States of America and other countries and our diaspora for the passage of the resolution on Sri Lanka in March 2014 at the UNHRC. We commit ourselves to assist in all possible ways for the successful conduct of the international inquiry that has commenced consequent to this. We request our people to place evidence before this inquiry without any hesitation. We ourselves will make available avenues for this purpose. We appeal to everyone to help in the ascertainment of the truth which will render justice to our people. We state categorically that our people have no faith in the present internal inquiry which is a mere eye-wash. We wish to inform all the peoples of this country most humbly that true peace and genuine reconciliation can be achieved only by the ascertainment of the truth.

Resolution 5

ITKAThis convention expresses its deep concern on the state of those who were forced to dissappear during, prior to and after the end of the war. We appeal to the government and international mechanisms that those responsible for this situtation must be identified and punished immediately and all those who are still alive must be returned to their next of kin. Compensation must be paid in respect of those who are dead.

Resolution 6

Thousands of Tamils have been displaced internally and also have taken residence outside the country as a result of the decades of violence unleashed on them and due to the war. This and the state aided colonisation schemes have changed the demography and the population percentage of our people substantially. Taking advantage of this, the Parliament seats in Jaffna district have been reduced from 9 to 6. Since this was reduction is caused by such artificial causes, we resolve that the number of seats should not be reduced at least until our people are able to resettle in their original places.

The government must honour the undertakings given to the Supreme Court and Parliament with regard to the resettlement in Valikamam North and Sampur and people must be resettled there as well as in all other lands that have been grabbed from our people. The land-grab taking place at present also must be halted immediately and the armed forces that have been stationed in our lands excessively must be withdrawn.

Resolution 7

The draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) must be repealed immediately. All those arrested and detained under the provisions of this Act without any charge must be released forthwith. Cases filed undet the PTA must be withdrawn and amnesty should be granted to those serving sentences after conviction under the provisions of this Act. Former combatants who have been released must be integrated into the society and given all assistance such as education and job opportunities to lead useful lives in the future.

Resolution 8

The suppression of media freedom must be removed and everyone must have the right to express their views and the right to criticise the government. The rampant corruption, dictatorship and family rule must be brought to an end and good governance restored. The 18th amendment to the constitution, which prevents this must be repealed, independent institutions established and the executive presidential system that centralises all power must be abolished.


Resolution 9

This convention strongly condemns the majoritarian forces that have created feelings of intolerance on the basis of race, religion and language and the attacks on places of worship and the attitude that says that this country belongs only to one race, religion and language. We also condemn the government that deliberately ignores and actively encourages this trend. This agenda has been used to obliterate the racial, language and religious identities of the Tamil areas, to change the demography and to render a political solution unecessary. This conspiracy of the government must be abandoned immediately. The state aided colonisation must not only be halted, but it must be reversed as well. Our people who have settled overseas must return and dual citizenship must be granted to them.

Resolution 10

The economic condition of the Tamil People is in a parlous state due to the government’s neglect and projects implemented purposely. This should be reversed. This Convention criticises the government for implementing discriminatory policies towards Tamil youth in the areas of education and employment. They are deliberately kept out of government recruitments. We condemn the government for misleading the youth towards harmful ways and demand that alcohol temperance and ban on narcotics should be implemented.

Resolution 11

The dispute between the Tamil fishermen from India and Sri Lanka must not continue any further. We demand that the ‘bottom-trawling’ that destroys the marine resources and the sea bed be banned totally. This injurious method of fishing should abandoned and the fishermen from both coutries should be given all the necessary facilities to engage in traditional fishing methods and in deep sea fishing. The Indian Central Government, the Tamil Nadu State Government, the Sri Lankan Government and the Northern Provincial Council Government must act jointly in respect of this matter and find a solution. The people from the south coming and functioning with the assistance of the army and the navy must be stopped and our fishermen should be given all necessary assistance.

Resolution 12

The exploitation of those who depend on the palmyrah should cease forthwith. The income derived from their labour must benefit only them and the intervention of the central Ministry in this regard must be prevented. The Thikkam distillery must be handed back to the employees and it must be given back to the Ministry of Co-operatives of the Norhtern Provincial Council.

Resolution 13

The many natural resources like minerals, forests and sand in the Tamil areas must be preserved along with rain water. The environmental degradation due to personal gains must be arrested. The Iranaimadu Water Project will have to be re-formulated. The Arumugam Plan must be implemented. The farmers near the Iranamadu Tank must have priority over the water there. The excess water and the water from the implementation of the Arumugam Plan may be utilised for the water needs of Jaffna peninsula.

Resolution 14

This convention reiterates that this country’s national question can be resolved only through maximum possible devolution of political power to the merged NorthEast province. However the government refuses to share any power with the North and the East and blocks the Chief Ministers and the board of ministers elected by the people, by appointing ex-military officers as governors to these provinces. This convention condemns this anti-democratic actions of this government and for running a parallel administration. This action of the government breaches the Constitution and the provisions in the Provincial Council Act. We also condemn the government for rejecting the sincere efforts of the Chief Minister of the North and for going back on the promises made to him. The local bodies and the provincial governments must be stregthened through actual devolution of power.

Resolusion 15

If the government continues with its present programme by suppressing our people, grabbing more land, destroy our people’s wealth, subject our women and children to abuse and keep postponing the achieving of a political solution so that in due time there will not be any necessity for a political solution, and does not change its course before the end of this year, the 15th National Convention of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi which met in Vavuniya on 5, 6, 7 September 2014 resolves to commence a non-violent struggle in the lines of Mahatma Gandhi from January next year. We appeal to all progressive forces in the country and the international community including India to come forward to support us in this struggle.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    ITAK doesn’t have the sense they want to merge who killed abuse of women children shame.

  • 2

    Sri Lanka killed Tamil with help from British and USA the UN is a drama. Go to http://www.ptsrilanka.org/ and http://www.pptsrilanka.org/

  • 10

    Tamils play the tribal card and ask for reconciliation.

    What a joke.

  • 9

    The most important resolution by ITAK was passed at a public rally in Pannakan in Vaddukoddai in 1976 under the leadership of SJV Chelvanayakam who his son-in-law described as ‘Moses of Tamils’. Is he the Moses of Tamils? Lets see.

    In that resolution ITAK has primarily called for the creation of an independent Tamil Eelam which ended up like this: “… the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves fully into the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached.”

    And they did. Tamil youth fought a terrorist war for thirty years with cyanide capsules hanging round their necks. To say the least they even killed Amirthaligam, the man who became their leader after Chelva in their effort to reach Chelva’s mentioned goal of ‘Tamil Eelam’. And the whole world put the terrorist seal on sole representatives of Tamils, the LTTE.

    When the acknowledged terrorists were vanquished at long last in 2009 by Sri Lanka forces the sponsors of ITAK knew they have lost their fight. And they have devised a new road map for the Eelam goal. In connivance with their international neo-con backers they have accused Sri Lankans of war crimes and setout a plan to ride a piggyback to Eelam.

    We are once bitten twice shy. Hence we do not believe this “united, undivided Sri Lanka” theme by ITAK is a genuine. Their attitude and behavior says what’s in their mind: Given the slightest opportunity we know that Tamil leaders would incite Tamil youth once again to fight for Eelam. We have to be constantly ready to face the challenge.

  • 3

    We see the repeat of the 1976 Vaddukottai Resolution here. Successive Sinhala Govts since then ignored the joint clamour of the Tamil Nation – and were fated to see face the Tamil youth rebellion in its fullest manifestation that took the country into a war that sucked the meagre resources of the country for over a quarter of a century. There is evidence to believe much of the waste in the inflated costs of the war went out to create millionaires in the political and uniformed sector- much of which wastage due to corruption. One political VIP who was charged with “prosecuting the war” was caught with millions of cash in several Colombo bank vaults. This is presumably a fraction of his “earnings” and the discovery was made after the main was no more in a position of power. Predictably, absolutely no action was taken to punish him. He died a hero. This is only the story of one “hero” It is no secret the end of the war was delayed more due to reasons of corruption within. The lives of many rural Sinhala youth was sacrificed as a result.

    Will the Rajapakse family, the oversized army, the politicised Buddhist higher echelons of the clergy and the Sinhala South show wisdom in dealing with the Vavuniya 2014 ITAK Declaration and create the conditions of a new culture of peace and unity among the two major races in the country? Or is the Sinhala South hell bent on that fate that Jurist-Historian Dr. Colvin R.de Silva prophetically predicted?

    R. Varathan

    • 4

      Hello Varathan,

      Didn’t you get caught lying in another thread? Why are you still here? No shame eh?

      • 2

        Vibushana is one more commentator in these pages often unable to distinguish between the woods and the trees. It is undiluted
        and sick extremists like him/her that has brought the country to near ruin as it is and inevitable rupture.

        Like here, I thought I gave you a fitting reply to your last
        nonsense. Are you aware the name you have chosen is Tamil/Indian – something which hypocrites like you deny 24×7.

        R. Varathan

        • 1


          Aren’t you the dimwit who said Gal Oya is part of the cocomeme ‘Tamil Homeland’ when it was in the North Central Province?

          And for the second time, where are the names of 2 Tamils you said were beaten up please?

          • 0

            “This is a repeat of events in the Gal Oya/Inginiyagala region in the early 1950s when Tamil families living there for generations were violently rooted out…” Where did our super Sinhala patriot Vibushana pick up my alleged assertion that Gal Oya is part of Eelam.

            As to the names you asked for, ask CT why they did not publish my
            response still. Are you so ignorant to deny Tamils were beaten up and thrown out in the Gal Oya/Inginiyagala area in the 1955/56
            period. Or, like the Rajapakses, are you one of those Goebellesian nuts who believe the longer you deny a fact with lies after lies they will eventually become the truth.

            Time you changed your Indian name to a Sinhala name. How about

            R. Varathan

    • 0

      What about the millionaires in Markham, Scarborough etc. ?

  • 7

    Here is a full account of 1976 ITAK resolution. Courtesy from Sangam.org
    Whereas, throughout the centuries from the dawn of history, the Sinhalese and Tamil nations have divided between themselves the possession of Ceylon, the Sinhalese inhabiting the interior of the country in its Southern and Western parts from the river Walawe to that of Chilaw and the Tamils possessing the Northern and Eastern districts; And,
    Whereas, the Tamil Kingdom was overthrown in war and conquered by the Portuguese in 1619, and from them by the Dutch and the British in turn, independent of the Sinhalese Kingdoms; And,

    Whereas, the British Colonists, who ruled the territories of the Sinhalese and Tamil Kingdoms separately, joined under compulsion the territories of the Sinhalese and the Tamil Kingdoms for purposes of administrative convenience on the recommendation of the Colebrooke Commission in 1833; And,

    Whereas, the Tamil Leaders were in the forefront of the Freedom movement to rid Ceylon of colonial bondage which ultimately led to the grant of independence to Ceylon in 1948; And,

    Whereas, the foregoing facts of history were completely overlooked, and power over the entire country was transferred to the Sinhalese nation on the basis of a numerical majority, thereby reducing the Tamil nation to the position of subject people; And,

    Whereas, successive Sinhalese governments since independence have always encouraged and fostered the aggressive nationalism of the Sinhalese people and have used their political power to the detriment of the Tamils by-

    (a) Depriving one half of the Tamil people of their citizenship and franchise rights thereby reducing Tamil representation in Parliament,

    (b) Making serious inroads into the territories of the former Tamil Kingdom by a system of planned and state-aided Sinhalese colonization and large scale regularization of recently encouraged Sinhalese encroachments, calculated to make the Tamils a minority in their own homeland,

    (c) Making Sinhala the only official language throughout Ceylon thereby placing the stamp of inferiority on the Tamils and the Tamil Language,

    (d) Giving the foremost place to Buddhism under the Republican constitution thereby reducing the Hindus, Christians, and Muslims to second class status in this Country,

    (e) Denying to the Tamils equality of opportunity in the spheres of employment, education, land alienation and economic life in general and starving Tamil areas of large scale industries and development schemes thereby seriously endangering their very existence in Ceylon,

    (f) Systematically cutting them off from the main-stream of Tamil cultures in South India while denying them opportunities of developing their language and culture in Ceylon, thereby working inexorably towards the cultural genocide of the Tamils,

    (g) Permitting and unleashing communal violence and intimidation against the Tamil speaking people as happened in Amparai and Colombo in 1956; all over the country in 1958; army reign of terror in the Northern and Eastern Provinces in 1961; police violence at the International Tamil Research Conference in 1974 resulting in the death of nine persons in Jaffna; police and communal violence against Tamil speaking Muslims at Puttalam and various other parts of Ceylon in 1976 – all these calculated to instill terror in the minds of the Tamil speaking people, thereby breaking their spirit and the will to resist injustices heaped on them,

    (h) By terrorizing, torturing, and imprisoning Tamil youths without trial for long periods on the flimsiest grounds,

    (i) Capping it all by imposing on the Tamil Nation a constitution drafted, under conditions of emergency without opportunities for free discussion, by a Constituent Assembly elected on the basis of the Soulbury Constitution distorted by the Citizenship laws resulting in weightage in representation to the Sinhalese majority, thereby depriving the Tamils of even the remnants of safeguards they had under the earlier constitution, And,

    Whereas, all attempts by the various Tamil political parties to win their rights, by co-operating with the governments, by parliamentary and extra-parliamentary agitations, by entering into pacts and understandings with successive Prime Ministers, in order to achieve the bare minimum of political rights consistent with the self-respect of the Tamil people have proved to be futile; And,

    Whereas, the efforts of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress to ensure non-domination of the minorities by the majority by the adoption of a scheme of balanced representation in a Unitary Constitution have failed and even the meagre safeguards provided in article 29 of the Soulbury Constitution against discriminatory legislation have been removed by the Republican Constitution; And,

    Whereas, the proposals submitted to the Constituent Assembly by the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi for maintaining the unity of the country while preserving the integrity of the Tamil people by the establishment of an autonomous Tamil State within the framework of a Federal Republic of Ceylon were summarily and totally rejected without even the courtesy of a consideration of its merits; And,

    Whereas, the amendments to the basic resolutions, intended to ensure the minimum of safeguards to the Tamil people moved on the basis of the nine point demands formulated at the conference of all Tamil Political parties at Valvettithurai on 7th February 1971 and by individual parties and Tamil members of Parliament including those now in the government party, were rejected in toto by the government and Constituent Assembly; And,

    Whereas, even amendments to the draft proposals relating to language, religion, and fundamental-rights including one calculated to ensure that at least the provisions of the Tamil Lanaguage (Special Provisions) Regulations of 1956 be included in the Constitution, were defeated, resulting in the boycott of the Constituent Assembly by a large majority of the Tamil members of Parliament; And,

    Whereas, the Tamil United Liberation Front, after rejecting the Republican Constitution adopted on the 22nd of May, 1972, presented a six point demand to the Prime Minister and the Government on 25th June, 1972, and gave three months time within which the Government was called upon to take meaningful steps to amend the Constitution so as to meet the aspirations of the Tamil Nation on the basis of the six points, and informed the Government that if it failed to do so the Tamil United Liberation Front would launch a non-violent direct action against the Government in order to win the freedom and the rights of the Tamil Nation on the basis of the right of self-determination; And,

    Whereas, this last attempt by the Tamil United Liberation Front to win Constitutional recognition of the rights of the Tamil Nation without jeopardizing the unity of the country was callously ignored by the Prime Minister and the Government; And,

    Whereas, the opportunity provided by the Tamil United Liberation leader to vindicate the Government’s contention that their constitution had the backing of the Tamil people, by resigning from his membership of the National State Assembly and creating a by-election was deliberately put off for over two years in utter disregard of the democratic right of the Tamil voters of Kankesanthurai, and,

    Whereas, in the by-election held on the 6th February 1975, the voters of Kankesanthurai by a preponderant majority not only rejected the Republican Constitution imposed on them by the Sinhalese Government, but also gave a mandate to Mr. S.J.V. Chelvanayakam, Q.C. and through him to the Tamil United Liberation Front for the restoration and reconstitution of the Free Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of TAMIL EELAM.

    The first National Convention of the Tamil United Liberation Front meeting at Pannakam (Vaddukoddai Constituency) on the 14th day of May, 1976, hereby declares that the Tamils of Ceylon by virtue of their great language, their religions, their separate culture and heritage, their history of independent existence as a separate state over a distinct territory for several centuries till they were conquered by the armed might of the European invaders and above all by their will to exist as a separate entity ruling themselves in their own territory, are a nation distinct and apart from Sinhalese and this Convention announces to the world that the Republican Constitution of 1972 has made the Tamils a slave nation ruled by the new colonial masters, the Sinhalese ,who are using the power they have wrongly usurped to deprive the Tamil Nation of its territory, language citizenship, economic life, opportunities of employment and education, thereby destroying all the attributes of nationhood of the Tamil people.

    And, while taking note of the reservations in relation to its commitment to the setting up of a separated state of TAMIL EELAM expressed by the Ceylon Workers Congress as a Trade Union of the Plantation Workers, the majority of whom live and work outside the Northern and Eastern areas,

    This convention resolves that restoration and reconstitution of the Free, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of TAMIL EELAM, based on the right of self determination inherent to every nation, has become inevitable in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in this Country.

    This Convention further declares –

    that the State of TAMIL EELAM shall consist of the people of the Northern and Eastern provinces and shall also ensure full and equal rights of citizenship of the State of TAMIL EELAM to all Tamil speaking people living in any part of Ceylon and to Tamils of EELAM origin living in any part of the world who may opt for citizenship of TAMIL EELAM.
    that the constitution of TAMIL EELAM shall be based on the principle of democratic decentralization so as to ensure the non-domination of any religious or territorial community of TAMIL EELAM by any other section.
    that in the state of Tamil Eelam caste shall be abolished and the observance of the pernicious practice of untouchability or inequality of any type based on birth shall be totally eradicated and its observance in any form punished by law.
    that TAMIL EELAM shall be a secular state giving equal protection and assistance to all religions to which the people of the state may belong.
    that Tamil shall be the language of the State, but the rights of Sinhalese speaking minorities in Tamil Eelam to education and transaction of business in their language shall be protected on a reciprocal basis with the Tamil speaking minorities in the Sinhala State.
    that Tamil Eelam shall be a Socialist State wherein the exploitation of man by man shall be forbidden, the dignity of labor shall be recognized, the means of production and distribution shall be subject to public ownership and control while permitting private enterprise in these branches within limit prescribed by law, economic development shall be on the basis of socialist planning and there shall be a ceiling on the total wealth that any individual of family may acquire.
    This Convention directs the Action Committee of the TAMIL UNITED LIBERATION FRONT to formulate a plan of action and launch without undue delay the struggle for winning the sovereignty and freedom of the Tamil Nation;

    And this Convention calls upon the Tamil Nation in general and the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves fully into the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the goal of a sovereign state of TAMIL EELAM is reached.

  • 5

    What a bunch of racists!


    Worse than BBS.

    • 1


      How do you always get it right. What a Bunch of RACISTS headed by the born RACIST MR the THUG.
      You are right worse than BBS as BBS take orders from the RACIST Master.

  • 4

    TNA is very similar to a prostitute.

    First sleep with the LTTE, then tries to flirt with India. On the way there had a brief encounter with Sarath Fonseka in 2010.

    Then of course Robert Blake, Cameron, Desmond Tutu to name a few.

    TNA consists of a group of parties who have no aim. Typical Tamil Beggars I used to see during my elementary school days on roadside.

    Where will it all end.


    • 1


      At least TNA got what they paid for. That is they had sex with both LTTE and India. But see Mahintha paid for sex with India but couldnt get his leg over.

  • 6

    The ITAK measure success on how much they don’t achieve. Sambadan will soon retire with absolutely no achievements to speak of in a career spanning 60 years.

    Thats ok, the parallel administration will look after the provincial affairs. You just keep giving false hopes, come to power and keep doing nothing.

  • 2

    The civil disobedience campaign is a provocation tactic. Government should be able to avoid this pitfall. Played out properly this can turn out to be an inconvenience to the civil population whilst impacting very little on Government business. It will over time make the civil population turn against the TNA and its separatist aims.

    The pressure by TNA to reduce troop numbers is meant to facilitate the disobedience. If troops are available Government will be able to maintain essential services.

  • 0

    Besides Lynx’s mis-judgement, we are really back to the post 1956 Civil disobedience period. This time the international community will be forced to intervene and restore the Tamil land and governance to
    Tamils which will be nothing more than restoration of the pre-1515
    Status Quo.


    • 3

      What is needed is restoration of the pre Dravidian, Anuradhapura period; times of glorious achievements of hydraulic civilisation, magnificient cities and prosperous citizens. All that can be established with current leadership.

      • 2

        lal loo

        “What is needed is restoration of the pre Dravidian,”

        Could tell us when this pre Dravidian Anuradhapura period existed (time line would be helpful).

        “glorious achievements of hydraulic civilisation,”

        Could you elaborate on this civilisation.

        “magnificient cities and prosperous citizens”

        Give us some details about this prosperity.

        “All that can be established with current leadership.”

        So with this leadership you want to go back to a period where there was no electricity, motor vehicle, computers, Cinema, Whisky, beer, planes, mobile phones, …………

        Its a good idea, I should be able to help you in your effort to rollback civilization and modernity.

  • 3

    A recipe’ for another catastrophe by ghosts of Chelva, Sunda and Ponna.
    East and North are already merged within the Unitary state. Nothing will change. No to ethnic enclaves and ghettos in Sri Lanka!

  • 3

    If We Thamizh are again looking for directions to Nandikadal it would be much quicker and easier to just use Google maps :D

  • 1

    I have news for all the Sinhalese Morons.

    The Resolutions passed are at the direction of your Colonial Master Mr. Modi.

    Mahinthas Kingdom is dead and there is no State Burial. Anyone wishing to send a message of Condolence is welcome to do so. It is first come first serve.

    Short message and NO FLOWERS PLEASE.

  • 2

    Northern council members please respond to my one question.Will all Tamilsils living in rest of Sri Lanka move to The Northen province giving up everything they owe for sake of promoting divisive policies.? We don’t hear from the southern Tamils why?They know they are better off amoung southerners

    • 1

      By next week the people of Scotland will go to a Referendum on Scottish Independence from Great Britain. It will be only a brainless moron who will expect the large number of Scots now living in Britain, Ireland and Wales to move en masse if the Scots vote “Yes” Neither will jobless, marauding mobs lead by “religious leaders” attack Scot homes, properties, business interests in these countries as our great Sinhala patriots did to the Tamils in 7/83. More Muslims than in the new State of Pakistan remained in India after the bloody partition in 1947. There are many such examples in today’s world, if you care to
      make a proper and careful study.


    • 2

      NPC members live in Colombo, most with option of moving overseas in case their politics succeed; so they won’t respond to your question! To the TNA and the separatist supporters the people of the North and East are only pawns to be sacrificed.

  • 0

    1 .ITAK can you verify who are our people,!!All you people are people of one Sri Lanka. 2.Aspirations: When the LTTE were waging gruesome war against all communities did you think or ask about people’s aspiration to live in peace and harmony? You choose the ruthless killers to represent your people.Should you not determine your future with rest of Sri LankaWhy are you inviting Muslims onlyYour aim is to create Anothe Iriq. 3.govt.take land from southern people too.Have you not heard the term Ad Veloram? 4.UN hRCyou should have done this when LTTE was killing innocent Tamils,Muslims,Dinhalese,ChildrenPregnenant women,monks Ina most gruesome manner.What happened to your principals.Were you sleeion or in a coma? 5.please give the govt names of all those who have dissapeared.And also CeNUs taken in the north and East during Defacto LTTE. Rule.Then we can seek and find the real truth. 6They were taken abroad by the ltLTTE to be there mouth piece.How come most of these people who were refugees started duper markets,Bought Gas stations etc.So quickly. 7proposal 7 this should never be repeated as it applies to whole of Sri Lanka.not only north and east.I hope Sri Lankan govt will continue with anti terrorism laws as in USA.C8Compaired to most countries Sri Lankans has more than enough freedom.It is only the Nortern politicians trying hard to isolatate Tamil people to go after Eelam.9 this proposal is redo do stupid.What about other religions disrespecting Buddists.Shara Law,Jumma prayer,Animal sacrifice in Kandy mine swarm,halal labeling.Face and head covered women.We never had shch extreme practices on Sri Lanka.This is a ancient Buddist Nation.10 I donot agree with this proposal.All people get a good free education funded by the majority Sinhalese Tax payers and then work against them.11WSri Lankan Govt is trying to do the same.When you went to India why not talk and convince your pals and protector JAYaLLITHA13water should be preserved and shared by all.It is Gods gift to all.Dont you know the Hovt is planning to brig water from south to Jaffna.Are you not hoy about that.

  • 1

    Is the Delegate in the right of the front row from the Diaspora?….

  • 1

    As stated in the ITAK resolution, it is the same click that has led (and misled) the tamils for 60 years. But actually, if you go back even to 1900, you see that the leaders were the kith and kin of this click.
    Do, power devolution cannot happen if power is devoled into the hands of Rich Tamil Lawyers living in Colombo. Then Power stays IN COLOMBO!

    We Tamils have to LEARN TO CHANGE OUR LEADERS EVERY FIVE YEARS> Otherwise we are finished. The Sinhalese managed to do that most of the time. For the moment they are stuck with the Rajapaksas for three terms. But I think the Sinhalese will successfully change their leadership.

    This ITAK click has been misleading the Tamils in the North while living in Colombo for too long. Our leaders must come from those living in each area and not from a set of absantee landLords.

  • 1

    These Resolutions demand even more than the ones from the Vellals in 70s 80s and 90s.

    A Good example is the demand to fulfil the Diaspra wishes.

    They now even want to annex the East where the Tamils are not the majority.

    The great majority of the inhabitant population thankfully ,are aware of the current Govt’s position with regards to the TNA’s constant haranguing.

    The President as late as yesterday told the Journalist from the Hindu who interviewed him, that inhabitants now can travel, work, buy properties or live in any part of the land and it is not going to change.

    But the Inhabitants still want to know what the Position of the Opposition in this regard?.

    UVA is a good place to put out the Policy Frame work of the UNP, and the JVP, who are the main players..

    If they haven’t got any yet, Christian Faction Leader Ranil and the potential CC at the next Election can get the ball rolling, now that the TNA has put out their demands in detail.

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