30 May, 2024


Full Video: Managala Samaraweera Accused Gota Of Communal Violence

UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera yesterday has (June 24) accused Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa and three intelligence officers are behind all the recent communal clashes.

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    Mangala is very bold and not worried about white van. Is GR going to contest presidential election instead of MR, presuming there would be legal implication in contesting for 3rd term for MR. Is anyone going to file a case as MR took judiciary for a ride which compromised his candidacy.

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      Today the Rajapaksa RAG newspaper the Daily Mirror ran a SPIN story as Headline!
      The Daily Mirror which is only good to wipe Gota’s Ass only quotes the Paranoid dictator in waiting Goon Gota and there is no real journalism or investigative reporting done by that newspaper which is TOTALLY UNBALANCED
      The Daily Mirror that only quotes the Govt. spokesmen said that there is a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT in revealing the names of those behind the violence against the Muslims – as the with the exposure of the names of the Milleneum city white van intelligence operators in the days of the war.. They seem to forget that the war is over and no one believes their national security threats especially since it is the Police, military and Gota’s intelligence thugs and politicians who are the biggest law breakers in Lanka today!
      The real National security threat is Goon Gota, the military dictators in waiting and his DEEP STATE intelligence operators who are the killing machine.

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        Obviously you don’t know the facts of what the newspapers are and who they support.
        The Wijeya group for whom I once worked belongs to the Wiejywardenas and that is Ranil Wickremasinghe’s family. The Lake House Group can be accused of being MR’s people as they were once CBK’s and JRJ’s or RP’s. The fact is that the DM had more information than other newspapers about the spark that started the flames in Beruwala and Aluthgama.
        Ruwan Wijeywardena will be the next Leader of the UNP and he is the son of Mr Ranjith Wiejwardena brother of Ranjini – Wijeywardena-Wickremasinhe the wife of Esmond Wickremasinghe and they are Ranil Wickremasinghe’s parents.

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          Obviously you are on a mission to sow some deceit hoping that no one will notice. The Wickremesinhe’s owned Lake house. It was taken over i.e.nationalized leaving nothing to the original owners. The person who did this was madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike. The reason she did this was alleged to be a bias of the lake house group towards the UNP. A charge that was loaded and patently untrue at that time. Ever since that take over the lake house group has been the mouth piece of the government in power regardless of who that maybe. Journalistic ethics have gradually eroded along with readership. The Wijaya group that owns the mirror is owned by the Wijewardanes. However, they have never sided with R.W. neither has R.W. made any attempt to get them to support him. However, it is known that president Rajapakshe has paid visits to the Wijawardenes. It is also well known that all media are pressurized by this government to tow the line. If they do not do so their assets are set on fire, premises burned down while the journalists employed are harassed beaten up and some time even disappear never to be seen again. So you may know who owns a news paper but that is as far as it goes. The rest of your post is a load of rubbish.

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          Peter, isn’t it Nalini Wickramasinghe and not Ranjini?

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      Dear Hon. Mangala Samaraweera MP, True Humanist and True Buddhist

      RE: “Anti-Muslim Attacks Well-Planned Government Effort” Says Mangala

      Yes, the evidence points to that. The Monk of Kanda Vihara and the the driver seem to have been been set up for this false Flag operation.

      “Most importantly, why did the Inspector General of Police N.K. Ilangakoon state that a Buddhist monk had been assaulted when he had no evidence to support the claim? The Judicial Medical Officer’s report which would have either proven or refuted the said monk’s claim (as of Friday) has not been issued. Highly placed sources at the Attorney General’s Office could not confirm that the monk had indeed been assaulted”

      Why lie? What is the need to lie?

      1. The problem is that these Sinhala “Buddhists”, and the State and Mara have been making so many lies, both small and big, for so long, they are unable to distinguish between a small lie and a big lie and the repercussions of the lie. So in order to sort out the lies, the chain of events need to be sorted out with factual evidence, instead of he said-she said arguments. This is what I gathered from the grape wine, the actual events need to be confirmed with more independent eye witness news.

      2. There was an altercation between a three wheeler owned by two Muslim youth and the driver of the van the Monk from Kanda Vihara was travelling. It was not clear if it was related to a parking or accident or a verbal exchange that resulted in the exchange of blows between the drive rand the two or 3 Muslim youth.

      However, even though the driver and the Monk were hospitalized, apparently there was no medical evidence for any injuries on the Monk. so what is the truth? Did the Monk lie? did the driver lie?

      3. There are rumors that the Monk attached to the Kanda Vihara, Alutgama,is an agent of BBS, though not a member, and may have participated in a False Flag Operation, set up for a rally on Sunday, with the President out in Bolivia. Was it a random traffic altercation, or a well planned operation to come up with a reason for the rally on Sunday the 15th and the BBS terrorism later on? Circumstantial evidence and the chain of events appear to show that it was planned ahead, well ahead of June 12th. Did the IGP have complicity? Was Gotabaya Rajapaksa behind it? Was is exclusively BBS? What role do the police play> Why were they spectators and assisters?

      4. Rumors were spread saying that a Monk was killed by Muslims. So clearly, this was planned. Besides, the BBS and Gotanaya Rajsapaksa, who knew of the plan?

      5. “It was not, let us repeat, not a peaceful procession” Yes it was not a peaceful procession. They were looking for trouble. Initial Attack by BBS and other Terrorists looking for a fight in Aluthgama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ylqbhDDx6w

      6.. One can see the BBS thugs were protected by police and the people in the procession stated firing or the police stated firing.

      7. “If there was convoluted justification of last Sunday’s violence and if justification spurred further violence the blame falls squarely on the IGP for making the following (irresponsible) statement: ‘Three Muslims in a trishaw assaulted the driver and the Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monk was in hospital receiving treatment for two days and then discharged. He was to be taken to the temple in a procession when the incident occurred.’” The Govt, is trying to whitewash the BBS and Gotabaya Rajapaksa using Shills.

      8. So, who are the suspects?

      a) Gotabaya Rajapaksa aided and abetted by President Rajapaksa

      b) BBS and its members and riot participants

      c) Police

      d) Special police STF

      e) Monk of Kanda Vihara. Authgama

      f) The Driver

      g) The three Muslim Youth ( They were taken into custody before this )

      h) The Editors of Silumina for Lying

      g) The Editors of Daily Mirror for lying

      h) The Editors of Daily News.

      i) Host of other shills.

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        Rubbish. This man is like a [Edited out] and will swing from one branch to another. There was a time he attacked the UNP with no holds barred. Now he attacks the Rajapakses. If a politician is unhappy he must quit politics and not swing from party to party.
        I will say the same of all those politicians who changed parties. Thye are people without any principles.

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          Dear Peter

          In Sri-Lanka’s history I haven’t seen any politicians quit politics due to party’s policy change.
          But what Mr Samaraweera trying to say is who is responsible and behind the scene of what happened in Aluuthgama and Beruwela.

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      Well done Mangi.

      UNP would do better, if you take over the party.

      I salute your no nonsense speak about this matter. Exactly what we need.

      Gota must be fuming. But, your profile is kind of too big. For Gota’s terror tactics against political opponents to deal with.


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    Dear Mangala,
    You are a ruthless friend of all of us a kind man…. we know you talk on behalf of people. and You know me very well.
    However all muslims knows that this is a part of GOTA’s game and Muslims are already taken up arms, and next step is we wait for the attack then see what is the result. Gota is a Fool, he cannot touch Muslims as in Sri Lanka lots of muslims are Rich… you know why? as we believe in ALLAH and help poor and needy and we do lot of charity one another… so Allah make us rich automatically. So Sinhala Envy for this as they are Drunkards, and Saturday Sunday they close teh shop and Start drinking an party while Muslim work on Saturday and Sunday become Rich ….

    Foolish Lazy Ignorant and Jelous people in the world is LORD BUDDAh

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      I do not endorse your writing since it is not the view of Muslim in Sri Lanka. I doubt you are a muslim, this information is false and distorted, moreover encourage extremists.

      Please do not work against unity – we love sri lanka irrespective of race and religion and political ties want to live together forever.

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        Yes, as a muslim we can not agree with everything you say. In so much as ignoring your ignorance and hate, yes I agree we Sri Lankan Muslims are hard working and honest which is why Sri Lankan Muslims are successful in every endevour. Our way of life clearly matches Lord Buddha’s philosophy, we are humble, non-violent (even when provoked e.g. Jaffna, Kathankudi and now Aluthgama and Dargha town to name a few incidents), We respect the law of the country (which is a tenent in islam) and have always been patriotic. Those who accuse us have not one shred of evidence against us or able show motive to support their claims that we are against Buddism or Sinhalese. Clearly those Buddhists who practice Buddhism know the facts from fiction. Truth always trumps. As has been when much larger and evil forces have been working against Muslims world wide for centuries. This is nothing new for Muslims. However subversion of Bhuddism is new and that will be what destroys Sri Lanka and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The ball is in the court of the all true Buddists. If you are real then apply not Gnanasara’s but Lord Buddha’s philosophy to these issues and you will have the answer. Filter Gnanasara through Lord Buddha’s philosophy and see what comes out. Be the true saviors of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. You decide and act accordingly as this is your moment of enlightenment!

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    What a pity that we don,’t have a Sissy as our Army Commander. I mean a real Sisi like the one in Cairo……

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      K.A Sumanasekera

      “What a pity that we don,’t have a Sissy as our Army Commander. I mean a real Sisi like the one in Cairo……”

      If you like him so much you should invite Sisi to rule this country for a considerable time.

      He is close to the great Satan.

      Since he is close to US he could also prevent Vellala Navi Pillai’s further investigation into war crimes and get you some pocket money.

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        Sissy is US Israeli stooge in the closet. Keeping this puppet as President is God given gift to Israel.

        With him at the helm Egypt’s revolution is utterly wasted. Everything back to good old Mubarak days. All progress reveresed.

        Among two evil options Sissy was the better choice. Rather than Muslim Brotherhood. Poor Egyptians. What a choice they’ve had to deal with.

        Egyptian military, USA & Israel exploited that opportunity with skill.

        Just the otherday Egypt executed 700 people in one day. The new Egypt everyone wanted has arrived. Wow!


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          Ben Hurling

          “Just the otherday Egypt executed 700 people in one day. The new Egypt everyone wanted has arrived. Wow!”

          This is how the state institutions continue their business as usual. Judiciary and Armed forces two such institutions.

          Hence a whole sale reconstruction is necessary.

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          Executed 700 MUSLIMS in one day.

          SL badly needs Mossad support again.

          This is a good excuse to bring back the Mossad.

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    A very good exposition of the unbearable injustices of the Rajapaksa’s especially that of Gotabahaya even in the wake of the fear of reprisals or even being killed. This is becoming increasingly evident and common place where people of the calibre of Mangala are prepared to risk their lives in exposing these criminals for the sake of justice and fair play. Bensen

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    Repucussions are on the way…

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    These are very serious allegations for people who involved in Aluthgama/Beruwala riots. Relavant authotities must resign and pave the way forimpaartial investigations. But it only happens in a civilised country. Country is run by the rastiyadukara gang. They have no shame………! It is now our turn to act!

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    I can’t see any video. I use proxy site as it is block no direct link is possible from sir lank. How to see the videos like this?

    @Leel use hydemyass.com
    The best way to access in Sri Lanka –
    You need to change dns servers in your computer.

    You can use google dns:

    or opendns servers:

    Here is an article on how to do it:


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    Gotha’s actions are mainly due to the silent military coup that has been orchestrated by Rajapakse brothers. In case Rajapakse loses the Presidential election there is a possibility that there may be a military government in Sri Lanka which will definitely be supported by Bodu Bala Sena and Rawana Balaya. The UPFA parliamentarians who are clinging on to their seats will also support such an environment. By placing all ex-military and police persons as diplomats ground work has already been done. This is one reason why the Sinhala Buddhist feeling has been stirred by the government.

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    You know what? Mangala. I seriously think that you can become the next DS or Dudley and save the island from becoming a ‘Pariah’ state.
    May you be well and strong in every step of the way. Theruwan Saranai!!!

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    Dear Mangala, Thank you for exposing the truth. Truth cannot be hide for ever. Even if they arrest you or do any harm to you, truth will remain as truth. Look at now. they arrest the victims, they free the culprits, they accuse the journalists, they give excuses for having weapons, they change judicial investigations, they says no they are not gunshot wounds ..just another wounds, …..there is no law, justice, fair trials, proper system and rule of law…….only patriots and traitors! Who are they…look at police spokesmens face….he now accusing you for exposing truth under 1955 law. He dont say anything about the accusation….,but exposing truth! How can we ask not to come UNHRC panal? On what basis? We cant allow this. This is wrong directions. We must work hard to divert this trend to correct direction.

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    I agree with Park in this scenerio of things. After carefully analysing present political trends, it is inevitable. They know now there is no escape without power. only option will be Burmese style government with the experience of sanctions. However, they have forgotten PM Mody and the Indian factor. They did everything in Aluthgama with the blessings of Pakistan’ ISI.But geopolitical reallity is different from what they think today for tommorow. Things are more complicated than what we see from outside. This puzzle end up in blood shed and suffering of all masses for the sake of few uneducated thugs. Mangala has done his job for the affected people.

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    If the current government or Rajapaksa family defeated. there are more possibilities this BBS will be come an Buddhist terror group under GOTA. Another LTTE Gota as Praba, Champa as Karuna.

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    What we need to realize is that governments can win the hearts and minds of the citizens in order to win elections in so many different ways. By pledges to root out corruption, bring down cost of living, address employment and housing issues, etc.. However, the present strategy adopted by this government to fan the flames of religious hatred (Aagam Wadhee), nationalism (Jaathi Waadhee), tribal hatred (Gothra Wadhee) and caste (Kula Waadhee) must be the most despicable and lowest ploys that anyone can stoop to, and which have thus far, failed miserably. These maneuvers turn out to be insults to people’s intelligence. I simply cannot understand how they can underestimate their own people’s intellect to believe that murder and mayhem can win them elections. It just beats me. Unless of course, the election which is held as a farce, and the results rigged using the police and military as cover. It is now more convincing that this is bound to happen again, and the wheels of hatred and fear through overpowering dominance and forced suppression, have already starting turning. My fear is that it is only going to get worse while it gathers momentum, as elections get closer. If this is anything to go by, we, the ordinary citizens are in for the rough ride, unless we find safe passage out, now.

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    The strategy is to attack selected one locality
    at a time just like minor surgery on local
    anaesthetic.The govt is trying to get UNP heavily
    involved against it so that their agenda widens to
    anti-govt Sinhalese.And also these incidents
    should be taken as an early warning to UNP
    supporters of all communities.Sinhalese should not
    wait until at last the thugs knock at their doors.
    Mangala should have warned the nation about what’s
    in store for them.All communities are intimidated
    through the rehearsal of Aluthgama-Beruwala.
    Remember,the message is louder than the public is
    told and UNP has to respond equally louder.Failure
    of Muslim reps in the govt to react is,a clear
    sign of no better hopes with an alternative power.
    MARA didn’t bring army GORA and gave him the
    responsibility of defense,just for fun.UNP knows
    this.Using Mangala to expose the real forces behind
    Aluthgama-Beruwala is not a very smart move by UNP.
    Mangala is not nationally a popular choice for
    serious matters.He’s a good man,o k but what he
    says must make an impression to the public.No
    matter how much he exposes,like he did before when
    he left the govt.Who cared?

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    We salute you for your courage sir. Thanking you for standing up for humanity..

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    Ben Hurling,

    Your statement that Egypt executed 700 people is absolutely incorrect. They were sentenced to death by the ‘exalted’ and ‘independent’ Egyptian judiciary to quote Sissy. This is the first time such a lot of people have been sentenced to death. This never happened even in medieval times. But I agree that al-Sisi is a joke and no matter how hard I try I can’t hate him less.

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    Is Maggie cultivating a Sisi in our Army?.

    But it won’t be a Sisi like the one in Cairo for sure, who killed innocent poor Muslim brothers and sisters in the villages on behalf of the Cairo Elite and their Western backers.

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    SL badly needs Mossad support again.

    This is a good excuse to bring back the Mossad. They know how to handle Musalaims.

    • 1


      There’s no need to brinh back Mossad. They are already here working hard with Gota to destroy Muslims, Christians and finally whole Sri Lanka including Buddhists.

      Gota is Mossad’s shit eating pig coward who has got caught to Mossad trap.
      Gota will find his destiny soon through 9MM pistol carrying BBS Gonsara. Remember what happened to SWRD Banda. Gonsara will show Gota his destiny pretty soon. That’s why JVP said “you will reap what you sow. Same will happen to Gota like what happened to LTTE sun god VP.

      Thank you Sir, Mangala Samaraweera for your courage to come out and reveal the truth to the world. You are a true Patriot.

      Gota’s game plan is to systamatically take Sri Lanka on a dictatorial path and to govern it with the help of BBS balu sena, JHK and Rawaya Buddhist fanaticaal racist thugs.

      The genocidal Gota final plan is to anihilating or supress all opposition parties and Rajapakse opponants including Buddhist Sinhala UNP, JVP, DP, TNA, Muslim Congress etc.

      Rajapakses knowing that they are going to loose next presidential and Parliament elections are planning well ahead to rule Sri Lanka under a Buddhist Sinhala Militaristic Dictatorship Government.

      Therefore this genocidal progrom against Muslim community came like a blessing to save our country from Rajapakse dictators to spread the word across the world and to prosecute Rajapakse dictators.

      Finally all opposition parties should capitalise this Aluthgama incident to bring UNHRC inspectors and the UN troops to Sri Lanka to save all citizens.

      Soon Rajapakses will be prosecuted by the UNHRC on war and anti communal crimes, and Mr.Mangala and all other patriotic parties should work double hard to inform the world community as to what is going on in Sri Lanka and how Rajapakse state terrorists treat all it’s citizens.

      Thank you Mr.Mangala Samaraweera, Mr.Palitha Thewarapperuma, JVP, Rev.Watareka Wijitha Thero and many more true patriots for saving Muslim monority community and Sri Lanka from Rajapakse, BBS,JHU terrorists.

      Thank you again.

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      Mossads and the likes have tried hard for decades all over the world but to date they have only made Muslims stronger Muslims whoeven follow almost every single principle of Buddhist philosophy. However so called ‘patriots’ and ‘defenders’ of Buddhism like BBS, JHU and its supporters have only dragged Buddism down the drain. THINK before you open your mouth!
      “He who insults other religions is one who insults his own religion” – Lord Buddha

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      Muslims are peaceful people.

      These muslims are different. Let them come.

      They will learn.

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    Does this man look a decent politician ,let alone a statesman?..

    Isn’t his hatred , anger and desire for revenge oozing out from even his ears?.

    I am buggered to understand how our so called Elite, Educated, Intelligentsia go behind this pathetic figure to win them Government and good life.

    His Boss betrayed the first lot of our brave Intelligence cadres in Athuraliya to please Prabakaran and his mentor Solheim.

    And they were slain in their sleep by the Tigers.

    That occurred Just before the first Foreign invasion since 1800s in the form of a Monitoring Mission to protect the Tigers.

    Now his partner in crime ( is it a crime ? ) has offered Hendawitharan, Wagista and salley a Muslim, to the enemies of the state and the ex Terrorists to plan something on them or their beloved family members and off springs.

    And strangely it comes on the eve of a second invasion by the Pillai Police .

    What a pathetic performance from a a Politician who worships Western values. and the West in return want him and his partner to look after our inhabitants and make them Western worshippers as well.

    Thank heavens our great majority of the inhabitant population are behind the current rulers and the Armed forces are rock solid.

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    You are a brave man for speaking your mind. We the People feel that you can be unifying force to install a change at the next parliamentary and presidential elections.

    We the People say this because you have been in bed (figuratively of course) with Madam CBK, the Rajapakses and now Ranil, and so we feel you should have cottoned on to the nuances of each entity and can play to their strengths and weaknesses. We also feel that you have the respect of the old SLFP brigade.

    We the People therefore suggest that you prevail upon Madam CBK to step up and declare her hand as the leader of a new national party that cuts through all previous political and ethnic affiliations, to be styled in whatever form is appropriate for the times. Then, you should be the instigator to muster all relevant forces from amongst the old SLFP brigade, the UNP brigade including Ranil, Karu and Sajith and the JVP. The main agenda for the party should be to restore democracy and democratic governance to Sri Lanka, the current situation which we feel is now at the brink and almost beyond redemption. This should be seen as a national service of absolutely the highest order (and something that we feel that no person with even two brain cells will disagree).

    The TNA should be left alone we feel, as it has a rather different difficult agenda to battle with, and can be always appealed to in case of need to buttress the side of this conceived national party.

    The agenda must be further articulated to define plans for:
    1. Defining the separation of powers between executive, Legislature and Judiciary (and institute credible checks and balance to ensure this will prevail)

    1a. Within this, define whether the EP stays or goes, and if it stays, unequivocally remove the immunity from prosecution from the President

    1b. Remove the preferential system of votes in parliamentary elections (regardless of decision on EP) and restore the ‘first-past-the post’

    2. Limiting the cabinet of ministers to no more than 10 and ensure that selection to these is made transparent and on basis of solid credentials rather than cronyism

    3. Bringing back the public service commissions and a properly constituted meritocratic organised bureaucracy that will provide continuity to the various ministries at every change of government

    4. Reinstituting the independency of the judiciary, the Police force, the Elections Commissioner and the Bribery Commissioner

    We the People fear that this is Lanka’s last chance to make a change in this dear motherland of ours.

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    Of all the theological beliefs around the world , Islam poses as the greatest threat to civilized global society. Whatever nation that Muslims flood into,— death, destruction, mayhem , and horror follows. Muslims do not go into another nation with the intent of trying to assimilate into the already established culture and sovereign national state , but rather they go into the various nations with the goal and intent to change or convert the society to Islamic culture and sharia law. Muslims are the only group of people who cannot get along with their neighbors. Muslims want respect for their beliefs unquestionably , yet they have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the beliefs of others.
    This is how radical theology destroys any form of rational thought , compassion for others , and sensible fairness and equality. People around the world do not fear in any sense on a general basis being terrorized by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Scientologists, etc ., but are justifiably horrified of a society run by Muslims and sharia law.
    If world society does not stand up to the encroaching sharia crusaders that are marching globally, then the world will be cast back into thousands of years of ancient “darkness” and barbarity. Our civil societies, freedoms, high standards of living, technology , medicine, industry, justice, equality, fairness, love , compassion, mutual respect , entertainment, and overall general happiness and contentment will all be gone completely and replaced with barbarism and savagery.

  • 0

    Mangala Samaraweera cannot talk about himself, Everybody knows why, So, he talks about every thing else.

  • 0


    Quite ironical you should use the term SHARIA CRUSADERS in a post where you try to prove the world should fear Muslims, and not Christians or other religions.

    There are certainly nut cases both at individual levels, and much larger levels within the Muslim world. And I really don’t like putting down other religions, but your analysis is rather dubious, and the fact that you talk about them, you should know it.

    Any community who migrate wants to keep its traditions and belief, just 3 minutes drive from where I am typing this, in Western Australia, is the Sri Lankan Kenwick Vihara, where I might add I have been to take part in a Tsunami commemoration ceremony. The below is a copy paste from their website (google to confirm):

    The Temple serves the needs of the Sri Lankan Buddhist Community and is also open to anyone interested in the study of Lord Buddha’s Teachings and Meditation


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