27 June, 2022


Getting After The “Second Echelon”

By Emil van der Poorten

Emil van der Poorten

Emil van der Poorten

I have, in the past, made reference to the need NOT to neglect the hangers-on and “hit-men” employed by the forces of darkness that imposed their hegemony on this country for far too long.

A recent attempt by Hirunika Premachandra to have the doctor who, she alleges, significantly delayed the delivery of justice in her father’s murder by issuing a false medical certificate investigated and brought to justice brings this factor to the surface again in quite dramatic fashion. In passing, I’d like to remind readers of who was not only the Minister that Duminda was “monitoring” at the time but the most powerful member of the MR 1 (Mahinda Rajapaksa) brigade who was the first functionary to visit Mr. Silva at the Sri Lankan hospital from which he was whisked off to Singapore for an extended medically-monitored holiday in that city state at our expense.

The allegation is that a medical certificate, falsely describing Duminda Silva’s injuries as being life-threatening and which were going to leave him a walking vegetable, was used to whisk him away from the country and kept beyond the reach of Sri Lankan law, is serious indeed. However, the attempt to create a serious miscarriage of justice is not without precedent during that period and there are senior members of what were, it now turns out, euphemistically referred to as the forces of law and order that participated in DELIBERATE efforts to ensure miscarriages of justice and those accused of capital crimes walking free.

Already, in the Thajudeen case, it is becoming increasingly evident that justice delayed is going to be justice denied and the perpetrators of one of the most heinous high-profile murders in our history with the most sordid of overtones are going to walk away, scot-free, from their crime.


There is no choice for this government but to ensure that this is not just the continuation of a whole series of travesties of criminal law emanating from the largest barbeque in the world where scads of high profile individuals are summoned before some entity whose acronym is longer than the names of most organizations, “grilled” (and re-“grilled”) and then set free to ensure that they do not make the same mistake that led them to a period of minor discomfiture before some glorified “investigatory committee” or other that might or might not ”grill” them again.
Simply put, what has been going on is a monumental disgrace and has to be brought to a stop.

Some of us, when this Ohey Palayang government came into power insisted that, given the extent of corruption and the number of monumentally corrupt, there was need of a plethora of tribunals staffed by legally competent people to begin clearing the Augean Stables. It is damned cold comfort that we were proved dead right and this charade, parading as the practice of some kind of formal justice system continues without cease, the excuse being trotted out that the system inherited was riddled with corruption and peopled with the corrupt. Even though it might be repetitious let me say that many of us warned PRECISELY of this happening if there was foot-dragging in the process of investigation and punishment?

If the steps we have suggested are not followed, the ultimate result will be “summary justice” as it was practiced with the fall of the Ceaucescu Regime in Romania. There, Nicolae and Elena were tried before a jury, literally, recruited off the street in Bucharest, and executed by firing squad right on that very sidewalk after being found guilty of crimes against the people.

This is where we are headed if we go on equivocating and having members of the current Ohey Palayang government protecting the most corrupt, violent and lawless of their friends from the last regime, enabling them to return to the towns and villages of this country to visit more mayhem on the law-abiding citizenry of Sri Lanka.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again THERE IS NO ROOM FOR EQUIVOCATION IN THE MATTER OF APPLYING THE PRINCIPLES OF JUSTICE and we need, for a start, to get rid of the stooges of the Rajapaksa gang, still in positions of authority in our current scheme of things.

I need hardly begin to mention names when one of the leaders of that gang bears the same last name as the (hopefully) recently-deposed family and has already effectively derailed the investigation into the establishment of the largest paramilitary force in the history of any country, probably seeking shelter under the ambulatory human tent that passes for a cabinet minister in the MR2 (Maithripala/Ranil) dispensation.

At a slightly lower level there is the abomination of those who served the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime (MR1) very well, thank you, being welcomed into the Maithripala/Ranil (MR2) cabinet and then proceeding to recruit their buddies and even classmates of their fathers, who have documented histories as Rajapaksa stooges, into well-paying positions of authority in the upper layers of the administration that prevails today. What the hell can you expect as an outcome when this kind of thing has given ample evidence of becoming the rule rather than the exception? I’ve quoted the JVP before and will never cease to repeat their appropriate slogan: “Unuth ekai, munuth ekai” when I feel such is called for.

Perhaps, it would help the process that many of us see as a sine qua non for reform if we begin to name names, though even that is not likely to shame some of the turncoats, who are recruiting those of the same breed, into changing their ways. Let me start with the Ministry of Plantations and ask that recent recruitments into the upper echelons be juxtaposed against relationships between the current Minister’s father and his classmates who did anything but distinguish themselves in terms of professional qualifications and some of whom have documented histories as MR1 camp-followers.

Let me close by repeating for the nth time what I have said before and will not cease to repeat:


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    Well said. The fate of Mussolini was also similar to what happened to the Romanian dictator. A functioning vibrant democracy needs to enforce rule of law. That’s why even with rampant corruption being part of American capitalism sometimes Senators and Governors and Congressmen also get indicted and tried. Look at Israel. The Former PM was found guilty of corruption and a former President was found guilty of Rape! Now imagine a single Arab nation having rule of law and transparent justice. Sri Lanka was in danger of becoming Mugabestan.

    • 1

      “the need NOT to neglect the hangers-on and “hit-men” employed by the forces of darkness…”

      Well said uncle. Our country is still suffering due to the secretive activities of the pale ‘hit-men’ left by the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonisers to plague our country.

      Only people with balls to stand up to these overseas agents can save us. Brabo!

  • 0

    I can understand Poorty’s gripe against the Doctors , specially the ones in our Jayawaradana pura , where, Poorty’s mate Batanada PM’s dear uncle had a 5* Suite to recuperate, while Poorty had to share a bed in the Dalits ward.

    Did the Doctors in Singapore , including the Neuro Surgeons get their degrees from SAITM.

    Because Yahaplan Minister Rajitha, the guardian and the enforcer of SAITM took the Airbus A 330 all the way to Singapore to get his Triple Bypass.

    BTW my elders just told me ask who paid for Rajith’s Health Cover plus the first class ticket up and down.

    But it is not my business, I don’t pay Yahapalana Taxes, except the VAT.

    • 2

      Ado Sumaney:
      The way things are going you still might win the first prize for incomprehensibility, though you have still have some competition.

      • 2

        Emil, Jim Shitty is trailing right behind Sumanaya for the 1st and 2nd prize.

  • 7

    Well stated Emil!

    Another attempt to expose the corruption and bullshit that is going on under the guise of ‘Yahapalanaya’, but alas, bound to fall on the deaf ears of the bozos in charge.

    The former first family and relatives are still wallowing in the billions they ripped off the country and it is doubtful they will be held accountable for the crimes they have committed. And it looks like the same will apply to the minions that did their dirty work.

    However, as Einstein once said “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning”.

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    [Edited out]

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    ‘ambulatory human tent’ All this time I thought that would be Demis Roussos.
    Hooray, now WE have our own homegrown version.

    Now, apropos the ‘Rule Of Law’ (or should we say the ‘Selective Rule of Law’), I must admit that an Old Buffalo like me has just given up having seen all the bullshit that is sprayed around our thrice-blessed isle.

    Decent people have learnt to tiptoe round the piles of political shit and get on with our lives.

    This is what happens when happens when a rich 2500-year-old civilisation is given over to a never ending bunch of incompetent, devious, thieving bastards.

    • 0

      “This is what happens when happens when a rich 2500-year-old civilisation is given over to a never ending bunch of incompetent, devious, thieving bastards.”

      By Gad sir, you don’t mean the Colonial Masters?

  • 2

    As a supporter of the previous allegedly corrupt regime, (not the present allegedly corrupt regime), it still amuses me how far below even my modest expectations this current set up government is going.

    Much could have been achieved by simply keeping quiet.

    And the prison-hospital merry go round is amazing. The other day I saw Hon. Minister Namal making statements, I forgot he he had been arrested, then out again, it’s a regular merry go round. It’s a circus. If only foreigners knew what was happening they would laugh at us.

    I am sure Amnesty International has a count of countries with government critics in jail or being summoned to court. We must be number two behind Turkey.

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