24 January, 2022


Globe-Trotting Maithri Too Busy To Meet Muslim MPs As BBS Led Groups Continue Their Rampage

More focused on his very own political survival and foreign jaunts, President Maithripala Sirisena appeared to have no time to discuss the increasing attacks against the Muslim community, and had shot down a request by Muslim MPs to meet him and had instead directed Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka to preside the meeting scheduled for today.


Sirisena who is off to Australia today on a four day state visit, was too busy with the cabinet reshuffle and his impending Australia tour, and had little or no time to focus on the fact that the Muslims in the country were coming under increasing attacks once again by the Bodu Bala Sena(BBS) with a mosque and Muslim owned shops in several parts of the country being attacked or torched.

Even at the time this news report was published, several more establishments owned by Muslims had reportedly come under attack. Since mid-April this year, there has been at least 15 such incidents in various parts of the country. However, no action appears to have been taken by law enforcement officers apart from the customary ‘we will look into this.’ The government is yet to make an official statement on this issue despite growing tension as well as fears within the Muslim community of yet another BBS sponsored Aluthgama riot which left people killed, injured and houses and shops burnt.

Despite back to back attacks allegedly launched by the BBS led mobs against Muslim owned establishments and mosques in several parts of the country, the police are yet to take any serious steps to apprehend the culprits, including Bodu Bala Sena’s General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara who has been making anti-Muslim statements as well as hate mongering against Muslims at various meetings attended by large groups of Buddhist youth.

Since coming to power in January 2015, Sirisena has been busy globe-trotting and has been overseas at least 25 times. Sources pointed out that before strengthening Sri Lanka’s relationships with the outside world, it was important for leaders to focus on building strained relationships within the communities in the country.

In his election manifesto, Sirisena promised to ensure freedom of religious belief for people belonging to all religions in the country. “Religious disturbances are developing in the country due to the activities of extremist religious sects. In this situation the extremist groups mutually nourish one another and are expanding their activities. In order to control this situation, I will establish regional and national councils comprising religious leaders who will boldly work for religious coexistence and against extremism, without giving room for extreme elements of all religions. These Councils will be empowered to investigate into all problems associated with places of religious worship and arrive at final conclusions. Issues unresolved at regional level will be referred to the National Council,” he said in the 62 page manifesto which was released during the presidential election. However, no such councils have been appointed despite Sirisena been in office for over two years. (By Munza Mushtaq © Colombo Telegraph)

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    Every action has a reaction. This is direct result of people or organisations try to challenge the very fabric of Sri Lankan society, Sri Lanka and its values, traditions, customs.

    Unfortunately, Muslim minority has shown the inclination of bringing down the values, customs, traditions of Arabian Peninsula against the centuries old values of Sri Lankan society and its very fabrication of Sinhales Buddhist being the overwhelming majority.

    In recent times, Muslims try to show solidarity with out siders rather than living in harmony with Sri Lankan values specifically Buddhist values, customs and traditions.

    Antagonizing the majority in any country could lead to this kind of situation and reversing the consequences are in the hands of Muslim religious leaders who have misled followers of Islam in Sri Lanka.

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      Very impressive comment.Thank you

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    Can you specify what is the customs and values of the Sinhala buddhist, according to google these are some of the customs and values of Sinhala Buddhists-

    1. Highest rate of alcohol consumption per capita in world
    2. Highest search rate of ponography in the world continuously for three years.

    On top of it, the main virtue is Envy and Jealousy, the mentality is instead of working hard and being productive and setting an example for others, they want to pull everyone down to their level or if not destroy them, first they did this to the tamils because they studied hard and got good jobs, and now to the muslims because they cannot stand the muslims being successful businessmen.

    if this is your culture and values you want others to follow, no thank you, we are better off doing what we are doing. no good will ever come from any wrong means, the muslims will prevail one way or the other, you can wait and see.

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      Yes, You are very correct in your analysis. Most of the Heroin dealers are Muslims and these Heroin is coming mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan. All the high level . ilicit business are being carried out by muslims.

      When it comes to Tamils it was a well known fact that they wee given under hand marks by the Tamils. You take the history. The Sinhalese toiled made all those world wonders during King Dhutugemunu. King Parakramabahu, Kng Kashyapa, King Walagamba.

      What have you muslims done for Sri Lanka expect robbing poor people in the country and mass scale ribbing from Government!

      Please go to Saudi Arabia where you came from we can manage our affairs!

    • 3

      I Googled and could not find a site that gives data on Per Capita Consumption of Alcohol and Searching for Pornography for Sinhala Buddhists. It may be your ignorance that this kind of data are not given for a particular ethnic or religious group. They are given on country wise. Even as a country, Sri Lanka is not in the top ten. Could you please provide the source of your information. My guess is you are one of the guys working for a church funded NGO whose job is to carry out smear campaigns against Sinhala Buddhists.

      These are my findings:

      Countries with the Alcohol Consumption per Capita

      1. Estonia, 2. Belarus, 3. Lithuania, 4. Andorra, 5. Czech Republic, 6. Austria, 7. Ireland, 8. France, 9. Luxembourg, 10. Hungary

      Source: http://www.worldatlas.com/articles/who-drinks-the-most-alcohol-consumption-by-country.html

      Top ten countries searching for ‘pornography’: Google Trends, 2015

      1.Papua New Guinea, 2. Zimbabwe, 3. Kenya, 4. Botswana, 5. Zambia, 6. Ethiopia, 7. Malawi, 8. Uganda, 9. Fiji, 10. Nigeria

      Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-25/papua-new-guinea-tops-google-porn-searches/6262028?pfmredir=sm

      Which Countries Watch The Most Porn?

      1. USA, 2. U.K., 3. Canada, 4. India, 5. Japan, 6. France, 7. Germany, 8. Australia, 9. Italy, 10. Brazil

      Source: https://www.bustle.com/p/which-countries-watch-the-most-porn-america-did-not-disappoint-in-2016-28331

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    Check the prison population of Sri Lanka as per the latest stats released, more than 95% of the criminals are Sinhalese, so what does this say

    Unfortunately nobody came to Sri Lanka from Saudi Arabia, other than the burgers, every one has South Asian genes, the Sinhalese from Bengali, the Tamils from southern India and Muslims also likewise, check google for all the evidence. of course Saudi Arabia is better than Bangladesh, if you can take off to Bangladesh we can try going to Saudi Arabia.

    Another thing to prove that your ancestors are from Bengali is simple, both are backwards and stupid, otherwise how do you explain the country is going only in one direction-south- after the British left

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    You see only see what you want to see, not the facts, This type problem is associated with squint-eye ( wapara) and not with eagle eyes, eagle eyes generally have wider and sharper view, not squint and narrow, this is the problem engulfing Sri lanka today, The saffron clad thugs and his cohorts are spreading blatant lies after lies, and now they have become the facts, and the worst part is when the good Sinhalese ( majority of them) does nothing about it.

    Here are the links for the claims, not only Sri Lanka has the highest per capita alcohol consumptions, but also the second highest cirrhosis cases in the World, and very soon you will get gold also on this as well to add to your list of values, bravo!

    and on ponography search on google, SL tops the list in 2012, 2014, and 2016, highest achievement in any field for SL

    We are a nation of boozers! – Sunday Times Sri Lanka

    Google searches for sex; SL tops list again – Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka …

    Sri Lanka is No. 1 nation in ‘sex’ searches on Google; India’s …
    http://www.emirates247.com › News › Sri Lanka

    SL tops Google’s ‘sex’ search list again – Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka Latest …

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      Concerned Citizen,

      “…according to google these are some of the customs and values of Sinhala Buddhists”.

      Google does not give data for ‘Sinhala Buddhists’. There is no way Google can find out the ethnicity or religion of a person who is searching through Google.

      “Sunday Times Sri Lanka http://www.sundaytimes.lk/120226/Plus/plus” This does not exist.

      ” Sri Lanka has the highest per capita alcohol consumption”. This is incorrect. In the world, Estonia has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol. In Asia, Thailand has the highest per capita consumption.

      “on ponography search on google, SL tops the list in 2012, 2014, and 2016”. This is incorrect. In 2016, Trinidad & Tobago tops the list. Sri Lanka is not even among the top ten.

      For searching “Sex’, Sri Lanka is at the top. This is correct but Sri Lanka has Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Christians, Tamil Hindus, Tamil Christians, Muslims, Malays, Burgers. Therefore you cannot single out ‘Sinhala Buddhists’ as the group that searched the word ‘Sex’.

      Please refrain from distorting facts.

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    The Heads of foreign States must be gettick sick of inviting the Sri Lankan Ministers Prime Minister and President who are waiting for an invitation to jump the plane and go.Can the Govt publish the cost of each trip

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    EE , the title of the article is ” we are nation of boozers” the lecture is given by Dr Anula Wijesundare, in which she clearly explains who has the highest consumption, read the article.

    Of course Sri Lanka is not all Sinhala Buddhist, it’s a multi cultural society but someone in this forum mentioned that Muslims are destroying the culture and values of Sinhala Buddhist, they should know what they are writing without showing their ignorance. Everything thing is changing, we hardly find any Sinhala Buddhist wearing the traditional osari, now they wear skirts and blouses, pants, mini skirts etc, so like wise the Muslims also have changed their dresses for different reasons, how does that impacts anything or anyone. If everyone calls a spade a spade, everything will be easy

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      “Can you specify what is the customs and values of the Sinhala buddhist, according to google these are some of the customs and values of Sinhala Buddhists- 1. Highest rate of alcohol consumption per capita in world”

      I read the article of Dr. Anula Wijewardena. She talks about the situation in Sri Lanka, not about Sinhala Buddhists. You distorted that information and wanted to put a black mark on Sinhala Buddhists. That is unacceptable.

      Eagle Eye may be having a ‘Wapara Eye’ but still can see things better than you who have a good eye sight!

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    Down to basic facts…All faiths are a heap of crap without any value or power. Faiths are
    invention of humans to guide them through life, birth to death, the doctrine is rewards
    after demise, either heaven or hell which we still do know its existence as no one who
    died ever came back to warn us of what lies ‘after’.
    Hinduism (mythology) and Buddhism (philosophy) are the most commercialized faiths. There are huge benefits, including monetary, for the Hindu priests and Buddhist monks.
    The bottom line is humans, will continue to evolve in the belly of a woman and be born between the legs of a woman. Caste, creed, race, faith will follow only after a birth.
    All great religious leaders were born out of a woman and never spoke against another faith.
    Those who bully others in the name of a faith must be dealt with severely.
    Sadly, the situation in Sri Lanka is that the police , who belong to the majority Sinhalese Buddhist are part and parcel of Buddhist terrorism with the
    successive governments turning a blind eye and or support the instigators who are more of thugs disguised as monks who are disgracing Buddhism and may even be in the payroll of those who are all out to topple the current corrupt and inexperienced government, which is also the worst since independence.

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