29 May, 2022


Gnanasara Guilty Of Threatening Sandhya Ekneligoda, Sentencing On June 14th

The Homagama Magistrate found General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thera was guilty of threatening Sandhya Ekneligoda inside the court premises.


Sandhya Ekneligoda is the wife of missing journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda.

Magistrate Udesh Ranatunga, who found the Thero guilty under Sections386 and 486 of the Penal Code also announced that the sentence would be delivered on June 14th.

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    What Jesus wanted was the Gospel to be preached throughout the world and to baptize only those who believe in Him. The priests in their over-enthusiasm have sought to make converts by their efforts. God alone can convert to Christianity and any efforts at forcible conversion will not last since the vicissitudes of history will undermine them. The Gospel says many are called but few are chosen. Christians cannot be labelled as making any attempts at forcible conversions except during the Middle Ages. So please don’t assume that Christians want everybody to be converted to Christianity. God doesn’t want it and respects man’s freedom of conscience.R.M.B Senanayake

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      I’m sorry, I must disagree. What Jesus and God want, and what the Churches want, are two very different things. Almost all Churches use food, education, etc as a means of conversion in Asia and Africa. Why do you think the Catholic Church was so opposed to the ‘takeover’ of schools in the Sixties?

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      The GOD has nothing to do wih Kiristianity.. It was NAESIA of Constantin noble church made this ISM in the name of jESAs.. The name ESA was latinized as Jesus by those Church priests . The so caled SOVUL latinized PAUL was the founder of TRINITY – a absurd ISM of Churh..

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    If only the President and the prime Minister stood by their conscience and much hyped honesty and patriotism, President displaying to the people his simple living and humility by carrying his lunch in banana sheath and the PM with his Mr. Clean slogan our country would not be in this perilous state. This is nothing but sheer hypocrisy. From the word go they had their pre – emtive plans in place and today the entire Nation is desperate and cluelss except the limited privileged families, groups, and individuals who are having the best of times, including criminals and corrupt politicians under the very eyes of the two leaders. It is clear to the people the reason why the MPP salary and other increases were given to them in the guise of encouraging them to do better in their Electorates. This is nothing short of a bribe to get their support in an eventuality arising from the CB bond fiasco. However much you tighten up the screws the truth like oil will come to the surface. This is what the evil forces must realise. There are sins that cry to heavens for vengeance .

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    Terrorist Stupid Native Veddah,

    You idiot shall understand that LTTE Terrorists threatened the Territorial intergrity, Sovereignty, Unitary nature of this country and these are the simple reasons.

    No state terrorism in Sri Lanka from 1971 to 2015 or any time of the history.

    There are no causes for Tamil Terrorism through LTTE as only Megalomaniacs like Prabhakaran may go down the violent destructive path for non-existing so called special problems

    Now you bastard can hide in your mummy

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      Nimal Tissass Wijethunga

      “You idiot shall understand that LTTE Terrorists threatened the Territorial intergrity, Sovereignty, Unitary nature of this country and these are the simple reasons.”

      Oi idiot read and think before you type.
      Hindia did threaten the “territorial integrity” of this island.
      What the heck did you do?
      It was LTTE’s baby brigade which fought the Hindian IPKF, kick them out and protected sovereignty (whatever it is) of this island while the cowardice armed forces were hiding behind VP’s bum and their women folks.

      “No state terrorism in Sri Lanka from 1971 to 2015 or any time of the history.”
      Please keep repeating, one day it will sound true.

      “Now you bastard can hide in your mummy”

      Oi idiot what are trying to convey?

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    Stuid terrorist Native Veddah,

    What are you trying to say? you just repeat others comments as you do not have any logical valid points to discuss.

    Self Rule, Genocidal Day, federalism, elam, separate state, Tamils secial problems in Sri Lanka are all bull shit without any basis. When Somebody argues or counter the comments, Native VEDDAH most of the commentators change the course of the discussion and started using abusive language.

    You are not the only erson can use abusive language as others also can do definitely better than you.

    If then Sri Lanka Government did not support LTTE tacitly, IPKF WOULD HAVE CRUSHED them within months and this is a known fact all over the world.

    However, Sri Lanka tri forces annihilate them in no uncertain terms and if you want, you can give a try once again to get the same results once again without semblance of doubt because you cannot get any ground support this time even to the level LTTE enjoyed if any as the Tamil masses are with more Wisdom this time after 30 years of brutal war waged for non-existing problems and unrealistic demands as solutions and they are prudent definitely more than you.

    Just keep your mouth shut if you do not know the facts and you can hide behind your mummy.

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    Terrorist Stupid Native Veddah,


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      Retarded ………………………………………….. Shamless……………



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      Retarded RSP:
      This is the best you got?

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        Common Burt. What’s wrong with a good laugh once in a while.
        If I openly express my political opinion, you buggers are angry.
        If I shout at ya in filth you buggers are angry.
        If I have a good laugh you are angry.

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    This CardboardThug should be sent for life not 2 years and has to be derobbed as he is of no use to the general public or to Buddhists

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