13 July, 2024


Gnanasara To Be De-Ordained By Default On June 21st

Secretary of the BBS, Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, currently serving a six months prison sentence with hard labor for verbally abusing Sandhya Ekneligoda, the wife of missing person Prageeth Ekneligoda, could lose his status as a Buddhist monk, according to Prof Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero.

BBS Gnanasara

Speaking at a media conference at the Sunethradevi Pirivena, Pepiliyana, Abhayatissa Thero said that according to the disciplinary texts, the Vinaya Pitakaya, a bikkhu who spends seven days out of the robe can lose his status as per the rule cheevara vippavaasi (residing out of the robe).

The Thero pointed out that in other instances bikkhus that were found guilty of transgressing established laws were punished but never forced to remove their robes.

Gnanasara is currently donning the usual garbs of prisoners, commonly referred to as ‘jumper suits’.

Abhyatissa Thero called on the Mahanayaka Theros to intervene immediately to deal with what he referred to as a deliberate conspiracy to disrobe Gnanasara through the above mentioned technicality.

Meanwhile an unnamed organization has put out posters in Colombo calling for a protest outside the Fort Railway Station at 2 pm on June 18 (Monday).

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    It’s reliably learnt from sources in the deep state that its shadow intelligent arm has carried out a deep penetration probe of Venerable Gnanasara in the prison, and found him in a state of ecstasy. Apparently he had told the fellow inmates that he had experienced a spiritual transformation since meeting them. In fact he had emphasized it was his first ever spiritual experience in life. Because this was the first time in his entire life, he had explained, that he met people with high moral standards, spiritual values and human behaviour patterns. According to Gnanasara the most stunning aspect of the whole experience was the revelation that inmates belonging to minority communities possessed these characteristics even to a much greater degree. And this is what, according to Venerable Gnanasara, finally pushed him over the edge into enlightenment. In contrast, he said with much indignation, that all the associates he had interacted with so far in his temple, his Nikaya and the various other Buddhist organizations that he belonged to were criminals, womanizers, child-abusers, addicts, business racketeers, land-grabbers, political fixers, hate-mongers and violent racists. In short, he said, they are all subhuman, subterranean mafia men – a scourge on society.
    Our sources further reported that in view of the spiritual transformation undergone by the Venerable Gnanasara, the Rajapakse deep state is working overtime to ensure he stays in prison longer, as they fear he might reveal all the clandestine activities he had carried out on their behalf so far.

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        Yes, of course, the deep penetrating intelligence arm did find he was full of crap, but out of respect for the jumper the gandarala was wearing, I didn’t want to mention it. Thanks for reminding. Now take it easy.

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      Dear Ajay

      Please understand the seriousness of what you are saying. If this is true it is stunning. If not, this is the wrong forum for jokes.

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    According to the records Bodu Bala Sena was formed against for forcible conversion, Islamic terrorism, vandalism of ancient Buddhist ruins and temples and degradation of Buddhist symbols.
    The manner in which Ven. Gnanasara Thero has reacted to such incidents may not have for our liking but I think every Buddhist should agree that though vociferous, Thero was managed to draw attention of the authorities to such crimes.
    Even this case which led Thero to go to prison, was against a woman who betrayed the country. She is a Sinhalese who lied about our Army using illegal chemical weapons without having any proof. Yahapalanaya government has filed a case against our Army officers for “murdering her husband” whose dead body is not seen by anybody!!!!

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      BBS was formed so that yet another bunch of greedy so-and-so’s ( this time mostly monks), could get into politics and make money because they felt being unfairly left out of the gravy-train that our island has become. They looked at and felt envious of the duty-free cars, high-end restaurants and the general good life that comes with this

      Cunningly played upon the fears ignorant (mostly Buddhists), just like the Trump Administration is playing upon the fears of the ignorant Americans..

      And here we are

      Monks who are not monks

      Records show that he has killed or caused to be killed, at least four people

      This swine of an imitation monk should have put behind bars they day he was ordained

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    “…according to Venerable Gnanasara, finally pushed him over the edge into enlightenment.”””
    My3 may declare this day as a public holiday as well every month?

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