20 October, 2021


Gotabaya Rajapaksa Clarifies; Listening In On KP’s Chats With Prabhakaran’s ‘Man Friday’

By Michael Roberts

Dr. Michael Roberts

Dr. Michael Roberts

Gotabaya Rajapaksa Clarifies – Part I I

The government of Sri Lanka’s conduct of Eelam War IV from 2006-09 was not without its inefficiencies, especially on the propaganda front. But no less a person than retired SAS officer JT Holmes has stated clearly that the SL Army faced “an entirely unique situation” and took tactical options that were “stark,” but “justifiable and proportionate” in those circumstances. While I aware of the important role performed by the SL Air Force and SKL Navy in support of the war effort, and the value of UAV’s in the battlefield situation, Gotabaya Rajapaksa sprang a surprise when, more or less in passing, indicated that the SL military had listened in on the radio-tel communications between Selvarāsa Pathmanathan (KP to the world) and the LTTE command in Sri Lanka.

As most in the know do know, Velupillai Pirapāharan never spoke directly on the phone to even his most trusted confidantes abroad. In 2008/09 the trusted individual at the local end of the phone (implicitly beside Pirapāharan) was Velu one of his bodyguards. So, the critical conversation with KP at the end of December 2008 when Kilinochchi was about to fall into GSL hands and the final chat in even more dire circumstances in May 2009 were between KP in Kuala Lumpur and Velu at LTTE’s command hide-out.

Mahinda and KPKP has provided extended details to David Jeyaraj on the content of these exchanges. I was quite familiar with that information because of my recent work on an article that is entitled “Saving Talaivar Pirapāharan”. I was therefore stunned when Gotabaya Rajapaksa indicated that the Sri Lankan military forces had monitored these exchanges. Some of his details went beyond the data in KP’s account.

When Pirapāharan had sought KP’s help, the latter had been quite firm in specifying the conditions under which he would proceed to arrange some sort of international rscue for Pirapāharan and his team. First, Pirapāharan had to remove the “young bagman” [namely Castro] who was in charge of international logistics. Secondly, he, Pirapāharan, had to provide him with a hard copy document which authorized KP to take over the international directorship of the LTTE.

Pirapāharan had agreed. This signed document had been transmitted to KP through the “good offices” of one of the international NGOS which had an office in Kilinochchi*.

The second of these chats between the two leaders of the LTTE, one the talaivar and the other his best-man at his marital rites way back in 1984 or so, was in May when total defeat and death was staring the LTTE in the face.

KP told Velu: “Now [in this situation] you can get out [meaning in my surmise “let me help you all to get out of your predicament”].

Whereupon Charles Anthony had seized the phone from Velu and told KP: “No! No! Send us some missiles. We can break out and continue the struggle!”

When some calm had been restored, KP had quietly told Velu: “That foolish son ….”

Gotabaya did not elaborate further. The message was clear and I turned to other issues in our free-flowing haphazard conversation.

*Hmm! Hhhhmmm!


Holmes, Maj-Genl John 2015 “Expert Military Report,” 28 March 2015, Annex I of Report on the Second Mandate of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Complaints of Abductions and Disappearances [i.e. Paranagama Report], August 2015, pp. 243-44

Jeyaraj, D. B. S. 2011 “KP’ Speaks Out. An Interview with Former Tiger Chief, Vavuniya: NERDO.

Roberts, Michael 2015 “The Realities of Eelam War IV,” 27 October 2015, https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/the-realities-of-eelam-war-iv/

Roberts, Michael 2014 Tamil Person and State. Essays, Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014

Roberts, Michael 2014 Tamil Person and State. Pictorial, Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2014

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  • 42

    Dr. Michael Roberts,

    You are bragging as if we defeated the might of the USA forces! Man, get a handle on yourself.

    Look at the odds. You are talking about several hundred thousand with all the advantages and legitimacy in their corner against an ill equipped barefoot ragtag bunch of amateur fighters. The fact it took 30 years for us to overcome the LTTE shows the ingenuity of the Tamil youth and the sheer incompetence of us the Singhalese.

    Truth is truth and it’s about time we learned to face it.

    • 18

      Thanks for your insults. My brother lost a leg above his knee, fighting for your freedom in a mortar attack on his T-54. He was only 22. It is the international christian community that did not allow an outright victory by lying about Tigers and their insincere negotiations. Also it is India that armed, trained and financed them and did not allow the SLA to defeat them in 1987 in Vadammaarachchi. Yes corrupt politicians and corrupt generals made money but do not insult us unless you are a tamil racist. If you are a Sinhalese, what did you do to sacrifice for defeating terrorism?

      • 22

        Mr Jayawardene,

        “Thanks for your insults.”

        I try to tell the truth as it is in stark terms without frills, I am sorry you took it as an insult. One man’s truth may not be another’s; that’s the way the world is.

        ” My brother lost a leg above his knee, fighting for your freedom in a mortar attack on his T-54. He was only 22. “

        I am truly sorry to hear about your brother, no young man of any race should lose life or limb in useless wars. However foolish and misled they may be, I salute all those young people – SL forces, LTTE, JVP ….. – who sacrificed their lives for a cause they believed in. That’s the ultimate selfless sacrifice; you don’t go and die for yourself but for something you believe is for the good of others.

        I am like Mahinda, Weerawansa ……. get others to fight my battles and die for my wars. I can give stirring speeches in the safety of “far away” that will put Mahinda, Weerawansa ……. to shame. Oh, boy you haven’t heard me yet.

        ” It is the international Christian community that did not allow an outright victory by lying about Tigers and their insincere negotiations. “

        All warfare is based on deception. – Sun Tzu

        ” fighting for your freedom “

        “Freedom” is a loaded word, for you it may mean freedom from Tamil terrorism, for another it could mean freedom from the tyranny of the Rajapakses or the hardline Sinhala-Buddhists. Like the good man said, “The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.” In my own way, I find my freedom where ever I can.

        ” Yes corrupt politicians and corrupt generals made money but do not insult us unless you are a Tamil racist. “

        For a moment let us forget the Tamils and the war. Have we Singhalese shown any competence in governance or state-craft? Look around be honest. What makes you think we were competent at war? The war was fought the same way our leaders are trying to govern us today. Can you deny? When by good fortune two half-competent people – Fonseka (not the greatest General in the world, let’s not get carried away) and Gotabaya – got together, how long did it take them to defeat the LTTE? Doesn’t it prove my point? Well, there were few other factors that contributed to the LTTE-defeat.

        ” If you are a Sinhalese, what did you do to sacrifice for defeating terrorism?”

        Well, I try to hold a mirror to Lankans to see them as they are.

        • 9

          Singhalese shown any competence in governance or state-craft? // yes
          SL a country faced with cross border terrorism, US regime changes, two insurgencies, terrorist war for 30 years..yes SL has been extremely successful ..

          You can do even 1% of MR did.you are simply an idiot a waste of oxygen

          • 12

            Meeharakas of your kind would not worth to use in lanken paddy fields. This message is to Sach.

            Rajapakshe did a lot but a major portion was grabbed for him:

            Today, trillions are lost – He has no chance to prevaricate anymore.

            Those the like you have to clean his overflowing toilet pits like or not.

            • 6

              Who says he got trillions idiot? RW cannot even show a single Rupee. Even if he did the good he did always outweigh the bad. And where did i talk about anyone’s trillions? I talked about how SL faced every challenge

          • 15

            “You can do even 1% of MR did.”

            Do you mean the $18 billion?

            If I robbed 1% of what Mahinda is supposed to have robbed that’s $180 million! Oh boy, I’ll be on a beach somewhere!

            “you are simply an idiot a waste of oxygen”

            True, we are all idiots for not taking up politics and doing what Mahinda did.

            • 5

              Your $18Bn amply tells who you are!
              Only the terrorists and their sympathizers can not see what MR did.

              • 8


                “Only the terrorists and their sympathizers can not see what MR did.”

                You are wrong, the people still can’t figure out how much MR and his gang swindled, wasted, ….. ?

            • 5

              Winning the war and robbing money after he got a mandate from elated Sri Lankans are two separate entities.
              I think the people of SL did the right thing on both. Praised him for winning the war and got rid of him for his corrupt governance.

      • 3


        with all respect your brother to have fought the war having taken part in there physically. But your argument is not right here to blame all that did not fight it the way your brother did. Many of us have contributed their part by their own way. I have joined forums to spread the truth about the civil war. Accroding to you then entire world should be wrong to have given srilanken tamils refuge on their soils. Yes indians tamilnadu did help- but dont yo know that over 50 millions tamils living in that proivince. SO to put the blame on entire india is also no right. This was very complex… anyways, having eleminated the physical terror from the land, what did Rajapakshe do to achieve permement peace ? Had he done his job meeting with the expectations of all of us, nothing would have gone wrong – we could have achieved more -. than we have achieved sofar. There are tamil racists, there sinhalese racists too, there are even all other racists in the country. That is common to any nation – but one thing is clear just to abuse war victory as a licence to loot the entire nation was not what we ever expected from Rajaakshes in the aftermath of the war. But he provably did it. And today, FCID and other criminal inveistgation offices have been their mostly visiting places- perhaps no other leaders since indepence visited CID or the like bodies as Rajapakashes did.
        I never trusted the man et al – from the begining on – will never trust them. Just knowing that poor folks can easily be cheated, he consolidated his power and tried to build up a monarchy. Had Golden Son of the nation Sobitha thero together with all other civil forces NOT done the due, we would have been looted even today. Not forgetting CBKs great work being away from active politics – and NOT forgetting MY3 s life sacrifices.

    • 12

      I guess you have not spent any time in the war zone areas, understood the ground realities there, or seen the level of sophistication of the weaponry the LTTE used. You sound like a damn fool, and probably are.

      • 15

        Mr Siripala,

        “I guess you have not spent any time in the war zone areas, understood the ground realities there”

        One of my close relatives was the army commander during one of its worst debacles. For personal reasons I would not like to elaborate; it’s not important now.

        ” seen the level of sophistication of the weaponry the LTTE used”

        Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t most of the weapons the LTTE used captured from the SL forces? They used to raid/overrun army camps and carry away weapons in tractor loads.

      • 8


        What’s so sophisticated about the LTTE’s weapons?

        You mean their Takarang Air Force? Did they have any tanks? Did they have Dora Doras?

    • 6

      This shows your knowledge on the war.. If you have read CIA report on LTTE. They are no means a ragtag movement. They were well equipped, trained and funded by India and then by Scandinavian countries.

      Might of the India army couldn’t capture LTTE leader. They started as a ragtag but they grew in support and structure with each passing year. However, lack of clear political and military strategy kept us from defeating it.

      Just FYI, USA still can’t control ISIS other ragtag muslim militant group with all their resources.

      • 12

        “lack of clear political and military strategy”

        Exactly my point! Isn’t that incompetence in one word?

        Granted, it’s a little more complex than I am trying to make it here. But, how come that when few competent people got together by good fortune (for the country) that they were able to defeat this supposedly well trained, well equipped LTTE in less than 2 years? Did their training and equipment melt away? Or did Fonseka, Gota ….. show even a semblance of competence? Surely, the country is not heaping praise on them for their looks or sheer luck.

        What makes you think that our leaders fought the war any differently to the way they govern the country?

        Truth is not a Sinhala thing or a Tamil thing; our biases deceive no one but ourselves.

        • 5

          What are you ranting about? Suddenly, you realized that Sri Lankans (Sinhalese) are incompetent?? I thought you are smarter than that. Where were you all this time to suddenly realize that?
          What is important is that the GOSL annihilated the murderous tamil terrorist some how (even after 30 years)and saved the freedom and lives of it’s citizens. We lost over 100,000 Sinhalese and Tamil citizens to suicide bombings. Imagine if the terror was still active. If you happen to live in SL there are good chances that you may be blown into pieces by their suicide bombings while in a public place.

          • 12


            “What are you ranting about? Suddenly, you realized that Sri Lankans (Sinhalese) are incompetent??”

            Let us get things in proper perspective. We have to go back to my initial post to Dr. Michael Roberts. We are bragging and carrying on as we beat a mighty army – like the Vietnamese kicking US ass. The battle was between two grossly unequal combatants. In all measurable criteria the LTTE was vastly inferior to the GOSL forces. Agreed?

            To put it across in Cricketing parlance, it’s like the Australian team with great difficulty beating a SL school team that gives a good fight.

            All what I can remember of my education is an alcoholic haze gazed through shapely girls legs. I should have paid more attension!

            What little I’ve gathered about truth,

            Truth is not so simple.

            Some guy came along and completely destroyed the idea of absolute-truth; there is no such thing. His point is, what if we are all born wearing green spectacles and we see everything as green. That’s how we see everything, there is no way we can take them off and see things how they really are. And more importantly we don’t even know we are wearing the spectacles. It’s the same idea as we only see shadows in someone’s cave; in SL might as well be Mahinda’s cave.

            Then someone came along and said to hell with absolute-truth but there is objective-truth. Then another dude said wait a minute objective-truth is not so simple, what people believe as objective-truth is nothing but objective-truth filtered through their subjective-truth.

            When there is one objective-truth Singhalese filter the objective-truth through their subjective-truth and want to project it as truth. Tamils do the same. And the arguments go on till the cows come home.

            But there is no Singhalese-truth or Tamil-truth. But objective-truth.

            I see that my inability to see your version of Singhalese-truth has wounded your Singhalese pride. A Tamil will feel the same way if I am unable to see his Tamil-truth. But isn’t all forms of pride in the end is nothing but foolish-pride anyway?

            When you are able to cast aside your subjective Singhalese-truth and see objective truth, we’ll have a good discussion, I know you are capable of it. If not subjective truths are just that subjective truths, any discussions based on them are a waste of time.

            • 3

              “Nimal fernando”
              I still cant figure out why you are so hung up about the inefficiency of the Sinhalese and “winning the war is not a big deal” scenario once I explained to you the reasons!
              I am sensing that you are not a Sinhalese but a terror supporting disgruntled Tamil in Sinhalese “clothes”. There is one more reason for me to believe this. A Sinhalese will not spell the word Sinhalese, “Singhalese”!!

              Give up whatever you are trying to achieve here “nimal”. You can’t change the past, so just grin and bear it.

              • 7


                Geeze man,

                I don’t usually get involved in these types of diversions but I feel you are a very young person and I can sense some genuineness in there …… so, just this one time. Let me try and breakdown some of your immaturity and childishness.

                You are trying to make a big deal out of “nimal fernando” my handle, it’s just a common SL name I picked like John Doe. Get it?

                “I still can’t figure out why you are so hung up” ” What are you ranting about?”

                I am not ranting or hung-up ……. or any of that. Emotions don’t come into my thinking. I look at things in the cold light of day; what I see is what I see and have the strength to accept what I see – even if it is not what I want to see.

                ” inefficiency of the Sinhalese”

                I don’t want to divulge personal details (it’s not important.) One of my close relatives was the army commander during one of the worst debacles. Was he up to the task? No. He worked hard and rose through the ranks. He was the least academically able (to put it mildly) among the 3 boys in the family. He was doing cadetting and all that and army looked like a good career move. This was way before the LTTE, Al Keida ….. and all that, all they had to do was polish their boots, get the marching right and have a Gin and tonic and do the old chap, old boy talk with the Sandhurst, West-Point types. With his background it just suited him fine! When the thing hit the fan with the full blown LTTE insurgency, was he up to it? No. With all his training, untrained LTTE – tactic-wise – ran circles around him. I have said it as it is. Or do you want me to tell it any other way? That’s why I say Fonseka was more competent. Or if there is any other way I should say it please tell me.

                “winning the war is not a big deal”

                Beating the Australians in 96 was a big deal where David overcame Goliath. Defeating Kenya scoring over 400 runs was no big deal. I don’t think you still see that the LTTE were 4000 – 5000 hard-core terrorist – as Fonseka, himself said. If we beat the USA or the French like the Vietnamese, I’ll be the first to acknowledge. Can you realize that a man can look at truth without any bias or prejudice; not as a Singhalese or a Tamil?

                As Singhalese (or Sinhalese, take your pick :))) we both hate Prabakaran but he was a remarkable man, a black-swan. Take away Prabakaran, how long would have the “Tamil insurgency” lasted? I can see it, your racial bias prevents you from seeing it.

                ” I am sensing that you are not a Sinhalese but a terror supporting disgruntled Tamil in Sinhalese “clothes”.”

                Oh man, When everything fails that’s the classic comeback, isn’t it?

                ” A Sinhalese will not spell the word Sinhalese, “Singhalese”!!”

                Don’t be childish, go to Windows Outlook and type both words; they are both correct – spelling-wise. Like I’ve said before I can’t spell to save my soul, I type some crap and let the spell-checker correct them.

                Anyway, who can be sure of their purity of race/ethnicity? Who mixed with whom in all those passionate ancient nights? I can tell you anecdotal yarns that will make your blood boil! I think of myself as a small speck of humanity floating in a vast universe.

                I tell it as it is to both sides,


                As a nation we have far to go to join the 21st century and become a modern secular state; casting aside foolish-pride is the first thing we must do – like our 2500 year old civilization which has left us still medieval. We got to be realistic; there is no other way around it. If not we will be totally taken advantage of. I am not concerned about the big-city elites, they have the education/savvy to survive but like the Aborigines, the Inuit ……. the naive village-folk will be totally marginalized and obliterated.

                • 2

                  “Nimal fernando”
                  I don’t care about your ranting or nonsensical explanations. The important thing is SL is free of suicide murdering by those tamil terrorists and we can go about with our business without the fear of getting blown out to pieces. Thats all citizens of SL wanted and they got that!

                  • 0


                    “I don’t care about your ranting or nonsensical explanations.”

                    Then why did you ask in the first place?

                    So now I am not a Tamil then, eh? Well, that’s a relief! :))))

                    Just as I expected. Why are you guys so predictable?

    • 4

      If We Thamizh didn’t hide under the skirts of our womenfolk you Sinhalam would have had a much easier time finishing things off :D

      But as the old saying goes, We Thamizh will be We Thamizh :D

      • 5

        Wee Thamihz Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

        If we Sinhala/Buddhists armed forces didn’t hide behind our women folks there would not have been a war in 1987.

        If we Sinhala/Buddhists armed forces didn’t hide behind VP’s bum the war could have been brought to an end in 1988.

        If we Sinhala/Buddhists didn’t make illegal payment to VP in 2005 the country would not be in a dire condition with debt trap of almost Rs. 10 trillion.

      • 2

        SSS, it is your time to remove your mask and be open had been before. We know that you are that David Blacker.

        You may help Rajas in an open manner. That can save your soul.

    • 4

      I am surprised that you consider it is an easy task for a 3rd world country like Sri Lanka to defeat a well funded and well supported (by the Western world) terrorist outfit like the LTTE!
      Why do you think it took 30 years to eliminate the terrorists other than the fact that they re-organized and regrouped every time they agreed for a negotiated settlement? You may recollect that the west called this conflict ” the unwinnable war of Sri Lanka”.
      One more reason for the delay was our stupid leaders tried to be “politically correct” and “dhrmishta” towards these cold blooded murderers. Worshiping the western masters and depend on their help was another reason. This is the reason I admire MR, who listened to none of these western powers who always want to create conflicts in poor countries, but annihilated the terrorists.

  • 7

    “Gotabaya did not elaborate further. The message was clear and I turned to other issues in our free-flowing haphazard conversation.”

    Of course Gota would “not elaborate further” than whatever lies he “elaborated” on in defense of his position.

    And what is happening with KP? Isn’t it time he was charged for his actions in support of the LTTE and handling much of their international business deals?

    And why is Karuna still free after his myriad criminal offenses that included the abduction of innumerable children and the murder of all those policemen, among others??

    • 4

      KP and Karuna should be treated special because they helped end the terror war which had already killed over 100,000 of our citizens. Without a blink I will consider them as Sri Lankan Heroes. Imagine if they did not help the GOSL; the suicide bombing of citizens and the destruction of public property would still continue.

  • 11

    Heh! This guy continues to try to be relevant in the discussions on Sri Lanka. We ALL know what kind of a crook Gota is. Portraying to be a friend of Gotabhaya is not good for your health, Mr Know_All. People are smart here. Citing trash would not bring any credibility to you mate.

  • 4

    Mr. Micheal when the Yahapalanaya government is returning KP’s passport so that he can go outside of the country. When KP will be extradited to India, which want to question him?

    • 3

      No we like to torture him and extract more infor :)s

  • 5

    gota did not need to evesdrop.After speaking to prabha,KP would have told Gota everything.The malaysian abduction was a joke and farce and hence the good treatment that KP received from Gota.

    I have nothing against KP.he was treated badly by prabha and returned the favour.Both karuna and KP are not tamil traitors but had no choice because of the idiots in the LTTE hierachy.These two guys were intelligent unlike them and knew when the game was up and wanted to salvage something for the tamils.

    • 5

      Shankar, your defense of KP and Karuna can not absolve them from the crimes they committed.

      They MUST be prosecuted and punished if found guilty in a court of law.

      The obvious question is why this hasn’t yet been done?


      • 5

        Because they helped us to bash your sun god….

        • 4

          As usual you are talking through your anus, Sach.

          I never had, nor do I have, a “sun god”. I’m interested in why the rule of law hasn’t been applied in the case of these two Tigers who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of our citizens.

          You obviously don’t care about our Policemen who were slaughtered by Karuna and all those children who were abducted and trained to kill our Sinhala people.

          Get a life, you moron, instead of making erroneous assumptions and vacuous and stupid comments.

  • 4

    “Gotabaya did not elaborate further.
    The message was clear and I turned to other issues in our free-flowing haphazard conversation”.

    He would / will not divulge any thing that gives clues to their public wealth lootings come up and that gives bad names to him or his family cronies. r

  • 4

    Is this the same little Gota, not afraid of the bloody courts, but spending a fortune to prevent arrest?

  • 2

    Michael Roberts,
    Whatever you claim as facts is of no use to the progress of SL unless you make it as some forms of official submissions.
    Still it is not too late for you to do your submissions to Pararamanne headed inquiries.

  • 3

    Very interesting bed-time story!
    ….The message was clear and I turned to other issues in our free flowing haphazard conversation….
    Dr.Michael Roberts has moved away from History.
    He seems to be doing a Post-Doctoral on Aesops Fables.
    Signs of Dementia!

  • 2

    Michael Roberts Mahathaya,
    “Ahuwade SF Kathawa” in parliament.
    Himin Himin Yahapalanaya pattan gath tha.Maithiri -Ranil – Sarath thun denamatta jeyawewa!


  • 2

    Looks like you are desperately trying to quote the devil or that scoundrel to uplift your sagging profile! Most of the information has been in public forum anyway. What a boring pathetic effort!

    And besides who is going to believe Gota or care about quoting Charles Anthony?
    Colombo Telegraph editors must be in deep slumber to publish your rubbish


  • 2

    Cramming text books on history does not make Roberts a historian. However, as regards KP who having been the confidante of Pirapaharan had knowledge and control of the LTTE wealth lying around all over the world. Close upon the war KP had fallen foul of his leader and was relieved of the financial responsibilities. Pirapaharan used his other subordinates to administer the funds in the various parts of the world on a one to one basis. KP realised that he should get into Pirapaharan’s confidence at any cost to save his own .life and that of his Thai wife and daughter. He then with the aid of self acclaimed Prof. Guneratne and the like began to flirt with the Rajapaksas who wanted to lay their hands on the enormous LTTE wealth through KP. Close upon the war KP also took advantage of the fact that Pirapaharan wished to save the lives of his family members and began to communicate with him.. His little son, Balachandran fell prey to the cold blooded murder machinated by Gothabhaya.
    KP played both sides.During the latter stages,he even announced to the world that Pirapaharan was in his care and would soon be despatched safely to the Andaman Islands while on the other hand he was seen worshipping the statue of Lord Buddha placed in Gothabhaya’s room which act was used as an excuse by Gothabhaya to tell the world that he was impressed with KP for this act, justifying his change of mind. It was to the advantage of the Rajapaksas to keep KP alive until they found access to all the wealth that KP had hidden and KP on the other hand knew this and played his hand very carefully.Bensen

  • 1

    Michel Roberts (his story man),

    Did Rajapakses tell you
    (1)how much gold they took
    (2)how they killed the people who surrendered at the end of the war and how many

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